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#RubyOnRails - 05 July 2018

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[02:51:51] Radar: GOOD AFTERNOON
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[02:56:00] sevenseacat: what's the haps
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[03:10:58] sevenseacat: ....good chat, good chat
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[03:12:16] Radar: very good chat
[03:12:18] Radar: Thank you sevenseacat
[03:12:54] Radar: sevenseacat: how's the new job?
[03:13:43] sevenseacat: going good! I have code in production! i wrote angular code! fear me
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[03:42:55] Radar: people still use angular?
[03:46:35] sevenseacat: yes! v1 at that
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[05:53:58] pankaj: I have cloned the getting_started_app from heroku website and now I am pushing it. The problem is that I do not know whether the operation seems to be stuck (after writing objects) or it is working. Does it takes too long for this small app of 696K?
[05:56:41] sevenseacat: it shouldnt, no
[05:57:06] pankaj: sevenseacat: Then I do not know why but I followed steps from heroku and were successful but it is taking too slow.
[05:57:19] sevenseacat: can you gist what you're looking at?
[05:57:25] pankaj: sevenseacat: My internet connection is not that too low also.
[05:57:33] pankaj: sevenseacat: What?
[05:58:01] sevenseacat: copy and paste what you're looking at into a gist (http://gist.github.com) so we can see it
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[05:59:20] pankaj: sevenseacat: What I am looking at?
[05:59:50] sevenseacat: right, I assume you're looking at output in a terminal window or something?
[06:00:31] pankaj: sevenseacat: Just one sec.
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[06:01:21] pankaj: sevenseacat: https://gist.github.com/pankajsaini1234/c28a846367660411b85b6e3fbe992597
[06:01:40] pankaj: sevenseacat: Only this from last 5 to 7 minutes
[06:02:23] pankaj: sevenseacat: I was trying to push the getting_started project earlier but then I though to push my own project that I want to push so that may be it works.
[06:04:06] sevenseacat: yeah after that you should get all the output from heroku about building the app, yadda yadda
[06:05:11] pankaj: sevenseacat: But I am not getting any and it has been now 8 minutes (I think or may be longer).
[06:05:35] pankaj: sevenseacat: And yes the output I can see that on heroku website as their is getting started page.
[06:05:55] pankaj: sevenseacat: What do you think may be the problem
[06:06:04] sevenseacat: I have no way of knowing.
[06:06:22] pankaj: Is their anyone here who can help on this issue.
[06:06:31] sevenseacat: what steps did you take to get to that point?
[06:06:41] pankaj: sevenseacat: Even with ruby_getting_started it is the problem.
[06:07:03] pankaj: sevenseacat: I followed the link https://devcenter.heroku.com/articles/getting-started-with-ruby#introduction
[06:12:47] pankaj: sevenseacat: Hello
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[06:23:04] pankaj: sevenseacat: Hello, can you reply please.
[06:23:47] sevenseacat: I suspect the problem is something to do with heroku. if you try it again does it do the same thing?
[06:24:54] pankaj: sevenseacat: It is the third time I am trying but it is the same. It is stuck at that point.
[06:25:52] sevenseacat: https://status.heroku.com/incidents/1577 might be relevant
[06:31:31] pankaj: sevenseacat: OK. I do not know or how to but is this true that it happened a hour ago when I was tryig to push it?
[06:32:17] sevenseacat: if you're implying that you caused the incident, I very much doubt it.
[06:37:07] pankaj: sevenseacat: 'I caused it'. How?
[06:37:48] pankaj: sevenseacat: I am saying that it looks weird or something awkward when I do something and at that time only the service is not ready to serve.
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[06:38:27] sevenseacat: ok if you think you caused it, heroku would probably like if you fixed it now.
[06:39:32] pankaj: sevenseacat: Well, I just followed the same steps it gave to me. I did it with cloning the ruby_getting_started repo and tried it but it did not took place successfully. So, why in this case I am responsible?
