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#RubyOnRails - 06 February 2018

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[00:13:03] FluffykinsTheTin: havent used IRC in years
[00:13:32] havenwood: FluffykinsTheTin: welcome back
[00:13:40] FluffykinsTheTin: Ruby On Rails community never heard of Slack, Discord, or Gitter?!
[00:14:30] FluffykinsTheTin: thanks havenwood:
[00:14:45] havenwood: FluffykinsTheTin: Non open-source graphical software to work on non-graphical open source software? Yup, heard of it!
[00:15:04] havenwood: FluffykinsTheTin: (There's a popular Slack channel.)
[00:16:10] FluffykinsTheTin: there is? rubyonrails.org just mentions stackoverflow and this irc channel
[00:17:13] FluffykinsTheTin: actually I just found it! thanks
[00:17:15] havenwood: FluffykinsTheTin: This IRC channel is popular, but yes there is an unofficial Slack community.
[00:17:19] havenwood: FluffykinsTheTin: http://www.rubyonrails.link/
[00:18:10] FluffykinsTheTin: can't imagine why...there is no way to post snippets, and the UI is ugly
[00:18:47] FluffykinsTheTin: or lack there of
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[00:19:25] havenwood: We use gists to post snippets. (Isn't that the same basically in the alternatives you list?)
[00:19:52] FluffykinsTheTin: wouldn't know. never heard of gists
[00:19:54] havenwood: This looks exactly how I want it to look. Unlike those other options that I can't write a client for.
[00:20:12] havenwood: FluffykinsTheTin: https://gist.github.com/
[00:20:56] havenwood: FluffykinsTheTin: You can setup your IRC client to preview gists, if you'd like.
[00:21:01] FluffykinsTheTin: looks interesting
[00:21:16] havenwood: FluffykinsTheTin: https://gist.github.com/havenwood/a494df64c95c54ba491941914ab7f412
[00:21:33] havenwood: (A link to a gist, for example.)
[00:21:50] FluffykinsTheTin: i have to configure it??
[00:21:53] baweaver: IRC has been going for years, so most of us have been here for years before Slack even came out. Might be that we'll still be here years after Slack as well
[00:22:33] FluffykinsTheTin: i was on irc years ago, but stopped cuz better things came out.
[00:22:44] FluffykinsTheTin: good to people still use it tho
[00:22:49] havenwood: FluffykinsTheTin: "better"
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[00:23:59] FluffykinsTheTin: can't do emoji's in irc...just sayin'
[00:24:38] baweaver: https://xkcd.com/1782/
[00:24:43] baweaver: That's not a bad thing to me. Too much noise in Slack.
[00:25:05] FluffykinsTheTin: but this chat is so hard to look at
[00:25:35] havenwood: FluffykinsTheTin: "[You] just have to set it up the way [you] want, okay?!"
[00:26:00] FluffykinsTheTin: what a pain in the ass. feel like i'm using emacs
[00:26:36] havenwood: FluffykinsTheTin: You can choose from a myriad of clients or write your own. If you prefer closed playgrounds you can even pay for a closed source IRC client.
[00:26:39] FluffykinsTheTin: havenwood: thanks for the tips. sorry if i'm complaining a lot.
[00:27:12] havenwood: FluffykinsTheTin: Pick a nicer IRC client if you don't feel like implementing one.
[00:27:45] havenwood: Or Slack is bustling!
[00:27:56] FluffykinsTheTin: or just get good at rails and I wont have to use IRC at all. :p
[00:28:47] baweaver: Na, that's when you show up to help. It's the circle of life
[00:31:02] FluffykinsTheTin: on a more serious matter, anyone successfully integrate React into Rails?
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[00:31:51] havenwood: FluffykinsTheTin: Lots of folk use react-rails or react_on_rails. In Rails 5.1+ you can just: rails new myapp --webpack=react
[00:32:13] havenwood: FluffykinsTheTin: https://github.com/rails/webpacker#react
[00:32:52] havenwood: FluffykinsTheTin: No prob, happy coding!
