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#RubyOnRails - 08 December 2012

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[00:32:27] rhizmoe: it's incredible how radically tests and factories can grow before shrinking
[00:45:36] davidcelis: good thing hashtags in Ruby make comments, so I can put #winning all over the place
[01:14:53] rhizmoe: programming is weird
[01:16:20] rhizmoe: foo.through_model.build(bar.id) works, but foo.bars << bar does'
[01:16:36] rhizmoe: (with save on the build)
[01:21:45] visof: i try to make permission for every user, and i have some attribute like edit:true, delete:false how can i use this attribute to filter actions depend on this ?
[01:22:45] visof: is there a way to do this ?
[01:23:25] rhizmoe: visof: google up "declarative authorization" ...there's also a railscast on the topic
[01:24:04] rhizmoe: you'll use statements like "if can?(:edit)" or similar
[01:25:27] visof: rhizmoe: is there a simple way to do this without using any gems/libs ??
[01:25:27] visof: as i told
[01:30:12] visof: rhizmoe: i can't use @current_user in the controller even when i define current_user; @current_user; end
[01:30:55] visof: i want to do this : before_filter :filter, :except => check(@current_user)
[01:30:57] webdestroya: visof: you should be able to use `current_user` without the @
[01:31:06] webdestroya: since it is a method on the controller
[01:31:11] webdestroya: just make it a helper_method
[01:31:36] rhizmoe: if you're writing your own current_user, it should be a method in the application_controller
[01:31:48] visof: webdestroya: i don't need use it as helper
[01:32:01] webdestroya: visof: you do if you want it in the view
[01:32:25] mattaf123: is there a good way in rails to do profiling and have a good way of telling where most of the processing time is spent?
[01:32:27] visof: webdestroya: i just want it as i told withing before_filter
[01:32:48] visof: webdestroya: i puts #{current_user} i got nil
[01:33:13] webdestroya: mattaf123: what about newrelic? or http://railscasts.com/episodes/368-miniprofiler
[01:33:23] webdestroya: visof: helper_method :current_user
[01:33:42] webdestroya: and you need to set @current_user using a before_filter
[01:33:57] rhizmoe: mattaf123: rake test:benchmark & test:profile
[02:29:26] harushimo: is there a website that gives full list of applications that rails uses?
[02:29:57] Spaceghostc2c: Rails doesn't use anything but rubygems.
[02:31:25] harushimo: like for example, twitter bootstrap, How does it work?
[02:31:32] harushimo: I'm probably asking the question wrong
[02:32:47] thebusiness11: harushimo: http://railscasts.com/episodes/328-twitter-bootstrap-basics
[02:33:11] harushimo: how did they develop that app?
[02:33:27] thebusiness11: harushimo: Id watch the video
[02:38:01] Antiarc: Any gdb experts about?
[02:40:38] thebusiness11: When using a form_for or form_tag how can I set a custom method to call instead of the create/destroy/new etc
[02:41:20] halcyonicstorm: Antiarc: not an expert but used it many a time
[02:43:14] halcyonicstorm: thebusiness11: http://api.rubyonrails.org/classes/ActionView/Helpers/FormTagHelper.html#method-i-form_tag
[02:43:20] Antiarc: halcyonicstorm: I'm trying to track down what's causing my sidekiq instances to spin out, stop processing workers, and eat a ton of CPU
[02:43:29] Antiarc: I think it might be an actual real Ruby bug
[02:43:44] Antiarc: Because what's happening is that when trying to clean up threads, it's getting stuck in an infinite loop
[02:43:54] Antiarc: I thought it was therubyracer holding a semaphore but I don't think that's the case anymore
[02:44:12] Antiarc: Just wondering if you had any particular sage advice in debugging things like leaked socket handles
[02:45:17] halcyonicstorm: I don't have any sage advice, I always added breakpoints after the fork calls
[02:45:22] danneu: i had trouble with sidekiq a while back because mutations in a hash were breaking the iteration mechanism so it'd never finish and loop forever
[02:46:22] halcyonicstorm: Antiarc: whats valgrind say?
[02:46:39] Antiarc: haven't gotten to valgrind yet, but that's really more for memory leaks, no?
[02:46:57] halcyonicstorm: kinda, it does a whole buncha stuff
[02:46:59] Antiarc: In this case I'm trying to debug Ruby itself getting into a state that causes it to loop forever while trying to clean up a thread
[02:47:45] halcyonicstorm: sorry bud, I wish I could drop a one liner of gold
[02:47:50] Antiarc: hehe, no worries
[02:47:53] halcyonicstorm: I also wish I could be hanging out w/ you
[02:47:57] halcyonicstorm: I'm mad curious
[02:49:10] halcyonicstorm: sounds like you're doing something funj
[02:49:33] Antiarc: it'll be more fun when sidekiq hanging stops breaking my site
[02:51:58] Antiarc: I'm currently stepi'ing through ruby's assembler, so yeah, it is fun :P
[02:52:04] Antiarc: But it's annoying that I have to do it!
[03:16:45] mercwithamouth: can anyone tell me how I can go about calling the carrierwave remove_file! method from a link next an image i'm displaying?
[03:20:37] miso1337: anyone recommend Google Places library or do you think it'd be better just to go custom with the api directly?
[03:21:29] Carsekyx: What's the command to get helpa to say that IRC can handle X amount of characters on a line?
[03:21:46] Spaceghostc2c: Carsekyx: You can't use him, but it's enternotspace
[03:22:15] Carsekyx: Okay, Thanks. I'll look it up on github
[03:22:24] helpa: Just the tips: http://logs.ryanbigg.com/tips
[03:22:59] Carsekyx: In another channel these 3 guys using the enter key instead of space it's an absolute mess
[03:23:15] helpa: The enter key should not be used as a space bar. Lines on IRC can be up to 400 characters long.
[03:23:15] Spaceghostc2c: !enternotspace
[03:23:39] Carsekyx: Thank you :)
[03:46:54] thebusiness11: Im trying to use <%= form_tag hashtags_path, method: :vote %> to call the def vote method but it seems to be calling the def create action on hashtag then it calls def vote https://gist.github.com/4238500 I am trying to only call def vote so I can put my vote counting method in there
[04:27:48] danneu: thebusiness11: you're setting the 'method' attr on a html <form> with that line. HTTP spec says forms have either 'get' or 'post' http verbs.
[04:29:21] blahwoop: first time using rspec. anybody ever run into the problem visit is an undefined method?
[04:30:03] blahwoop: it suppose to be a caynbara thing and i have the gem installed
[04:30:28] danneu: thebusiness11: nvm, duh. even though the above is correct, rails handles that for you with its method override. i'm pretty rusty with rails' form helper but maybe try specifying the votes path
[04:31:02] danneu: blahwoop: sounds like you might not have set up your spec_helper.rb appropriately
[04:32:26] Spaceghostc2c: blahwoop: That requires capybara.
[04:32:30] Spaceghostc2c: Are you using it?
[04:33:19] danneu: i'd guess that's what 'caynbara' is
[04:33:33] danneu: don't you have to include it in your test helper
[04:36:51] danneu: like seed.rb. prob a good spot
[04:45:22] mercwithamouth: hmm general query question. say user has many posts...and i want to pull every post for every user....how would i go about that? u = User.find(:all) then u.posts.each doesn't seem to quite get it
[04:49:55] blahwoop: hi Spaceghostc2c, i am using capybara
[04:50:17] blahwoop: dont know why its not working
[04:53:33] blahwoop: im new to rails but can't you do @user = User.all
[04:53:55] mercwithamouth: blahwoop: that would be part of it
[04:54:32] blahwoop: then @user each do |x|
[04:54:54] blahwoop: <%= @user.post %>
[04:55:01] blahwoop: or something to that effect?
[04:56:08] blahwoop: <%= @user.name %>
[04:56:43] blahwoop: <%= @user.post.wahteveruou name it %>
[04:56:53] blahwoop: or im really wrong'
[04:58:17] blahwoop: hope i didnt make a fool of myself lol
[04:58:54] blahwoop: oops it would be x.name
[04:59:06] blahwoop: x.post.whatever you name it
[04:59:33] mercwithamouth: that's what i would think i would nest blocks... @users.each do |p| p.attachments.each do |blah| blah.file_url
[04:59:51] mercwithamouth: i'm close...i'm just being retarded tonight
[05:00:08] Spaceghostc2c: you guys make me so sad
[05:00:31] hadees: how do you convert *= require bootstrap-wysihtml5 to a sass import? just straight up @import "bootstrap-wysihtml5 " doesn't work
[05:00:50] Spaceghostc2c: http://i.imgur.com/Q6tRE.jpg
[05:01:28] love_color_text: is there something in the rails middleware stack that disables range headers from working ?
[05:01:37] mercwithamouth: no hipsters here...lol. ...rechecks the docs
[05:01:49] love_color_text: puma under sinatra works well with range headers, but in rails it doesnt.
[05:02:08] blahwoop: how do you kill a hipster?
[05:02:11] love_color_text: i should be more specific and say, partial responses are missing in rails but present in sinatra.
[05:02:12] mercwithamouth: love_color_text: what's wrong with puma? i'm using puma...
[05:02:19] miso1337: For the Game of Thrones fans... http://bit.ly/TQsK9v
[05:02:21] love_color_text: mercwithamouth: puma is fine, it's rails it seems
[05:02:36] mercwithamouth: do tell... i assume you're using jruby as well?
[05:02:41] Spaceghostc2c: reading comprehension is low.
[05:02:55] love_color_text: i was using MRI, but i just switched to rbx2.0 in 1.9 mode hoping that might make a difference
[05:02:57] blahwoop: drown him in the mainstream
[05:03:14] love_color_text: i plan to deploy with rbx
[05:04:21] love_color_text: using send_file to stream my video files works great with the quicktime browser plugin -- but the iOS player keeps bitching that my server is configured wrong (not honoring partial responses)
[05:04:37] Antiarc: Hahah, yeah, iOS is a bitch about that kind of thing
[05:04:41] love_color_text: which it's true, it's not. I should be getting 206, not 200
[05:04:53] love_color_text: i even tried this guys code that goes and messes with headers to make range header support, but even that shit doesnt work
[05:05:05] love_color_text: Antiarc: did you figure it out in the end?
[05:05:07] Antiarc: love_color_text: http://labs.prx.org/2012/11/14/ios-6-0-devours-data-plans-causes-cdn-overages/
[05:05:16] Antiarc: I haven't had to solve it, fortunately
[05:05:37] love_color_text: i am one of the fortunate ones that has unlimited data
[05:05:44] love_color_text: on Verizon's 4G :)
[05:06:08] blahwoop: youre lucky
[05:06:17] love_color_text: it's so fast and the android tether apps are so great (now that Verizon got in trouble and can't make Google remove them from the market) that i've ditched Cable
[05:06:27] blahwoop: i pay 50 bucks for 1 gb
[05:06:37] love_color_text: blahwoop: that's a damn crime.
[05:06:48] blahwoop: stupid shared plan
[05:07:02] love_color_text: yea, i got on it for a bit too, upgraded to iPhone 5
[05:07:15] love_color_text: then i realized holy shit i am being very stupid right now... you get a 14 day window to revert back to your old plan :)
[05:07:15] blahwoop: the only way they make money is data now
[05:07:28] love_color_text: returned the iPhone 5 and got a Galaxy S3
[05:07:36] Antiarc: Text messages are the most-marked-up commodity on the planet
[05:07:54] Antiarc: They make something like 4,000,000% profit on them
[05:08:15] blahwoop: how is the S3? it's a little too big for me
[05:08:17] love_color_text: ya, they realize phone/SMS is pointless since data does it all.
[05:08:26] love_color_text: blahwoop: i like it, it's big, but i think of it as a modem lol
[05:08:33] love_color_text: i use my iphone 4 every day still
[05:08:43] blahwoop: esp since iphone has the imessage now
[05:08:54] blahwoop: whatsapp is taking over
[05:09:37] love_color_text: damn i dunno what to do now... i think i should start disabling middlewares in the stack ...
[05:09:40] miso1337: LINE is taking over in Asia/South America
[05:10:08] blahwoop: i dont like line. sucks up too much battery
[05:10:21] miso1337: unfortunately people here only use it :/
[05:10:29] miso1337: Japanese people love stickers
[05:13:38] mercwithamouth: smh...what was wrong with me..someone kick me
[05:14:00] mercwithamouth: welp...now that that's figured out i can play with arel
[05:14:55] mercwithamouth: i'm not buying a new smart phone....until they make some sort of hologram display....there's nothing they can do that excites me
[05:16:55] blahwoop: figured it out?
[05:17:42] blahwoop: put 2 each do?
[05:18:23] love_color_text: http://guides.rubyonrails.org/rails_on_rack.html#internal-middleware-stack says we can use config.middleware.clear but clear is not defined on Rails::Configuration::MiddlewareStackProxy. just FYI
[05:19:25] blahwoop: ←[31mundefined method `visit' for #<RSpec::Core::ExampleGroup::Nested_1::
[05:19:26] blahwoop: _1:0x400da30>←[0m
[05:19:29] blahwoop: i hate this
[05:21:06] love_color_text: visit is a capybara method, not inherent in rspec, include it. what's with all that garble, what ruby are u using?
[05:21:43] blahwoop: i have capybara in my gemfile
[05:22:58] love_color_text: you'll want to require 'rspec/capybara' or something like that in your spec_helper, and make sure to require the spec_helper in your spec
[05:23:38] blahwoop: let me try that
[05:23:53] love_color_text: blahwoop: http://codingfrontier.com/integration-testing-setup-with-rspec-2-and-ca
[05:23:57] blahwoop: wonder why it's not done automatically
[05:24:25] love_color_text: blahwoop: because if you're like me, you wont be using capybara in rspec
[05:24:45] love_color_text: i use it with spinach (which is like cucumber only slightly different)
[05:25:16] love_color_text: blahwoop: also i highly recommend this ebook: https://leanpub.com/everydayrailsrspec
[05:25:29] love_color_text: it's extremely short and will school you quite nice if you're new to testing & rails
[05:26:43] mercwithamouth: blahwoop: nah skipped all of it and just did attachment.all...for now
[05:26:58] blahwoop: whats a good book to read for rails?
[05:27:02] mercwithamouth: i see how i can do what i want in the future with rail but i don't have those models implemented yet
[05:27:20] blahwoop: im inbetween beginner and intermediate
[05:27:24] mercwithamouth: i actually like rails 3 in action...it didn't get great ratings but it's written very well
[05:27:29] love_color_text: blahwoop: Radar's book
[05:27:32] mercwithamouth: i'm only half way through though
[05:27:45] mercwithamouth: that and eloquent ruby...
[05:27:58] mercwithamouth: for just ruby...still a great book to own
[05:28:30] blahwoop: yeah i heard about eloquent ruby
[05:28:37] mercwithamouth: blahwoop: you want automatic testing?
[05:29:19] blahwoop: na not there yet
[05:29:39] love_color_text: autotest isn't maintained anymore (AFAIK), use Guard
[05:29:49] miso1337: i got the pragmatic guide to programming with ruby
[05:29:59] blahwoop: the pickaxe
[05:30:07] miso1337: also ran through Team Treehouse's stuff (kinda too simply explained)
[05:30:14] love_color_text: zen: aliased to bundle exec guard -c :D
[05:30:25] miso1337: and Michael Hartl's video tutorial is excellent too
[05:30:30] mercwithamouth: i'm sorry i lied...i use guard now
[05:30:43] mercwithamouth: http://pastie.org/5497254 <- here's my setup love_color_text beat me to it =(
[05:31:32] blahwoop: im doing michael hartls right now
[05:31:45] blahwoop: following his tutorial
[05:31:55] blahwoop: but it's giving me that stupid erro
[05:32:28] blahwoop: is the pragmatic guide to programming with ruby 3rd edition?
[05:33:39] miso1337: stupid error?
[05:33:52] mercwithamouth: i have the rubyist...never bought pickaxe
[05:35:10] miso1337: oh my. i have 2nd edition. http://screencast.com/t/d3mXVo30
[05:35:11] blahwoop: wellgrounded rubyist
[05:35:47] miso1337: i subscribed to Railscasts too
[05:35:55] miso1337: I'm not building these projects in most of the tutorials
[05:36:24] miso1337: i found outlining what ruby is and its parts and such, then doing project of my own while using example code was easiest to understand
[05:37:13] blahwoop: theres a steep learning curve for me. can't wait to get to the point where im half decent
[05:39:50] miso1337: i mind mapped some code on paper and it was helpful. went over each part and when it was fuzzy i then researched further. maybe try that?
[05:41:36] blahwoop: yeah. thats my method
[06:02:03] mercwithamouth: i have an issue going on where my attachments records remain after deleting this...an i biting myself in the butt by doing this? http://pastie.org/5497315
[06:06:43] blahwoop: im still have problems with capybara
[06:06:58] blahwoop: did he require 'capybara/rspec'
[06:07:04] blahwoop: still giving me the visit error
[06:08:22] mercwithamouth: blahwoop: what's the error?
