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#RubyOnRails - 03 January 2018

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[00:39:41] amperry: is there a good manual for running puma? I'm getting various errors running it on the production server using 'bundle exec puma', but none when I run 'rails s'.
[01:07:22] Exuma: what are the errors?
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[01:15:11] Radar: amperry: what errors?
[01:15:12] amperry: Exuma: right now, ':require_no_authentication has not been defined'
[01:15:19] Radar: stacktrace?
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[01:16:49] amperry: I'll gist it one, moment
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[01:18:29] amperry: https://gist.github.com/amp108/dad777f251898d433ec58e94cbe06c6f
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[01:23:53] Radar: amperry: And what's in passwords_controller.rb, on line 2?
[01:25:54] amperry: skip_before_action :require_no_authentication <-- this controller was created, I presume, by Warden or Pundit
[01:26:13] amperry: cuz I've never edited such a file
[01:26:57] Radar: Where is require_no_authentication in your codebase?
[01:29:23] amperry: in app/controllers/custom_sessions_controller.rb (identical line), and passwords_controller.rb . I have written it nowhere in my own code.
[01:30:29] amperry: just did 'ag -l require_no_auth app' and only those two files show up.
[01:30:59] amperry: and did it for the whole directory, same result.
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[01:43:00] amperry: Looks like commenting them out doesn't harm anything, but I know of no way to test that.
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[01:58:15] blindMoe: So rubocop doesn't want us to use URI.escape() anymore ( rightfully so ) but I can't find a replacement that offers the ability to supply a regex for safe params like URI.escape does. Does someone have a suggestion?
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[02:56:15] garyserj: If I don't specify a value for RAILS_ENV then what is the value treated as?
[02:57:09] Radar: garyserj: "development"
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[02:58:19] Radar: garyserj: here's the code: https://github.com/rails/rails/blob/master/railties/lib/rails/command.rb#L27-L29
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[03:05:07] garyserj: Currently there's a bug in the windows implementation of rails.. https://github.com/rails/rails/issues/31589 (open but no response) and https://github.com/rails/rails/issues/27015 (closed) Do you know if the Windows rails team are doing anything regarding bug fixing?
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[03:12:12] halogenandtoast: With webpacker is the best way to expose a module to the global namespace to use the expose-loader?
[03:13:06] halogenandtoast: I have some inline javascript that I want to initialize with a class in one of my packs, but the class depends on the instance of the model being viewed
[03:14:09] Radar: garyserj: I don't know if they are working on that particular bug now. I guess if it's open then they have some intention of fixing it.
[03:14:37] Radar: garyserj: Doesn't look like that bug has even been triaged yet. Possibly because people are still on vacation!
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[04:58:43] za1b1tsu: Im trying to convert [[1, 2], [7, 8], [9, 10]] into {1=>{:z=>2}, 7=>{:z=>8}, 9=>{:z=>10}}, but I can't seem to get the desired result: z = y.map { |x,y| x => {z:y} } give me an error, while other combinations just creates an array of hashes
[04:58:59] za1b1tsu: Can someone give me a tip?
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[05:11:20] j0llyr0tten: za1b1tsu: h = {} ; [[1, 2], [7, 8], [9, 10]].each {|a| h[a[0]] = {:z => a[1]}}
[05:12:01] j0llyr0tten: probably a more succinct way but i'm not seeing it off the top of my head
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[05:29:09] havenwood: za1b1tsu: map { |a, b| [a, {z: b}] }.to_h
[05:29:57] havenwood: za1b1tsu: or: each_with_object({}) { |(a, b), h| h[a] = {z: b} }
[05:53:25] dminuoso: za1b1tsu is a downgraded form of AimlessRaven
[05:55:02] za1b1tsu: yebyen, eah man, I suck at this, but I'm giving it 100%. Went to sleep at 12, woke up at 5, straight to work
[05:55:15] za1b1tsu: dminuoso: yeah man, I suck at this, but I'm giving it 100%. Went to sleep at 12, woke up at 5, straight to work
[05:55:33] za1b1tsu: hopefully in a few weeks, I will be a mediocre programmer
[05:55:52] dminuoso: Yeah, becoming a decent programmer is easily done in a few weeks.
[05:56:08] za1b1tsu: I was hoping for mediocre
[05:56:18] za1b1tsu: decent in a few years, with more technologies
[05:56:25] dminuoso: https://dgosxlrnzhofi.cloudfront.net/custom_page_images/production/64/page_images/Rails_Competencies.png?1386276348
[05:56:28] dminuoso: This doesnt take long.
[05:56:46] za1b1tsu: Is that the heat vascular system
[05:57:17] za1b1tsu: I never said decent, you said decent, I aiming towards mediocre
[05:58:52] za1b1tsu: I dont think I will ever be a briliant programmer, but in a couple of years I will be a competent one
[06:01:47] dminuoso: I thought I was competent once, now I read books instead.
[06:09:08] baweaver: I'm not nearly young enough to know everything
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[07:49:26] dionysus69: Happy new year everyone!
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[08:39:25] za1b1tsu: dionysus69: happy new year!
