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#RubyOnRails - 17 July 2018

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[03:18:31] Radar: GOOD AFTERNOON
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[04:24:16] Radar: Preeety much.
[04:24:57] sevenseacat: what're we all working on today?
[04:28:06] Radar: I'm working on a talk for the Junior Dev meetup in Melbourne tomorrow night.
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[05:31:58] agent_white: I liked your writeup about junior devs, Radar. Hope to find some shops around my area with that same enthusiam for newbies.
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[07:29:36] dionysus69: do you recommend setting up load balancer manually with nginx or to use a service like digitalocean load balancer?
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[08:05:06] Radar: agent_white: thank you! :D
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[10:27:29] chridal: I'm having this super weird issue. I have two servers (different HW and domains) running the exact same Docker container, one of them is getting issues with the Rails asset pipeline, the other isn't.
[10:27:34] chridal: Any one have any thoughts?
[10:29:38] chridal: [a5d236ad-a2db-49f4-ab48-7fc32d2b58f5] ActionView::Template::Error (The asset "mino-dark.png" is not present in the asset pipeline.)
[10:30:02] chridal: One of the servers give me that error, the other one runs the same view just fine. I tried changing the version of the Rails.application.config.assets.version as well.
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[11:31:11] dionysus69: I have similar problem like this https://stackoverflow.com/questions/28561508/activejob-fails-deserializing-an-object but I am using resque instead of sidekiq and I am not dealing with db, just sending emails
[11:31:31] dionysus69: I have let's say two objects of the same class, sending one works another doesn't
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[12:32:29] mikhael_k33hl: What's the best way of defining a environment variable containing sensitive information for ruby on rails 5?
[12:33:59] mikhael_k33hl: Is this still the convention? https://gist.github.com/marzdgzmn/5dbb3b2af7bc13c62312cf31b0f1a5e6
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[14:49:58] za1b1tsu: I can't seem to use a where('attr > ?', 1) on active record association
[14:50:02] za1b1tsu: is this normal?
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[14:53:41] za1b1tsu: the attribute is called limit
[14:53:49] za1b1tsu: any other attribute works
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[15:05:20] za1b1tsu: limit is a pg reserverd keyword....
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[15:28:54] ule: Hey guys, I just finish upgrading rails from 4.2.10 to 5.0.7. I'm wondering if I should upgrade to 5.1 or 5.2 now. I just want to understand better what these numbers means
[15:29:25] ule: Is odd versions a kind of short version just for tests? Any specific rule for Long Term Support versions based on these numbers?
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[15:37:24] ule: got the answer from there, thanks guys!
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[16:48:19] theRoUS: i've spent the past several days on this, and posted it on stackoverflow at https://stackoverflow.com/questions/51386515/rails-5-abstracting-actions-out-of-controllers but i'm going to try asking here as well because time is running short
[16:49:21] theRoUS: issue 1. i have actions that are shared/identical for several different controllers, and come with related #before_action and related references.
[16:51:00] theRoUS: how can i abstract those, in a best-practice and canonical manner, into a separate module that the controllers can include? controller concerns don't get the callbacks and i don't know what module(s) a concern would need to include to get them
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[16:51:36] theRoUS: issue 2. likewise, but for models and the validation callbacks.
[16:52:50] theRoUS: issue 3. certain structures (like #params) are available all over the place; in controllers, in views, etc. what's the canonical way to set up user-defined structures with the same sort of breadth of scope?
[16:53:26] theRoUS: (food for thought, if anyone wants it, and /me is going downstairs to grab a sandwich)
[16:54:30] s2013: theRoUS include some code i you can in the stack overflow
[16:54:46] s2013: otherwise peopel see a big blob of text adn wont read it
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[17:27:09] theRoUS: rails is so convoluted in order to provide its richness that trying to spread the wealth into custom code is a major chore. :-(
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[17:28:22] theRoUS: maybe i need to put the common actions into an abstract controller.. but then how would the others access them?
