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#RubyOnRails - 24 April 2017

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[01:06:52] wethu: OT: Anyone getting /msg spam right now?
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[01:18:06] cerulean: can anyone recommend me a CMS for rails5 honestly i tried spina and mexican couch and didnt like it much
[01:18:19] cerulean: CMS was just like edit the page, spina is like nothing at all
[01:18:27] cerulean: i dont want refinery because it has vulnerabilities and rails 4
[01:18:36] cerulean: i refuse to use php
[01:20:30] Technodrome: cerulean CMS's have never had good traction in rails
[01:20:36] Technodrome: cerulean my full time job is drupal
[01:22:37] cerulean: im looking at nesta, its sinatra, but i agree with you. should i use drupal? this isnt for a serious software project its for a personal website
[01:22:48] cerulean: i dont think my "client" wants to write markdown or textile
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[01:26:50] cerulean: i pcked up drupal, something id normally never do
[01:27:06] cerulean: just doesnt seem like ruby is the right tool here or something. no offense
[01:30:00] cerulean: i used drupal years ago, seems nice now
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[01:38:23] Radar: Technodrome: hello again
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[01:38:47] Technodrome: hi Radar , sorry for my sob story :)
[01:39:03] Radar: Following up about that in PM
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[03:12:31] mroutis: is there a site to read about why the "ruby heroes" were nominated?
[03:13:58] mroutis: (I'm refering to the ones named at railsconf)
[03:15:36] havenwood: mroutis: The award is no more. It has been discontinued. You can watch patch RailsConf award videos to learn more about historical awards.
[03:15:45] havenwood: /s/patch/past
[03:16:19] havenwood: mroutis: http://olivierlacan.com/posts/ruby-heroes-farewell/
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[03:17:31] mroutis: thanks, @havenwood
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[03:29:58] mroutis: reading the rails doctrine, it talks about "convention over configuration", but how this "conventions" are decided and by who? does scaffolding represent this conventions?
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[04:21:18] dminuoso: !goodmorning
[04:21:18] helpa: おはよう ございます
[04:24:43] Radar: oooh til the ruby heroes have been discontinued!
[04:24:52] Radar: I was one of the lucky ones to win :D
[04:26:48] Radar: I agree that it would probably demotivate people who haven't won the award.
[04:27:31] Radar: mroutis: Hi :) The conventions are decided by the Rails core team and have been formed over at least a decade.
[04:28:08] Radar: mroutis: scaffolding isn't necessarily a convention... more of a feature. I think of conventions more like that every Rails app has the app's code in the "app" directory and database config is in a file called config/database.yml (usually)
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[04:39:19] dminuoso: Though scaffolding makes use of certain conventions, such as that an action will by default render a template with the same name.
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[04:40:48] dminuoso: Radar: By the way, I have finally found the final nail in the coffin for why AMS is ultimately superior.
[04:41:16] dminuoso: Out-of-the-box json:api
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[04:41:45] mroutis: Radar: thankyou
[04:42:20] dminuoso: Radar: And your redux store will thank you for using json:api :-)
[04:44:18] mroutis: indeed, AMS is awesome :P
[04:44:46] Radar: dminuoso: ha :)
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[06:40:50] hadricus: Having an issue on OSX with rbenv and brew, where Sidekiq is being loaded twice (apparently). Wondering how to find a cause. https://gist.github.com/nmanzi/73beb4ef6457b16fc9c7e5451c8e867f
[06:41:03] hadricus: Hugs to anyone who can offer advice!
[06:41:43] dminuoso: hadricus: Do you forcibly 'load' it from anywhere?
[06:41:53] hadricus: That's a big negatory.
[06:42:07] hadricus: The closest is requiring Sidekiq::Web in an initializer
[06:42:28] dminuoso: hadricus: The fastest (and dirtiest) way would be to to open your sidekiq-4.2.10/lib/sidekiq/version.rb and modify it to log the output of Kernel#caller
[06:42:36] dminuoso: Because it's stupid to guess what's causing this.
[06:42:49] hadricus: Totally, I'll try that now.
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[07:08:44] hadricus: Bootscale was the cause.
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[07:15:34] morfin: any idea is there something like strands from ASIO in Sidekiq?
[07:16:01] morfin: i want to execute A,B,C,D but it should be [[A,B,C]]
[07:16:16] morfin: [[A,B,C],D]
[07:17:53] morfin: i need to wait till all tasks before D finish and only then process D, but after D goes news tasks E,F,G which should be always processed after D
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[07:50:59] alaing: good morning
[07:55:49] alaing: I'm building a gem and would like to include some js/css so far I've created a single css under my gems vendor/assets/stylesheets/_my_date_fields.scss and then in my app i try importing it into my application.css.scss using @import 'my_date_fields' but my application cannot find the file
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[07:56:08] alaing: File to import not found or unreadable: my_date_fields.
