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#RubyOnRails - 08 May 2018

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[01:50:41] wilornel: Hi #rubyonrails! I am trying to use resque, and get "NotImplementedError" in the dashboard for my job. I am not sure how to troubleshoot this issue, since the job class exists, and the `self.perform` method is defined. Anyone has any idea what could be the issue? I think I included the class by using require, but I am not 100% sure
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[02:05:36] wilornel: It's strange. I now see that: "NoMethodError: undefined method `deserialize' for #<MyClass:0x05>" ...
[02:05:50] wilornel: resque does not say that my job class should have a deseralize method
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[02:26:42] wilornel: for some reason ApplicationJob is not being loaded ...
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[03:57:23] Jittler: Can I get some help? I have a script I need added if a partial is present in a view, and I've included the javascript_include_tag in the partial. Is there a simple conditional for if it's already loaded? Maybe some built-in rails thing I've failed to find Googling? Going to keep at it in the meantime.
[03:57:43] Jittler: Some views have the partial once, some have it multiple times. I guess that wasn't clear.
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[06:20:50] andrewray: the book "Eloquent Ruby" has three separate chapters dedicated to method_missing :(
[06:22:16] sevenseacat: whats wrong with that?
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[06:31:23] andrewray: i guess other than shortening my life expectancy
[06:31:34] andrewray: i've come to appreciate the ability to statically analyze my code in other languages
[06:32:16] sevenseacat: yeah thats not ruby lol
[06:32:48] andrewray: one time I accidentally stepped into a rails core method while debugging my app, and instantly went blind
[06:33:23] andrewray: it's nice to have my editor tell me "hang on, that method doesn't exist"
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[10:06:54] Radar: GOOD EVENING
[10:08:44] Sylario: @Radar thx for the exploding re-recording
[10:08:58] Radar: sylario: hey :) No problems at all. Did you enjoy it?
[10:09:39] Sylario: yup, it's good to challenge habits and think about better design
[10:10:56] Radar: And did you buy the book too?
[10:11:28] Sylario: I am deep inside ember atm, but probably
[10:13:11] Sylario: and it add a layer of fun to your talk when you think about an API for SPA and third party
[10:14:27] isale-eko: How do I use ruby to convert this string into a ruby hash. ' Datas[0].Shop=1 Datas[0].Product.SIZE[0]=3S Datas[0].Product.SIZE[1]=5M Datas[0].Product.Location[0]=ny Datas[0].Product.Country=US Datas[0].Discount=false ' Into this Ruby hash: hash = { 'Shop' = 1, 'Discount' => false 'Product' => { 'SIZE' => [3S, 5M], 'Location' => [ny], 'Country' => 'US', } }
[10:16:23] dminuoso: isale-eko: Do you know of a way to split the string into ["Datas[0].Shop=1", "Datas[0].Product.SIZE[0]=3S", "Datas[0].Product.SIZE[1]=5M", etc] ?
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[10:23:07] isale-eko: dminuoso: not sure because when i do string.split('.'), i get [" Datas[0]", "Shop=1\nDatas[0]"] etc while sting.split('\n') didn't also give what you showed.
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[10:29:05] dminuoso: isale-eko: Are they separated by newlines? I think you should be providing more information
[10:29:14] dminuoso: Or am I to randomly _guess_ what the format of your string really is
[10:31:03] isale-eko: dminuoso: Yes they are seperated by new lines. so this line 1: Datas[0].Shop=1 and this line 2: Datas[0].Product.SIZE[0]=3S. So each line follows the other.
[10:32:48] isale-eko: dminuoso: line 3 is: Datas[0].Product.SIZE[1]=5M and line 4: Datas[0].Product.Location[0]=ny while line 5: Datas[0].Product.Country=US and the last line is: Datas[0].Discount=false
[10:37:04] isale-eko: dminuoso: l was able to get what you pasted with string.split("\n") which gave me this array [" Datas[0].Shop=1", "Datas[0].Product.SIZE[0]=3S", "Datas[0].Product.SIZE[1]=5M", "Datas[0].Product.Location[0]=ny", "Datas[0].Product.Country=US", "Datas[0].Discount=false "] so how do i convert this to this hash: { 'Shop' = 1, 'Discount' => false 'Product' => { 'SIZE' => [3S, 5M], 'Location' => [ny], 'Co
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[10:42:11] Radar: where on earth is this coming from
[10:42:37] Radar: What API provides this data? I have seen it before I think.