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[17:44:32] fryguy: theRoUS: consider inheritance
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[17:48:22] theRoUS: fryguy: that's just it -- inherit from *where*? or are you suggesting the abstract controller inherit from ActionController::Base, and the other controllers inherit from it?
[17:55:10] theRoUS: every one of them would have to declare itself non-abstract.. i'd much rather do this with mixins than class inheritance, but oh well
[17:57:41] fryguy: so then do it with mixins
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[18:06:23] Inside: yeah what's wrong with mixins?
[18:09:00] Inside: Or you could just use business objects everywhere
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[18:49:29] s2013: Error R14 (Memory quota exceeded) i keep getting this in heroku.. i have a $25/mo plan.. do i need to upgrade? its on a specific page that runs couple of queries.. the queries arent that taxing cause its only few hundred records
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[18:50:25] Axsuul: Hmm I have a class inheriting another class in Rails .. class Foo < Bar ... however in some situations when I do something like this "Foo".constantize, it will return Bar. What gives?
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[18:57:42] fryguy: s2013: upgrade or profile/optimize the action
[18:57:55] fryguy: axsuul: show us a situation
[18:58:00] s2013: the query im running is User.group_by_date(:created_at)
[18:58:05] s2013: there are only few hundred
[18:58:13] s2013: takes like 100ms on dev
[18:58:23] s2013: i have a copy of he prod db locally
[18:58:43] s2013: i added a second dyno, same thing. im guessing it has to do with postgres so rsomething
[18:59:34] s2013: i guess i need to do some sort of standard tier
[18:59:45] s2013: but i cant even find it
[18:59:48] s2013: how to increase it
[19:00:22] s2013: okay i found out. now i have two of them running
[19:00:34] s2013: Jesus.. heroku is expensive
[19:00:39] fryguy: yes it is
[19:00:59] s2013: oh well. i think still worth it since we need this particular app running for a month
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[19:01:53] s2013: do you know if i upgrade/add a new db to my app. would heroku take care of everything or do i need to go and migrate data over or something
[19:02:09] fryguy: no idea, don't use heroku
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[19:09:58] s2013: oh okay yeah i had to copy data over
[19:11:15] s2013: wow that query still cant run
[19:11:44] s2013: gah.. i guess i need to migrate over to something else
[19:11:57] s2013: paying $75/mo and it cant do a group on few hundred rows
[19:21:03] fryguy: i'm going to guess something else is wrong
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[19:57:15] Inside: s2013: rails is kind of a memory vacuum
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[19:58:54] havenwood: s2013: Heroku scales DBs separately from dynos. make sure you are approaching 100% cache and index hit rate.
[19:59:26] havenwood: s2013: https://devcenter.heroku.com/articles/postgresql-indexes
[19:59:38] havenwood: s2013: Do you have proper indexes? Do you have a big enough PG to cache them?
[19:59:59] havenwood: s2013: Check?: heroku pg:diagnose
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[20:01:44] havenwood: s2013: If you're not close to 100% hit rate, increase the DB cache size until you are.
[20:02:38] s2013: havenwood overall index hit rate 0.6923076923076923
[20:02:38] s2013: overall cache hit rate 0.9567099567099567
[20:03:04] havenwood: s2013: Those seem low to me!
[20:03:23] s2013: i havent really optimized the app since its a temporary app and at most there will be a thousand or two rows of data
[20:04:34] havenwood: s2013: Betcha if you increase the PG size by one you'll see dramatically better performance.
[20:05:03] havenwood: s2013: You're on a standard 0, or?
[20:05:36] havenwood: s2013: Hobby?
[20:06:07] havenwood: There's no in-memory cache on hobby, so if you're on that, get off!
[20:07:02] s2013: standard 0
[20:07:04] s2013: and 1 dyno
[20:07:26] havenwood: s2013: I'd suggest standard-2 and stay on 1 dyno.