[00:41:56] Radar: GOOD MORNING
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[01:24:00] mices: i wanted to override a model in a gem so i namespaced it into my app, now polymorphic doesn't work because the redirect from the controller sends the model type as double colon separated even though the value i passed was camelcase
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[01:27:00] mices: dminuso: polymorphic associations
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[03:08:44] havenwood: FluffykinsTheTin: Ruby is the one language where there no debate: https://ukupat.github.io/tabs-or-spaces/
[03:09:50] havenwood: Clojure and Crystal are sooo close to consensus. (Please ignore the lone holdout.)
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[03:27:15] FluffykinsTheTin: havenwood: damn, 489 repos
[03:28:26] FluffykinsTheTin: i'll use 2 spaces from here on out. thanks for the tip
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[03:37:28] FluffykinsTheTin: What's the best source to learn how to use react to make my Ruby app awesome? youtube? codecademy? etc...
[03:39:30] FluffykinsTheTin: Traversy Media on youtube seems to have some good content on React alone
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[07:13:36] danielsousaio: Why does commenting accepts_nested_attributes_for in a model, shows me the corresponding fields in a new page using fields_for?
[07:13:53] danielsousaio: While not commented the fields are not rendered.
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[08:32:28] zamuro: Sorry if I'm repeating myself... Is there a gem or something like that for creating web agents other than huginn? Or some documentation I can go to in order to set up an agent on my own.
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[08:34:33] za1b1tsu: Hello, regarding filters and search functionality on an index action of a controller. Is ransack go to gem? Like will paginate is for pagination?
[08:38:37] zamuro: za1b1tsu: I personally use pgsearch for that. I set my filters on the model and then I can call the method on the controller action.
[08:39:43] zamuro: za1b1tsu: But yes, you can say ransack is the go-to tool.
[08:42:03] za1b1tsu: zamuro, thank you
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[10:50:09] crst: Hi, what can you do when the main script is in the head but js only works when it's after certain dom elements? The snippet is already inside $(document).ready
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[10:51:34] tbuehlmann: crst: calling stuff in that callback sounds good to me. I assume it's just not executing?
[10:52:16] crst: tbuehlmann: yep
[10:52:49] tbuehlmann: are you using turbolinks?
[10:53:35] crst: not in this project, no
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[10:54:14] tbuehlmann: can you gist what you have?
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[10:56:39] crst: tbuehlmann: for one this: https://bpaste.net/show/2f025c392326
[10:57:42] crst: I have the suspicion the issue relates to the external scripts
[11:00:28] defsdoor: crst, inline js or just an include ?
[11:00:55] defsdoor: nothing in browser debug ?
[11:01:29] crst: This is from the view: https://bpaste.net/show/f0643099adb5 When my js is inside the <script> tag here it works
[11:02:05] crst: Strange, console says: Uncaught ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined
[11:02:29] morfin60: has joined #RubyOnRails
[11:02:32] crst: But it certainly is included
[11:02:44] morfin60: can i somehow know i access resources collection?
[11:03:24] tbuehlmann: crst: what's in your application.js file?
[11:03:37] tbuehlmann: morfin60: I don't understand the question, can you elaborate?
[11:04:35] crst: tbuehlmann: https://bpaste.net/show/7b7c377d0cae
[11:04:43] dminuoso: Okay, it seems like since high sierra hot code reload is broken in production.
[11:04:49] dminuoso: Is this a known issue that I cant find?
[11:05:11] zamuro: Since there's a bit of activity here... I'll make my question once again
[11:05:12] dminuoso: (Im in the process of extracting a testcase, just wondering whether I can save myself the effort)
[11:05:22] zamuro: Is there a gem or something like that for creating web agents other than huggin?
[11:05:24] morfin60: i have several resources: :products, :limited, :interiors etc, i need if i access index action of one of such controllers change canonical URL to add /All
[11:05:49] zamuro: morfin60: You mean routes?
[11:06:47] morfin60: *no, i need to output canonical URL including /all if user access /products instead of /products/All
[11:06:53] dminuoso: Yup.. *sighs*
[11:08:13] crst: dminuoso: I'm having huge latency when using webpacker at least in a certain app. Might this be related to your issue?
[11:10:23] morfin60: ok it was bad idea
[11:10:27] dminuoso: crst: What kind of latency issue do you experience?
