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#RubyOnRails - 19 November 2017

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[03:13:47] habs: hi all -- I'm using this http://dpaste.com/3PK2F98 in a controller, to "create" a course, but when I do Course.create({title: testTitle, description: testDesc}) and then look at /courses where I have <% @courses.each do |course| %> <%= course.description.truncate(60) %> <% end %>, I don't see any of my created courses. Are there any red flags in my code?
[03:15:32] matthewd: habs: How does that controller relate to `Course.create({...})` ?
[03:19:44] habs: matthewd: Maybe I am misunderstanding, but isn't that the 'create' method for Course in the paste? what would be more helpful to share?
[03:20:19] matthewd: habs: How did you "do" Course.create({..}) ?
[03:25:06] habs: matthewd: It is in an rspec test.
[03:25:52] matthewd: So you're not calling the controller at all
[03:26:06] matthewd: If you're not checking the result of create, you should call create!
[03:26:51] habs: matthewd: Hm. What am I calling if not the controller then?
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[03:27:02] matthewd: Course is the model
[03:28:05] habs: matthewd: Ah yes, well my Course model code is very short as it just "inherits" (not sure if right term) from ActiveRecord
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[03:34:10] habs: matthewd: What do you think is causing this issue?
[03:34:37] matthewd: Have you made the change I recommended?
[03:36:18] habs: matthewd: Sorry, what is the change you recommended? Do you want me to call create? Didn't I already do that in the rspec?
[03:36:30] matthewd: Use create! instead of create
[03:38:22] habs: matthewd: Oh haha, sorry I was interpreting that as a punctuation mark in your comment and not as part of the code
[03:41:54] habs: matthewd: Now I get ActiveRecord:RecordInvalid errors? I think if anything should change it's probably my controller or model code and not the create call?
[03:42:30] matthewd: As I said, if you're not checking the result of `create` (which you obviously weren't), then you should call `create!`
[03:42:47] matthewd: ... because it will tell you if it fails to create for some reason, which you're now seeing
[03:43:11] matthewd: So yes, to address the problem, now that you can see it: you have a validation issue
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[05:50:11] habs: matthewd: Thank you, I was able to fix it!
[05:52:44] habs: Though now I'm having another problem -- getting "ActiveModel::UnknownAttributeError: unknown attribute 'course_id' for Student" when I try do do course.students.create with args in an rspec, even though I have "belongs_to :course, foreign_key: 'course_id'" in my Student model which inherits from ActiveRecord::Base.
[05:53:25] habs: How can I make sure that my Student model has the course_id attribute? Why does saying it belongs to a course not give it that automatically?
[06:04:45] matthewd: That's up to your database / migrations
[06:05:19] matthewd: The association tells it to *use* the attribute; whether the attribute *exists* depends on there being a suitably-named column
[06:06:09] matthewd: course_id is the default FK name for `belongs_to :course`, btw, so you don't need to specify that
[06:14:47] habs: matthewd: Ah ok, am I correct in thinking that this should fix it? "rails generate migration add_course_id_to_students"
[06:15:48] matthewd: I can never remember the details of the migration generator magic, but yeah that sounds right
[06:21:27] habs: matthewd: it didn't seem to do anything :-/ how can I debug this? even after running "rails db:migrate" after that, Student.attribute_names still yeilds just ["id", "first_name", "last_name"] and not 'course_id' like I want.
[06:21:50] matthewd: Open the migration it generated and see what it contains
[06:23:55] habs: matthewd: OK -- sorry for the beginner question but how can I 'open' the migration?
[06:24:13] matthewd: It should've told you the name of the file it created
[06:24:45] matthewd: Otherwise, look at the most recent file in db/migrate/
[06:26:42] habs: matthewd: OK, here it is: http://dpaste.com/1QF8B0A
[06:27:27] matthewd: Right, so that's empty. You need to rollback the migrate you ran, then edit that file to tell it to add the new column
[06:28:22] matthewd: So first `rails db:rollback`
[06:29:54] habs: matthewd: OK thank you, I ran that command twice because I also tried the singular form for the magic here after: http://dpaste.com/29KATYB
[06:31:00] matthewd: Okay, hopefully that's got you in the right place
[06:31:13] matthewd: So now you can delete one of those, and change the other to actually add the column
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[07:09:54] Technodrome: ok , i've implemented some filtering, basically a checkbox for hiding and unhiding descriptions on some results , i'm using JS to do this.
[07:10:09] Technodrome: is this approach inherently evil at all? or is it "ok" ?
