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#RubyOnRails - 27 October 2017

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[00:00:40] coder2000_: What is the suggested method of building a left outer join query with or conditions? ARel?
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[00:16:24] baweaver: Model.joins('LEFT OUTER ....').where(a: b).or(c: d) iirc.
[00:16:46] baweaver: Rails 5.x adds or conditionals
[00:18:48] coder2000_: Ok. I was using left_joins and it won't let me use or. I'll try that
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[00:26:15] lordpdd: hello all - I'm having an issue with activerecord + serialize(json) + mysql - is this a good place to ask?
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[00:27:21] lordpdd: (active record 3.2, mind you)
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[04:51:11] dminuoso: baweaver: you did what?
[04:51:37] dminuoso: 01:29 baweaver | [22:43:32] dminuoso: yes, yes I did.
[04:52:06] baweaver: Pun above it
[04:53:01] dminuoso: Is it fine if I have no idea what you were referring to?
[04:54:05] baweaver: Well considering I don't either, maybe?
[04:55:41] dminuoso: Wait, is this the moment where we do monad puns?
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[06:12:54] TerianceViernion: evening guys, i've got a redmine install that i'm having some issues with. ruby says that it is running, however when i go to task.42iso.com:3000 (that's the port it says its running on) i get a connection refused. Yes, this is my first rubyonrails deployment, and this is on a CentOS7 box
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[06:16:36] TerianceViernion: annnnd.. i might have just figured this shit out... i did a RAILS_ENV=production rails s --binding= -p 8080 and it works
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[06:30:42] dminuoso: How do form builders know when to set method: :patch and when to set method: :post?
[06:31:01] dminuoso: Do they just care about .persisted?
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[07:38:31] tbuehlmann: dminuoso: I think so
[07:39:10] dminuoso: tbuehlmann: Mmm. Fine, Ill just set it manually.
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[08:12:05] dminuoso: The single-table inheritance mechanism failed to locate the subclass: 'visit'. This error is raised because the column 'type' is reserved for storing the class in case of inheritance.
[08:12:10] dminuoso: ACTION sighs
[08:12:31] dminuoso: What could cause AR to not find the subclass?
[08:14:43] sevenseacat: lowercase V visit? thats not a class name
[08:15:50] dminuoso: Oh. Ive been staring at the screen for like 5 minutes not spotting this.
[08:15:55] dminuoso: Thanks sevenseacat :)
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[08:17:31] andywww: refactoring question: if you’re making a load of scopes on a model to populate multiple summeries and graphs on a dashboard, where would you usually put the scopes?
[08:17:47] andywww: theres about 20+ of them and it seems a bit untidy leaving them at the top of the model file
[08:18:30] dminuoso: andywww: extract into query objects.
[08:19:21] andywww: hmm, not seen these, I’ll have a look, thanks.
[08:21:13] dminuoso: andywww: One thing to just keep in mind, is that there's other approaches like the concepts approach from trailblazers.
[08:21:30] dminuoso: It can easily unclutter big fat models that have so many unrelated things.
[08:21:51] dminuoso: *trailblazer
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[08:24:48] andywww: roger that
[08:25:03] andywww: these seem spot on tbh
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[08:54:44] TerianceViernion: good god... fml redmine and ruby are a bitch
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[09:46:45] dminuoso: Mmm, is there a way to have slim push `js:` sections through webpack?
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[09:48:29] dminuoso: This would be downright perfect. I could even use css-modules on a per-view case. :(
[09:56:05] tbuehlmann: I don't think there is such a way
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[10:01:35] usb777: hey im just starting and im struggling to find out how i can set my router to my homepage, all google sites seems outdated on this topic as none of the syntax works
[10:02:10] dminuoso: usb777: You usually require to enable NAT/port forwarding.
[10:03:05] dminuoso: And that was weird.
[10:03:13] dminuoso: *You usually need te..
[10:03:30] usb777: ok, but what syntax do i put in my rutes.rb file?
[10:03:45] dminuoso: Apparently I misunderstood.
[10:03:49] dminuoso: What exactly are you trying to do, usb777?
[10:04:07] dminuoso: http://guides.rubyonrails.org/routing.html this guide has all the information about how to use your config/routes.rb
[10:04:11] dminuoso: It is completely up to date.
[10:04:16] usb777: just starting so im creting a localhost:3000
[10:04:43] usb777: just need to get my homepage up
[10:05:00] dminuoso: usb777: Perhaps you may want to take a look at: http://guides.rubyonrails.org/getting_started.html
[10:05:12] dminuoso: That will walk you through the process of setting up your first rails application.
[10:05:57] usb777: thnx man ill check this out. but for the specific syntax, i tried root to: => 'mycontrollername#myviewname' , didnt work
[10:06:48] dminuoso: usb777: What is the exact controller name?
[10:07:40] usb777: controller name is home
[10:07:50] usb777: viewname is index
[10:08:32] dminuoso: usb777: you cannot have lowercase name controllers.
[10:08:47] usb777: oh so its Home
[10:08:47] dminuoso: Oh and I just spotted it.