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[10:27:44] donnib: i have this https://github.com/komagata/fastclick-rails which i have added as per instructions, in my erb file i added new FastClick(document.body); as per instructions (at least that's how i read them) but i get the error FastClick is not defined. any ideas what i am doing wrong ?
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[11:18:11] universa1: donnib: show your code...
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[11:53:30] mauro1254: Hi folks! Is there a page with a list of middleware I can include in a Controller extending ActionController::API in order add functionalities back? I need to use helpers in jbuilder templates, but it seems they are not available.
[11:59:33] universa1: mauro1254: you can list the middleware stack.. compare it to a default rails app
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[12:00:34] mauro1254: universa1 : I use both ActionController::Base & ActionController::API
[12:01:13] mauro1254: It is a Rails 5 app that also provide an API
[12:01:35] mauro1254: I'm trying to optimize the API part
[12:02:00] universa1: mauro1254: rails middleware .
[12:02:23] mauro1254: I can create a Rails 5 app & a Rails 5 API app
[12:02:28] mauro1254: and then do a diff
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[12:18:39] dminuoso: mauro1254: Though adding middleware blindly seems a bit silly. Is there something in particular you are looking for?
[12:18:49] universa1: view helpers
[12:19:08] mauro1254: dminuoso : perhaps is not related to middlewares
[12:19:23] dminuoso: mauro1254: It likely is not
[12:20:00] mauro1254: I probably need to include modules in the controller extending ActionController::API
[12:20:28] dminuoso: mauro1254: The Rack (this should give you a hint already) middlewares basically allow special treatment of requests.
[12:20:36] mauro1254: Something similar to https://stackoverflow.com/questions/14752935/how-to-use-view-helpers-with-rails-api-gem
[12:20:43] dminuoso: mauro1254: It's comparable with the componse() function from functional programming.
[12:21:12] mauro1254: dminuoso : is there a documentation about ActionController::API? I would like to know what to include in order to bring features back.
[12:21:41] dminuoso: mauro1254: http://edgeguides.rubyonrails.org/api_app.html#choosing-controller-modules
[12:21:54] dminuoso: Im looking at that currently to figure out what module would introduce helpers to templates.
[12:27:44] mauro1254: include ActionController::Helpers
[12:28:03] mauro1254: but then I have to add the helpers
[12:28:15] mauro1254: helper ApplicationHelper, OtherHelper, ...
[12:28:29] dminuoso: mauro1254: See, I just avoid this jbuilder nonsense entirely.
[12:28:48] dminuoso: mauro1254: I use AMS
[12:30:46] dminuoso: mauro1254: By then chosing the JSON:API adpater I can just start describing models and passing control over what fields and relationships are needed to the client. It's pretty cool.
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[12:39:06] pavelz: hi I am getting deprecation warning on sprockets and it directs me to https://github.com/rails/sprockets/blob/master/guides/extending_sprockets.md#supporting-all-versions-of-sprockets-in-processors but where do I put that code? does not work if placed in initalizer file
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[12:50:22] universa1: pavelz: inside whatever gem raises that warning.
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[12:54:54] dminuoso: hadricus: Did you by any chance figure out the cause of your error?
[12:55:23] pavelz: https://gist.github.com/pavelz/cc45cc8d68bf1b361e3c0cf4f0acf833
[12:56:08] universa1: what should we do with a stack trace without code? ...
[12:56:43] dminuoso: universa1: Based on what Im seeing code is not going to help much.
[12:57:02] dminuoso: Well, the Gemfile could be helpful at best.
[12:57:08] universa1: and again, unless you load a custom(written by yourself) sprockets extension inside your app, this code is not going inside an initializer.
[12:57:45] dminuoso: https://gist.github.com/pavelz/cc45cc8d68bf1b361e3c0cf4f0acf833#file-gistfile1-txt-L3
[12:57:47] dminuoso: ACTION pokes pavelz with universa1
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[13:01:00] pavelz: dminuoso: added the boiler plate file.
[13:01:17] pavelz: dminuoso: question is if it does not go into initializer where would it go
[13:01:31] universa1: pavelz: inside whatever gem raises that warning.
[13:01:57] dminuoso: pavelz: ^- what he means to say is: fork the repository, commit your change, make a pull request.
[13:02:09] dminuoso: Stop monkey patching things to get rid of warnings. Its retarded.