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[07:16:35] Technodrome: err stupid wifi
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[09:41:36] dminuoso: Technodrome: Whether your approach is evil nobody can say without seeing your code.
[09:41:50] dminuoso: But without JavaScript you will have a hard to time of doing this dynamically.
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[11:37:28] kapil___: I got this error when running Model.create() function please help: ActiveRecord::AssociationTypeMismatch: Design::Diamond(#70085992347340) expected, got ...............which is an instance of Hash(#6861080)
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[12:05:23] Sylario: I have a new staging server, and now capistrano cannot find RVM on it. Ruby is installed in /usr/share/rvm/rubies/ruby-2.3.4/bin/ruby but capistrano want it in $HOME/.rvm/bin/rvm-shell
[12:05:39] Sylario: I am not sure what to do about that
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[12:40:47] dminuoso: sylario: dont use rvm for deployment.
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[13:59:54] alfie: dminuoso: is there a writeup of the ~recommended~ deployment process for "artisanally administrated" servers?
[14:00:35] alfie: (mainly because people end up using RVM if they don't know better :P)
[14:00:45] dminuoso: alfie: for deployment system ruby is generally fine
[14:00:59] dminuoso: or use a docker image with ruby on it
[14:01:09] alfie: and, if system ruby is horribly out of date?
[14:01:17] alfie: (docker isn't a solution, for reasons i'll get into at some point :P)
[14:01:17] dminuoso: alfie: then ruby-install will fit the bill
[14:02:31] alfie: sweet, i may actually do some kind of writeup on an "artisan" deployment of Rails later on, just making sure i wasn't re-doing someone else's work :P
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[14:04:35] dminuoso: alfie: I discourage people from using RVM in any scenario. It just tends to introduce problems that are hard to spot, which needlessly confuses beginners. chruby or rbenv for version switching, docker > system ruby > ruby-install for deployment
[14:05:14] alfie: yeah, i'm using chruby and ruby-install for my stuff, but i've taught saltstack how to deploy rails applications :P
[14:07:44] Sylario: Docker is way too complicated form me
[14:08:36] Sylario: I don't understand how you can work with proxy command while developping your app
[14:09:30] Sylario: and you don't use GIT, it's... too strange for me
[14:10:46] Sylario: Anyway, i'm stuck with RVM for now as it is also in prod
[14:18:40] dminuoso: sylario: what do you mean "you dont use git" ?
[14:19:33] Sylario: From what I understand you edit files in the container for production
[14:20:08] Sylario: There was not even a passing mention of versionning In what I read around a year ago
[14:20:11] dminuoso: The point of docker is to exactly not do that.
[14:20:40] dminuoso: sylario: that's because its not dockers job.
[14:21:15] Sylario: yhea but the app is supposed to be in the container and only the DB and public are in the dhared folder or whatever
[14:21:23] Sylario: yhea but the app is supposed to be in the container and only the DB and public are in the shared folder or whatever
[14:22:45] dminuoso: sylario: versioning semantics is done by tagging commits in git.
[14:23:03] dminuoso: sylario: containers are automatically built and tested by gitlab
[14:23:07] dminuoso: (for us anyway)
[14:23:17] dminuoso: if passed we can then deploy them automatically through gitlab
[14:24:50] Sylario: I never used GitLab
[14:25:44] Sylario: how, it look usefull
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[15:53:31] Technodrome: dminuoso i thought it was evil sorta because of you :D
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[16:33:11] Sylario: I'm still stuck without a working staging server
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[17:44:23] Sylario: Now i'm stuck with
[17:44:27] Sylario: https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/upfCX7Wr/
[17:47:56] Sylario: Why does my server has problem with Zsh script when i am installing ruby?
[17:48:32] Sylario: Can not update 'scripts/zsh/Completion/_rvm', it's a conflict between Zsh and multiuser installation, prefix the command with 'rvmsudo' to update this file.
[17:50:22] dminuoso: Like I said. Dont use RVM for deployment.
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[17:51:33] Sylario: Listen, I can't change prod, and staging is supposed to be identical
[17:54:14] Sylario: I made an error when I did that, but I was under the impression it was a crime not to use rbenv or RVM everywhere
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[18:07:04] helpa: Nom nom. Thanks, dminuoso!
[18:07:09] dminuoso: ACTION hugs helpa
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[18:25:44] alfie: sylario: change prod. seriously, it'll save you a world of hate.