[10:42:50] Radar: isale-eko: I must know.
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[10:44:23] Radar: isale-eko: is there some API documentation you're reading that we can take a look at too?
[10:48:38] isale-eko: Radar: sorry i have no documentation. just given the original string as example of the api response and asked to convert it to the hash form shown as a coding interview question.
[10:49:25] Radar: isale-eko: so you want _us_ to solve _your_ coding interview question?
[10:50:18] isale-eko: Radar: give pointers if it is no too much to ask.
[10:50:55] Radar: isale-eko: try parsing each line one at a time and see what you can do.
[10:51:15] Radar: Like, if the data was just Datas[0].Shop=1, how would you turn that into [{Shop: 1}] ?
[10:54:47] isale-eko: Radar: wrangling through that now. I can already get hash for the first line with a = Datas[0].Shop=1, then b = a.split('.'). followed by: v and finally d = Hash[*c.flatten(1)]
[10:55:32] Radar: Ok, but then how do you make it work for each subsequent line? Remembering only to look at one line at a time.
[10:56:57] isale-eko: Radar: I just want to get each line working as i want in irb first then I will create a variable holding an empty hash where I will merge each hash back to.
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[11:01:15] Radar: Yup. Seems good. Maybe write some tests for it too.
[11:01:43] Radar: better than testing it in IRB and then you'll also have something production-ish you could show to the people who are hiring you
[11:03:27] isale-eko: Radar: Thanks for the pointers.
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[11:26:09] helpa: http://i.imgur.com/m9m3wr9.gif
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[13:04:08] tycoon177: it feels so good to have rewritten a report that was ugly code and made it beautiful
[13:05:16] tycoon177: s/beautiful/not as ugly/
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[13:58:46] nzst: that is satisfying, i like a good `git rm` myself
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[14:11:41] dionysus69: is https://www.nginx.com/blog/rate-limiting-nginx/ often used to prevent malicious request bursts?
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[15:50:32] rromanchuk: Let's say i have an inbound application/json request, it expects a json response in the format of {html: "<h1> this is an embarrassing question </h1>"}, i want to use an existing template to render the html key for my response. What would be best practice? I see a lot of unfortunate answers on the intertubes
[15:50:59] rromanchuk: is render_to_string still the best approach?
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[15:55:19] dang`r`us: sounds sane to me, but my rails is rusty
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[17:16:11] tvw: Can someone explain me the point, where the advantage is to encrypt secrets with a new secret in order to have encrypted secrets except the secret, that is used to encrypt the other secrets? And will there be a master_master.key in Rails 6 in order to have the ability to encrypt the master.key?
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[17:49:09] tvw: I am really stuck with those new credidentials. As I can see, the database credidentials do not go into the credentials.yml.enc and it is not ignored in .gitignore. credentials.yml.enc is not ignored too. But when it is checked out, it might replace the available credentials.yml.enc but cannot be used, because the master.key is missing.
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[19:02:19] timdotrb: Morning, all
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[19:04:41] timdotrb: I had a model, but decided it needed to be re-created since the fields it was using were quite different from what I need. I created a migration to drop the table, and then another migration to create it with the new, correct fields. The drop table migration succeeded, but the create migration fails. I'm getting the error: "Mysql2::Error Table 'table' doesn't exist: SHOW FULL FIELDS FROM 'table'". It is correct it doesn't exist, this migration is
[19:04:41] timdotrb: trying to create it ??
[19:05:15] nzst: can you share a link to your migration?
[19:06:33] timdotrb: nzst, https://gist.github.com/willc0de4food/cedcdbd0afdd57d52b8e57d1bfcb3471
[19:12:32] nzst: maybe this is your issue https://stackoverflow.com/questions/44550062/migration-to-create-table-raises-mysql2error-table-doesnt-exist?utm_medium=organic&utm_source=google_rich_qa&utm_campaign=google_rich_qa
[19:14:25] timdotrb: Ahhhhh yea, that definitely sounds promising. I believe when I originally created this app, it was 5.0
[19:15:15] timdotrb: Do you think I could change all of the primary key types in a migration?
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[19:16:16] timdotrb: Something like AR.tables.each {|t| change_field t, :id, :bigint }
[19:16:38] nzst: yea, looks like np http://www.mccartie.com/2016/12/05/rails-5.1.html
[19:17:02] nzst: back up your data and test of course, idk for certain
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[19:20:16] timdotrb: nzst, that worked! Thanks
[19:20:51] nzst: great, you're welcome
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[21:17:41] fox_mulder_cp: oh oh. i try to create small web chat with rails/activecable/react )
[21:17:55] fox_mulder_cp: but how i can test it..