[13:02:43] dminuoso: While you are at it you might want to check the origial repos issues and commits whether this is possibly being addressed already.
[13:03:49] pavelz: well Old sprockets were deprecated and i wonder what I would do, this link was given in the warning code how to get rid of those warnings: https://github.com/rails/sprockets/blob/master/guides/extending_sprockets.md#supporting-all-versions-of-sprockets-in-processors
[13:04:20] dminuoso: matthewd: Who is responsible for sprockets?
[13:04:35] universa1: pavelz: first step: figure out which gem is triggering the deprecation warning...
[13:04:49] universa1: pavelz: second step: find the initialization code inside that gem
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[13:05:10] universa1: pavelz: third step: make the changes + what dminuoso said.
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[14:19:43] pavelz: trying to joust with spring , suspend not working figured out that guard-rspec gem interferes with spring singnal handing.
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[15:17:12] beauby: dminuoso: "why AMS is ultimately superior" - superior to what? (Also, if you do json:api, you should check out http://jsonapi-rb.org )
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[15:28:20] GeorgesLeYeti: I want to select in a string 1 in every 2 ".
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[15:28:43] GeorgesLeYeti: For example : Hello "my" name "is" John.
[15:29:44] GeorgesLeYeti: Here I want to select the 1st " (the one before my) and the 3rd " (the one before is)
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[15:30:29] GeorgesLeYeti: Btw I don't want to select the space " because the sentence could be hello"my name " is ...
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[15:33:56] dminuoso: beauby: Superior to jbuilder for my needs.
[15:34:21] morfin: jsonapi is nice thing
[15:34:33] morfin: with all that relations etc
[15:35:08] dminuoso: morfin: It was really stupid in the beginning because I kept handwriting all these jbuilder templates to create horribly nested respones, and then in my redux layer I completely normalized it again..
[15:35:26] dminuoso: And I ended up with custom implementations of things that were already part of the JSON:API spec..
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[15:35:34] ravster: morfin: Do you use jsonapi with activemodelserializer or with something else? I tried it for a little bit on a new project but found it too clunky so I went back to Oat::HAL.
[15:35:45] dminuoso: ravster: clunky?
[15:36:28] morfin: can't remember - we used it with EmberJS in one project
[15:36:29] dminuoso: ravster: Interesting, I havent heard of Oat before.
[15:36:37] ravster: dminuoso: Maybe I'm just too used to oat-hal; I used it for >2 years on a previous project.
[15:36:55] dminuoso: ravster: Fair enough. I think this is actually a good point, a lot of libraries are quite usable.
[15:37:03] dminuoso: Many just have a steep entry curve or bad documentation.
[15:38:03] morfin: i can't understand how that serialize model
[15:38:30] ravster: I might give it another shot one day, maybe with a different serializer gem.
[15:38:37] ravster: if I don't go full graphql
[15:38:53] ravster: morfin: was that directed at me?
[15:40:05] morfin: yes, not sure how do i check
[15:40:32] morfin: can't see neither activemodelserializer and Oat
[15:41:27] morfin: with JSONAPI
[15:42:34] morfin: we just inherit JSONAPI::Resource
[15:42:42] ravster: https://github.com/rails-api/active_model_serializers recommends using its built-in JSONAPI output mode
[15:43:30] morfin: we use some special gem
[15:43:31] beauby: dminuoso: Agreed that doing json:api with jbuilder is unnecessary pain. AMS is awfully slow though
[15:43:39] ravster: morfin: oh ok
[15:43:56] morfin: gem 'jsonapi-resources', '~> 0.8.0.beta2'
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[15:44:08] ravster: morfin: sweet, I'll check it out.
[15:44:16] morfin: not sure why that version, but it handle stuff
[15:45:54] morfin: you basically create app/resources where put your resources(all relations are grabbed from models) then define route like jsonapi_resources :hotels(creates REST methods unless only used)
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[15:46:34] ravster: interesting, so its like a parallel set of controllers?
[15:47:02] morfin: i guess it create controllers hmm
[15:47:14] ravster: I'll check it out, thanks for the link
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[15:50:15] morfin: Ember has "adapter" for that and smart enough to handle relations etc)
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[15:59:35] catphish: kind of a feature request / point for discussion: a way to destroy an object in such a way that all dependencies are recursively removed with delete_all
[16:00:02] catphish: sometimes i want to remove an object, and all its children recursively, with absolutely no regard for the consequences
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[16:00:39] catphish: because i know that by the end, there will be no dependencies left
[16:01:33] morfin: dependent: :destroy ?