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[08:56:45] Andr3as: good morning everyone and Happy New Year
[08:56:59] Andr3as: i've a bit of an override question
[08:57:46] Andr3as: https://gist.github.com/awunder/324eb08409307a61d893570ba9ab9c8e#file-authorization-rb-L20
[08:57:56] Andr3as: i have this module ^^^^^^^^
[08:58:16] Andr3as: and want to override the require_login method
[08:58:52] Andr3as: i've never really done that, though
[08:59:28] Andr3as: do i need to inherit from that module? would that be "Clearance::Authorization"?
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[09:13:09] Andr3as: i think i've found it https://stackoverflow.com/questions/39965692/override-shopifyapp-module-method
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[09:44:56] za1b1tsu: Regarding updating multiple rows with one querry, is it worth generating a dynamic sql?
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[09:49:12] Torrone: Hello guys, I'm using devise in my rails 5 app and I can't log out. I made sure that I'm sending a DELETE request and the server-side logout action seems to be running but when I refresh the page the current_user is still present. I can log out by deleting cookies and session from the browser. What should I look into next? Thank yo
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[12:23:34] dminuoso: Torrone: What session store as you using?
[12:24:37] dminuoso: Torrone: Please gist the full logout from the request that is supposed to log you out.
[12:25:05] Torrone: Hey dminuoso :-) I'm using cookie_store
[12:25:34] dminuoso: *full log output
[12:25:42] Torrone: here https://hastebin.com/zucamijedu.vbs
[12:26:05] dminuoso: Torrone: There you go. It's telling you what the issue is.
[12:27:14] Torrone: dminuoso, are you talking about the CSRF?
[12:27:19] dminuoso: Torrone: Yes.
[12:28:17] Torrone: how do I include it into the delete request?
[12:28:35] dminuoso: Torrone: The thing that confuses me a bit, is why it doesn't state how the request is completed.
[12:29:19] Torrone: dminuoso, I have strong evidence that the code relevant to the devise logout is being ran
[12:29:32] dminuoso: Torrone: Gist your application_controller.rb, your config/initializers/devise.rb and the view that includes the logout link
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[12:31:18] dminuoso: Torrone: Well something is really borked. The log seems incomplete.
[12:31:45] dminuoso: Torrone: It does not log how the request is finished. Can you look at your network devtools and see what happens?
[12:31:51] dminuoso: (or use wireshark/tcpdump)
[12:32:44] dminuoso: https://gist.github.com/dminuoso/32376edd09062954708e0aeb861648ca this is what it should look like
[12:32:58] Torrone: dminuoso: It returns an empty response, which is expected behavior as documented in devise's code
[12:32:58] dminuoso: note that it should redirect with a 302
[12:33:48] dminuoso: Torrone: how do you send that request?
[12:34:06] Torrone: $.ajax({url:'/users/sign_out', type: 'DELETE', success : function(data) { console.log(data); } })
[12:35:08] Torrone: empty response documented here https://github.com/plataformatec/devise/blob/master/app/controllers/devise/sessions_controller.rb#L76
[12:36:02] Torrone: though it's for GET requests
[12:40:09] Torrone: dminuoso, you were right though, it was about the authenticity token, what looked weird to me is that the relevant code was reached
[12:40:45] dminuoso: Torrone: Im still confused that it just stopped without a full response.
[12:41:43] Torrone: that's what it does
[12:41:46] Torrone: Completed 204 No Content in 7910ms (ActiveRecord: 18.3ms)
[12:41:57] Torrone: guess I'd better start profiling
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[13:10:40] dminuoso: Torrone: No that's from the GET request.
[13:12:14] Torrone: I'm using 'devise', '~> 4.3'
[13:12:25] Torrone: it works now
[13:12:33] Torrone: it was the auth token
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[18:15:48] LyndsySimon: I'm building a docker image for a Rails app I'm working with, and was a little stunned by something - the source for the app is 178kB, but the gem dependencies are 103MB.
[18:18:35] fschuindt: LyndsySimon: I think that's the expected. Many Rails applications are smaller than Rails itself for instance
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[18:21:11] LyndsySimon: fschuindt: I totally expected the dependencies to be many times larger than the source - that's the point of a higher-level language, after all. I guess it shocked me a bit that they're ~500x larger.
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[18:52:09] dionysus69: does anyone notice slow gem install times? anything wrong with servers?
[19:01:29] havenwood: dionysus69 nope
[19:02:09] dionysus69: weird, it takes at least 1 minute to install any gem, usually it takes 10 seconds max
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[21:24:31] fl4sh_: Hi, I have a weird problem with assets and Rails 5.1 running in development mode. My application.js //= require's jquery from jquery-rails (I know yarn is preferred nowadays, but as I need only jquery, I'd like to stick with the gem). When I asset:precompile everything for production, the application.js is properly compiled and jquery is included. Running the project in development on localhost:3000 however, yields an 'empty' application.js
[21:24:31] fl4sh_: presented to the client, meaning it's stripped of the //= required-lines (other comments are preserved) but no jquery being included. Any ideas?
[21:28:38] fryguy: fl4sh_: had you run asset:precompile locally before adding the javascript?