[06:39:44] sevenseacat: like I said, you're not.
[06:40:13] pankaj: sevenseacat: OK. Then I will wait for sometime. Is their any channel to heroku. I tried heroku but no response since then.
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[08:10:23] Terens: is it bad to define routes within
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[08:10:47] Terens: module ActionDispatch::Routing class Mapper #:nodoc:
[08:11:43] sevenseacat: why do you want to do that?
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[09:06:06] Terens: I don't know I just found it this way
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[09:19:51] pankaj: Is it ture that to use mysql addon on my rails app I have to pay (on heroku). Or since it is my first time deployment can anybody suggest me some other cloud service on which I can easily deploy my rails app (which uses mysql)?
[09:20:05] pankaj: I will surely use postgres but later.
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[09:38:02] fabiob: Hi, what's the best practice to get the last element of a resource with REST? '/resources/?last=true'? A new action?
[09:38:55] sevenseacat: define "last"
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[09:52:09] anikras: hi, i have an application in ruby&rails and I have my app.po with language translated
[09:52:19] anikras: but, when I am changed language I have this error
[09:52:19] anikras: No such file or directory @ rb_sysopen - config/locale/ca/app.po
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[09:52:59] anikras: I have in my Gemfile: gem 'gettext_i18n_rails', '~> 1.8'
[09:53:27] anikras: I am using this version: ruby 2.3.1p112
[09:53:53] anikras: I checked files in locale/[language]/app.po
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[11:15:57] drale2k_: Hello, i have a User model which has_many Posts and i have an API where i can successfully create users and posts in one POST request (using accepts_nested_attributes_for)
[11:16:53] drale2k_: but now i want to be able to update specific posts the same way. How can i tell rails to update a post instead of creating a new one, when sending posts as posts_attributes on Users via the API ?
[11:17:30] drale2k_: do i need to do that manually in the Users#create method or is there something rails expects for it to "just work"
[11:18:16] Radar: create actions shouldn't be used to update anything
[11:18:25] Radar: what's wrong with creating a different endpoint?
[11:18:35] Radar: likely you'd only be updating a single post though, right?
[11:24:32] drale2k_: Radar: ah sry i meant Users.update. No i would like to update many posts at once through a User
[11:30:21] NL3limin4t0r: drale2k_: Do the same thing as you did when creating the user/posts but instead send it to `PATCH /users/:id` instead of `POST /users` make sure the post id is a permitted param, otherwise new posts will be created.
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[11:35:05] drale2k_: NL3limin4t0r: thanks, i already permitted the post id as a param. Now i only need to add the Post ID to each post on PUT ?
[11:35:24] drale2k_: or how does it know from an array whcih post to Update from which array object
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[11:37:59] NL3limin4t0r: If you use the `form_for @user` helper or `form_with model: @user` in rails 5.2 the path should be set corrently. When using the `fields_for :posts, @user.posts` helper the id is automaticaly set as an hidden field.
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[11:38:43] drale2k_: it's a REST API
[11:38:56] NL3limin4t0r: Than you should pass the id yourself.
[11:39:45] drale2k_: ok but when i send PUT Users=>Posts=>Array of Posts, right now it just creates new Posts
[11:39:51] drale2k_: is this because i am not passing the ID per Post ?
[11:40:41] NL3limin4t0r: Yep, if an id is not present than it's not created yet. Therefore it's seen as a new resource.
[11:41:25] drale2k_: Ok, so id present = update, no id present = new post created
[11:44:14] NL3limin4t0r: In addition, if you haven't whitelisted the id then it is stripped away after permitting the values, therefor also creating new posts. But you already got that covered.
[11:45:13] drale2k_: a follow up. I have an ID field and a "serial_number" field on the post which is just a 32 bit string. I would like to use the that "serial_number" to identify a post when updting them instead of the ID
[11:45:26] drale2k_: how can i go about doing that ?
[12:06:37] NL3limin4t0r: drale2k_: Load the ids based on the provided serial numbers.