[16:02:08] morfin: or you use trought?
[16:05:07] catphish: dependent: :destroy does several things, it actually gets every child object and runs destroy on it, this is usually fine, but for very large trees of objects it can take a long time
[16:05:31] catphish: it also runs any callbacks, etc
[16:05:32] beauby: catphish: One way or an other you will have to traverse the tree though
[16:05:48] catphish: beauby: that's true, i realise this
[16:06:09] catphish: i just wondered if there might be a faster way to do it, like a delete_all_recursive
[16:06:39] catphish: but i realise there's got to be a lot of recursion still, a lot of state in the ruby app
[16:07:09] catphish: but fetching all child objects in full into memory isn't usually ideal
[16:07:40] beauby: catphish: Depending on what you're doing, if you only acess your tree through its root, you could just delete the root, and periodically run a job that deletes unrooted elements
[16:08:16] catphish: i suppose i could just look at every object, follow it up the tree and delete it if it's orphaned
[16:08:23] catphish: is that what you mean?
[16:08:41] catphish: in fact i could just look at every object and delete it if its immediate parent is missing
[16:08:50] catphish: eventually everything would get cleared up
[16:09:20] ravster: catphish: sounds like you are reinventing garbage collection
[16:09:31] dminuoso: catphish | kind of a feature request / point for discussion: a way to destroy an object in such a way that all dependencies are recursively removed with delete_all
[16:09:38] dminuoso: catphish: It's called using your database.
[16:09:43] catphish: ravster: does rails have it already? if so, i won't reinvent it ;)
[16:09:44] dminuoso: Use a real database that supports ON DELETE CASCADE
[16:09:45] ravster: also, that method requires that your DB tables don't use foreign-key verification.
[16:09:47] tbuehlmann: catphish: what about having a foreign_key and on_delete: :cascade?
[16:09:58] dminuoso: tbuehlmann: High five!
[16:10:06] dminuoso: We both had the same answer simultanously.
[16:10:26] catphish: dminuoso: yes, the database might be able to help, i've actually never used db foreign keys
[16:10:52] dminuoso: What the fuck?
[16:11:10] dminuoso: Pictures cant describe the facepalm I'm doing.
[16:11:21] ravster: catphish: which DB?
[16:11:36] xco: has joined #RubyOnRails
[16:11:55] catphish: rails has always handles dependencies perfectly, i've never had any cause to delegate it to the database
[16:12:07] dminuoso: catphish: Except rails does not enforce them.
[16:12:15] dminuoso: Which means its possible for a database to be in an inconsistent state.
[16:12:24] catphish: doesn't it?
[16:12:27] dminuoso: No it does not.
[16:12:48] catphish: well, not forcefully, you can choose to call delete instead of destroy and leave something orphaned
[16:12:51] ravster: catphish: Never used mariadb, but it probably supports foreign-keys. I highly recommend them, even if rails handles the associations. I find comfort in having relationships enforced at the DB-level instead of only at the application level. ymmv
[16:13:23] catphish: ravster: yeah, it makes sense, i was just never taught to do it that way i guess
[16:13:44] catphish: this would certainly solve my problem anyway, letting the database cascade the delete
[16:13:59] Technodrome: has joined #RubyOnRails
[16:14:02] dminuoso: catphish: You miss the point. The purpose of database constraints is to enforce something you assume.
[16:14:04] ravster: catphish: thats fine. I didn't know about foreign-keys for a long time either. Then the inconsistencies bit me in the ass.
[16:14:22] dminuoso: catphish: Because if at some point your database gets inconsistent you have a real problem on your hands.
[16:14:43] dminuoso: You can't reason about the database anymore. It's one of the reasons I dislike polymorphic associations so much.
[16:14:47] catphish: dminuoso: i've honestly never had a problem with it, using destroy properly, rails keeps track of everyhting as it should
[16:15:13] catphish: an orphaned object is rarely a huge problem, but i can certainly see the point
[16:15:17] dminuoso: catphish: Add a foreign key. It still works, except the database suddenly makes a *guarantee* out of a *contract*
[16:15:23] dminuoso: Contracts are great if all parties abide by them.
[16:15:50] dminuoso: Guarantees are great all the time.
[16:18:06] dminuoso: catphish: A very trivial scenario where rails cant protect you from: 2 concurrent threads. One thread receives an update to apple.bag = Bag.find_by(name: "Blue bag"); apple.save!; and the other thread receives a statement Bag.find_by(name: "Blue bag").destroy!
[16:18:15] dminuoso: catphish: Suddenly your database is screwed up. Rails could not protect you from this.