[11:11:00] morfin60: i just do not want to hardcode such behavior to add /All to canonical
[11:11:19] crst: dminuoso: loading, reloading, and ajax takes a couple of seconds
[11:12:49] dminuoso: crst: Are you running your dev server?
[11:13:05] crst: dminuoso: yep
[11:13:22] dminuoso: crst: rack mini profile it
[11:14:26] tbuehlmann: morfin60: why do you want to change the path?
[11:16:21] morfin60: because /products is same as /products/All
[11:16:58] morfin60: but /products/All is canonical when /products is not so i need to show canonical URL for this page because of SEO monkeys
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[11:26:45] crst: dminuoso: Loading a request feels way longer than the time the profiler gives me. It seems like the profiler gives me the time the page usually loads without webpacker installed.
[11:27:21] crst: chrome gives me 35s profiler gives me 1.5s
[11:27:33] dminuoso: crst: Whats the time until first byte in your browser?
[11:27:37] dminuoso: crst: also gist your middleware stack
[11:30:22] mtkd: has joined #RubyOnRails
[11:32:32] crst: dminuoso: 0.18ms according to chrome. Where can I find the Middleware stack infos that you need? I'm sorry no pro here.
[11:35:09] dminuoso: crst: `rails middleware`
[11:35:32] dminuoso: crst: Though.. is it only webpack assets that are so slow?
[11:35:46] dminuoso: crst: What about different environments?
[11:38:37] crst: dminuoso: I can only tell of development. Even a fresh webpacker:install without adding anything to the views is enough to trigger the latency. "Error: Command 'middleware' not recognized"
[11:39:06] crst: rails is 4.2 in this case btw
[11:39:30] crst: I need to rake, one sec
[11:40:37] crst: dminuoso: https://bpaste.net/show/a9d01a6645bd
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[11:55:21] za1b1tsu: how can I see the doc for rails in pry? for example show-doc link_to, Couldnt not locate definition
[11:56:07] schneide_: has joined #RubyOnRails
[11:59:48] fox_mulder_cp: it's a debug console with autocomplete in main way of use
[12:00:33] za1b1tsu: so ri is best for documentation
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[12:07:57] Terens: I a using rails5.1.3
[12:08:30] Terens: However although there is new_framework_defaults.rb initializer it seems that it has no effect
[12:08:41] Terens: for example belongs_to dont get required by default
[12:09:03] tbuehlmann: za1b1tsu: if you're okay with just the source code, `$ helper.link_to` should do
[12:10:42] fox_mulder_cp: in console you sometimes must initialize manually your helpers and etc
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[12:19:41] jrm: For an application that is running on a read-only filesystem, is there a way to prevent Gemfile.lock from being written. Alternatively, can it be written to an different location?
[12:30:02] dminuoso: crst: From when I checked last, there is not much you can profile into webpack.
[12:30:21] dminuoso: crst: Last time I basically went into the middleware and inserted my own instrumenter code.
[12:30:43] dminuoso: crst: Can you try and make a testcase repo?
[12:34:27] crst: dminuoso: Unfortunately not, I signed an NDA and can't reproduce the issue. Thanks anyway!
[12:34:50] dminuoso: crst: An NDA does not prevent you to share a "testcase" if its truly minimal.
[12:35:00] dminuoso: crst: "testcase" does not mean "your repo".
[12:36:02] dminuoso: crst: As a rough estimate http://eel.is/iso-c++/testcase/
[12:36:40] dminuoso: In particular take note of points 6 and 7. :)
[12:39:01] crst: All right thanks. It might take me a couple of days/weeks to find the time for this.
[12:39:42] crst: There's also an upgrade to 5 planned and maybe that'll resolve the issue
[12:40:39] fox_mulder_cp: hi. i create gem which send xml to remote api, recieve answer in xml and i need convert xml to ruby object without use AR methods. how i can do this in easy way when i have a xml and xslt for it?
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[12:51:37] dminuoso: crst: Perhaps indeed. Note that the point to create a testcase can isolate problems easily. So it's not just for sharing but also for yourself. :)
[12:52:43] crst: dminuoso: Absolutely. Atm the webpack issue isn't high priority though :)
[13:04:51] fox_mulder_cp: crst: what is ATM in current context?