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[18:43:27] Sylario: dminuoso alfie : is there some guide on how to install Ruby for a server because native ruby is from apt-get and It seems sudo installation is a world of paun too
[18:51:34] dminuoso: sylario: What distribution is this?
[18:51:49] Sylario: Ubuntu server 16.04
[18:52:00] dminuoso: sylario: Consider brightbox or ruby-install.
[18:52:09] dminuoso: Those seem like the easiest solutions.
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[21:08:04] amperry: hi folks, I changed my Address model to be polymorphic, adding an "addressable_id" and "addressable_type" to the table; if I want my Building model to 'has_many' addresses, what do I need to add/remove in the migration (Rails 4.3)?
[21:13:33] amperry: or do I need a migration at this point? Should I just say, in the Building model, that it 'has_many :addresses, as: :addressable'?
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[21:28:03] alfie: amperry: addresses are so horribly variable that unless you have a VERY good reason, I’d store them exactly as input in a single text field
[21:28:43] fryguy: https://www.mjt.me.uk/posts/falsehoods-programmers-believe-about-addresses/
[21:41:31] alfie: ACTION used to have access to AddressBase, which is _almost_ a canonical database of UK postal addresses
[21:42:24] alfie: do NOT try to store addresses in any fashion that isn’t `[postal address], [country]`. it won’t work out.
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[21:42:37] alfie: also, country is not a selection list
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[21:46:03] Sylario: Is capistrano supposed to install gems?
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[22:01:45] Sylario: I hqve the follozing error : LoadError: libruby.so.2.3: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory - /srv/outils/www/placedemarche/shared/bundle/ruby/2.3.0/gems/pg-0.21.0/lib/pg_ext.so
[22:02:23] Sylario: I don't understand, pg_ext.so is present
[22:05:04] Sylario: it's during a capistrano deployment
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[22:25:54] _asqrd: Hi all, Quick Question: I have have two models Property and a Search model. They both have neighborhood model, however the search will have multiple neighborhoods, my first thought was to use many-to-many with a table SearchNeighborhoods, however I keep hearing this is not the "rails way", any suggestions? (on idiomatic approach)
[22:26:42] fryguy: sylario: well is pg_ext.so in that location?
[22:27:08] Sylario: and it's readable by the user
[22:27:59] fryguy: sylario: show the full stack trace
[22:28:51] _asqrd: or possibly polymorphic?
[22:28:54] Sylario: https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/FynUa6Uu/
[22:30:50] fryguy: sylario: how is ruby installed?
[22:31:04] Sylario: fryguy: via apt-get
[22:31:51] Sylario: /usr/bin/ruby
[22:31:52] fryguy: so where is libruby.so.2.3 on your system?
[22:36:27] Sylario: fryguy: are you saying this file missing is my problem?
[22:36:43] Sylario: It seems it's this file that is generating the error
[22:36:45] fryguy: i'm just going through the debugging steps
[22:38:08] Sylario: well it does not seems to exist on the server
[22:39:52] fryguy: where did pg_ext.so come from?
[22:40:44] Sylario: the pgres gem
[22:40:47] Sylario: postgress gem
[22:40:52] fryguy: where did the postgres gem come from?
[22:43:12] Sylario: https://bitbucket.org/ged/ruby-pg/wiki/Home
[22:43:22] fryguy: i mean how did the bits physically get on that machine
[22:43:46] Sylario: bundle install
[22:43:55] fryguy: on that machine? or on a different machine?
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[22:44:04] Sylario: on this one
[22:44:34] Sylario: executing "cd /srv/outils/www/placedemarche/releases/20171119224210 && bundle install --gemfile /srv/outils/www/placedemarche/releases/20171119224210/Gemfile --path /srv/outils/www/placedemarche/shared/bundle --deployment --quiet --without development test"
[22:44:45] Sylario: at each deployment
[22:46:03] fryguy: and is postgres client libraries installed on this machine?
[22:46:30] Sylario: with this : postgresql-server-dev-*
[22:48:23] fryguy: and what step fails to run?
[22:48:31] fryguy: with the libruby/pg_so error
[22:48:42] Sylario: asset precompilation
[22:48:55] fryguy: what command is capistrano trying to run?
[22:49:27] Sylario: cd -- /srv/outils/www/placedemarche/releases/20171119224210 && RAILS_ENV=prodtest RAILS_GROUPS=assets bundle exec rake assets:precompile
[22:51:37] fryguy: what if you run that command from a local console?
[22:51:43] fryguy: instead of via capistrano?