[16:18:28] gusrub: has joined #RubyOnRails
[16:18:29] dminuoso: A database constraint would have.
[16:19:41] catphish: a careful row lock might protect against that
[16:20:03] catphish: but foreign key enforcement at the database level seems better
[16:20:08] dminuoso: catphish: So suddenly you start introducing highly expensive and highly exclusive locks for absolutely no reason?
[16:20:28] dminuoso: The whole point of MVCC is that you dont have to lock. :-)
[16:20:32] gusrub: has joined #RubyOnRails
[16:20:54] catphish: that's also true
[16:21:05] catphish: dminuoso: also, there is a reason
[16:21:25] catphish: there "being a better solution" != "no reason" :)
[16:21:50] catphish: this should be mentioned more in newbie tutorials
[16:22:06] catphish: to get people into good habits
[16:22:06] dminuoso: catphish: I could come up with more scenarios that could shred the database even with excessive locking.
[16:22:43] dminuoso: catphish: Honestly? I think it should contain a link to Codd's perhaps.
[16:23:08] dminuoso: But then again Im a conservative bastard with poor temper that likes to pick on newcomers.
[16:23:15] catphish: if it even mentioned in the manual? http://guides.rubyonrails.org/association_basics.html
[16:23:40] catphish: i know how freenode works, it's all good
[16:23:54] dminuoso: catphish: I suppose one problem with the foreign_key bit is that a lot of things in the tutorials are based on "getting things done quickly"
[16:23:58] dminuoso: That implies it has to work on sqlite
[16:24:23] dminuoso: catphish: But if you feel like it could need a change make a pull request.
[16:25:03] catphish: nah, i'm good, i just wanted to justify my non-use of it in the face of your abuse :P
[16:25:12] catphish: but i do agree with you
[16:25:25] dionysus69: has joined #RubyOnRails
[16:26:20] catphish: i suppose this is a downside of an ORM that works on so many db engines
[16:26:48] catphish: you lose useful features that are lacking in a particular supported engine
[16:29:33] dminuoso: catphish: Thats why i lock myself into one particular engine and start using specific features.
[16:29:53] catphish: i usually do too tbh
[16:30:10] catphish: i just never really looked into foreign keys, they always seemed redundant
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[19:52:39] mordof: does anyone know if ActionController::Parameters decided not to allow & on purpose? or if there's any harm in adding it
[20:04:00] beauby: has joined #RubyOnRails
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[20:17:43] pavelz: can anyone confirm if ctrl-z works with latest rails console?
[20:18:01] mordof: what is it supposed to do?
[20:18:36] pavelz: i've had some sort of trouble with is in 4.2.8 but after disabling guard-rspec it started functiononing properly. w/stock rails5 suspend does not disengage from the the terminal
[20:19:02] mordof: works for me
[20:19:04] uks: has joined #RubyOnRails
[20:19:11] mordof: just updated from 4.2.6
[20:19:12] pavelz: ctrl-z suppose to suspend the program and it should cease interacting w/termianl.
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[20:19:35] mordof: i get dropped to a normal terminal - but not sure if it would still output logs to it
[20:19:39] mordof: i've seen that happen before
[20:19:45] mordof: i haven't checked that particular use case
[20:20:06] pavelz: https://www.google.de/search?q=rails5+spring+suspend+ctrl-z&oq=rails5+spring+suspend+ctrl-z+&aqs=chrome..69i57.9719j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8#q=rails+5+spring+suspend+ctrl-z+console+does+not+work
[20:20:11] pavelz: sort of like that
[20:20:44] pavelz: really annoying if you're used to old style ctrl-z/fg workflow
[20:20:55] mordof: yeah i bet
[20:21:21] pavelz: actually when you fg you get both shell and rails console talking to the termina
[20:21:47] pavelz: and can't even kill the spring either. for some reason it does not respond to TERM>
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[21:07:44] whatasunnyday: Hi, I had a question about nested resources. In my new action, I call current_user.projects.build. Is there a difference between that and Project.new for the new action? For my create, I know I should use current_user.build.projects so it sets the id of the current_user automatically.
[21:08:22] whatasunnyday: Also, it should be projects.build not build.projects my mistake :)
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[23:37:57] carlosd: When using turbolinks 5 can I take it for granted that the jQuery ready event will not be triggered?
[23:38:37] carlosd: The documentation says that it will fire in the initial page load: https://github.com/turbolinks/turbolinks#running-javascript-when-a-page-loads
[23:38:43] kanzure: has joined #RubyOnRails
[23:39:36] carlosd: But it's never triggering in my application
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