[20:07:35] s2013: thats $200/mo
[20:07:42] s2013: yeah im just gonna migrate toa VPS then for it
[20:07:57] s2013: this is ridiculous that heroku cant do some basic queries for $50/mo
[20:08:01] havenwood: s2013: Yeah, Postgres performance really does rely on proper RAM being available.
[20:08:21] havenwood: s2013: On Heroku that can get expensive, but you need to hit the cache.
[20:08:32] s2013: gah.. now i gotta spend some migrating over that data etc
[20:08:55] havenwood: maybe worth the $200 per mo?
[20:09:01] s2013: [1] pry(main)> Purchaser.group_by_day(:created_at).count
[20:09:02] havenwood: that's what they're shooting for :-P
[20:09:09] s2013: thats the query
[20:09:35] s2013: yeah for me now its about the principle.. i haventt used heroku in like 5 years.. but didnt realize they were this expensive now
[20:09:53] havenwood: s2013: in `heroku pg:psql` check?: EXPLAIN ANALYZE
[20:10:24] havenwood: s2013: heroku plugins:install heroku-pg-extras && heroku pg:outliers
[20:11:06] havenwood: s2013: https://github.com/heroku/heroku-pg-extras
[20:11:39] havenwood: s2013: You can check vacuum stats, etc, but it seems to me like you need more than 4GB RAM to properly cache.
[20:11:49] s2013: which makes 0 sense to me
[20:12:09] s2013: data size is 8.4mb
[20:12:10] havenwood: s2013: Look at?: heroku pg:bloat
[20:12:46] s2013: its literally an app with one 2 tables
[20:12:49] s2013: no joins, nothing
[20:12:58] havenwood: s2013: Sanity check with heroku-pg-extras
[20:13:01] s2013: one table is for admin.. the other is the one that has list of people that enters this thing
[20:13:08] havenwood: s2013: Maybe the cache just wasn't saturated?
[20:13:13] s2013: biggest waste is 96kb
[20:13:21] s2013: index | pg_catalog | pg_depend::pg_depend_reference_index | 1.4 | 96 kB
[20:13:36] s2013: i wonder maybe poolsize or something
[20:13:38] s2013: some other issue
[20:13:42] havenwood: s2013: heroku pg:cache-hit
[20:14:09] s2013: index hit rate | 0.69230769230769230769
[20:14:09] s2013: table hit rate | 0.95670995670995670996
[20:14:19] havenwood: That index hit rate sure seems low...
[20:14:53] s2013: yeah im beyond confused at this point
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[20:16:46] s2013: i created a droplet in DO
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[20:38:02] guacamole: has anyone used active storage :has_many_attached with active_admin forms? I'm trying to allow multiple attachments in the admin panel but not sure what object to pass the `f.has_many :something` in the form
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[21:09:55] s2013: man problems after problems.. so i setup a deploy script.. but do server is ruby 2.4.0 mine is 2.3.1 so when localy i updated to 2.4.0 rails doessnt work
[21:10:01] s2013: i have to switch back to 2.3.1
[21:10:02] s2013: Rails is not currently installed on this system. To get the latest version, simply type:
[21:10:07] s2013: is what i get when i use 2.4.0
[21:10:16] s2013: i know ive faced this issue before but i forgot how i solved it. any clue?
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[21:22:42] s2013: ok fixed that
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[21:24:10] prettybTech: Hi! I am new to the rails platform. I have a problem: I added an enum to my class inherited from ActiveRecord::Base and declared the storing column "status" as int. On insert the enum picks the right integer value "4" to insert in the database. But on render the value for 4 is nil. I used the `rails console` and the command returns the incorrect results for the Model.where(status: :failed) query. But if I substitute the string with num the
[21:24:11] prettybTech: results are correct. Though it returns the correct results for previously defined enums ex: Model.where(status: :pending). Ruby -v = 2.3.1 rails -v = 5.0
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[21:26:18] prettybTech: I am not sure where do I have to make changes for the view to render value "4" as "failed" rather than "nil". Do I have to do something to make rails aware that enums for model class have changed
[21:27:11] s2013: is status a type boolean?