[22:51:55] Sylario: exact same error
[22:52:36] fryguy: what's the output of `env`
[22:53:39] Sylario: 2 min, I did not checked that
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[22:55:56] Sylario: fryguy: about what exactley?
[22:56:40] fryguy: the whole thing
[22:57:53] Sylario: https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/E5rItr5B/
[22:58:08] Sylario: https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/JTfxFu8D/
[22:58:26] thula: Hey there
[22:59:43] thula: Need some advice on something
[23:00:37] fryguy: sylario: i have no idea where any of your ruby configuration is for that. i'd expect to see something in ENV, but I guess not. i'm out of ideas about how to make the system installed ruby work for you.
[23:01:12] Sylario: fryguy: I just been reprimanded here a few hours ago for using RVM on a staging server
[23:01:32] Sylario: fryguy: what did you expected?
[23:02:53] fryguy: I use rbenv or docker everywhere.
[23:03:55] thula: Any advice on how to serve documentation
[23:04:30] thula: Like github pages or somethig
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[23:10:09] Radar: GOOD MORNING
[23:10:12] Radar: thula: Documentation for which?
[23:10:17] Radar: A gem? A Rails app?
[23:10:43] Sylario: fryguy: thanks for your help, I'll try Stack overflow
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[23:12:12] thula: Radar: A web app
[23:12:19] thula: a rails app actually
[23:12:56] Sylario: If anyone has an idea : https://stackoverflow.com/questions/47383012/error-while-deploying-on-a-staging-server
[23:13:16] thula: I would like to be able to serve the HTML generated doc somehow
[23:14:14] Radar: sylario: can you run `file /srv/outils/www/projectname/shared/bundle/ruby/2.3.0/gems/pg-0.21.0/lib/pg_ext.so` and let me know what that tells you?
[23:14:35] Radar: thula: Best way would be to upload it to GitHub pages.
[23:15:18] thula: Do you know any way of doing it automatically ?
[23:15:34] thula: Ci maybe ?
[23:15:56] Sylario: Radar: Segmentation fault
[23:16:10] Radar: sylario: That... is unexpected.
[23:16:20] Sylario: Is it just executable?
[23:16:23] Radar: sylario: How confident are you that a file exists at that path?
[23:16:42] Sylario: is a so just called like that?
[23:17:38] Radar: sylario: I'm the one asking the questions here.
[23:17:48] Sylario: ok I have pg_ext.so:1: Invalid char `\x7F' in expression
[23:17:57] Sylario: when I add ruby in front
[23:18:08] Radar: ACTION taps mic, asks "is this thing on?"
[23:18:54] Radar: Protip: to get help, answer the questions of the people trying to help you in a timely fashion
[23:18:54] Sylario: Ls tells me a 3mo file is supposed to be here
[23:19:00] Radar: [10:16:31] <Radar> sylario: How confident are you that a file exists at that path?
[23:19:01] Sylario: I am sorry
[23:19:06] Sylario: I was having a doubt
[23:19:14] Sylario: I never executed a .so
[23:19:24] Radar: You don't need to execute it. Stop obsessing about that,
[23:19:37] Radar: The error says that the file doesn't exist. How sure are you that the file does or does not exist?
[23:20:20] Sylario: cat does output a bunch of nonsense that looks like an executable
[23:20:34] Sylario: So I assume it must be present
[23:22:12] mostlybadfly: has joined #RubyOnRails
[23:22:38] Sylario: Also Vi can read it
[23:23:04] Radar: sylario: what OS are you developing on and deploying to? Is it the same OS?
[23:23:30] Sylario: From ubuntu desktop to a fresh installed 16.04 server
[23:23:49] Radar: Does the server have postgresql installed?
[23:24:06] Sylario: I already created all the users
[23:24:16] Sylario: And the DB
[23:24:29] Radar: sylario: Did you install the libpq-dev package?
[23:25:36] Sylario: ibpq-dev is already the newest version (9.5.10-0ubuntu0.16.04
[23:25:44] Radar: Ok, great.
[23:25:56] Radar: Then I still have no idea how this is broken,.
[23:26:25] xlegoman: has joined #RubyOnRails
[23:27:39] Sylario: At first I had problem deploying while using RVM, and I have been scolded for using rvm in prod (and staging)
[23:27:54] Sylario: so I removed RVM
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[23:29:01] mcr: My only problem with RVM is the |sh method of installing. You can install from tar.gz, and I'd like to have a .deb file. I don't see a problem with rvm in production.
[23:46:04] Sylario: Radar: thx for the help I am continuing to find a solution
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