[06:08:28] blahwoop: 1) static pages home page should have the content 'Sample App'
[06:08:28] blahwoop: ←[31mFailure/Error:←[0m ←[31mvisit '/static_pages/home'←[0m
[06:08:29] blahwoop: ←[31mNoMethodError:←[0m
[06:08:29] blahwoop: ←[31mundefined method `visit' for #<RSpec::Core::ExampleGroup::Nested_1::
[06:08:29] blahwoop: Nested_1:0x510b6a0>←[0m
[06:08:29] blahwoop: ←[36m # ./spec/requests/static_pages_spec.rb:8:in `block (3 levels) in <top
[06:08:29] blahwoop: (required)>'←[0m
[06:08:29] blahwoop: Finished in 4.37 seconds
[06:08:30] blahwoop: ←[31m1 example, 1 failure←[0m
[06:08:30] blahwoop: Failed examples:
[06:08:31] blahwoop: ←[31mrspec ./spec/requests/static_pages_spec.rb:7←[0m ←[36m# static pages home p
[06:08:31] blahwoop: age should have the content 'Sample App'←[0m
[06:08:33] mercwithamouth: pastie or gist!
[06:09:08] mercwithamouth: and you've created the necessary static page for it to pass?
[06:10:32] mercwithamouth: hard to tell can you put it up on github?
[06:11:18] blahwoop: http://pastie.org/5497335
[06:11:47] micaeked: hello. is there a way to have options (or "enums") in rails that you can query against with the usual arel? ie. User.where(kind: :admin).all
[06:12:13] patrick99e99: so.. I have an app on a server, and I couldn't quite tell why something isn't working-- so I wanted to manually debug my js on the server, however.. The asset pipeline makes that very hard to do due to minification.. So I just turned off the asset pipeline in my staging.rb environment file... However, every page requests blows up
[06:12:18] patrick99e99: ActionView::Template::Error (home.js isn't precompiled):
[06:12:20] blahwoop: http://pastie.org/5497335#12
[06:12:36] patrick99e99: and I am confused why it's blowing up on that if I told it to not use the asset pipeline
[06:14:50] mercwithamouth: patrick99e99: delete public/assets
[06:14:58] patrick99e99: mercwithamouth: already did
[06:15:52] blahwoop: does my pastie show up?
[06:16:27] mercwithamouth: blahwoop: yeah it does..i left a 5 off before
[06:16:35] mercwithamouth: capitalize the h in Home page
[06:16:52] mercwithamouth: then lets see...thats the first difference i see
[06:17:13] mercwithamouth: as well is s in static
[06:18:11] jadams: I've got a rails project I've just converted into an engine (it's an OSS project but we have some changes coming up for internal use that aren't useful outside of our org, so want to enginify it and diverge in our implementation for those cases)
[06:18:47] jadams: I've got it built as an engine and all is well, but for some reason it can't refer to its own route helpers comfortably anymore. Wants me to change dashboard_path to xrono.dashboard_path, etc. Thought someone here might have run into something similar at some point?
[06:19:57] jadams: I've not been in this chan for like 6 years :)
[06:22:09] blahwoop: thats like 30 rails years
[06:23:14] blahwoop: fixed it but still got the same error
[06:24:19] brownies: how do i set UNIQUE constraint on a column that i create in a migration?
[06:24:50] rhizmoe: brownies: depends on your database. within rails you use validations
[06:25:05] brownies: yeah, i have the Rails part of it set up in my model
[06:25:11] brownies: but i'd *also* like to enforce it at the DB level
[06:25:14] blahwoop: http://pastie.org/5497335
[06:25:32] brownies: rhizmoe: it seems i can't just add :unique => true onto the column options. is there a way to append arbitrary SQL to the create statement or something?
[06:26:02] brownies: i've been Googling up and down, but people only talk about the Rails model side of it =/
[06:26:35] rhizmoe: brownies: no. in the rails world that goes against "convention over configuration"
[06:27:12] brownies: but i'm already configuring -_-
[06:28:08] rhizmoe: that typically requires you to know what you're doing :)
[06:30:37] micaeked: hey, jadams, how do you handle enums?
[06:33:24] brownies: rhizmoe: um... what?
[06:34:13] rhizmoe: did i stutter?
[06:34:40] brownies: no, you offered me no useful advice, then insulted me. wonderful.
[06:35:10] rhizmoe: what did you ask for?
[06:35:24] brownies: a way to execute arbitrary SQL directly during a migration
[06:35:41] rhizmoe: not sure what the insult was, but maybe i overestimated the thickness of your skin. sorry.
[06:35:56] love_color_text: guys guys don't fight!
[06:36:01] love_color_text: break it up you two break it up!
[06:36:09] blahwoop: rule #1 don't talk about fight club
[06:36:21] brownies: eh, alright, np, np. i've just been wandering through docs looking for info on this for far too long
[06:36:29] rhizmoe: brownies: https://www.google.com/search?q=rails+migration+arbitrary+sql
[06:36:35] rhizmoe: seems to be some info there
[06:36:59] brownies: yeah, that took me here http://api.rubyonrails.org/classes/ActiveRecord/ConnectionAdapters/DatabaseStatements.html#method-i-execute
[06:37:16] brownies: but it's not clear how that method is accessible? on which object?
[06:37:32] love_color_text: http://www.sqlservercentral.com/blogs/pearlknows/2011/4/5/sql-validation-functions-cool-udf-s-to-have-handy/
[06:37:33] jadams: micaeked: what do you mean? I tend to define them in a hash and then reference by key / do lookups when I need things
[06:37:34] Spaceghostc2c: Rule the first: You're both about as fucking stupid as anything ever was.
[06:37:35] micaeked: brownies: ActiveRecord::Base.connection.execute(sql)
[06:37:40] rhizmoe: "the `execute` method..."
[06:37:40] Spaceghostc2c: So play nice, cretins. <3
[06:37:58] love_color_text: lol i just pasted a microsoft sql server thing, probably junk
[06:38:00] brownies: micaeked: aha. thank you.
[06:38:01] Spaceghostc2c: Although, scientifically, moron is the lowest quantification of intelligence.
[06:38:06] jadams: anyway, gotta run to the bed now, see ya
[06:38:22] love_color_text: who runs to bed. lolz
[06:39:13] love_color_text: lol Spaceghostc2c gets a free pass to insult everyone without recourse. i wonder if it's because he's the most relentless.
[06:39:16] micaeked: brownies: also see: http://goo.gl/su2HL
[06:39:23] love_color_text: Spaceghostc2c: alpha male of #ror
[06:39:40] Spaceghostc2c: Gotta keep things in perspective.
[06:40:18] blahwoop: i keep getting an undefined method error for visit in rspec
[06:40:23] blahwoop: http://pastie.org/5497335
[06:40:34] blahwoop: any clue wtf is going on?
[06:40:37] brownies: micaeked: thanks. i was looking at that, but it's exactly the problem -- the code slices out only a handful of keys from the hash, and it ignores anything it doesn't understand. sadly :unique isn't one of the ones it pays attention to
[06:40:38] love_color_text: blahwoop: paste your spec_helper
[06:41:22] helpa: http://gist.github.com - Put your codes online with pretty syntax highlighting and the ability to embed it into other pages.
[06:41:31] love_color_text: someone rudely adjust blahwoop's behavior in paste choice
[06:41:52] Spaceghostc2c: Also, pastie isn't bad.
[06:42:04] rhizmoe: brownies: what is :unique?
[06:42:06] Spaceghostc2c: You're good. Just don't use pastebin or you may not walk out of here alive.
[06:43:58] brownies: rhizmoe: the column constraint i want to add
[06:44:08] blahwoop: https://gist.github.com/4238949
[06:45:00] rhizmoe: brownies: where does it come from?
[06:45:25] blahwoop: ok i put everything in gist
[06:45:35] blahwoop: the error msg and the files
[06:46:08] brownies: rhizmoe: ...what?
[06:46:26] brownies: it's a SQL column constraint.
[06:47:00] doug: is it possible to configure routes based on query string contents?
[06:47:52] brownies: micaeked: you think there's any value in submitting a patch to add this feature to Rails?
[06:48:07] brownies: i'll submit one, but i wonder if it hasn't been debated before
[06:48:28] ryanf: yes, constraints in general have been shot down a million times
[06:48:37] love_color_text: blahwoop: take a look at this by the way
[06:48:37] love_color_text: http://railscasts.com/episodes/257-request-specs-and-capybara
[06:48:40] ryanf: I'm not really clear on why, actually, but it's easy enough to use execute
[06:49:00] rhizmoe: brownies: where is that symbol defined?
[06:49:10] rhizmoe: symbol = ":unique"
[06:49:16] ryanf: btw brownies, if you just use the "execute" method directly from your migration (it's available on the migration object), you get nicer console output than if you use ActiveRecord::Base.connection.execute
[06:49:43] micaeked: ryanf: nice. did not know that
[06:49:51] brownies: rhizmoe: it isn't. that is the point of this whole conversation.
[06:49:55] ryanf: wait, are you sure you can't do unique? did you try :uniq?
[06:49:59] ryanf: I thought that was supported
[06:50:24] brownies: ryanf: sorry for noobness, but which is the migration object here? would i write self.execute after my create_table statement, or just plain execute?
[06:50:34] ryanf: those are equivalent
[06:50:41] rhizmoe: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1449459/how-to-make-column-unique-and-index-it-in-rails-migration
[06:50:59] brownies: ryanf: it does not appear to be supported, based on the docs... and reading the code shows that it just ignores all hash keys it doesn't understand
[06:51:05] brownies: ryanf: https://github.com/rails/rails/blob/fa34acec20574699c2de19d97f9ae54f540fe69d/activerecord/lib/active_record/connection_adapters/abstract/schema_statements.rb#L261
[06:51:09] blahwoop: jedi search master
[06:51:29] brownies: ryanf: there's a hilarious problem here in not being able to do it as :unique => true *during* the CREATE TABLE... and the problem is that SQLite doesn't let you add constraints with ALTER TABLE.
[06:51:54] ryanf: yeah, I was probably thinking about the add_index version
[06:52:11] ryanf: brownies: maybe just don't use sqlite?
[06:52:20] brownies: yeah, i saw that as well on StackOverflow, but i have no desire to go around adding gratuitious indexes because Rails doesn't have a feature
[06:52:40] ryanf: gratuitous indexes? isn't a unique index the exact same thing as a unique constraint?
[06:52:40] brownies: ryanf: yeah, i can run Postgres on dev easily enough, but it's just more complexity. kind of a nuisance, that's all.
[06:53:34] brownies: ryanf: hm, is it? as far as i know, indexes are a different beast, but maybe internally it is done the same way...?
[06:53:39] ryanf: maybe it depends on the db
[06:53:46] ryanf: or maybe I'm just wrong
[06:54:44] blahwoop: didn't help much love_color_text
[06:54:44] brownies: it sounds like an implementation detail, for sure, but i'm asking the wise folks in the postgres channel anyway =P
[06:55:21] brownies: ryanf: well, we could reasonably assume they are definitely different things in SQLite, because otherwise SQLite should allow the addition of that constraint with ALTER TABLE
[06:56:07] ryanf: it seems weird that it wouldn't have some mechanism for adding it anyweay
[06:56:31] brownies: ryanf: i agree, but "it is not possible to... add or remove constraints from a table" =(
[06:56:35] brownies: http://www.sqlite.org/lang_altertable.html
[06:56:48] love_color_text: blahwoop: sorry man i dunno
[06:56:57] brownies: ryanf: purely for my own curiosity, do you have a link to any of the discussion around adding this feature to Rails?
[06:57:13] brownies: i know the Rails crowd is very anti-SQL in general, but i'm curious why it's been shot down
[06:57:30] ryanf: no, I don't know anything about this feature specifically. I wasn't totally clear on your exact desire when I said that
[06:57:35] love_color_text: blahwoop usually these cases i will use pry gem (in fact pry is always loaded in dev and test for me) and stick binding.pry in my spec and in your case id type Capybara to know if the module was even loaded
[06:57:37] ryanf: what I've definitely seen get shot down is fkeys
[06:57:59] brownies: foreign keys do seem like a "heavier" feature to bring in from SQL
[06:58:05] brownies: i miss them sorely, but i can at least see the reasoning
[06:58:27] ryanf: yeah tbh I completely agree with the reasoning for not using foreign keys in rails
[06:58:48] ryanf: but it's always a good idea to put in uniqueness constraints and stuff
[06:58:56] Spaceghostc2c: Because your framework, app, and database should be as highly coupled as fucking possible.
[06:58:59] ryanf: since doing it at the app level isn't reliable at all
[06:59:30] thebusiness11: Im trying to use <%= form_tag(hashtags_path, :method => :vote) do %> to call the custom method def vote, it seems that I have it halfway working. It calls def create first then calls def vote. I dont want it running create first because it triggers a lot of unwanted actions at this time. https://gist.github.com/4238500
[06:59:42] brownies: ryanf: yeah, agreed. not reliable and definitely less efficient
[07:00:48] ryanf: you kind of have to do both
[07:00:59] ryanf: so that you can show a reasonable message to the user in the non-pathological case
[07:01:30] rhizmoe: thebusiness11: :method refers to an HTTP verb
[07:01:57] ryanf: hmm, it would be kind of interesting to write a gem that rescues db errors that come from constraint violations
[07:02:02] ryanf: and turns them into validation errors instead
[07:02:06] brownies: ryanf: yeah, true. but ideally the SQL error would percolate up through the Rails stack, in ways that i don't fully understand
[07:02:22] ryanf: yeah, so right now that does not happen. it will end up causing a 500 error if you don't rescue it
[07:02:26] brownies: ryanf: doing it for FK constraints would be really cool too. i could get on board with that.
[07:03:09] brownies: ryanf: so the wise bearded folks of the postgres channel tell me that it's basically the same thing (unique index vs. unique constraint)
[07:03:14] thebusiness11: rhizmoe: Would I do method => :get? Then how would I go about getting it to call def vote
[07:03:22] thebusiness11: and not def create
[07:03:45] rhizmoe: create a route for vote_path and submit the form to that
[07:04:50] thebusiness11: I do have a route for vote
[07:04:51] thebusiness11: resources :hashtags do
[07:04:52] thebusiness11: get 'vote', :on => :member
[07:06:39] blahwoop: thanks love_color_text
[07:07:59] blahwoop: its 2 am. im about to give up
[07:08:14] blahwoop: i can't even follow michael hartl's tutorial. i fail in life
[07:08:45] love_color_text: dont be bummed. there's no denying the learning curve
[07:09:17] brownies: micaeked: ryanf: well, thanks for the help.
[07:10:54] micaeked: looking for some pointers to the general direction for how to do this: https://gist.github.com/b5f0e5255d8d97b5eb41
[07:11:05] thebusiness11: blahwoop: Are you following the second edition?
[07:11:13] thebusiness11: Or the web based one?
[07:11:14] blahwoop: the web version
[07:11:39] blahwoop: its some weird ass error
[07:11:45] thebusiness11: and your stuck setting up the test enviornment?
[07:11:47] blahwoop: in chapter 3
[07:12:04] blahwoop: undefined method for visit
[07:13:32] IlyaLevin: How to get difference in years between two dates?
[07:14:21] thebusiness11: Can you go to /static_pages/home
[07:14:23] rhizmoe: like fractional years?
[07:14:33] brownies: micaeked: ah, you know, we have a similar situation... let me grab the code and touch it up to apply to yours
[07:14:42] brownies: fair warning, it's probably not the best solution in the world
[07:14:58] thebusiness11: So just the testing is failing
[07:15:41] micaeked: brownies: ah, you figured out how to extend arel? i tried seaching, just reading the source now
[07:15:56] thebusiness11: blahwoop: go down to 3.6.2 Automated tests with Guard and setup your test environment like that
[07:17:08] thebusiness11: and go all the way through 3.38 and it Should work fine
[07:18:23] blahwoop: this is the error i get
[07:18:30] blahwoop: https://gist.github.com/4238949
[07:20:37] brownies: micaeked: so... no. -_- by the time i typed it out, i realized that our approach is only slightly more maintainable than yours.
[07:21:17] brownies: micaeked: but, if you like: https://gist.github.com/9526b33729e8bac315e2
[07:22:21] micaeked: brownies: i like mine better =)
[07:22:31] brownies: yeah, i don't blame you =P
[07:23:27] thebusiness11: blahwoop: you haven't follow the instructions properly to setup the test enviornment
[07:24:01] blahwoop: ok i finally got it
[07:24:41] blahwoop: i just had to revert the capybara and rspec gem to the version that hartl wants
[07:27:17] thebusiness11: blahwoop: yeah you'll learn you have to follow parts of the book to the t
[07:27:38] thebusiness11: other parts you can experiment with and try to learn other ways to achieve the same thing
[07:28:00] blahwoop: i was suppose to breeze through this
[07:28:13] blahwoop: thanks for the help though
[07:28:21] thebusiness11: blahwoop: It took my about 21 days to complete the book
[07:28:29] thebusiness11: But I did it following along with the videos
[07:28:42] evenix: im using Rack::static and im having and im trying to add a 404 rescue response
[07:29:30] blahwoop: alirhgt its time for bede
[07:34:23] rhizmoe: linux-using freelancers, "hamster" is a sweet time-tracker
[07:35:52] blahwoop: i use mIRC timestamps
[07:38:21] julial: Hi everyone, I am trying to make a "get" form that appends its query parameters to those already in the url, similar to how link_to with url_for works, is there a good way to do this?