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[21:43:25] dionysus69: fox_mulder_cp: open private tab in the browser :p
[21:44:27] arooni: hey team; having trouble with rails + passenger phusion + nginx; my app is set up but trying to access it i see directory index is borbidden: drwxrwsr-x+ 5 david www-data 4.0K May 8 15:44 public/
[21:44:37] arooni: forbidden ; but the public directory looks accessible
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[21:49:50] fox_mulder_cp: dionysus69 great joke :)
[21:50:38] fox_mulder_cp: arooni: icons and static must be accessible :)
[21:50:56] arooni: fox_mulder_cp: so its simply a permissions issue?
[21:51:22] fox_mulder_cp: all public info can be located and downloaded from public :)
[21:52:12] fox_mulder_cp: but if you want you can drop this dir, if your app can't be damaged with this step
[21:53:07] arooni: right well i'm just trying to get my app to load which its not because i'm running into that 403 forbidden error
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[21:55:08] fox_mulder_cp: i use rails in api mode for some last years with defferent react web ui, so i mount rails api as /api location in nginx with routing all urls to $react_root/build/index.html
[21:55:34] fox_mulder_cp: may be your routes is wrong
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[22:13:31] arooni: apparently i need a config.ru because my app is ancient
[22:27:02] arooni: well that wasnt enough; still getting the 403 error; and to be sure it wasn ta permissions thing i made everything owned by www-data:www-data and 777
[22:29:41] arooni: ooh yah! got it; i thought i had created a config.ru but apparently i had not. silly me
[22:39:37] Inside: ACTION flips the table over and goes back to using html+erb for the viewing portion of the CMS
[22:39:54] Inside: I was trying ot write a single react component that is both an editor and the viewer for a document
[22:40:33] Inside: and there's no good reason for that
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[22:44:27] fox_mulder_cp: Inside: bad idea. one component - one task
[22:44:48] fox_mulder_cp: btw, it's a for #reactjs )
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[22:47:04] Inside: it's react on rails
[22:47:39] Inside: I'll just regular rails helpers + erb to generate the viewer and gut the viewer-specific stuff out of the editor
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[23:08:55] Radar: GOOD MORNING
[23:12:07] Inside: ACTION sits on Radar 
[23:12:39] Radar: Inside: y u no separate out Rails + React completely? Better still, why haven't you watched my Exploding Rails talk yet?
[23:12:51] Inside: because you haven't given me a link yet
[23:12:53] Radar: Here's my Exploding Rails talk which is now mandatory viewing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04Kq_9scT1E&feature=youtu.be
[23:13:43] Inside: can i get a tl;dw/r?
[23:13:58] Radar: You don't want to listen to my amazing Australian accent for 40 minutes?!
[23:14:05] Inside: I'll listen to it when I Get home
[23:14:23] Radar: TL;DR: Rails architecture hasn't really changed in over a decade and it's probably high time it did.
[23:14:41] Inside: Instead of views let's call them Viewports?
[23:14:51] samosaphile: wow, that is you? that is great! :)
[23:14:58] Radar: samosaphile: yes that's me and my accent
[23:15:15] Radar: At the end I also mention that I've been working on an application which follows these ideas: https://github.com/radar/twist-v2 (except it's a Hanami application, but same diff)
[23:15:38] Inside: let's make a rails-lite
[23:15:38] Radar: Hanami in this case is just responsible for two things: 1) taking requests from GitHub webhooks and acting on them and 2) serving up a GraphQL endpoint
[23:15:47] Radar: Inside: It's already been done: http://hanamirb.org/
[23:16:35] Radar: The great thing about this app imo is that my server-side layer is realllly small. It essentially takes requests and fetches data for it but _doesn't_ have any clue how that data is presented to the end user.
[23:16:35] Inside: yet another framework D:
[23:17:02] Radar: How that data is returned to the enduser is determined by the React app, which speaks to the GraphQL endpoint to fetch its data.
[23:17:12] Inside: I wrote a C# winforms program to talk to a PLC over MODBUS and you know what was refreshing?
[23:17:20] Inside: that nothing has fundamentally changed with winforms
[23:17:23] Radar: I know some of those words.
[23:17:29] Inside: in like forever.