[21:27:45] s2013: oh its int
[21:28:24] s2013: what is it stored in the db
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[21:31:02] prettybTech: Its stored in the DB as int defined in the `def change` for adding additional column to the Model.
[21:32:46] prettybTech: My bad. Got it! Thank you.
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[21:50:50] hnanon: If I have a has_one relationship...let's say Book has_one Author...after the Author is created and associated with a Book, what happens when I recreate an Author for the same Book? Does it just update the existing Author? If not, shouldn't it?
[21:51:55] hnanon: Or, does a new Author get created with same Book association as the existing, first Author?
[21:52:45] hnanon: If the latter is the case, how does rails know which author to use for the Book's has_one relationship?
[21:53:15] hnanon: I'm asking because, for ActiveStorage, the attachment is updated in that case, and not created.
[21:53:24] hnanon: *not recreated
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[21:57:35] hnanon: So, a new object is in fact recreated when there is an existing has_one association.
[21:58:30] hnanon: Additionally, rails uses the first object. So, Book.last.author returns the first author, for example.
[21:58:37] hnanon: Is that how it should be?
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[22:26:27] theRoUS: fryguy, Inside: the problem with mixins is that i can't tell *which* mixins to include to get things like the controller action predicates
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[22:50:45] Radar: good morning
[22:51:08] Radar: hnanon: your association is setup wrong. book should belong_to an author, not has_one.
[22:51:32] Radar: and an author should has_many books. I should know, because I'm an author who _has many_ books.
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[23:05:28] stephenmac7: Trying to update to Rails 5, but my tests are giving me an error: ActionController::UrlGenerationError: No route matches {
[23:06:02] Radar: stephenmac7: what's the rest of that message?
[23:06:15] Radar: stephenmac7: and what code generates that message?
[23:07:17] stephenmac7: https://pastebin.com/JwqRaNf1 <- Error
[23:07:42] helpa: Clearly explain what is happening and create a Gist (http://gist.github.com), (formatted neatly please: http://bit.ly/1q75oia) or Hastebin (https://hastebin.com) of the code that is causing the problem you are encountering, as well as any useful output like stacktraces.
[23:07:46] helpa: Do not use any service that is not Pastie or Gist to post code. Pastebin, for example has a tiny font and it has ads on it which cause the page to load slowly. Other paste services generally look like crap.
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[23:09:00] Radar: stephenmac7: what is at admin_controller_test line 72?
[23:09:01] stephenmac7: Alternative paste: https://hastebin.com/emobicubis.rb
[23:09:08] stephenmac7: It's post :publicize
[23:09:20] stephenmac7: Where that's the name of an action in my controller
[23:09:42] Radar: stephenmac7: can you show me the matching route for that action?
[23:10:26] stephenmac7: One second. The routing is very non-standard
[23:10:44] Radar: No problems. Just find me the one that matches.
[23:11:10] Radar: I'm getting off this train. Will try to check when I'm in the office.
[23:11:41] stephenmac7: match ':area_id/:controller/(:action(/:id))', via: [:get, :post]
[23:21:30] Radar: stephenmac7: did you share the code from admin_controller_test?
[23:21:59] Radar: stephenmac7: that route requires an area_id. You might not be passing that through.
[23:22:11] Radar: Also: catch-all routes are... not recommended best practice in Rails versions > 2
[23:23:09] stephenmac7: Yeah, I saw that myself. Wondering why it worked in rails 4. As for the catch-all, I'm not really in control of that part.
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[23:23:39] stephenmac7: I'll look into where the area_id was supposed to come from
[23:28:48] stephenmac7: Radar: That one `post :publicize` was the part from the test that was causing problems. It's in a subclass of ActionController::TestCase inside a `test 'publicize'` do block
[23:33:13] Radar: stephenmac7: right, but can you show me the code from that? I reckon it might not be passing in area_id, which is why you're seeing that error
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