[07:40:16] micaeked: rhizmoe: yep, i use it as well
[07:44:26] rhizmoe: i'd been using pad 'n paper for years, it's a total eye-opener
[07:47:40] davidcelis: a "get" form?
[07:50:05] love_color_text: oh you know, a get form!
[07:50:16] julial: davidcelis: sorry i just mean a form that uses method get
[07:50:32] love_color_text: really? i thought you meant a get form :(
[07:50:47] julial: lol what wtf is a get form
[07:51:01] love_color_text: a form you fill out to get stuff... :/
[07:51:46] julial: ah right, that get form
[07:53:46] thebusiness11: When using Ajax to submit a for does the .js.erb file need to match the name of the method? i.e. def votes would have a votes.js.erb?
[07:55:05] love_color_text: the votes action would render votes.js.erb unless told to render something different explicitly
[07:55:32] love_color_text: as long as the incoming request is for a script rather than for html or json
[07:55:57] love_color_text: e.g. link_to blahblah, remote: true would expect js.erb on the blablah
[07:56:15] love_color_text: and in the case of jquery, ensure you set the dataType to 'script'
[07:56:30] dcope: ever had problems with before_save in activeadmin?
[07:56:40] davidcelis: example of a get form: a search form
[07:56:42] davidcelis: get forms: a thing.
[07:56:58] davidcelis: pro tip: if your form isn't changing the state of your app/database, it shouldn't be a POST
[07:56:59] julial: the thing is, I have this metasearch form that puts a bunch of params in the query string, and i just want to have another form to change how many of the results from the search form get displayed
[07:58:16] love_color_text: so you just want to modify or add query params. this should be easy for you if you authored the original request and know how to deal with query params, hence add or modify to them
[07:58:37] love_color_text: and by original request i mean original feature of the metasearch form thingy
[07:58:49] love_color_text: which sounds like a get form as defined by davidcelis
[07:58:55] love_color_text: i love get forms
[07:59:19] dcope: Why would path = "" in a before_save function raise a undefined method error?
[07:59:40] love_color_text: dcope: i guess you're getting warmer.
[07:59:44] love_color_text: but still not ideal
[08:00:07] love_color_text: if i were still using activeadmin i'd be more active in helping you surely.
[08:00:19] dcope: undefined method `path' for nil:NilClass
[08:00:31] dcope: why does it think a variable is a method? :(
[08:01:00] love_color_text: does your model have a path attribute?
[08:01:10] love_color_text: does it think "fewafaewof
[08:01:12] love_color_text: is also a method?
[08:01:26] dcope: love_color_text: no path method, path is a local variable
[08:01:48] dcope: ACTION investigates
[08:01:54] julial: love_color_text: yes that's all i want to do but i can't wrap my head around it. i'm not sure how to send the params from my current query string along with the params from my form.
[08:02:07] dcope: it's 3am (0300) here so i'm porbably just missing something
[08:02:15] love_color_text: julial: paste something i can work with..
[08:02:52] love_color_text: julial: but basically i would use the params object, add to it, then .map to turn it into a query string, etc etc
[08:02:58] love_color_text: or do it in your controller
[08:03:15] love_color_text: err.. i never said not to do it there :)
[08:06:01] julial: love_color_text: ok, here it is http://pastie.org/5497565
[08:08:09] julial: love_color_text: so should i add the extra params in with the one that my form is passing? Or can i grab the params in the controller action that the form sends the get request to somehow?
[08:09:41] love_color_text: julial: another way is to URI.parse(request.url) (or grab the query string, look at request... in pry u can do ls -m request and so on, find a better way), grab the query string from the URI object, stick them into f.hidden_field(s) that you create
[08:09:48] love_color_text: and then have them get sent with the form as a result
[08:10:25] love_color_text: lets say you've got the query params, in your form you can loop through them and create hidden_field_tags for them
[08:10:28] love_color_text: that's the idea
[08:10:42] julial: love_color_text: ok, yeah, that makes sense. thanks!
[08:14:20] rhizmoe: path is a reserved word
[08:15:49] rhizmoe: derp myself
[08:24:11] Xapht1: Anybody around have experience with the flot gem? flotilla-rails
[08:24:53] Xapht1: Trying to use it. But even following the most basic example, it wont render.. All I get is the canvas drawn, and blank.
[08:28:03] julial: love_color_text: yay, i've got it! thanks again! were you saying that there is a better way to do it in the controller though?
[08:47:58] evenix: anyone is familiar with rack?
[08:48:13] evenix: im having a stupid but very simple issue
[08:48:29] evenix: im no able to add the 404 response to the config.ru page
[08:55:04] love_color_text: julial: nope, the way you've done it is probably best. i wrote that when i didnt really understand what u were working with
[08:55:13] love_color_text: anyway i am outta here, cya'll later
[11:48:57] detourdog: I'm troubleshooting a problem that using rake to precompile assets seems to fix. I see when I use --trace that it is clearing the tmp:cache can I issue just that rake command?
[11:56:33] Freedom_: detourdog: i don't really understand your question. Runinng rake tmp:clear clears the cache etc.
[11:57:09] Freedom_: detourdog: if you need to remove assets you can do it using rake assets:clean or just `rm -rf public/assets`
[11:57:27] detourdog: freedom_:sorry I don't really know what I'm doing yet. but that is a command thanks I'll try
[11:58:02] detourdog: I guess I should read the rake docs thanks
[11:58:12] Freedom_: detourdog: knowing what you're doing helps a lot ;)
[11:58:22] Freedom_: detourdog: use rake -T to see rake tasks with description
[11:58:30] detourdog: I have a goal
[12:02:24] Freedom_: detourdog: sometimes also `rake -A` comes in handy. it lists all rake tasks - even those without comments.
[12:02:55] detourdog: don't know what that means but I will look
[12:03:59] Freedom_: detourdog: some rake tasks don't have descriptions. such tasks won't show up when you do `rake -T`
[12:04:23] Freedom_: detourdog: anyway `rake -T` and `rake -D tmp:clear` (or any other task name) should do for you for now ;)
[12:04:36] detourdog: so I can use -A while precompiling
[12:05:27] Freedom_: detourdog: no.
[12:05:38] Freedom_: detourdog: for precompiling assets just use rake assets:precompile
[12:08:36] elaptics: detourdog: you still on this assets problem? Did you speak to the developer?
[12:09:00] detourdog: I have sent emails
[12:09:42] detourdog: I'm getting real close to having a clue
[12:53:47] ChrisBolton: Will css take immediate effect if I'm running a rails server and tweaking my css file?
[12:54:16] ChrisBolton: Or do I need to restart my server whenever I want my changes to take effect?
[12:55:10] statarb3: ChrisBolton: i believe it will have immediate effect
[12:56:33] ChrisBolton: Cool thanks. I'm trying to tweak some css and it's not taking effect I'm just trying to figure out if it's because I need to restart my server or if I've got it wrong.
[12:56:41] ChrisBolton: Looks like I've got it wrong.
[12:59:01] elaptics: you just need to reload your page, no need to restart the server itself
[12:59:28] elaptics: unless you have changed your development environment settings from the defaults
[12:59:42] Jackneill: is thre e a good guide, tutorial how to use databases with rails without that activerecord stuff? for getting started men?
[13:01:04] erichmenge: Jackneill: What?
[13:02:08] Jackneill: erichmenge, hwo to use databases in rails just as "SELECT * FROM db";
[13:02:21] erichmenge: Jackneill: Do you mean in the absence of an ORM completely or with an alternative? And what do you mean "For getting started men?". I think that's a different channel.
[13:02:23] Jackneill: and not like to activeRecord method
[13:02:38] elaptics: erichmenge: lol
[13:02:40] Jackneill: im new to rails
[13:02:52] erichmenge: Jackneill: Why would you want to do that?
[13:02:52] Jackneill: im getting started with it, thats what i meant
[13:03:17] elaptics: Jackneill: if you're just getting started just stick with active record until you know more about what you're doing
[13:03:21] Jackneill: im completely new ro rails, and im more familiar with select * from than active record.
[13:03:36] erichmenge: Jackneill: ORMs are great. Get familiar with ActiveRecord.
[13:03:51] Jackneill: well it looks difficult, and i didnt find a good tutorial for it.
[13:03:59] elaptics: Jackneill: have you read the guides?
[13:04:02] helpa: Jackneill: http://guides.rubyonrails.org/ - Ruby on Rails guides. Recommended reading.
[13:04:02] elaptics: Jackneill: !guides
[13:04:17] Jackneill: http://ruby.railstutorial.org/chapters/a-demo-app#sec-planning_the_application yeah, im currently here
[13:04:21] elaptics: read the active record ones, will give you everything you need to get started
[13:04:45] Jackneill: well, thanks.
[13:05:43] erichmenge: Jackneill: I think after you read through the guides you'll quickly see why an ORM is beyond just useful.
[13:09:36] ChrisBolton: Anyone familiar with bootstrap-sass that would mind helping me figure out what I'm doing wrong?
[13:12:01] elaptics: I'm not familiar but explain your problem anyway, you never know...
[13:12:34] ChrisBolton: In my application.css.scc I have .navbar-fixed-top { background-color: 000; }. In my application.html.haml I have %body, next line %header.navbar.navbar-fixed-top, next line %nav.navbar-inner, then I render my template. For some reason I can't get the color to change.
[13:13:16] helpa: ChrisBolton: http://gist.github.com - Put your codes online with pretty syntax highlighting and the ability to embed it into other pages.
[13:13:16] elaptics: ChrisBolton: !gist
[13:13:25] foohey: .navbar .navbar-fixed-top { background... }
[13:13:30] elaptics: easier to read
[13:15:13] ChrisBolton: Here's my gist … https://gist.github.com/4240242
[13:15:48] ChrisBolton: The first snippet is from application.css.scss and the second is from application.html.haml
[13:16:14] helpa: ChrisBolton: How to use Gist properly: https://github.com/radar/guides/blob/master/using-gist.md
[13:16:14] elaptics: ChrisBolton: !gist-usage - for next time
[13:16:41] elaptics: ChrisBolton: so it's the background colour of line 18 you're trying to change?
[13:17:01] foohey: ChrisBolton, it's not a good idea to write style in application.css
[13:17:16] foohey: (if you are using asset pipeline)
[13:17:45] elaptics: ChrisBolton: I'm guessing it's the nav menu in the partial? Do you know how to use the web inspector in chrome/safari or firebug in firefox?
[13:18:04] ChrisBolton: foohey: where should I include style for application.html.haml
[13:18:10] ChrisBolton: Yes, what am I looking for?
[13:18:21] elaptics: ChrisBolton: the main question is whether there's another style which has precedence over what you're trying to change
[13:19:03] elaptics: ChrisBolton: I tend to use those tools to figure out what bit I need to change, and see it change live in the page then I copy/transcribe the styles which effected that change back into the stylesheet
[13:19:14] ChrisBolton: there is a navbar style so I tried commenting it out in firebug but nothing changed.
[13:20:13] statarb3: statarb3: !gist
[13:21:24] elaptics: ChrisBolton: seems like you just need to figure out which bit is controlling the styling for the navbar
[13:21:50] helpa: statarb3: You are not worthy of this bot!
[13:21:50] elaptics: statarb3: !unworthy :)
[13:23:25] ChrisBolton: elaptics: Here is a copy and paste from my firebug of css requirements … https://gist.github.com/4240259
[13:25:11] elaptics: ChrisBolton: not sure how helpful I can be, but maybe it's .navbar where you want to add a background-color
[13:25:31] charliesome: check it out #rubyonrails: http://i.imgur.com/O9anD.png
[13:25:43] charliesome: does anyone want to be my guinea pig and try it out?
[13:28:37] ChrisBolton: elastics. No luck. I guess I'll keep tinkering around. .navbar, .navbar .navbar-fixed-top, .navbar-fixed-top. Including it in application.css.scss and including it in bootstrap and overrides.css.scss. Nothing yet.
[13:30:05] elaptics: ChrisBolton: well as I say, figure it out in firebug first and see the change you want then you know that the stlying rule will work. Then you can figure out where to put it in the files so that it takes effect in the right order
[13:31:07] elaptics: ChrisBolton: as foohey said earlier you usually don't want to put it in application.css since that's the manifest for the asset pipeline - though sticking it in there at the end should mean that it would override any previous rules on those elements assuming you have enough precedence in your css rules
[13:31:55] elaptics: charliesome: looks pretty, got a github link? May check it out if I have time though I try and avoid problems in the browser - fix and find things at the test level and only hit the browser at the end of the process :)
[13:32:11] charliesome: elaptics: https://github.com/charliesome/better_errors
[13:33:21] ChrisBolton: Thanks elaptics.
[13:36:21] foohey: Ha ChrisBolton
[13:36:34] foohey: you have to draw on .navbar-inner
[13:36:46] foohey: and set background-image: none;
[13:37:19] foohey: or include gradient mixin on .navbar-inner
[13:37:49] ChrisBolton: .navbar-inner .navbar fixed-top { background-image: none, background-color: #000 }?
[13:38:10] foohey: .navbar-fixed-top .navbar-inner
[13:39:27] ChrisBolton: foohey: You are a genius. How did you figure it out?
[13:40:19] foohey: just use browser console & find element styles
[13:41:30] ChrisBolton: foohey: Thank you.
[13:41:40] foohey: you're welcome
[14:06:04] HumperD: Conta hunta link a loosing
[14:06:44] HumperD: Anyone want holy grail
[14:06:52] HumperD: Moistie bather. riberian schmecklef Mulla Malee loo lup the new flood wars
[14:06:55] HumperD: Burpaline: The wonder world. Salmy magoo goal greggats Rump duh duh duh dump, duh duh duh demp doop dump, runna nuh nah Riggity ass gaggags iNiCC Roddan raldwell Roady carewell reggal mahole Rup tup shmelly smelly shmebb ub. Roady farewell rose bose mahaggal. A pocahontas watch
[14:06:59] HumperD: Blubbity ash hoosh her mellopath. a Maticake for my buddy andy Oh we-heh-heh-hell I'm thinking about the greg nargs, I'm thinkin about you! End midal too walkin' with a dolphin. I went up that street, you went up another street, we all up the presidio. I'm goin out with arsenio!
[14:07:02] HumperD: fuckin bone screllalidge moink. ruggity fucker fagger. rum dum dacka lacka rum dum jay Go out with jay, another blue jay we fixed my astercoil plather I'm hickin' my dagger Rum dickily toon witherspoons. I'm a falcons baleiva work with the yake my 7'9'er forever tumchy tither
[14:07:05] HumperD: i wrote my life story on my poop pad. one of the greatest art exhibits of 1999 was in a new york museum of art. In it, cow poop or fecal matter was put on a copy of the painting called "The Last Supper". This was thought to be a form of modern art. chumpin up the rears. Rubb blillick bath.
[14:07:08] HumperD: The shiny dot in the middle of the light blue circle or ring is glowing silver in color like steel or real silver. Eating pings, eating pies, Snow quibbicker bather I'm a niner! That's right I'M A NINER! Dipoke when we dip oh blip we dip, chucka hand oh blip we dip. yxoukcil polk jhaggel.
[14:07:11] HumperD: Whether muh luck lick whither spoons. wups to the umpteenth hicka low daggal. cckocket tlopres redda ropres HUCK DICKILI DOON! Feelie wheelie whilla maluck lick. Slimy boo beggats. I'm saggat I'm zeggat ziggurats. Poop is pee. My name is Mr. Pochahantas. I'm a cartoon or movie character.
[14:07:14] HumperD: They put me on a watch today, sometimes I pee sometimes I'm James! Whoodas pratts my nig names chats. Challa-hoe banchee with a proodas made. I'm chilly I'm child ugly daves don't go wild. My wild, ugly boss suddenly became thin frint glint chip. chip chip microchip. chip chip microchip!
[14:07:17] HumperD: My little greg narg, My little greg narg, I have freedom of speech rights! My little greg narg, my little greg narg, you wish I didn't have rights!
[14:07:20] HumperD: Nockaragathan dick slam! Chilly chilla choe-lal-lip! Scuh loo lathian buck seats Moan mlutha mah-lee black mam. rudda doo din-ump dah doo-nah-nah
[14:07:23] HumperD: Waar chawecka wipth wella jalipth All kinds of |\|iggers and buffy-oh juice! I'm bagging ack the hag. Ran a plucky plunky item plains! Bagging the nig nag. Bagging like green grags.
[14:07:26] HumperD: How do you wreck liss me. Those fuckin' farts. Wonter... a cloody a millickal bath. Slurpy slick ass lots of pep It's like scotch pithy. I'm thinking about ruggity greggal. Juvenile detention centers. Slurpy pitch pot pee. No likes. Wobbity willow willa whop. Willy wallow traps. You can combine one or more of the darameters.