[23:17:31] Radar: Not sure what MODBUS is. *googles*
[23:17:46] Inside: It's a binary protocol from the 70s for talking to devices
[23:17:57] Radar: Oh, turns out I do know what MODBUS is but it was a suppressed memory. I think I've used it to talk to chips before.
[23:18:04] Inside: it's literally get_register/set_register
[23:18:15] Inside: You can implement the whole protocol on a postage stamp
[23:18:28] Radar: I think what you're saying is that you don't like change?
[23:18:31] Inside: But that's not my point - my point is that web dev kinda sucks :(
[23:18:37] Inside: yeah - there's always something new(tm)
[23:18:42] Radar: It moves quite quickly, yeah.
[23:18:50] Inside: Which i would be okay with
[23:18:56] Inside: but the whole polyfill/browser support business.
[23:18:58] Inside: holy. crap.
[23:19:12] Inside: All the work PCs have IE11 -or- chrome
[23:19:18] Inside: and apparently IE11 doesn't support a bunch of stuff
[23:19:47] Radar: They couldn't upgrade to edge?
[23:19:56] Inside: I'm not sure
[23:19:59] Radar: (I feel like we've had this chat before... hospital environment?)
[23:20:08] Radar: Ok, different person.
[23:20:10] Inside: small manufacturing company
[23:20:37] Inside: I'm a manufacturing engineer - trying to write apps for data collection on the line (like.. serial numbers of components and how long it takes a machine to get built)
[23:20:45] Inside: so the whole webdev stuff is for the birds
[23:21:07] Inside: I picked it since chromebooks are super cheap - you can setup a kiosk for collecting data for like $300.
[23:21:38] Inside: I mean - it mostly works
[23:22:25] Inside: https://imgur.com/a/lcNuME5
[23:25:44] fox_mulder_cp: I try to create rails engine install generator. how i can describe creating a model, controller, serializers?
[23:27:31] samosaphile: one thing i've never understood is how is it, that i've never seen rails web app or website that looks bad? the quality control is amazing .. i mean im sure they exist but compared to sites in php/JS ... most stuff in php or JS is all over the place. very few well made php/js websites. almost every startup that uses rails looks good
[23:28:02] Inside: I think enforcing a convention really helps a lot
[23:28:25] Inside: plus every rails tutorial heavily enforces going through TDD stuff
[23:29:02] Inside: I was talking to our dedicated PHP dev at work and he basically told me that code coverage is one of those things that only managers care about
[23:31:42] samosaphile: im just supprised, the few php/js sites that are good are usually made by like dev's with 10-15 years of experiance and big companies with large funding and lots of dev's
[23:32:54] samosaphile: and the rails sites are equaling them in quality, made by some startup with 1 webdev with 1-2 years experiance and no money
[23:33:20] samosaphile: which actually brings me to my second point
[23:34:05] samosaphile: what's the deal with startup's and rails? nearly every startup uses rails
[23:34:24] Inside: did you read the article where some twitter C-* level person was blaming rails as being a shitty fisher price framework that led to all their passwords being leaked?
[23:35:19] Inside: Twitter’s backend was initially built on Ruby on Rails, a rudimentary web-application framework that made it nearly impossible to find a technical solution to the harassment problem. If Twitter’s co-founders had known what it would become, a third former executive told me, “you never would have built it on a Fisher-Price infrastructure.”
[23:35:24] Inside: https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2018/02/how-twitter-lost-the-internet-war
[23:35:37] Inside: Instead of building a product that could scale alongside the platform, former employees say, Twitter papered over its problems by hiring more moderators. “Because this is just an ass-backward tech company, let’s throw non-scalable, low-tech solutions on top of this low-tech, non-scalable problem.”
[23:37:24] samosaphile: I'm supprised that no other language has built a similar rails like web framework equivalent. Well, I guess python has flask(?) but am not too sure how similar that is or familiar with it. I don't think nodejs or express.js has anything equivalent
[23:37:38] Inside: django was pretty hot for a while
[23:38:37] Inside: anyway - I haven't done any work in 30 minutes
[23:38:39] Inside: going home \o/
[23:39:27] samosaphile: django may have been hot for awhile but i was never impressed with anything using django, they always just had a completely different look and feel to me, not sure how to explain it, but you just know when something is rails
[23:41:07] orbyt_: has joined #RubyOnRails
[23:43:58] samosaphile: maybe it has something to do with the fonts. hmm, hanami looks interesting