[13:05:13] crst: at the moment
[13:06:11] crst: fox_mulder_cp: gem install ud; ud atm :)
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[14:45:46] tycoon177: why don't more rails tutorials focus on performance-oriented things like only selecting columns that you need?
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[14:55:58] fox_mulder_cp: tycoon177: you can disable AR and use plain sql requests to database
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[14:56:20] fox_mulder_cp: but it's a specific area of performance
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[15:02:58] tycoon177: fox_mulder_cp: i'm not even talking about going that far. i see a lot of guides recommend blindly using #includes when #joins with #select is usually better performing in my experience. most of the time, you don't need complete models
[15:03:39] dminuoso: tycoon177: Dont read "guides"
[15:04:03] dminuoso: In most cases "guide" equals to "shitty resource" when it comes to software development.
[15:04:19] tycoon177: I'm past that point now, but I see a lot of beginners reach for these
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[15:04:33] tycoon177: I usually just go right to documentation now
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[15:19:27] za1b1tsu: dminuoso: even railcast?
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[15:23:00] sinjin1985: hey guys, did anyone have issues with getting spread operator to work in rails5/yarn/es6? I tried installing babel-plugin-transform-object-rest-spread package with "yarn add babel-plugin-transform-object-rest-spread" but it still won't recognize the spread operator
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[15:24:51] xcesariox: how to use non-beta version of rails like 5.1.4, when i gem update it install the rc version.
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[15:30:15] havenwood: xcesariox: A `gem update` shouldn't use a prerelease version of Rails unless you use the --prerelease flag.
[15:30:46] havenwood: xcesariox: Check your gemrc files?
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[15:35:09] crova: Would anyone argue against running your own server for an app where only 2 persons use it? Main reason here is database storage space (which would cost me more than I'm willing to pay on heroku)
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[16:00:09] fryguy: not at all
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[16:47:18] crova: fryguy, cheers :)
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[17:13:15] tycoon177: za1b1tsu: railscast hasn't been recorded in a long time
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[18:17:42] Inside: I'm got both react-rails and rails-momentjs in my project. I can reload the page and in the console do the moment() function and also within a render() function, but for some reason calling moment() within a callback function doesn't want to work..?
[18:17:49] Inside: https://gist.github.com/Insood/27a162dd3d54bb193291fb866e5c3474
[18:18:04] Inside: oh my god
[18:18:08] Inside: I mispelled moment
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[18:18:11] Inside: 30 minutes lost
[18:19:01] fryguy: i once spent 6 hours tracking down what was ultimately a pluralized variable name. The letter 's' cost me several hours.
[18:19:10] fryguy: these things happen
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[18:34:27] baweaver: fryguy: it's the fate of all programmers to waste a few hours on silly mistakes every few months
[18:34:43] baweaver: well, hopefully months
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[19:00:43] Inside: every few months?
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[19:02:13] glassresistor: so im wanting to do something i know is hard to do in django/sqlalchemy/etc. and im pretty sure its hard in rails to but how do i do a polymorphic query accross multiple types of models
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[19:04:06] glassresistor: so say i have Events which can be Messages or Photos or etc. so i want to have an event table with date, id, etc. and messages/photos have a fk to that and each there own columns. thats simple enough but now i want to query both messages and photos with all of there columns and loop over them in a template.
[19:05:27] arcturiaen: @glassresistor http://guides.rubyonrails.org/association_basics.html#polymorphic-associations
[19:05:32] glassresistor: is there any way to query all kinds of events(happen to list them all manually) and have them show up in a single properly interlaced list
[19:06:58] arcturiaen: https://gorails.com/episodes/comments-with-polymorphic-associations?autoplay=1
[19:09:43] arcturiaen: think you will have to do the combining yourself
[19:10:05] arcturiaen: get all events + get all messages
[19:10:26] arcturiaen: to get single collection
[19:10:47] arcturiaen: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/37391757/rails-query-related-to-polymorphic-association?rq=1
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[19:14:00] za1b1tsu: Hello, how can I check for a missing end (-w) in a rails file?
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[19:21:26] FluffykinsTheTin: za1b1tsu: try ruby -w file.rb
[19:22:33] FluffykinsTheTin: ruby file.rb -w does not work.