[14:07:30] HumperD: I'm trhinking about the rich ass mechgeggals. I'm thinking about the rich ass micgeggals. Cham cham chack a leek a horn teen! Poot wardy whail wo hootin tood! Holla hoolah hope, laser whip!
[14:07:33] HumperD: Rabby dab runna ma nay I'm dabster deester and I'm here to say... rump tump tigga ligger rump tump tay! Frucky duck with the wenner hoopler wheel Cruckity puck on an ass hole Death bones doesn't like dlo flo.
[14:07:36] HumperD: Does anyone want to yikkel up the gecko? Chickity china the chinese chicken! Fucking gregging lick piss ass cunt. Haggle hilla horst worst redneck. Buster hymin Juvvy joof jevuv. Reggy McJellico. Into that pussel. No |\|iggards. Your ass nards turned into a POLLEN GRAIN! Ramis blavely reese seats.
[14:07:39] HumperD: Frucky duck with one of those chin ladin traps. Rudder smudge wellicker wheel! Run tun ton reddal shmip foe whip woe wack. Rump tump tigger ligger runnel scrath. Doo nah ninnel, nih, nee nat noe. Runt dunt dinny! Rump tump chickin leaker ladin straps... Bam bam glacky I'm degga damn.
[14:07:42] HumperD: Ruh hent a lilla hole lieu. The craig mattican. BITCH IF YOU DON'T TAKE DOWN THAT WEBCAM I AM KILLIN' YOUR DAMN DOGS. Electromotive force. Razh ta relley lep ta mezh. Sh Soosh shzhs, seesh seesh-sheesh shoosh shzh shshs shshs. chicawith hedgehog. Ram bram bellalow, brown rye rom one day jeezh cheats!
[14:07:45] HumperD: Drederick mick taid with a drederick mick taid with a .. with a... drederick mick taid! Is anyone here the funkistard corn. I boo basted I'm feelin' gleem. Rujjidy jallisher squillidger. fuck you titty suckin' two balled bitch with a fat green clit. Rark tah hoohk tah blanky roop roop duggan.
[14:07:48] HumperD: Rigg ass graggan Arewenoo.. Arwenoo zee-oo zaya. Chinna 2olombia adaa wella shrek raflood lool. Ground rearing some groans. I'm huff tuff reffa leffa lurf nords. I'm just like... vanilla ice foe davvity wheel barow Exparly ex preggo Is anyone out there a rig ass graggan? lelly in mah kellar WRESTLING'S FAKE!
[14:07:51] HumperD: Pargastian wildly nig nargs. smeggalty dellets Far foo faqqin Digital damage. Where wally niqqs. It's coast to coast night. Hoke a lup! Free faq fornag! Puck a leek a lup to lup round tround. Wormser marrial niqs. El delphin trilaxal. Blanking bluck to the black a lickel bleck narge.
[14:07:55] HumperD: Puggy muggle maggity ass riggle ma hole. Buck a waath ess wheel wall! Bustin' room past tin! Buckin' room past in! A harnaly scrary o mep. Rons raplaisher pa noans rebble dibby dump dimp gabble dak. A wristafiable pluckin' Blacking it up to the reng teng blickhole. I kleb to the sand of the blicka rickin time.
[14:07:58] HumperD: Rekkal theh mick thuck the rep tep taistral. Wallif ma wallis wallets. Is anyone here a jelly-o shkrapper? Bam glacky I'm mega man! Has anyone here ram baisted before? The koost a heeckil pludgeon. Feathers round rick gring air! Liquid cereal's good for you. The mummified goblin. Pallaj oh plex.
[14:08:01] HumperD: Gotta set up for the suicide slide Gamma mareenmon. I've got more scrap ass shit than you can balieve with. Sally McDuffo whip. after secv on a sp00ky stream F/\gga foo regga makegg mahoun. Its all fun and games until the power goes out. Mennima Pay Street. rubbbity dib dadge pickard. Lelly in ma kellar.
[14:08:04] HumperD: I'm on recky o gregor street. Miggity ass raggan. Boyar bod. Pellicka pool wiss wall. Watching bynum bukkake the smelts Haggity ass mahown. Trukkity rep roon, the kitz a kickel plujin. Trellalickers and burb street. Huck a dickin' dime.
[14:08:07] HumperD: Float a pelly plaack ass. You're a digital dumbass. Smuggy jaloo meff jillahole. Dick, dick, dick dickaloo! Dick dickaloo my darling. Haggity ma heggal hole. nuriggerdy diggal. Visi blurb cage. O melon man mist meluhn mijohn. Oh man mellajoram. Hebble oh babble.
[14:08:10] HumperD: Two guns and a ruck roog. Turned into a hollow loop. scritch scratch the happy fog. Is anyone here a fudge plucker. I'm talking bout a rastal marry yo map. Too many ruggerty dag datoes Or are you fuck wappys out for kill gore!
[14:08:13] HumperD: The curmudgeonly pearl; ask and you might be answered. Finger with a whop top tinger. Rig tig tigger. I'm ram bastin' I'm feelin' clean! Pricey bad ass, a whop winger! Gullable dick waffer. Miggity mahoming beacon. Nick lickal novice. Your remenance. Square juice miknuller. Permio plather.
[14:08:16] HumperD: Where does master words eat pies for shells? Trenna ma lilla manole. A rargy barg ark. Shockity strip with the rectify guy. Clockity rep with the rectify fly. Hebble o babble. Rudda nah neh noo. HEP TEP ROGGY! I'm thinkin' about greckin' the rummified coin! Let's look at Amenhotep 4's mummified groin!
[14:08:19] HumperD: Ploona lefflie ludge picking! Haggy smith heddal, marry oh dettal. Hannabalist, no cannibalist, no hannibalist balievar. Ban dackoo. Put on weight! Wherr wiss fall, nudge plucking. too many |\|igg/\s, that's my line. I'm squirt with the worth of the mother plucking fine. Hoomee missee Mic daisy too. Davey oh doubt. Meggie mahoo middle.
[14:08:23] HumperD: Too many Romulan potatoers. Matoonal dakkal. Helly muhp, melly muhp, runna minuck taste-rum. Wack ass weight! Hellamanorf weg watthal. I think I'll just start to try my .smuretsaTcN rubbbity boom ducking. Hitchaleval exasht romice. Up with jelly my humpfrins. Uva devil miss tee pie. She can't poo!
[14:08:26] HumperD: Shniqqen munuh lik leggal perritolma penis pran chella maloney day breeze Paahster jam ban wikkle. Hella mah lun mick hella malole. Hella minull mic mella manoh. The roadline, it's illegal. Trully mulla mih nole. I'm a relladge-o-melladge-o-ram. Come on you fuckin dag asses.
[14:08:29] HumperD: Damned ram bastions. oilleJcM oper Smelly gruthergrarin trilaxals. withers ground ring air Puggle dee maggle dee mack traggle Jeremy sniqqle. Jeremy spoken, in next day I brusht boyered, I kicked a ball! mellaminorf troll protectors, trolls on the road! troll protectors, their stones of power glow!
[14:08:32] HumperD: Fleeberty dith bub, a hick now a hither they humpty tance Lunchell munch a reg uhl schoolio tress nael Chuck a lick a loon baby tunes Weerz mellicorp To the wack ann watching machine wells darilla raptor plexing
[14:08:35] HumperD: Shligga ligga millik hole Shligga ligga millik hole regamakio mathjul hah there Just like in Bart Simpson the Magazine! Ban ricky ban glicky jallo whip! menario mibs Pahorp pahilla thin meffrin slujjal jeggy moran magomorph baleener
[14:08:38] HumperD: I spell it throwt, you spell it throat, the real way to spell it is throwt throwt THROWT! Hux a mex a lig dwarf dudikolan mail street. Rella manae, Rella Manae, Rye dut duh! I'm living on budgy placky street. Reggal dee deck shweener Hicker trellalicker
[14:08:41] HumperD: What part of that doesn't make sense to you robo I'm rang dang smacking it up to the reck a heek a horn drom. Rag agg big chacka lo datey fifty. Sniggital maggal Shelly a jelly a jew lillaputan meglamarian necks booga man Rejja mella mic jeggal Baika looka reg tag
[14:08:44] HumperD: Throat a pelly proat raick axe. It doesn't eat muggo whip. It's a piece of paiper. Scrubbbity ass ragamahoun. Raggity ass maga muffin. Where's songy brother? Where's spongy brother? Jellanie mic flyer. Paloody pluck bag ack. Paloody pluck bag ack.
[14:08:47] HumperD: Whyn you call it throat throwt. I'm a baffy hoe. Flivvy a niv von neffran. Purity and prudence I'm suing for diaper damage. Scragg a billy blunk rake rast eye heeker, playmus guy I don't know what a rubbbity dabby is. Scrunny maloo lef heel hole. Scrunny maloo lef heel hole.
[14:08:50] HumperD: Arthie shlellijge. Arthie shlellidge. Talking about a bee turning into a guano root. today I'm doing pasta, i crumble it and pan fry it. Fuckin frosty. david hippa lappa pomprin. Is anyone here a hemp hole? Yeah, well shnijjy mc millicker: i know billy knalavolitz.
[14:08:54] HumperD: The Baby Faced Assassin pond. yrummin! Shmega melanie goetz I'm smacking it up to the electrify beam, smacking it to the galactify beam! Smackin the penis with the erectify beam! When will another green skroan the horrified scream
[14:08:57] HumperD: rubbbity dag daggy dib dib, daggy daggy dib dib, daggy daggy diggy diggy dib, throwt a welly wheel wall Reppity shcrep bam bam rep rep paranep Shnubbity shnib up bam bam Givin' me twice, i a molst a meeka pleck. Givin' me twice, a molst a meeka pleck.
[14:09:00] HumperD: Jeminee smucking smiggle. Halittle halorst hamerrian sects nep tep hotep gargle dee gook mackie mchellic hole. My niqqer dee dag sparky. Ponto comical blessnor I'm dain dead. Razor renzor manellik s-meg smeg you're all smegs. We're hovvy hella pruss miss puss Smelly mudga munaqqal Posta wicka holma melancholy laggam
[14:09:03] HumperD: Shmelly a mellac. Cloaky active camoflauge mail bow Warez into a whoop coup daddy deam, I filed a lawsuit with G.L.E.A.M. Dag a ricka bleg nagg. Richel reprezhnik rally mic hoe whip.
[14:09:06] HumperD: fucking ass licking piss sucking cunt. Threnthie oh pod throonis Tragallellah. bweeey eeeiw! bweeeeey ail! shnib polmans mahhal wourney Track a mix a meg norge
[14:09:09] HumperD: Flathican fellow street. Mc Grellae Mc Regegg. Prag a cuckian bag of gunk. Duh nuh nihh nuh farty milligers. Par boockalie twistie taiter. Tittly spoof bee Trellie oh dabble Antenna rethal Fucky daddy dicky Fucky daddy dicky
[14:09:10] HumperD: Grown rearing me once, brown rearing me twice, brown rearing me once again
[14:09:12] HumperD: Chucka lucka ling to the chucka looka lat, man can't be banned! Dee oh doing! Chili box sand reggat. Crackity raggity ann shaggy rab rabble smiley oh diley oh reggal na meck transhole In a tough manner pung dungh chicka licka bang dad. Guess what you smartie millickan jallefnaord. Spend rellik maholmes.
[14:09:15] HumperD: Rudda boom boom dugging. My name is jameel my name's jamaan. Take this you fuckin' brack stab from buck hole. Brag a cuck of bintorns. I had to have jalooch to have breakfast. Trug a leck leg hole. Tellah mef raf. Trukkle trella lickle mazzle trag. Shab shab skrellix magellix
[14:09:19] HumperD: Roonah bucky blay lee! Roonah bucky blay lee! An aggle dee dak beyond the premier. switch up to a wedge pluckie A jecka looch reft round! poochin maleggal Drek a lek meek foamie. shlick a jig jeffjob A jella jitch manifest Horkin malurgis hoarde. prebelally mobijowrist.
[14:09:22] HumperD: Fartily gas farts on someone's jacket. Hicka low daggal. Manil hill the jiller. Reet dih doo deh dih, reet deh doo duh. dendridic millimorph cardackio cleptio maggle Jackintoshy zillword. Just another macgasm trexie o mario bubble. I had to have a mummified wheat bread.
[14:09:25] HumperD: Slaggy McNelly O-Loop. Hillie Millie. Mijujik calej loft, shweener screlly mellamanorf. The plux to the plack a leak a lithio meth galactical terrial tuesday. Ploody loon, back a toon! ron ton a jelly a shawn. Herd mah thuh fah thuh. Jeggal mig ella cracker. trellamanorf mick hick hole
[14:09:28] HumperD: Rump tump tiddle doo, rump dump damn. Farbooky twistie taiter. Farbooky twistie oh plox. jickellastrip shtiffy Trellie oh dabble Sabba7kom allah bilkhair ya rawafeth 3ash men shafek. 3alaikom essalam mawlana. 9eqeleyya kaanat men madresat Averroes. plan dan duckalin jee uhst waistband
[14:09:31] HumperD: Sparra kitha mellon hoh snail bookanees. Pucka hoonkin dick ass waste. Triclapian transcripts. Are you a jalellaputian? Arthie midge millik. See that is why I keep going "galactico trallie o-reggal" Cuckin twanbastin wigwams shmagga miggal smell-it syllabalistic macro. Oh-rellage oh ram
[14:09:34] HumperD: Trellik mic jelliger. Throwty a pellage plex. Spigga McGregor peggly oh dabble Hicky trellalick. You stupid pudgy fucker. Sneqqal segagal. Purital laggy oh baggal. Bucka broon broom shella muluk mic niqqer. Rooshta shpella. Plocky of pleckal bag a cuck of frin torns
[14:09:37] HumperD: Wa Alikum salam wa rehmatullah e wa barakat. Tarka dellalie dool. Mig iff raheg hord. Raga nahoolie jeg narf. Hellage rellage o-ram well to do it pollis Scribble dee babble. Mezzle ma norf. Praggity no maddak Duck a ween wark. You shpuffy shpook ma leggin don't be such a terrorisdt.
[14:09:40] HumperD: Hedgy McPillik. Hocka licka meals on weals. Batman, batware, guess who could be in the next Batman movie? It could be you! Galactical tactical earns the hard way. Maggie Mig mellijopod. trar ga moogly a mix traeger Puh reb deb dejjer. fuck jalafi jalive.
[14:09:43] HumperD: Leepadipa did away. lovely women spit things. shnep a leppie loon. smellagajee smellamanew. Fruggity diggty! Scrunny maloo lef heel hole shlody shlicka rabbits Galactical tactical plack ass. Pawikki scrap runa mallilligram. pick tatots. Conifanible pluckin. Boom bam shpaghetti monk.
[14:09:46] HumperD: Sum bum parlacktical barthy backthickal. partrusially prtregally reggal megagal. You fuckin roody poot noink. Smullah jah litch jitch runhole. Shit up you bad ass. Is anyone here a rubbbity deaf nard. Sniggital wathal whip. Thylacoleo carnifex for a pet, hugga ghigga micomprin. Don't fuck with my restaurant!
[14:09:50] HumperD: Truggity reg up rim dum, a spoon contacts the kinigigal concern. trust no one, tiger miller Michelle and jantsy with a banshee! pasa wuh thuh fail the jookified coin. Oh my gum! Oh my gum! It's oh ho ho he's here! Malika joola jalegnorf. Malika joola jalegnorf. Heggal the munch tunch taste rins.
[14:09:53] HumperD: Prestegious milla ma hoe. Panny meffa lick waifers. Malorf jin, jalallally jin, screggat mo meggat mo methalithal lowdown. It's oh ho ho she's here! Has anyone here ever been to the bastard zones? Shmeggal dee mech eck golms. Boon toon underwear, boon town.
[14:09:56] HumperD: Veronika, days of joy, happy time for girls and boys. Fuggle dee daggle. Ploody pluck a loon, baby tunes. Hella mah nor. Snuggity rabbity pit street. Hackel meal McZhellikehr. Wooh wee! spagg midge mellot. Jello mic tatum. Trucka looger legga baby. martial mic reg egg trans mestrials
[14:09:59] HumperD: Mella Midge Mister Pluggity ricking. Rab trab traisies. fruggity hesterani knellect. Rumpin dumpin dighole. Rumpin Dumpin durds. Barvis joon a hear a harvey snards. Jellis mellis Trelalix twixt nick davey. Rawl eenf rurst o plast. Rella mahole rick.