[10:08:52] Sylario: yes you can
[10:09:13] dminuoso: usb777: You are mixing two separate syntacies (is this actually a word?): root to: => 'mycontrollername#myviewname'
[10:09:44] dminuoso: It's either `root to: '....'` or `root :to => '....'`
[10:09:50] dminuoso: They are equivalent.
[10:10:11] dminuoso: syntagma perhaps
[10:10:12] usb777: oh i did root :to
[10:10:22] dminuoso: usb777: Gist your controller and your config/routes.rb
[10:10:25] helpa: http://gist.github.com - Put your codes online with pretty syntax highlighting and the ability to embed it into other pages.
[10:10:38] dminuoso: Also include the error message you are getting.
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[10:11:49] usb777: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/2887d593681f5a81ecdfcf69da328533
[10:12:12] usb777: now all i get is site cant be reached
[10:12:26] dminuoso: usb777: Please include the controller *and* the error message you are getting like I requested.
[10:13:21] usb777: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/90a7f25659db6fb52e575e87bd14ebf9
[10:13:59] usb777: now i dont get an error i just cant reach the site
[10:14:07] dminuoso: What does 'I cant reach the site' mean?
[10:14:13] sevenseacat: what URL are you trying to access?
[10:14:31] dminuoso: Does your browser show you an error message? Does it never finish loading? Does it explode?
[10:16:35] usb777: well im just starting localhost:3000 which is default and i can reach the site, normaly i would get welcome to ruby on rails page
[10:17:02] sevenseacat: have you started your rails server?
[10:17:19] usb777: yea but i think i need a restart
[10:19:09] usb777: but for simplicity, what do i write in the routes.rb, just the general syntax
[10:19:19] sevenseacat: youve got it already.
[10:20:01] sevenseacat: I'm questioning if youre using smart quotes there though
[10:20:56] sevenseacat: please don't :)
[10:21:05] sevenseacat: single or double quotes
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[11:55:52] usb777: hey im trying to run my site at localhost 3000, i can only display the default page and not the webpage im making. i only get an error i feel i have exhausted all the possibilites: https://pastebin.com/A0gy5nd3, any suggestions?
[12:02:11] usb777: any suggestions on how to get around the problem where roots.rb just throws an error when you try to connect to a site???
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[12:14:22] usb777: is rvm a depricated command, ruby doesnt recognize it
[12:15:05] usb777: and im talking into the fog great
[12:19:14] usb777: well its the same error. i can only launch the default page, im suspecting that the nevest rails version might be bugged? i post the error 2 sec
[12:19:46] sevenseacat: what error???
[12:20:38] usb777: https://pastebin.com/60CdA4hn
[12:21:52] sevenseacat: okay, now we can work with this
[12:23:07] sevenseacat: what version of ruby and rails are you using?
[12:23:32] usb777: 2.3.3p222
[12:24:11] usb777: i also use mysql and not mysql light which is default
[12:25:56] usb777: damn i cant get the rails version just says aborted
[12:26:29] usb777: rails --v in command, just get rails aborted
[12:27:05] usb777: yea rails 5.1.4
[12:27:56] sevenseacat: looks like a javascript-related error - what OS are you on?
[12:28:06] usb777: windows 10
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[12:28:44] sevenseacat: arr thats one I'm not familiar with setting up an environment on
[12:29:02] sevenseacat: lemme do some googling
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[12:29:51] sevenseacat: are you using the linux subsystem thing, or just installed ruby with something like railsinstaller?
[12:30:06] usb777: yea windows rail installer
[12:31:31] sevenseacat: what javascript runtime have you installed?
[12:31:37] usb777: hmm 2 sec
[12:31:56] sevenseacat: what guide are you using for setup?
[12:33:31] usb777: i use java 8 if thats what you mean, guide for setup rails?
[12:33:44] sevenseacat: yeah guide for setting up rails
[12:34:20] usb777: a youtube tutorial
[12:34:57] usb777: dunno if its any good, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GY7Ps8fqGdc&list=PLGLfVvz_LVvSngZQwrhYXlPnJf1zYqghI
[12:35:01] alfie: can you link it? that’d be help— thanks
[12:35:29] usb777: from 2015 maybe outdated
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[12:37:15] sevenseacat: thats not for setting up rails
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[12:37:48] usb777: well he just goes through installing it, start the app and server
[12:38:06] usb777: any good suggestions?
[12:38:25] alfie: usb777: i’d reccomend the actual rails documentation as a good start
[12:38:26] usb777: and i will start over, and maybe download an older verison of rails?
[12:38:29] sevenseacat: ok, maybe the transcript doesnt actually cover what the video does
[12:39:52] usb777: yea, i watched two tutorials but get same problem
[12:42:06] alfie: general comment: video tutorials are not a good way to learn software like rails
[12:42:24] alfie: they go out of date quickly, they’re hard to follow, and they’re just not very information-dense
[12:42:26] sevenseacat: they make it hard to get help, thats for sure
[12:43:08] alfie: usb777: my advise is to run with the official Rails “getting started”: http://guides.rubyonrails.org/getting_started.html
[12:43:24] usb777: yea, ill use the documentation instead and start over
[12:43:40] alfie: that way, you’ll get help a lot better
[12:44:18] usb777: thnx ill get to work on a new setup: )
[12:44:40] usb777: and thnx for the help guys
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[12:44:53] alfie: no worries! good luck, have fun, use postgresn
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[13:37:01] usb777: hey again, i followed the rails guides but it didnt work same error. you guys know of any secure way to set up ruby on rails? or maybe its to buggy to use?