[19:22:47] FluffykinsTheTin: operator must come before the file
[19:27:04] glassresistor: arcturiaen: i've read both of those and this which looks a bit easier to follow: http://karimbutt.github.io/blog/2015/01/03/step-by-step-guide-to-polymorphic-associations-in-rails/
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[19:29:07] glassresistor: arcturiaen: in section 2.9 from http://guides.rubyonrails.org/association_basics.html#polymorphic-associations it has an example with which seems like what I want except i just want Employees and Products to has_one picture if that makes sense?
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[21:05:11] Prutheus: Hello. A Rails question: The application template has something like that `<%= stylesheet_link_tag 'application', media: 'all', 'data-turbolinks-track': 'reload' %>` in it ... I also want to include all tempaltes and themes in the mailers template, but this line of code jsut embeds them relative, not absolute, so their path is /assets/.... and not https://www.domain.com/.....
[21:05:15] Prutheus: how to fix that?
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[21:19:42] Radar: GOOD MORNING
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[22:13:37] crowdpublishtv: Why are there huge left & right margins on Rails pages for all the content within <% yield %>? My headers take up the width of the entire browser. I googled this and cannot find any discussion about it, which makes me think I didn't use the correct search terms. I already checked stylesheets but body etc doesn't have margins set. I was able to get a sidebar all the way to the left but still have ridiculous padding betwe
[22:14:28] crowdpublishtv: This might be a bootstrap thing since I'm using that gem.
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[22:15:24] arcturiaen: @crowdpublishtv nothing to do with rails
[22:15:31] crowdpublishtv: Although I think I had huge margins/padding even before I installed bootstrap
[22:15:47] arcturiaen: check your css/scss in assets
[22:16:03] arcturiaen: and use chrome developer tools
[22:16:05] crowdpublishtv: arcturiaen: I have already checked css
[22:16:38] arcturiaen: apparently not if you dont know why you have margins, look at whats being applied with chrome dev tools or whatever dev tools for browser you use
[22:16:50] arcturiaen: rails doesnt magically apply margins or padding
[22:17:28] crowdpublishtv: arcturiaen: Is there anything in css that specifies different margins for content Inside <%= yield %> versus content outside <%=yield%>?
[22:17:44] arcturiaen: have you scaffolded anything?
[22:17:56] arcturiaen: that generates a css file that might affect it
[22:18:43] arcturiaen: inspect it w/ browser dev tools and find the id or class applying the margins/padding
[22:25:35] crowdpublishtv: arcturiaen: the "class" applying margins/padding is everything within <%=yield%> on all pages. All headers, sidebars, and characters typed outside of <%=yield%> in layouts/templates have no margins within the browser
[22:26:21] arcturiaen: find the name of it and which css file is setting it
[22:26:44] crowdpublishtv: Find the name of what
[22:26:46] arcturiaen: you have a file in layouts for the application layout that yields conetent
[22:27:09] arcturiaen: ok do you not know how to inspect html content with your browser?
[22:27:29] arcturiaen: what browser do you use?
[22:27:46] crowdpublishtv: chrome and firefox
[22:27:50] crowdpublishtv: I know what f12 is
[22:29:48] arcturiaen: so when you inspect the content that is getting yielded from application layout or whatever layout is being applied, you can see the CSS ids or classes being applied to it from the inspector
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[22:30:21] crowdpublishtv: It's an entire #show page that gets yielded
[22:30:37] arcturiaen: dude use the inspect tool
[22:30:53] arcturiaen: do you know how to do that to see margins and padding>?
[22:31:43] crowdpublishtv: The problem might be the Container class that bootstrap uses. But I removed <div class=container> and still have huge padding
[22:32:19] arcturiaen: https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/BzLyFfzJ/chrome%20inspect%20see%20margin%2Fpadding
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[22:35:29] arcturiaen: the container class you would have to have added to your layout
[22:35:46] arcturiaen: its not auto added by the gem
[22:36:02] arcturiaen: its got to be a css issue for you
[22:36:19] arcturiaen: whatever you have wrapped yield in is getting css applied
[22:36:32] arcturiaen: and browser inspect will let you know what that is
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