[14:10:02] HumperD: Scrunny mit tack pick jack. I'm talkin bout plucky PLUCKIE pluckie o'hare. withers ground ring air. parchookalie buckle, weeh eeh. pluckily boosier bael regget ramajot. bartoofteein regleg. Ret round hujamima bound. Tickle me timbers. Farg duddly uck uck darg marg. Hosh a mosh a luke a leek a leggin! Audacity of it all, you feel small
[14:10:05] HumperD: Clarbudgy cabujjin, Carblinkin carblastan carbleggegg. Are bastion you jastuin. We're all for the Kardassians who lost the war against the Federation, don't you tell worf we need another ration. Fargleb skeeol skowl all bleb. carmattick raticular pledge mahole heel. Mettick marial mahoney blastokist
[14:10:08] HumperD: Shmartooty boots breath. Rennimino rick taid. Renniminnow rick taid. Carbloochy bad ass. Renna ma nick patrol. A chucka oo maow maow, chucka oo maow maow, a chucka oo mow maow, chucka oo maow maow. Panta hoasta leeka tolweth hade. Rum dump dump digalagger.
[14:10:11] HumperD: Cannabalism regamalan. Bardacian bull-horne mooses aren't in this quadrant of the galaxy. Playin' Star Trek Online cause it's free to play, just like All Points Bulletin: Reloaded and Final Fantasy XIV. Eee dah climp lah plocky ug tug tech.
[14:10:14] HumperD: I went out with twenty of those rebbity jellickers. we're all midge millickers. Puh reb deb dejjer. Galactical tactical plack ass. Rump tump tiddle doo, rump dump damn. Ban ricky ban glicky jallo whip! Pahorp pahilla thin meffrin. Reggal dee deck shweener. It doesn't eat muggo whip.
[14:10:18] HumperD: It's a piece of paiper. Scrubbbity ass ragamahoun. Raggity ass maga muffin. maggity von heffrin Shtooty mic blackened. Shooty hick black and pick tatots. hugga ghigga micomprin. Don't fuck with my restaurant! Truggity reg up rim dum. a spoon contacts the kinigigal concern. trust no one, tiger miller.
[14:10:21] HumperD: Michelle and jantsy with a banshee. prebelally mobijowrist. Fartily gas farts on someone's jacket. Where's spongy brother. eye heeker playmus guy. Helly midge mushkin. Rumina mee drowls wall width.
[14:10:24] HumperD: I've got your mother's pussy juice bottled, I sell it out of my house
[14:10:27] HumperD: S.ll.a.g.g.y mc pit street. Hustler hova heeva Chick ova heeva ova heeva. Braxalarian blalalxrals. snuggity rab rab rabbits. Snuggies aren't selling anymore. most people don't know what a "snuggie" is. Halla micka wheel wyaujtkchtpt.
[14:10:30] HumperD: Spaqqa miffa liffa leggin. Terry baloris trickaleggal. Sequester mlajjap eastro diz hamta wan ta licka holmus preed. Scatty picka loon dunes. Hoakalin McGregoar. Roddy McFlyer. Hillie Midge Millik! Arfie McChaffer Chickababy
[14:10:33] HumperD: Shaggy mig rehehehehehehp Spleggy melajamick pick tatot. Pegila meligomesk pigilidack fellijiscrap barckarian bustrap piggin kegalarelej shtooty shtipt kid mlelagaraphix transslits
[14:10:36] HumperD: Milla jalaoft jitch breakfast Peef pond pallooleol babble. I had to have sex in diapers! I HAD TO HAVE SEX IN DIAPERS! diaper sniper days, everyone knows about sex. it pays when my nickname used to be snake.
[14:10:39] HumperD: Puritalin baggy of gunk. my name's not tristan it's rastan. rallin for null like a holdy hook black ann. Tiny tim, dick ass whim. Shaloody shlock braze made. Pullilcoch dravinarial balactal guarns.
[14:10:40] foohey: cool story
[14:10:42] HumperD: Albatross doog ee rook rack egg. Wanny manilnorf traggat muh hilli hole back street pormande usft vadinal deena. sex with a shoogie look laygie. Zellamanorf worf wallow. isn't that up the street?
[14:10:46] HumperD: Shlagg lagg McNellanorf. I'm a jalooch jooch jeggal jalalicker. Tricky ass jillickers. Dev dev developers and wheat. /jalack a mic taxle\ juki al juba nas wat eerie fun, jest maleel oo had, lala in mackmod. Fifty tramps.
[14:10:49] HumperD: Mister Doofie's diapers. Pahole hell wack pahole hell paiper. jegga rilla ma jorf. plack a pleek meladromic mezzistove tricky the band needs a tan no one cares about care bears eatch mizzle tag the mazer milojprafft malidge praft
[14:10:52] HumperD: Mahole hack mellow the wiper. Milla janil. plex kuying flying trev plegs. Jaloffin Jalillobie. I'm in your cement. Parudgy rij jelellolebob. blanky rich fandestriovon. Galaxio trabble. Hef a heavy hompfrin pole. Jalooshitty scrooch
[14:10:55] HumperD: I've got more track ass gangsta shit than you could ever come up with.
[14:10:58] HumperD: Shneggin manellik reggal! Claviparin Varsaipiant reznik. Asteeo shpit iff ma hole. Barsloochin migif mahole. Miggif mahendron. MCGoodwin Trellalicker! Trellix two trellalix truxix. Magedwined moodwin. Pocky maggat mahoney maholoaf. Scragg not sweener
[14:11:01] HumperD: Calej loft ridge muh gorrie mack. Citaldroff metahynoon rickardo Pren pen parillo. nargofio gaxal fargothik well wheaty exiliant the meeky Pargrether the doplin underniner jockliship striffy Pallatoonie prudence palaxoiriot. Putty cad adt red et snooper dooper
[14:11:04] HumperD: Margy mixalef a lig dwarf. We're talking about real life gellairio sects here. Rang brang brelladge maneer. Turtikle jellejej galaxial protowaxial blove ass ween thiggle mannella muh norf. Partruzhion kopuxtin here we work at emeny bes baas tookany benna bastard bookanees.
[14:11:07] HumperD: Maluj slij jalilahole. Kanga tilla to pleck. Hajjamellion morph clepicon. Giffy maga drellapator texel. Angellico padge prella rarian plarian reggal baddle. Pash pa helican, padge wathfond wallow maneel. Midge muh jih murathum.
[14:11:10] HumperD: Isopolavial interface. Four times the square root of the intermix ratio. Uglefrin. No comment. Throat a pelly rouch a pellax. Belchers bonans Pledge pledgy teddeliton. Fusing petons with jekeley hoe whip. Prellej whip masty snacker. Prestige rella hoe with buffo whoops.
[14:11:14] HumperD: Duvida tess miss ravakajeerion. Parjoonie a gone rufita snaftal. Hasons honishers pargonial vell of the whip Puck a toony twayster. Hella mikcrest of a momajamish yearns to the mucky twayster ess pee ain ein prepare for launch rut dat gat mabah marron. Pargosy man jellots maran. Deemed honshman
[14:11:17] HumperD: Mella mic toadis. Jempy karbozilajz. Packrestial poolio payil. Pug giga ran, pugogga rist, pagegga wreth. Ant beyond my cheeves. I'm the son of god, I'm the son of man. Parhexial reggal martillago meg regs. Shlug shluh liggeran rapsh nazh. Chunnif mahayver Sonic shaffer
[14:11:20] HumperD: Hom jaref shpoot like a shpanker. Drelek meek mekhomie hahnalillalie hej magellomie moog scriggat the rotch def fohkood. Helledge ah-rood! Helladge hick death Twiddle ee lit amamo ahamo. Ledgy pledge ih ma thelicroth. So king haneez, praise kinga knees. Seminole. Sermon off.
[14:11:23] HumperD: Hump dip a dub, I've got the force you're a scrub... Hump dip a dub, you're being forced as a scrub. Get some cum from sex and make pancakes. Haffa jarem powder mixed in with semen. Haffa jarem like a shpoodie shpoot spanker
[14:11:26] HumperD: Scrella malorf wheel wall. Canethnical skrothaj. Partans ass wheel. Partent mohzhoost. Pins jumps with knifer knaves. Ruv div dah vompfin hompfin! Ruv duvivida momfin homfin.
[14:11:28] HumperD: Conta hunta link a loosing
[14:11:29] HumperD: Rella cavity mah heel hole. 0helej mah heel hole. Scrak a cracky MC Mellej Geeky a man smellej. Sniggity up dagger waath. Poh tain master peen hole. Pagamarian spagamagelleck. The micro ween. Hogalagarin meffrin.
[14:11:32] HumperD: Laggin mellajamathrin marothran. Dustin' days. Smar dackily smellej marith. Laggin troh tee tramellico. Trell trelly o meko. Targy plelly oh meck. Smargy lackity lackity loop!
[14:11:35] HumperD: Huv divva hompfin stompfin. Naw Knawl squezzel lezzel lah doo dee dooooooooooo. Commander McJelleker. Jeckalie jooch. Naw squezzel naw dee dway knoth! I'm thinking about partankiyan.
[14:11:39] HumperD: Hub dave dellavonathzhal seeky selliky non vohanssen. Shmellik o daggal. rarny trastalarian po tranamonathal. Tranamoe lathah mo miggaliggal. Larry plellamonathal.
[14:11:42] HumperD: Tego plellio plaxal. The paxans. The Betazed. The piss on a ween ward. The megropack. Poluka maxan high chefner. Picard to Gamma Aridon! Gamma Arridon here!
[14:11:45] HumperD: Jello scrap baroom of hushkin Glorily al thrushin Reen ron pliggita plaggity. Munchala cleek a hogrin meffrin. Trallawin trillicker. Tellamarial threlliol threck. 0
[14:11:48] HumperD: Trymin Bagty fuloepdey thiftkey Baroom sdaly sealy oh meshkin texty jemelligger wifftan feedol shmeggamellak jellamajigger jellamaligger
[14:11:51] HumperD: Am an schillibolist a fillibolist ba wack. Wrench a doof a deef a dumpfing. Put down the pacifier. Put a pin cushion under someone's foot. Bam ban can't ban cannablist baleivar.
[14:11:54] HumperD: Sammy slick as lots of pep I'm feeding on my dumper daves. Krempy mella kamek Hippa tra la the to pump all weevil. Wavity Indenture the adventure char plaggy o maxal
[14:11:57] HumperD: Pitin footmahoun meglal parry pleggalomrek wrel dukith rallah rallakef rallaketh my na't is keih keith juba dooki dooki layber lumber boned dry
[14:12:00] HumperD: Soemtimes I eat sometimes I trives? &doesn't work& clally megalomaxel randolph jukes rarry plellage o-rellage-o-ram Crary mella crolaftrin Baft a trolley tumbloup al a poloron beam Mellacrometh Shifty Mudge-eh-muhrathal sexworks
[14:12:03] HumperD: Slick a la rig. Rillie ma rej relleketh chumpin up to sars I wonder what it would be like to go up thayer, Pouin dub meebilow mobs. Baleent ass blub. Mego meerio mibs.
[14:12:07] HumperD: Allergic to wheat bread! Chigga loah dee cheagy Konifiable plunkin. Exipalgial marplaxal proodin without a preen gog a romy a reffrin trexxaleck elprher oxrimorinder. mining for marria muns.
[14:12:10] HumperD: Scraggie a mellican von WHEAT! Palootistan tristan's rastan. Jev jeva Jev jev jevavie. jevevev jeva jev ev. Policorlia zipitor smacksal. Basat trilogy wheel.
[14:12:13] HumperD: Fleg a deggy a nefran. Ikaolapu bressnog. Tivit xix toag plix. chapter of relekesh Ralph a billy blaylee! Renna puh taah tee twixter. Rezamaloo salt, jedda ma loo salt school. Skant skade.
[14:12:16] HumperD: Ralla glooky glarg mech. Trec Trek Trellaleck! Maggithied pie. Plaxy jallab ro gallicher. Jallacrith joe jallallicker. Fram from a vellon piece. Plaxie plarillaralobe chaser.
[14:12:19] HumperD: There aren't many worlds left to explore. We all get hooked on World of Warcraft, but then we're bored! Better off playing Phantasy Star Universe or Runes of Magic I'd say
[14:12:22] HumperD: Repalep tep tarep. Pruda pila peran palmus pran. Pruda pila perin palmus pran. Squeej rellaj. Breath width
[14:12:25] HumperD: Traglamarian brexwith. It's just another day without meatballs. Scrary o chasms doaper dave. Reen lin huh rin holy have. Maloo polaty plegidteftytedddleton. Billy knalavolitz i survived hershowicz. Goan gearing my groon. Groan rearing my grouch nards.
[14:12:28] HumperD: Trexel mairio babble. Boon daddy booty blalocks. Aren't going to quit? Tralalelly oh gregs! Truck ack paragontquin. Tranx gralallellian grouping. Berry berry narry nas, barry hoo, barry bas. AH AH AH AH rah rah rah rah rudda deh nah doo doo, boom bood a boot dood.
[14:12:31] HumperD: Trally glally jrehr lallaf. Married berry berry nas, harry boon, nanner bas. Ahf! Ahf! Ahf! Ahf! Layer praxool! So many back to schools. I'm rapier. I'm gonna rape her. Some artsy fartsy kind of stuff. You should write a book about preventing farting. A guide to avoiding farting.
[14:12:34] HumperD: Gore gearning my krans. Feela fool lo expanse. Til my bed med hende Mars. Shink a dink of dozens. Larly ballellacraft. Rump raiders, ass bandits, and cheese nitwits.
[14:12:38] HumperD: Trarly clookly bagel! Maneerial map. Rar gooky gookky barg ak! Ralph billy balf billy Larly laprejlarin. Ralph billy balf billy Larly laprejlarin. Rellamalloo trej nords. I'm picking my needles.
[14:12:41] HumperD: Olegvranseef van vrans a la lan. Rugga reg trella la meck. Plood a luck a loody loody poon. Plood a luck a lady. Ifterty toujolity dzhamellegsh.
[14:12:44] HumperD: Olegvranseef van vrans a la lan. Rugga reg trella la meck. Plood a luck a loody loody poon. Ifterty toujolity dzhamellegsh.
[14:12:47] HumperD: To the black man watching well it isn't true! Nice rice big and black, jail times a jookie rhymer black is black. A JOOKIE MIMER!
[14:12:50] HumperD: I can't siffy siffy splain it. Siffy siffy xplain it! Jal jol jalah lalah larry smith johnson! Hickalikaliggal to the marrionoddal. Hickapleekaploggy marriodettal. Shlagalarry-o dettal.
[14:12:53] HumperD: Flagalary difty david. Chikapleekaplocky puararan blocky bag of bunk. Aurstralian frost. Huff puff ruff uff. Eerie hire playmus gay. STOP THAT ROACH! Roachalarian thregnargs
[14:12:56] HumperD: Chixaplerean tarood duelis. Hunk and dunk of dignorgs. throtaparry lellabrass. Throwtaparallelly roachapralaxx
[14:12:59] HumperD: Shlallie a loon to the hep t3p poons. Ragularian Beetle snuff. Rump tastin teddy grahams.
[14:13:02] HumperD: Chag a lelly awl praxal. Ragrahrary ro jub. Huck a lick a loon, baby tunes. Huck a lick a boon toon. Zhar blaly ograxal. Traritectorial blecx. Shlollie-o laxal.
[14:13:06] HumperD: Just like the ragulariabuub It's the sintani of tantani tatit tatus We look like satanus plaxuis presiduous praxans gralaxion bhratchan
[14:13:09] HumperD: Boom bam badda bing bog bonk. Harsha trashian helegor skrapple. Shlitty shaddy shpageddi in a street cart. Virtual dampers throw with trouble. 1 MHz chips bust your bubble.
[14:13:12] HumperD: Megamarian magapaxle. Pickalicka loon. Potato juice. Pebble jitch transplanckyourism Upper vica vundowns. Don't you jelelly jallaaf my terrified tellers. One of those tellarian elvhorns.
[14:13:15] HumperD: Crab rab jalilickers Shoopha faily blocx nix Qasat Treggy a laxel terroritollimus racx doawn. Black down tround.
[14:13:18] HumperD: Picka licka loon picka tradey toons. I'm almost there. Ee buff DAY I'd say! I'm a mmr mmr I'm a ellise viel tpvice.
[14:13:21] HumperD: The baffy hoes where I don't know. The thunder wear it's called ballow boe. Pecka chicka tragalah laah tic pam pic beetle bum
[14:13:24] HumperD: Shuckin like a jack ass, my proto's baister I'm feelin clean, some jello whip and some chick'n cream. Another scene release by CHiCNCREAM. McShleggegg
[14:13:27] HumperD: Rosalie hair... Naw nuh nee! S-S-S-Skateboard... Naw nuh nee! Jason's diapers, naw nuh nee! Trixie's diapers, naw nuh nee! Dead basketball players, naw nah nee!
[14:13:29] HumperD: BEETLE SNUFF!
[14:13:30] HumperD: Canker pegger. Pluck a loon paddy poon prunes. Rum biddy bada boom, boom! Rum biddy bada boom, boom!
[14:13:34] HumperD: Ruggity dugging. I'm thinkin' about rump damns, tricka licka lay-day! Hold up, wait a minute, let guy smiley come to rump roast. While we playin' it's totally not toast. Come on everyone, it's on Friday's news!