[12:07:47] drale2k_: NL3limin4t0r: can you elaborate on that please?
[12:08:23] NL3limin4t0r: yep, https://pastebin.com/Qv8VkLFk
[12:08:26] drale2k_: i want to use that serial instead of the id field
[12:09:18] NL3limin4t0r: oops, I made a typo `.map { |post_attributes| post_attributes[:id] }` should be `.map { |post_attributes| post_attributes[:serial_number] }`
[12:10:48] NL3limin4t0r: The other option using the serial number as id instead.
[12:12:26] NL3limin4t0r: But that might be a bit harder to do since it goes against the convention
[12:12:40] NL3limin4t0r: a quick google search give me this article http://ruby-journal.com/how-to-override-default-primary-key-id-in-rails/
[12:13:08] drale2k_: hm ye i thought about that but not sure yet if i want to go that far
[12:13:11] NL3limin4t0r: but you might want to find some better resources on that
[12:13:14] drale2k_: thanks for the snippet
[12:14:36] NL3limin4t0r: Keep in mind that incomming params are normaly strings. If your serial number is not a string you might want to `posts_attributes[:serial_number].to_i`.
[12:15:48] drale2k_: it is a string
[12:15:59] NL3limin4t0r: but you'll get the picture
[12:16:20] drale2k_: i am not 100% sure what line 13 does in the snippet. Is it comparing ids to serial numbers? Because they are different
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[12:24:47] NL3limin4t0r: drale2k_: https://pastebin.com/XPrshVMB
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[12:27:20] NL3limin4t0r: Alternatively you could use `find_by(serial_number: posts_attributes[:serial_number]).id` but than a query is executed for every given serial number.
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[12:33:38] NL3limin4t0r: drale2k_: I made the last loop a bit more clear: https://pastebin.com/nGcPtKdL hope it's understandable now.
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[14:29:08] cheeti: hi i am using rails 5.2, how to add required true to simple_form_for collection_radio_buttons
[14:29:51] cheeti: <%= f.collection_radio_buttons :previous_report_share, [[true, 'Yes'] ,[false, 'No']], :first, :last, :required => true %> not working
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[15:29:45] Psy-Q: anyon use jsonapi-rb's Deserializable::Resource? the documentation is missing and i can't get it to do anything, if i use the bit of documentation there is to add a deserializable :server resource to my controller, it fails with: undefined method `to_unsafe_hash' for nil:NilClass
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[16:03:55] Psy-Q: ah apparently it's an issue when you don't set the correct content-type on your request
[16:04:22] Psy-Q: but now i'm onto the next issue, it explodes completely when it gets malformed JSON and i know no way to present a nice JSON error to the client in such cases :)
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[16:10:07] walidvb: i'm having issues with ruby
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[16:12:24] walidvb: i have the following file: app/lib/epp/un_epp.rb . this contains a module UnEpp, with a submodule Domain. it seems that the UnEpp module is loaded, but not its submodules
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[16:12:36] walidvb: as in UnEpp exists, but not UnEpp::Domain
[16:13:27] walidvb: this would be my code: https://gist.github.com/walidvb/002bdbaca9076131d18b81b93d0b7303
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[16:13:50] fryguy: ok, and what is the problem
[16:13:50] walidvb: as a matter of fact, the whole module is empty
[16:14:06] walidvb: fryguy: i can't call any of the functions in that file
[16:14:14] fryguy: how are you trying to do that?
[16:14:46] walidvb: right this second, by running a rails console, and running UnEpp.server
[16:14:56] walidvb: (which is a method on the UnEpp module)
[16:15:06] fryguy: ok, and how is this file getting loaded?
[16:15:25] walidvb: that, i am not sure
[16:15:52] fryguy: app/lib is not a standard location, so you'll need to add it to autoload_paths assuming you are relying on rails autoloading of modules
[16:16:21] fryguy: which relying on autoloading will be problematic because the autoloader won't look in this file for UnEpp::Domain
[16:17:11] walidvb: that's one thing i'm confused by. there is another file in the lib folder which does get loaded. but i can't find any explicit loading of it in app.rb (or anywhere else)
[16:17:25] walidvb: fryguy: better to put in config/initializers ?