[21:30:11] fl4sh_: Yes, I had run it locally before to see whether it would output the expected results
[21:31:15] fryguy: try running `rake assets:clobber` in dev and trying again
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[21:34:33] fl4sh_: Shame on me, I clobbered only after my first precompile attempt (which had some other errors), but completely forgot to do it after the second time. Sorry for wasting your time :( *ducks away ashamed*
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[21:47:05] brent__: I have been updating my works rails app, we had an old migration that had a Proxy Model and inside had the following `default_scope where(type: 'Paper')` during migration it throws an error saying thats deprecated and needs to be inside a block, however when adding the block to the migration it then throws the error PG::Error: ERROR: cached plan must not change result type
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[22:06:59] Radar: GOOD MORNING
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[22:11:31] amperry: Radar: morning
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[22:52:56] amperry: Radar: could I trouble you to look at a couple of (stripped-down) config files and tell me if I'm on the right track?
[22:53:08] Radar: amperry: sure. Where are they?
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[22:54:54] amperry: Radar: don't know if you saw that.
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[23:07:13] brent__: thoughts on best way to reduce a n+1 query
[23:07:43] cagomez: does a column default imply 'not null'?
[23:07:45] Radar: brent__: delete hte line
[23:07:57] Radar: brent__: delete the line that runs the n+1 query. No more n, no more 1.
[23:08:01] brent__: https://gist.github.com/brentluna/2545e5c67a0e9347dc522432c091ecf3
[23:08:16] Radar: cagomez: It can still be null if you set it to null.
[23:08:50] brent__: that method is on Article, contrller is returning a query of Article.where(blah).includes(:events)
[23:08:53] Radar: brent__: I don't see a +1 there.
[23:09:34] brent__: the view iterates over the article records, and calls that method on each record
[23:09:54] brent__: if i just called "article.events" it retunrs the events w/ no extra query
[23:10:09] brent__: but when i do article.events.where(blah) then it does the additional query
[23:10:54] Radar: Well yeah, because article.events is going to return a different dataset to article.events.where(blah)./
[23:11:14] brent__: Is there an ideal way to handle this? I could just make another method that does a the same thing w/ a select to avoid the extra record grab
[23:12:08] Radar: brent__: Why do you want to do this? Is there a performance hit or are you refactorbating?
[23:12:20] brent__: and work w/ the events already loaded, but that seems like a bit of a hack
[23:12:27] brent__: yeah refactor/performance
[23:12:29] Radar: Is that query on line 5 actually that slow?
[23:12:45] Radar: What's your server log show for those queries? Can you show me the N+1 queries?
[23:14:09] brent__: i updated the gist
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[23:14:45] brent__: w/ the log
[23:15:09] cagomez: Radar: how do I specify a not null constraint when changing the default value? I have `change_column_default :table, :col, from: false, to: true`
[23:15:20] Radar: cagomez: change_column_null iirc
[23:15:51] Radar: brent__: ok, and can you show me how was_deferred_for is being called?>
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[23:17:57] brent__: Radar: its in a haml view, active_record_article_response.each { |art| art.was_deferred }
[23:18:43] Radar: brent__: oh so that was_deferred_for is then on the model?
[23:18:53] brent__: yes a method on the model
[23:19:19] Radar: brent__: First thing to do would be to change the .blank? at the end of the last line to an .exists? so that it only checks if there are any records. What you're doing is loading the records into memory, then calling .blank? on that array.
[23:19:46] Radar: brent__: And what are you doing once was_deferred_for returns true / false?
[23:20:50] cagomez: Radar: so the signature is `change_column_null(table_name, column_name, null, default = nil)`. In my case, would it be... `change_column_null :table, :col, false, true`
[23:21:04] Radar: cagomez: yeah I think that's right
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[23:31:02] brent__: Radar: used to conditionaly render somethign in table rows
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[23:37:16] Radar: brent__: Try building a method that takes a list of article IDs and then it tells you which have been deferred and which haven't.
[23:37:20] Radar: You can run one query to do that.
[23:37:38] Radar: Then you can see from the return result of that method if the current article's row's ID is in that list. If it is, then it was deferred.
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[23:46:01] brent__: Radar: would it be possible add a select to the query and pass in a method that uses the joined events to return a boolean?
[23:47:10] Radar: brent__: If you really wanted to keep it like that, then you could just convert events to an array and call select on it
[23:47:56] Radar: events.to_a.select { |e| e.is_a?(event_type) && e.created_at > defer_event.created_at }
[23:47:58] brent__: BY select I meant writing out the select sql
[23:48:05] brent__: not [].select
[23:48:19] Radar: it will still do another query by using select sql
[23:48:32] Radar: As I said before, events dataset != events.where/events.select dataset.
[23:49:01] brent__: I understand that
[23:49:04] brent__: on the initial query
[23:49:47] brent__: Article.select('deferred_logic(returns boolean) as was_deferred, other info needed')
[23:52:10] Radar: Sure you could do that too.
[23:54:05] brent__: Article.where(id: filtered_id).select("articles.title as title, articles.author as author, helper_method_using_joined_events as was_deferred").joins(:events)
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