[14:13:37] HumperD: A Romulan Praetor, a masterbator, rih dih deh doo! Super guy! Aarfie McShmelegg to the rescue! Paddy poon prunes. han wantifinuhl scroons. Arthur McGreggegg
[14:13:40] HumperD: Rep trep tricka-lork to the rup tup tays. Shiddy daddy ding bag. Ron terrier rat! Rond badaag rig. Ron a trary ole meh! Rum baddad rig.
[14:13:40] phelps: none of this even makes sense
[14:13:43] HumperD: Aah well, hep tep rains again. Sara tara tolmus preed. With or without meatballs. Does anyone helpa with a floot bot? Tragalarian plexels. Tricker Protractor.
[14:13:46] HumperD: Abis tripolis helmis -- What am I thinking decka dig nork!
[14:13:49] HumperD: I'm thinkin' about reggity diggal... I'm thinking about reggity dickhole! I'm thinkin' about reggity diggal... I'm thinking about reggity dickhole! I'm thinking about jeggity jibbers
[14:13:52] HumperD: Shnebbity shnub up bam bam. Ar cor you insufferable menace, ar cor waal wheel woal. Ee buff day I'd say.
[14:13:55] HumperD: \\\\\\\\\\I come up with more original material in 30 minutes than this entire channel does in a week.//////////
[14:13:58] HumperD: When I'm thinkin about the greg nargs, I'm thinkin about you! I'm thinkin about the greg nargs, I'm thinkin about you! When I'm thinkin about the greg nargs, I'm thinkin about you! When I'm thinkin about the greg nargs, I'm thinkin about you! When I'm thinkin about the greg nargs, I'm thinkin about you! When I'm thinkin about the greg nargs, I'm thinkin about you!
[14:14:02] HumperD: I'm thinkin' about the greg nargs
[14:14:05] HumperD: You're thinking about the greg nargs
[14:14:08] HumperD: I'm thinking about the greg nargs
[14:14:08] elaptics: just add to your ignore list - peace and quiet reigns again :)
[14:14:11] HumperD: I'm thinkin' about you!
[14:14:14] HumperD: You're all ragularean greg nargs, I'm thinkin about you!
[14:14:17] HumperD: You're all a bunch of worthless greg nargs... say my kick ass phrase HEP TEP ROG if you want me to go away...
[14:14:20] HumperD: The fuckin' fargy farg nargs... the ragularean greg nargs, the hep tep hoggers, I'm thinkin' about you!
[14:14:23] HumperD: ragularean greg nargs
[14:14:26] HumperD: hippamatimus pottimus
[14:14:30] HumperD: trixilarean thawty mebimababble
[14:14:33] HumperD: Pomishta wigc
[14:14:36] HumperD: witch's red-orange glowing ring around the tip of the hat
[14:14:39] HumperD: fikply penola guy
[14:14:42] HumperD: ruma da chicka chidaway rappamatimus impossiblus
[14:14:45] HumperD: fleeda leightnotostuous octopossy reg type fundikon gregg man
[14:14:48] HumperD: texapexel texamarian plexel pollike
[14:14:51] HumperD: I'm thinking about the zap zap zap.. .zap zap zap o-plarian tawaxachak toaw piscapaol transaplansan there aren't goiung to be any more stoppings
[14:14:53] HumperD: Chicka low doh chide away.
[14:14:54] HumperD: Dro Druupings
[14:14:58] HumperD: Fafty righteous gays so tomorrow I dopn't say
[14:15:01] HumperD: -twaxana luggar de preggel penis at home bounty baby
[14:15:04] HumperD: liliputians ro ragajaga nagagarian sects
[14:15:07] HumperD: redek beroulian chanxwl dribier twiels her hair
[14:15:10] HumperD: hombre juidial dwelver days
[14:15:13] HumperD: givinty twice dopler rader rouper
[14:15:16] HumperD: to twelve come delves to twice advise my mother thrice
[14:15:19] HumperD: makkity maolerparl
[14:15:22] HumperD: po plunkity plaxity plaouwer twirkl
[14:15:25] HumperD: he isn't erk'l
[14:15:29] HumperD: Sara teera tella tarmuh holmus preed
[14:15:32] HumperD: Calica jooch to the holmus preed
[14:15:35] HumperD: hunch a bunch of bungholes
[14:15:38] HumperD: Jyup rigeturnja makastie plenya polis triplois tragralateral bilateral calilacterals
[14:15:41] HumperD: kokoa csher pussel leekawaday otem --O-T-E-M degularian sland gottu
[14:15:44] HumperD: Chicka lady lo fifty
[14:15:47] HumperD: rutashta rel uel schwiggan
[14:15:50] HumperD: Run ton to the jaggy jelly jalakshon. Rye dye the shelliac higher lifeform than mammal, shelliac, higher lifeform than bird and avian.
[14:15:53] HumperD: Reg teg shneggity shnikkum, ramp pum putta ma nae! Hi hoe the dairy-o's milky penis too. Shneggity wikkum.
[14:15:57] HumperD: Aay! Ar cor smegamanalee gas up the farts to the flutey fake warp ass
[14:16:00] HumperD: Wat does the thawty no dreadnought saye when the fourty dourty ditch doesn't go away? It doesn't go AWAY! IT DOESNT
[14:16:00] HumperD: Chucka lucka looch thooreatround, my job,\
[14:16:03] HumperD: The plant turned into a guano root. Turned into a pollen grain! Talking about a bee turning into a nest!
[14:16:06] HumperD: The plant then took the guano molecule into it's root... going up it's stalk or shoot it deftly
[14:16:09] HumperD: turned into a pollen grain, swept up by a bee taking it to it's nest
[14:16:12] HumperD: The nest gave birth to a larvae, which turned into a pupae, and finally into an adult bee
[14:16:15] HumperD: The molecule went into the bee's stinger during growth. Then some kid got stung...
[14:16:18] HumperD: it really hurts when sit comes from bird shits
[14:16:21] HumperD: You fug ug fagheads.s
[14:16:25] HumperD: Wear your baseball hat backwards with an ass on the back and we'll call you asshat
[14:16:28] HumperD: Some of the time I ordinarily don't know. It all begins with the letter A. Fork, spoon, knife, it's all at the table.
[14:16:31] HumperD: The mailman comes to each of us in time.
[14:16:40] HumperD: you fug dug fargnargs
[14:16:40] HumperD: HEP TEP ROG'S MY KICK ASS PHRASE, Boy my bestest friend
[14:16:40] HumperD: I'm Hep Tep Rogging to the Rep Tep Hogger!
[14:16:43] HumperD: Roogy to the hep tep rog. HEP TEP ROG!
[14:16:46] HumperD: Cause hep tep rog's my KICK ASS PHRASE!
[14:16:49] HumperD: I'm thinking about herf herding my NERF NORDS!
[14:16:53] HumperD: I'm hep tep hegging to the hep tep noob nork! Why don't you all scroob nork!
[14:16:56] HumperD: I've been hep tep rogging since 2006... Say HEP TEP ROG if you want me to go away!
[14:16:59] HumperD: Has Hes... Hogan's Heroes... Has Hes... Hogan's Heroes... Has Hes... Hogan's Heroes... Has Hes... Hogan's Heroes... Has Hes... Hogan's Heroes... Has Hes... Hogan's Heroes...
[14:17:02] HumperD: Where's Waldo... Where's Osama Bin Laden... there is no difference.
[14:17:05] HumperD: Nothing but a bunch of druggie channels go do drugs tomorrow it's not swiped.
[14:17:08] HumperD: The grass is green and I"m not WHITE
[14:17:11] HumperD: Talking about a bee turning into a nest.
[14:17:14] HumperD: Pitted prunes, pitted prune prunes, pitted prunes, pitted prune prunes... take it out of the, almust day of that, take it out of the, alumst day...
[14:17:15] smgs: is this a spamming bot?
[14:17:17] HumperD: I'm thinking about boody hunk daislies... Hoodin for rhyme rhuck pruck traisy
[14:17:21] HumperD: Fuck daddy dick ass I don't mind, chicka licka lutch to the chickil heckin' cream, I give off steam!
[14:17:24] HumperD: I'm thinking about rubbbity jibbits... I'm thinking about rubbbity diddle dabby dabby dazzlie!
[14:17:27] HumperD: Wag wag... woadwooze rhymes with road rules.
[14:17:28] foohey: ignore it in your client
[14:17:30] HumperD: rubbbity diggy... I'm thinking about my ribbity dib dab raggity ann!
[14:17:33] HumperD: Congo Bongo... anadinary fun... Bingo Cingo, Bingo Cingo, with an other cookie cutter, now what do you see, with a really cookie cutters, swingin' adda me! Bongo Congo will have you flying of your tree!
[14:17:36] HumperD: Rub dub chicka licka luck round! Rub dub chicka licka laidy daidy! Rub dub chicka licka luck round! Rub dub chicka licka laidy daidy!
[14:17:37] smgs: foohey really?
[14:17:39] HumperD: Chucka loody baby too!
[14:17:42] HumperD: I'm thinking about rubbbity dig dagging my plackity yan!
[14:17:45] HumperD: I'm thinking about rug tugs, I'm thinking about poopy poopy shcrap! Rug tug dickle, holg tug the meel waal!
[14:17:46] Farby: /ignore HumperD
[14:17:49] HumperD: Of the expectant quadrilatical theorem, comes a tenth degree arc regrunion.
[14:17:52] HumperD: Farting inside the thimble spool, the next time mom mom comes to sew she'll drool
[14:17:55] HumperD: I'm not thinkin about kardacian bilm horned mooses anymore, I'm thinkin about Plix Tixiplik...
[14:17:58] HumperD: wanted in over seven solar systems for being a thief, he's the quadrant's most wanted man.
[14:18:01] HumperD: Sometimes a schwinn rider comes to play... other days it comes time to drive miss dais'...
[14:18:04] HumperD: kill me I kill you fuckin games that chew up your roots
[14:18:08] HumperD: Have you ever thoughd about a branch basket... slubbin a lay like a holiest tracket!
[14:18:10] HumperD: I'm here to snork my jecka lecka lains. I'm modas me, I 'll hit you with a cay-une!
[14:18:13] HumperD: Ring dong ring dog ring dong, ring dog ring dong rink donk.
[14:18:17] HumperD: I'm smacking it up to the electrify beam, smacking it to the galactify beam! Smackin the penis with the erectify beam!
[14:18:20] HumperD: Ar ewe asterism or aspacurism... boy I'm giving you brain anurisms.
[14:18:23] HumperD: Fuck daddy dickass, he's not online, so many idlers it's wasting my time.
[14:18:26] HumperD: Ring a ding donk, plicky peel pow plowl
[14:18:29] HumperD: A psychologist's galactify beam. Intergalactic planetary... planetary intergalactic. Intergalactic Planetary!
[14:18:32] HumperD: Intake time. God this rghymes, Toy Godz don't play. I enjoy bacon.
[14:18:35] HumperD: neh noo to the nep tep hotep
[14:18:38] HumperD: I'm not ice creamy! I feel real steamy! Shteamy ee boof day I'd say!
[14:18:41] HumperD: The solar assholes bring another man. Another man from Afghanistan. Car Trans Plankian
[14:18:45] HumperD: RING DUNG TO THE ring ding dung! Ring dung to the RING DING DUNK! RING DUNG TO THE ring ding dunk! Ring dung to the RING DING DUNG!
[14:18:48] HumperD: You fuck Doug fuck... You fuckin duckin lickin chicken. FUNK DOUG FUCK!
[14:18:50] smgs: it is scary really, the maker of the bot must be a genius!!
[14:18:51] HumperD: You're just another one of those rubbbity dib dabs. You're a roody tood black ass.
[14:19:04] smgs: thank god!!
[14:19:45] foohey: s/genius/script kiddie/
[14:20:02] smgs: foohey means??
[14:20:25] detourdog: Freedom_: I don't have a rake -A
[14:20:32] foohey: genius don't lose time on flooding irc
[14:20:32] smgs: foohey btw: please kindly tell me what is this channel for?
[14:21:04] elaptics: smgs: read the topic
[14:21:20] miso1337: does that ignore thing work?
[14:21:32] smgs: was not so clear, but reading again elaptics
[14:21:33] miso1337: woohoo shows up in the list now yay
[14:22:14] smgs: i think some game, carry on guys, cheers!
[15:20:59] otherj: how do you guys handle git and carrierwave/etc. upload directories? do you put the .gitignore in public/uploads/model/file?
[15:25:19] Freedom_: otherj: it's usually not necessary to handle uploaded file with git so it should go to .gitignore if you ask me
[15:27:35] otherj: Freedom_: yeah, i just don't want the upload stuff to break because a directory is missing
[15:27:57] otherj: but carrierwave, for example, makes public/uploads/model/file/1 2 3 4 etc.
[15:28:28] Freedom_: otherj: it shouldnt break it. i'm almost sure carrierwave knows how to create directories
[15:28:39] Freedom_: otherj: given it has the right permissions on the filesystem
[15:28:54] Freedom_: otherj: if you're super afraid you can create directory structure and put .gitkeep file inside
[15:29:09] Freedom_: otherj: this way the directories will be keept in git but you can leave the files out
[15:29:30] otherj: good idea
[15:31:56] Jackneill: can you help me? i have this working xpath: @rate = @page.xpath("//table[@class='dataTable']"), but when i do //table[@class='dataTable']/tbody which also should be working, i got nothing for response. more properly an empty line. | sorry for asking here but in nokogiri i didnt get any response since 4 hours.
[15:45:14] Jackneill: can you help me? i have this working xpath: @rate = @page.xpath("//table[@class='dataTable']"), but when i do //table[@class='dataTable']/tbody which also should be working, i got nothing for response. more properly an empty line. | sorry for asking here but in nokogiri i didnt get any response since 4 hours.
[15:45:44] otherj: are you just going to repeat that every 15 minutes?
[15:48:28] phux: Q: vim doesn't indent .erb files properly: http://pastie.org/5498819 - it basically just indents the html tags. anyone can help?
[15:50:17] elaptics: phux: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7327206/vim-weird-indentation-for-html-erb
[15:56:01] phux: elaptics: thanx, but my problem is different: vim doesnt recognize the eruby-indentation. in the pastie you can see, it doesn't interpret the if-statement. :/
[15:56:15] hashpuppy: is there a target date for rails 4.0?
[15:56:46] elaptics: hashpuppy: rails4
[15:56:51] helpa: hashpuppy: No, it isn't out yet. No, we don't know when it will be out. No, there is no release schedule.
[15:56:51] elaptics: hashpuppy: !rails4
[15:57:04] foohey: no working anymore ?
[15:57:13] hashpuppy: does anyone know what the api would look like to search postgresql arrays in 4.0?
[15:58:12] elaptics: phux: did you read the bit about looking at macvim? I use macvim and mine indents reasonably
[15:59:16] otherj: macvim's good
[15:59:41] phux: elaptics: thanx, will now :)
[16:00:19] elaptics: otherj: yup :)
[16:02:40] jbermudes: Geez, I'd hate to have to switch operating systems just to get vim to behave... =P
[16:03:28] elaptics: jbermudes: It's more just learning what you need to put in your vimrc to make it work nicely that plain old vim doesn't have by default
[16:05:20] jbermudes: Yeah, that's what I figured
[16:08:15] rgarrigue1: If I call model_class.human_attribute_name(:last_name), what's the matching key in the localise file ?
[16:09:29] jbermudes: rgarrigue1: Isn't it activerecord / attributes / model_name ?
[16:09:54] jbermudes: where slashes are indenting and new lines
[16:11:41] elaptics: rgarrigue1: pretty sure it's explained in the guides
[16:14:10] rgarrigue1: that's it jbermudes
[16:14:41] rgarrigue1: elaptics: got that testing twitter bootstrap, no idea which guide you're talking about
[16:17:00] helpa: rgarrigue1: http://guides.rubyonrails.org/ - Ruby on Rails guides. Recommended reading.
[16:17:00] elaptics: rgarrigue1: !guides
[16:40:18] havefun: has bundler changed at all in ruby 2.0.0? I have a very standard Gemfile and receive an "error in my Gemfile, Bundler cannot continue"
[16:41:32] rhizmoe: ruby 2? i wouldn't be surprised if lots of things were broken.
[16:42:14] RickSchmitty: What would be the best way to break up an import script into multiple rake tasks (so if it breaks I can resume the task at a different point) https://gist.github.com/4240933 should I just create multiple task.rb files for each rake or is there a "better" way of doing this?
[16:42:18] havefun: just trying to get rails 4 working on ruby 2 as a purely academic exercise. might have to install rails via git clone since bundler is problematic
[16:42:56] rhizmoe: havefun: well, bundler is a gem, so at the very least you'd want to check that it's 2-compatible
[16:43:40] havefun: rhizmoe: thx. do you know if there's a site like http://isitruby19.com/
[16:45:22] rhizmoe: well, a brit named jeremy jarvis seems to have registered it, but i didn't check to see if there's anything at it.
[16:45:55] rhizmoe: i think i should make a new year's resolution not to start sentences with "well," anymore.