[13:37:56] sevenseacat: so which javascript runtime did you install?
[13:39:00] usb777: i dunno how can i find javascript runtime?
[13:39:21] usb777: in programs all i find is java version 8
[13:39:59] sevenseacat: see section 4.1 - you'll need to install a runtime if you havent.
[13:41:06] usb777: ok i thought i had it installed, which one should i choose?
[13:41:23] sevenseacat: nodejs is usually the easiest
[13:45:27] usb777: same error
[13:45:42] usb777: its an execjs error
[13:47:09] usb777: ahh i go away from java and here it comes to ruin the day again
[13:49:27] dminuoso: I have a query that I push through .exec_query, but there's no column_types information in the result (in sqlite at least).
[13:49:59] dminuoso: Given that I know these two columns to be boolean, is there some portable way of coercing values in those columns into Ruby boolean?
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[13:55:51] usb777: had to restart works, finaly
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[15:44:28] sammy77: Hi, I'm trying to create a query object that can have a scope passed to it as a proc. I'm having trouble applying the scope proc and getting it to run, the author_id part of the query is not applied. Any ideas? https://gist.github.com/anonymous/41ebf56b9d3956831c846ebd6c9a5e64
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[15:48:33] sammy77: Please see this gist rather than the first one https://gist.github.com/anonymous/e473086651ca8612ff81dfdc2d1a60dc
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[16:02:05] matthewd: sammy77: What does the `.scope` do inside your #relation method?
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[16:15:43] FrostCandy: Anyone using ubuntu did the latest upgrades and now get a could not translate host name "xyz" to address name or service not known?
[16:16:03] FrostCandy: I didn't change any config files
[16:17:24] FrostCandy: oh the update must have messed with my dns settings. :P
[16:17:57] sammy77: matthewd: you can see in the run.rb file of the gist where scope is defined -> { where(author_id: a.id) }
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[16:23:05] matthewd: sammy77: Okay... what does `foo.bar` do?
[16:23:18] matthewd: (err, the `.bar` part)
[16:28:04] sammy77: matthewd: `person.public_send(association).scope` need to be the same as running `person.books.where(author_id: a.id)`, the `person.public_send(association)` part works ok but the scope (that is a proc) is not applied which is the part I'm struggling with
[16:32:02] matthewd: sammy77: Well, that's not what that syntax does
[16:32:31] sammy77: matthewd: I know, thats why I'm asking in here for help ;)
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[17:28:16] tcopeland: sammy77: perhaps person.public_send(association).instance_exec(&scope)
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[17:57:53] tcopeland: actually, instance_eval should be fine there since that code doesn’t need to pass arguments into the block
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[18:31:46] baweaver: Is there a special magic way to serve Rails from a Subdirectory and not have to tell it it's in a relative URL? Ideally I'd like for Rails to be oblivious to this fact and work anyways.
[18:33:19] fryguy: baweaver: when rails generates urls, how will it know to generate them with that subdirectory included if you don't tell it?
[18:33:46] baweaver: Hence the special magic comment :)
[18:34:05] fryguy: there is not a special magic way
[18:34:32] baweaver: Hrm. Not even with NginX rewrites?
[18:35:59] fryguy: maybe i'm misunderstanding what you want, but doing this with nginx rewrites is exactly the opposite of what I thought you'd want
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[18:38:07] baweaver: It's... interesting. Admittedly trying to find what questions I even want to ask on this one. The problem is I need to take something like foo.bar.com and get it to serve off of new_base.bar.com/foo and do both at once.
[18:39:11] baweaver: so if I use a relative root it breaks. I'd do it all in one fell swoop if it wouldn't break various mobile clients that can't handle 3xx for POST type methods
[18:39:57] baweaver: If nothing else it'll make an interesting blog post once I figure out how to swing it
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[18:41:05] baweaver: So sorry if the questions are vague, I'm trying to figure out what in the world I'm even solving for myself :P
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[18:43:05] baweaver: Sneaking off for a bit, so may not reply
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[20:04:05] daveomcd: if I get a collection such as, Books.where(type: "Fiction") - Is it possible to retrieve those records later without having to requery the database?
[20:07:19] baweaver: daveomcd: That won't call the database until you call a value type function on it
[20:07:39] baweaver: Such as: `to_a`, `first`, `[0]`, or another Enumerable type method
[20:07:55] baweaver: Until you do it's just an ActiveRecord query wrapped object that can be stacked upon
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[20:08:28] baweaver: which is why you can get away with things like this: Model.where(a: b).or.where(b: c).not.where(c: d)
[20:08:38] daveomcd: baweaver, ahh ok thanks!
[20:08:49] baweaver: `each` counts as well
[20:09:08] baweaver: The reason most people don't pick up on this is that the display methods for rails console count as value functions.
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