[16:17:48] walidvb: (btw, rails 5)
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[16:19:49] pankaj: I have used mysql as database for my first rails app. Now, I want to deploy it with heroku but it is postgres that is free. Is their any other easy way to do the same with mysql (if offered as free)?
[16:20:34] walidvb: pankaj: you _can_ have different dbs in prod and dev, just fyi
[16:20:53] walidvb: fryguy: any advice on where to put this / how to solve ?
[16:21:17] fryguy: walidvb: what happens if you just type UnEpp in a rails console
[16:21:32] walidvb: i get `=> UnEpp`
[16:21:44] fryguy: and then UnEpp::Domain
[16:22:01] walidvb: NameError: uninitialized constant UnEpp::Domain
[16:22:08] walidvb: and UnEpp.constants gives []
[16:22:24] fryguy: is this module defined anywhere else in your application?
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[16:22:42] walidvb: checked that, no
[16:23:06] fryguy: have you changed what this definition looked like while using spring?
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[16:24:09] fryguy: try restarting spring
[16:24:50] walidvb: and then restarting the console?
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[16:26:55] walidvb: gettin `Domain (call 'Domain.connection' to establish a connection)`
[16:27:16] walidvb: fryguy: (i have an ActiveRecord class called Domain)
[16:27:43] walidvb: i've added a Test submodule to have this work
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[16:32:15] walidvb: fryguy: ok, defo a problem smwh. I emptied the file, stopped spring, relaunched rails console and it still finds a UnEpp
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[16:36:24] walidvb: it seems that simply having a file named un_epp automatically declares a UnEpp constant
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[17:02:31] eyeris: I'm getting an exception `uninitialized constant Rack::Test::UploadedFile` raising out of this line in rails 4.2 https://github.com/rails/rails/blob/4-2-stable/actionpack/lib/action_controller/metal/strong_parameters.rb#L530
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[17:05:06] eyeris: actionpack 4.2.10 declares rack-test as a dependency and rack-test 0.6.3 (I think that's the latest compatible with rails 4.2) requires 'rack/test/uploaded_file' https://github.com/rack-test/rack-test/blob/v0.6.3/lib/rack/test.rb#L8
[17:05:33] eyeris: However, if I run 'bundle exec irb' Rack::Test is defined while Rack::Test::UploadedFile is undefined
[17:06:28] eyeris: This doesn't happen for me with a brand new 4.2 app, it's clearly something wrong with my dependencies. I'm struggling to see a next diagnostic step to narrow down the problem though. Any ideas?
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[17:07:25] pankaj: walidvb: Thanks for that. But well I am not so familier with production because it is my first rails app and I have also used a database in this case.
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[17:08:17] walidvb: pankaj: if i were you i would install psql locally
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[17:35:12] pankaj: walidvb: Yes, I have installed it and now I am practising it.
[17:35:53] pankaj: walidvb: But I would also like to deploy my previous application although if their is a free service.
[17:36:12] walidvb: any reason why your previous won't run on psql?
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[19:51:09] chkhanch: Please tell me if there is gem coverage. What I can find is a clearly obsolete gem
[19:53:08] fryguy: what kind of coverage?
[19:56:45] chkhanch: yeeeap) It would be nice to know :) but I was asked 'to install gem coverage')
[19:58:11] chkhanch: tried to find a gem with that name
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[20:33:46] havenwood: An aside, but there's a neat new gem called covered that uses RubyVM::AST from Ruby 2.6-dev to show code coverage for even eval'ed code - including coverage in your view templates: https://github.com/ioquatix/covered
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[21:09:04] chkhanch: But in the project at the moment there are no tests :) I will specify what the person actually wanted
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