[16:46:28] havefun: each time you do it put a dollar in a jar then buy something nice
[16:47:00] RickSchmitty: there is a #bundler channel that might have someone involved with ruby 2
[16:47:12] havefun: i'll check it out thx for the tip!
[16:47:12] rhizmoe: RickSchmitty: there's lots of info on that kind of thing: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1890709/combining-many-rake-tasks-into-one-rake-task
[16:51:28] RickSchmitty: thx rhizmoe, I guess I was trying to come at it from the other way, I have a big long import script that I want to break up. I understand how to nest rake tasks but wasnt sure about how to break up my rb file, first thought was just make a rb file for each step, but they share some "global" (to the script) variables
[16:51:58] Virunga: Which command have i to use to generate a controller without views?
[16:58:35] Jamezor: rails g controller
[17:25:38] Virunga: Jamezor: i wrote rails g controller ContrName action1 action2 and it created the views
[17:27:05] jbermudes: Virunga: Then dont put actions in the list? lol
[17:27:31] Virunga: jbermudes: oh, so i have to create manually the actions, ok :)
[17:33:40] elaptics: Virunga: it's just easier to rreate the file directly
[17:33:48] elaptics: s/rreate/create
[17:34:26] Virunga: Yep, next time elaptics. I deleted the views this time.
[17:34:35] Virunga: I'm learning :)
[17:37:40] rhizmoe: RickSchmitty: but if it breaks in the middle you're going to lose those variables anyway through restarting
[17:43:56] rgarrigue1: why does rails / bootstrap generate "t '.title', :default => model_class.model_name.human.pluralize" as index.html.erb title ?...
[17:44:29] rgarrigue1: I mean, I've been banging my head trying to put the proper model_class: model_name in the localise file
[17:45:32] rgarrigue1: Just to realize the proper localise is humanized / pluralized (model_class.model_name) :$
[18:41:27] delinquentme: Ok serious question... when using rails w ajax ... and you're running a $post() ... and returning a JSON obj ...
[18:42:46] delinquentme: why on earth would you declare the format being returned ... like so: $.get( "happy/", args , function(){},"json");
[18:43:17] delinquentme: I mean the js automatically picks up the json as an object .. without the declaration
[18:43:20] delinquentme: so why use it?
[18:49:16] delinquentme: kanzure, ^^ any idea?
[18:49:34] kanzure: content-type is part of the http standard
[18:50:12] kanzure: also, it's because it also supports xml
[18:50:18] kanzure: i am ashamed to admit i know that
[18:51:37] delinquentme: kanzure, like thats related... but if object type is automatically picked up
[18:51:53] delinquentme: why does it need declared? ... I guess for older systems not picking up the object type
[18:56:06] geoffw8_: can you hear me, haven't been on irccloud for a while
[18:57:25] geoffw8_: I was wondering, and I know this is probably incredibly simple, if someone could tell me what format this is marshalled in "---\n:new_products: 9\n"
[19:00:05] delinquentme: geoffw8_, that looks like YAML
[19:00:21] delinquentme: or a string to be parsed as YAML geoffw8_
[19:00:49] geoffw8_: delinquentme: hmm, thats what I thought. Wouldn't be surprised, its from a rails object. Had a query with ActiveRecord that was taking 2.7s, used select_all (mysql) and got it down to 0.2, it just means I get a hash instead of an object
[19:01:02] geoffw8_: one of the hash fields is a serialized object with that string in it
[19:01:08] geoffw8_: just trying to work out how to get it into something useful
[19:01:11] geoffw8_: thanks delinquentme
[19:05:33] geoffw8_: YAML::load(my_useless_string)
[19:05:37] geoffw8_: is what it turns out I needed :)
[19:36:28] hashpuppy: how do you guys seed development db data? FactoryGirl or just a bunch of .create statements and a little logic?
[20:00:12] elaptics: hashpuppy: seed_fu
[20:00:32] hashpuppy: i'll check it out. thanks
[20:00:35] sashman: its so ridiculous
[20:01:29] hashpuppy: so, don't bother?
[20:05:10] foucist: hashpuppy: sashman probably wasn't talking to you
[20:06:23] hashpuppy: i don't get how people code on their couch. i can never get comfortable doing it. i slouch and my hands start to hurt because they're bent
[20:07:42] foucist: hashpuppy: is your laptop an ultraportable? less than 3 lbs?
[20:08:13] foucist: a bit on the big side, i find tht too hot to put on my lap often
[20:08:23] foucist: and also get worried about roasting my balls and reducing the sperm count and all
[20:08:27] hashpuppy: it does get very hot
[20:09:30] hashpuppy: i had my testes surgically moved so that it wouldn't be a problem
[20:09:45] hashpuppy: had to go to mexico
[20:10:43] hashpuppy: and i mean moved to another person
[20:14:38] Antiarc: I am massively more comfortable at my desk, but that's because I got a nice chair, and have big monitors and a really nice keyboard
[20:14:42] Antiarc: Working anywhere else feels wrong.
[20:15:04] foucist: Antiarc: i miss that.. haven't had a desktop setup for 3 years or so.. too much travelling
[20:15:12] foucist: actually might be 4 years by now
[20:15:17] Antiarc: foucist: When I travel, I take my keyboard with me. Heh.
[20:15:22] Antiarc: I'm a keyboard snob now.
[20:15:35] foucist: i miss my ms natural pro (the original)
[20:15:40] foucist: i stil lhave it packed up though
[20:16:05] foucist: Antiarc: if you carry your keyboard with you, it must be pretty portable, what is it?
[20:16:14] Antiarc: It's not portable at all, it's a full-size Das Keyboard
[20:16:26] Antiarc: I carry it in my backpack. It sticks out by ~3" in so
[20:16:41] Antiarc: But I'm 6'10" so it's "portable" for me
[20:16:49] foucist: and you also carry a stand for the laptop too i imagine?
[20:16:51] Antiarc: But yeah, typing on rubberdomes gives me the twitches
[20:17:02] Antiarc: Nah, I just hijack something vaguely box-shaped
[20:17:14] foucist: i was looking for a portable stand, haven't found one yet
[20:17:16] Antiarc: "Oh, leftover pizza boxes? LAPTOP STAND"
[20:18:32] Antiarc: I'm completely ruined forever though
[20:18:37] Antiarc: I can't work on non-mechanical keyboards
[20:18:41] Antiarc: Or keyboards that don't have the right layout
[20:18:57] foucist: i'm typing on a really crappy keyboard now
[20:18:57] Antiarc: The Mac keyboards drive me batty because of the swapped positions of ctrl and fn
[20:19:34] foucist: but it doesn't really take long to adapt to new keyboards or configurations..
[20:20:25] Antiarc: I dunno, a new keyboard just completely throws me
[20:20:43] Antiarc: I did an interview once on one of those tiny Mac keyboards, in vim, when I was still not that good with vim
[20:20:45] Antiarc: That was awful
[20:21:25] elaptics: I quite like the full size flat mac keyboards, the small ones are too small though
[20:21:29] Antiarc: But yeah, being comfortable is my #1 contributor to productivity
[20:21:38] elaptics: my only peeve is that esc is too small
[20:21:41] Antiarc: If I'm not comfortable or don't have the right setup, I really slow down
[20:21:54] Antiarc: But when I'm in my command center, I can *fly*
[20:22:11] elaptics: yeah, I like my setup to be just so
[20:23:05] elaptics: currently I'm on my dining room table with my laptop but I have brought by full size mac keyboard home with me - this is ok for pootling around but I can't seriously code like this
[20:23:42] Antiarc: The lack of proper home/end/insert/delete/pgup/pgdown keys on the MBP keyboard annoy the crap out of me
[20:26:01] foucist: Antiarc: well it's just an adaptation period, i'm annoyed when those keys aren't in their proper position anymore, now that i'm trained on the macbook keyboard
[20:26:06] foucist: danols: fail
[20:26:16] foucist: Antiarc: i mean, relative to other keyboards
[20:26:25] foucist: Antiarc: logically that shit should be near the arrow keys
[20:30:27] Tarential: foucist: On my laptop those keys are all in one column on the very rightmost side of the keyboard. I still can't use them without looking (laptop is usually powered by synergy instead).
[20:41:45] foohey: Hmm, I don't know what happen, but it seems layout do something with a JS request format ? https://gist.github.com/4241818 . 17ms with layout, 6ms without
[20:41:56] foohey: it's not negligible
[20:44:34] yahtaa: Fairly new to Rails, but I've got most of my site up and running. I've got a Home view that is the main homepage, but I want to post content from my Posts Show view in a div on my Home View. How can I get Home to recognize Post content?
[20:46:00] delinquentme: i've got an exceedingly simple jquery issue .. I can get alert() to work .. but not console.log
[20:48:54] kiddorails: delinquentme: where are you trying to use console.log ?
[20:49:27] delinquentme: kiddorails, in app/assets/javascripts/workflows.js
[20:50:07] kiddorails: console.log is browser plugin oriented. Like, you can log in it's console. Usually not recommended for production apps.
[20:50:19] kiddorails: If you can alert() at some point, your control reached there
[20:51:17] yahtaa: Fairly new to Rails, but I've got most of my site up and running. I've got a Home view that is the main homepage, but I want to post content from my Posts Show view in a div on my Home View. How can I get Home to recognize Post content?
[20:51:59] kiddorails: yahtaa: you will use form_for @post tag,
[20:52:20] kiddorails: and @post will be initialized in your homepage controller as @post = Post.new
[20:52:33] delinquentme: kiddorails, sure but how does one get it running in development
[20:52:36] kiddorails: upon submitting the form, it will trigger POST on posts controller
[20:53:11] delinquentme: im just in dev .. and as stated alerts work ... not console.logs though
[20:53:18] kiddorails: delinquentme: if(condition){alert("I am here"); console.log("Logging in console. Viewing in firebug. Yay"); }
[20:53:25] kiddorails: console.log *
[20:53:57] kiddorails: delinquentme: you have to view it in your browser JS debugging console. I prefer FireBug. You using something like that?
[20:54:08] kiddorails: I assumed that condition, since at that point your alert workds
[20:54:36] yahtaa: so i wouldn't use @post = Post.find(params[:id]) in the home controller?
[20:54:55] omarqureshi: depends yahtaa
[20:55:04] omarqureshi: do you want to "show" content, or "create" content?
[20:55:45] omarqureshi: in that case you use find / all
[20:55:54] kiddorails: omarqureshi: yahtaa, yes.
[20:57:24] kiddorails: yahtaa: keep in mind that by that tag, your params hash must contain that "id" to find that post.
[21:01:19] danols: ok I am no ruby on rails guy - I have been tasked with moving a heroku app to Linode - I am at a point where I have the app running when issuing rails server - BUT for the life of me can not get it to work using mod passenger - and believe I tried - anyone wanting to help me out ? - I get two errors: on first site hit - "no such file to load -- bundler/setup" then on refresh "Valid types are [:development, :runtime], not nil" - my
[21:01:39] danols: I have spent many hours searching and trying to solve the bundle error
[21:01:50] danols: key thing here is that rails server the app works
[21:02:33] omarqureshi: danols: how have you installed passenger?
[21:02:45] omarqureshi: *how have you*
[21:02:53] danols: ohh i forget
[21:03:00] danols: apt-get I think
[21:03:01] omarqureshi: from a package? from a gem?
[21:03:15] danols: i'm on ubuntu
[21:03:31] danols: so I upgraded to ruby 1.9.3 using a script
[21:03:36] omarqureshi: i assume just use the stock ubuntu packages?
[21:03:44] omarqureshi: what script is this?
[21:03:48] danols: one moment
[21:04:38] danols: https://github.com/joshfng/railsready
[21:05:01] danols: I did that because it gave a soft warning that 1.9.1 is not officially supported
[21:05:14] omarqureshi: so the key thing here is that this is a different ruby to what ruby that the passenger package uses
[21:05:45] danols: omarqureshi: I am sharing my screen at https://secure.join.me/598-108-297 if that helps
[21:05:48] danols: ok listening
[21:06:08] danols: http://dpaste.com/843007/
[21:06:10] omarqureshi: either dont install passenger from a debian repo
[21:06:11] danols: is my apache conf
[21:06:38] omarqureshi: or - find a repo that provides you a decent ruby 1.9.3 and also uses that for its passenger package
[21:07:38] omarqureshi: http://wiki.brightbox.co.uk/docs:ruby-ng
[21:08:34] danols: if this works I will tattoo your name on my forehead
[21:09:59] omarqureshi: you will need to update all your packages though
[21:10:08] omarqureshi: apt-get upgrade after
[21:10:10] yahtaa: ok, so I got this,<%= form_for(@post) do |post_form| %> <%= post_form.content %> <% end %> in my Home index, and this / def index @post = Post.find(params[:all]) end / in my home controller. Getting back "Couldn't find Post without an ID". How do I work that in? Sorry if this is extremely simple
[21:11:04] omarqureshi: fair warning though danols - i havent used passenger for a very long time.
[21:11:54] elaptics: yahtaa: you're not submitting a form with an element of :all which contains an id of a post record
[21:12:08] elaptics: yahtaa: looks like you're just making stuff up
[21:12:28] helpa: yahtaa: http://guides.rubyonrails.org/ - Ruby on Rails guides. Recommended reading.
[21:12:28] elaptics: yahtaa: !guides
[21:12:48] yahtaa: have read
[21:13:47] elaptics: maybe you need to have another read
[21:14:08] elaptics: what exactly are you trying to do?
[21:15:17] yahtaa: trying to get content data from the Post Show view to appear on the Home index view.
[21:15:54] delinquentme: does anyone have an open source rails 3 project which has really high quality examples of ajax calls specifically with the preprocessors working as intended within the asset pipeline?
[21:16:01] danols: k thanks have to go for now
[21:16:06] elaptics: yahtaa: what do you mean content data? You're viewing an existing post record and then you want to post some data to the index view?
[21:16:38] yahtaa: Trying to get post.content to show in the Home view
[21:17:16] kiddorails: yahtaa: You are not supposed to use form_for there, you are not creating a form there to create/update a post.
[21:17:21] elaptics: yahtaa: and how do you want to get that post record?
[21:17:40] elaptics: yahtaa: are you trying to search for it using a form?
[21:18:10] elaptics: or do you want to pass the id of the record in as part of the url?
[21:18:20] yahtaa: I've misunderstood then.
[21:19:46] yahtaa: Just trying to get post.content record to appear in a certain div on my home view
[21:20:14] kiddorails: yahtaa: but "which" post is the question
[21:20:30] elaptics: yahtaa: yes, but what is post.content? Do you just have a single record in your database?
[21:20:33] Radar: delinquentme: http://github.com/spree/spree
[21:20:58] kiddorails: "post" will be some Post object, but which one. You said that you are doing something like @post = Post.find(params[:id])
[21:21:12] delinquentme: haha Radar I had a feeling you'd have the answer
[21:21:13] yahtaa: assume id of 1
[21:21:16] kiddorails: yahtaa: you require id in your params for that.
[21:21:27] kiddorails: yahtaa: @post = Post.first
[21:21:33] kiddorails: then use @post.content in your view
[21:21:51] Radar: +1 on making stuff up
[21:21:52] kiddorails: @post = Post.first or @post = Post.find(1) goes in your controller
[21:23:57] yahtaa: thanks, like a brick to the face it makes much more sense now
[21:23:58] danols: - /usr/share/phusion-passenger/helper-scripts/passenger-spawn-server:75:in `require': no such file to load -- rubygems (LoadError)
[21:24:09] danols: man ruby deployment is a mess!
[21:25:34] micaeked: your face is a mess!
[21:25:43] Radar: yahtaa: I would really recommend reading hte getting started file again
[21:25:47] Radar: danols: Only on your system :)
[21:25:47] micaeked: just kidding. yeah, it takes a while to get right the first time
[21:25:53] Radar: Getting started guide*
[21:26:09] danols: sure sure, i've deployed enough sites to know this so far has been the hardest
[21:26:34] danols: gonna start from scratch and use those 3rd party repos
[21:31:01] Radar: danols: why has it been the hardest?
[21:31:13] Radar: danols: because it's not just an apache module and then blammo it works?
[21:31:40] Radar: Because it's inferred that you must use some other tool than FTP to upload your code to the server?
[21:35:50] Tarential: rails deployment is a huge mess... being able to seamlessly deploy and roll back with single commands, I hate that
[21:36:25] danols: Radar: because the app works rails server - and so apache module should just bam work - this is the docs you get on ruby http://rubyonrails.org/deploy
[21:36:35] danols: vs something like Django it's night and day
[21:37:23] danols: i'm sure it's easy once I figure it out but figuring out has been not easy
[21:37:49] omarqureshi: actually - i have to agree
[21:37:57] omarqureshi: Rails deployment (done properly) is a bit of a black art.
[21:38:14] omarqureshi: whereby done properly means, not building shit from source
[21:38:17] Tarential: I suggest signing up for railscasts.com and looking up what they have on deployment
[21:39:36] elaptics: omarqureshi: I suspect that applies to most technologies though
[21:39:52] omarqureshi: Java is pretty easy
[21:39:53] Radar: danols: The Deployment chapter of my book Rails 3 in Action covers a basic setup.
[21:40:03] Radar: As does this other guide I wrote: http://edgeguides.spreecommerce.com/deploying_on_ubuntu.html
[21:40:15] Tarential: that's your book? interesting... I'm reading it right now
[21:40:26] Radar: Tarential: Yup, that's the one I wrote.
[21:40:36] Radar: omarqureshi: any shit from source at all?
[21:40:52] omarqureshi: Radar: i dont build anything from source and if i do - i make a package.
[21:41:31] Radar: omarqureshi: interesting idea. Would that mean 1 deb for a whole Rails stack? Ruby+Apache+ImageMagick+JS Runtime+PostgreSQL?
[21:41:48] omarqureshi: well - not 1 package
[21:41:53] Radar: danols: I'd be interested to know what guide you followed to install Ruby at all.
[21:41:53] omarqureshi: but multiple packages
[21:42:03] omarqureshi: though - i have thought of having a Rails app, as a package.
[21:42:11] Radar: I know of people who do that.
[21:42:15] danols: Radar: numerous - failed attempt after failed attempt - it already is installed as far as I can tell
[21:42:18] Radar: Real Estate Australia do that.
[21:42:21] omarqureshi: it makes sense
[21:42:22] Radar: danols: What system?
[21:42:29] danols: but rails server != mod_passanger as omarqureshi explained
[21:42:39] danols: don't understand why
[21:42:48] Radar: danols: Ruby is not installed by default on Ubuntu
[21:43:00] Radar: danols: Show us the output of "which ruby" in the console please.
[21:43:09] danols: http://rubyonrails.org/deployRadar:
[21:43:10] omarqureshi: Radar: his problem is that hes mixed up an RVM installation and a package installed passenger.
[21:43:20] danols: omarqureshi: yes that would make sense
[21:43:31] danols: so apache craps out
[21:43:41] danols: https://secure.join.me/598-108-297
[21:44:19] danols: it's my screen cast
[21:44:28] danols: rather then me typing it which ruby out here you can see me do it
[21:44:28] Radar: in a public channel? Your computer's gonna get raped.
[21:44:30] Radar: What's the output of `which ruby`?
[21:44:31] omarqureshi: the fix is to either go all the way with RVM, or go all the way with (proper) packaged ruby
[21:44:41] danols: Radar: learn before you speak join.me
[21:44:42] Radar: And if I do connect to it, it says "sharing paused"
[21:44:51] danols: HA sorry that was me
[21:44:53] whowantstolivef1: hi, i am digging refinerycms and when i type 'bundle update' from console i get the following error. i added gem 'therubyracer', '~> 0.11.0' to /appfile/Gemfile and here is error details >>>"An error occurred while installing therubyracer (0.11.0), and Bundler cannot continue. Make sure that `gem install therubyracer -v '0.11.0'` succeeds before bundling."
[21:45:07] Radar: whowantstolivef1: There's surely more output associated with that error.
[21:45:16] Radar: danols: apt-get remove ruby
[21:45:24] Radar: Follow this:
[21:45:25] Radar: http://ryanbigg.com/2010/12/ubuntu-ruby-rvm-rails-and-you/
[21:45:40] whowantstolivef1: Radar: what is my issue ?
[21:45:57] Radar: whowantstolivef1: That you are incapable of showing a full error message to this channel.
[21:46:33] Radar: whowantstolivef1: There is likely more output associated with that error than what you're showing us.
[21:47:39] danols: Radar: will this work ? http://wiki.brightbox.co.uk/docs:ruby-ng
[21:48:05] Radar: ACTION tried
[21:48:17] Radar: ACTION tried to help
[21:48:36] Radar: I don't know why you're going off and doing these other things.
[21:48:39] Radar: Did my guide not work?
[21:48:45] danols: have not tried it yet
[21:48:52] Tarential: and you wonder why he's frustrated? lol
[21:48:54] Radar: Please try it.
[21:49:05] danols: let met try one thing first
[21:49:16] danols: Tarential: buzz off
[21:49:40] Tarential: danols: Yes I'm sorry for suggesting you check railscasts which has a great guide for all this. I'm a terrible person too.
[21:49:43] danols: ACTION been at this for hours - not in the greatest mood - sorry
[21:50:28] danols: ok I want to confirm - that the error - https://secure.join.me/598-108-297
[21:50:47] omarqureshi: dude - this isnt a room for private consultancy ;<
[21:50:47] danols: is cause by broken system packages - and if I follow : http://ryanbigg.com/2010/12/ubuntu-ruby-rvm-rails-and-you/
[21:50:49] danols: it will work
[21:51:03] Radar: That's the idea.
[21:51:04] danols: thank you
[21:56:19] w33dy: Could you help me to find an expression in regex to extract everything between "videoVerifyMrec(" and ");"?
[21:56:38] Virunga: Hi guys, i installed the yajl-ruby gem to force MultiJson to use that parser, but it uses MultiJson::Adapters::JsonGem instead, like yajl wasn't installed. What should i do to fix this? Could you help me, please?
[21:57:16] micaeked: w33dy: str.match(/videoVerifyMrec\((.+?)\);/)[1]
[21:57:33] Virunga: I looked the MultiJson sources and it requires yajl as second parser if oj isn't present. I don't get it...
[21:58:57] w33dy: micaeked: Thank you so much! Could you explain me how did you do that?
[21:59:24] Virunga: 1.9.3-p286 :001 > require 'yajl' # => true
[21:59:38] Virunga: On rails console.
[21:59:51] kumavis: how do I add and access a non-image, non-styles, non-js asset?
[21:59:55] micaeked: w33dy: not sure what to explain. read the docs for regex i guess? also, here is a cool tool for playing with ruby regex: http://rubular.com/
[22:00:26] w33dy: micaeked: Yeah, I'm trying it out to understand what you did
[22:02:58] ner0x: If I wanted to embed objects within a main object in a form, what would I search?
[22:03:20] Tarential: ner0x: accepts_nested_attributes_for I believe
[22:03:56] ner0x: Thank you. I'll search.
[22:04:18] danols: Radar: E: Couldn't find package pkgconfig should read pkg-config I think
[22:04:24] danols: in your blog
[22:05:02] johnhamelink: Hey guys, complete ruby & RoR newb here. I'm struggling to get my head around how to get nesting resources in routes working correctly - the route works as expected, but I have no idea how to get it to do the filtering. I'm not even sure if what I just said even makes sense!
[22:07:22] elaptics: johnhamelink: what do you mean by filtering? Have you got a concrete example you're trying to implement? If we can see the code it usually helps immensely
[22:07:33] helpa: johnhamelink: http://gist.github.com - Put your codes online with pretty syntax highlighting and the ability to embed it into other pages.
[22:07:33] elaptics: johnhamelink: !gist
[22:07:46] johnhamelink: elaptics: will do ;)
[22:10:48] johnhamelink: elaptics: https://gist.github.com/4242191
[22:12:19] foucist: johnhamelink: you want site.com/holdings/users/1 site.com/holdings/fields/1 and site.com/holdings/medicine_cabinets/1 ?
[22:12:27] foucist: btw, you should use underscore in the route
[22:12:30] foucist: not camelcase..
[22:13:12] johnhamelink: foucist: ok i'll change that :) I want site.com/holdings/1/users to filter all users with holding_id=1
[22:13:21] johnhamelink: instead, right now it shows all users
[22:13:51] foucist: johnhamelink: yeah just gotta set a before filter in the users controller that checks the holdings value
[22:14:58] johnhamelink: ok thanks guys, reading up on filters now :)
[22:15:00] elaptics: johnhamelink: the nested routes will give you a params value of :holding_id that you can use
[22:16:21] foucist: johnhamelink: so users controller will have something like " set :before_filter => :check_holding " at the top, and at the bottom .. private; def check_holding; @holding = Holding.find(params[:holding_id]); end
[22:16:28] elaptics: johnhamelink: so you just want something like @holding = Holding.find(params[:holding_id] in a before filter then you can load the users through the holding e.g. @users = @holding.users
[22:16:31] foucist: but you do have to handle the case without
[22:19:11] johnhamelink: so if i understand you guys correctly, in my index controller, I check to see if @holding exists, if so I get @users from @holding.users?
[22:20:23] elaptics: johnhamelink: yep
[22:20:29] johnhamelink: sweet, thanks guys!
[22:50:35] bartell: Any suggestions on how to do an admin area? I understand the authentication part, I'm just not sure how to go about the actual structure (where to put the views and stuff).
[22:52:28] foucist: johnhamelink: generally you only use camelCase for class names , everything else is underscore, :amount_left , :boundary_coords at least that's the idomatic ruby way
[22:52:30] epochwolf: bartell: you have a couple of options.
[22:53:05] johnhamelink: foucist: yeah, I've been using lots of other languages up until now, tis a natural reflex ^_^
[22:53:12] epochwolf: bartell: Let's start with who is using is and what are they using it for.
[22:53:29] bartell: The admin area?
[22:54:15] epochwolf: bartell: For example, my blog would need a place for me to add and edit entries
[22:55:45] blarshk: Hey all, got a question for the hivemind
[22:55:55] bartell: Okay so right now we basically have a 3 step form for users to fill out. When they finish it they get custom feedback based on the answers they provided. We want to be able to see the answers they put in for the questions (Assessment model). We also want to see the users that created an account (Users model).
[22:56:37] bartell: It's for viewing user data I suppose.
[22:56:40] epochwolf: bartell: okay, so this interface is for reports?
[22:57:18] blarshk: Using bootstrap in my app, for some reason my modal isn't dismissing after the form submit. I tried adding data => {:dismiss => "modal"} to the submit tag, but that closes the modal without updating the db
[22:57:23] bartell: Yeah. I have 'admin' views in the models right now.. but I think that's kind of sloppy.
[22:57:43] blarshk: Here's a gist of my modal/helper for it: https://gist.github.com/4242375
[22:57:56] epochwolf: bartell: in the models?
[22:59:28] bartell: I don't know what I said that... I have admin views for each of the models. So one an 'admin.html.haml' in views/users and one in views/assessments
[22:59:48] bartell: Why I can't type today.
[22:59:52] epochwolf: bartell: I would create an admin controller and have the reports sit in there.
[23:00:15] epochwolf: If you expect to have more admin stuff in the future, you could create an admin/reports controller.
[23:01:09] bartell: I think that makes sense...
[23:01:25] epochwolf: bartell: Don't just think, believe </guru>
[23:01:37] foucist: epochwolf: i'd go reports right away since that's more restful!
[23:02:10] bartell: haha. Well I mean it makes sense right now! but I'm sure i'll run into issues when I start implementing! </notaguru>
[23:02:21] foucist: maybe don't even bother with an Admin controller per se
[23:02:26] foucist: if it's just reports
[23:02:35] epochwolf: foucist: why do you need rest?
[23:02:49] foucist: epochwolf: less hassle? stick to the 7 default actions?
[23:02:54] foucist: easier to *
[23:03:02] epochwolf: foucist: reports aren't a model...
[23:03:06] foucist: they're a resource
[23:03:13] foucist: controllers represent resources
[23:03:34] epochwolf: ACTION bans foucist for his religious beliefs.
[23:03:57] bartell: ACTION is even more confused.
[23:04:12] epochwolf: bartell: there's no need to make the reports stuff restful.
[23:04:36] epochwolf: bartell: I always make the API seperate from the UI.
[23:05:41] bartell: I guess this is something that will be much more clear when I start running into issues!
[23:05:42] helpa: bartell: See epochwolf, his are usually correct.
[23:05:42] epochwolf: bartell: !opinions yup
[23:06:18] bartell: Well, thank you epochwolf!
[23:06:39] epochwolf: ACTION bows and warns bartell to find his own path, not to follow lost gurus blindly.
[23:07:18] kumavis: im sending a POST at 1074 bytes, to which rails responds "ERROR invalid body size."
[23:08:16] blarshk: Can anyone help me with my modal issue? :(
[23:09:36] bartell: epochwolf: just for some scope what else could be in that controllers/admin folder besides reports?
[23:10:27] epochwolf: bartell: lots of stuff.
[23:11:01] epochwolf: bartell: http://imgur.com/a/XZBUY#0 here's an admin panel I have on my site (built with an admin panel generator)
[23:13:55] bartell: epochwolf: ActiveAdmin? Think using that will make my life easier or more difficult?
[23:14:19] epochwolf: bartell: more difficult
[23:14:29] webdestroya: depends on your app. one app i have it was awesome, but a few others, it made it really annoying
[23:14:39] webdestroya: it conflicted with gems and caused headaches
[23:14:41] epochwolf: Active Admin has a very narrow window of usefulness.
[23:15:20] epochwolf: webdestroya: yeah, I use simpleform on my site and active admin using formtastic made for crankyness until the two projects got updated so they could coexist
[23:15:39] bartell: Alright. I actually figured that.
[23:15:41] webdestroya: it conflicted with kaminari (or will_paginate) one of them
[23:15:48] bartell: I'm using simpleform as well.
[23:15:52] epochwolf: webdestroya: active admin uses kaminari
[23:16:02] webdestroya: ok, then it conflicted with will_paginate
[23:16:08] epochwolf: You can't use will_paginate and kaminari together
[23:16:09] fcser: Attempting to use the IceCube gem but none of the expected rules seem to be working. Tried create a single schedule with a start_time and end_time, adding duration, adding SingleOccurrenceRule, the schedule either never occurs or occurs forever.. Maybe there is something simple I'm looking over.. http://pastie.org/5500239
[23:16:23] epochwolf: bartell: it works fine now, last year it didn't
[23:16:34] kumavis: anyone know away to get rails to take in a large POST body?
[23:17:01] webdestroya: kumavis: what is the error you are getting? You should be able to take in any size
[23:17:14] kumavis: [2012-12-08 15:06:47] ERROR invalid body size.
[23:17:40] kumavis: no trace or anything so useful
[23:17:44] webdestroya: kumavis: any context around that?...
[23:18:02] webdestroya: are you uploading files?
[23:18:39] kumavis: im sending a post with a body 1074 bytes
[23:19:06] webdestroya: ... thats not large at all
[23:19:11] epochwolf: kumavis: how are you sending it?
[23:20:01] kumavis: it is a www post form sent from a Unity3d application
[23:20:41] kumavis: im using it to upload a saved game thats a text string
[23:20:59] webdestroya: kumavis: so not a file upload field, right?
[23:21:11] kumavis: webdestroya that is correct
[23:21:48] kumavis: i had a succesful transmission of {data: "foo"}
[23:21:53] epochwolf: I'd think that the request is getting mangle somewhere or encoded wrong
[23:22:01] kumavis: but as soon as i started using real data i got that error
[23:22:05] webdestroya: have you tried submitting your request to http://requestb.in/ or something?
[23:22:09] epochwolf: so the length doesn't match the headers
[23:22:56] kumavis: webdestroya ill try that
[23:27:14] hashpuppy: Will this library still work if all I don't want to tie oauth requests to my user model? https://github.com/pelle/oauth-plugin
[23:27:24] hashpuppy: i just need to grab some data off a server
[23:27:47] hashpuppy: and display it to all users
[23:28:32] webdestroya: hashpuppy: why not use http://rubygems.org/gems/oauth ?
[23:29:07] hashpuppy: well, i know that oauth-plugin works well with rails and its User model. I need that too. But not yet.
[23:29:33] hashpuppy: so, i was just wondering if it would be good for both
[23:29:43] webdestroya: not sure, sorry
[23:36:04] kumavis: webdestroya dont seem to be able to hit requestb.in, i think this is a security limit in my application. Requiring the page to have a crossdomain.xml setup in a certain way. I have this implemented on my localhost server. Not quite sure how to inspect this failure further..
[23:37:03] webdestroya: kumavis: are you posting from flash? maybe you could try wireshark or something.. but this definitely sounds like some encoding issue.
[23:37:10] webdestroya: does your post have special characters in it?
[23:38:31] kumavis: not flash. it shouldnt have special chars, but im not sure what Unity is doing to it behind the scenes.
[23:38:57] kumavis: maybe a problem with unescaped chars? would that be possible?
[23:39:02] webdestroya: If its not flash, then i don't see why it couldnt post to requestb.in.
[23:39:13] webdestroya: i mean, it should have properly encoded everytihng
[23:39:44] webdestroya: i wonder if it is trying to post to requestb.in but being rejected for the same problems rails is having
[23:39:57] webdestroya: maybe look at chrome network console
[23:40:31] webdestroya: (is this even a browser thing?)
[23:47:54] kumavis: im not posting from the browser, though i suppose i could
[23:48:17] webdestroya: nah, just get wireshark. it will show you the request from whatever you are using
[23:50:06] kumavis: webdestroya for a little context, this is a tool im developing in unity3d, that runs in the browser via their plugin.
[23:50:32] webdestroya: in that case, the chrome web inspector *might* show the traffic
[23:50:40] webdestroya: but a packet sniffer will for sure show you the traffic
[23:57:02] kumavis: x11 you're killing me >.<
[23:58:33] rakl: kumavis you're killin me