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#RubyOnRails - 20 August 2018

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[00:08:08] quazimodo: so is it a bad idea to use cache keys ~ 47000 chararcters long?
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[00:16:51] Radar: HELPA HAS SPOKEN
[00:18:26] Radar: quazimodo: y u no hash your keys
[00:18:45] Radar: model/id/<hash-goes-here>
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[03:33:33] sevenseacat: anyone using asdf for managing ruby versions here? am getting lots of warnings about redefining constants, due to asdf symlinking its install folder and seemingly loading the same files twice
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[03:44:40] Radar: sevenseacat: !rule3
[03:44:40] helpa: sevenseacat: Clearly explain what is happening and create a Gist (http://gist.github.com), (formatted neatly please: http://bit.ly/1q75oia) or Hastebin (https://hastebin.com) of the code that is causing the problem you are encountering, as well as any useful output like stacktraces.
[03:44:47] Radar: sevenseacat: gist the warnings please ;)
[03:45:09] Radar: I think I will have a solution for you but I need to be 100% certain before I go suggesting things.
[03:45:55] sevenseacat: https://gist.github.com/sevenseacat/1c06ac5b33eeaa0a4dc8b4c7fff6f215 for a very long list
[03:45:57] Radar: sevenseacat: what also might be helpful is knowing what Ruby version you're on
[03:47:14] Radar: sevenseacat: can you go into a new directory and run this script for me? https://gist.github.com/radar/af540f692eb000b21775b0a8deb535b2. Tell me if you see "b loaded" twice.
[03:48:07] Radar: sevenseacat: make sure that in that dir it's configured to run Ruby 2.3.7.
[03:50:25] sevenseacat: yep, b loaded twice
[03:51:11] Radar: sevenseacat: Great. You're running into this Ruby bug: https://bugs.ruby-lang.org/issues/10222. Upgrade your Ruby version and the warnings will go away.
[03:51:27] Radar: We've had it at CA for a few weeks now and it's because we were running Ruby 2.4.2
[03:51:41] sevenseacat: I wasnt getting it without asdf though
[03:51:50] Radar: Yeah, it's because asdf symlinks.
[03:52:33] sevenseacat: thats annoying. can't just go upgrading work project. but I'll raise an issue for it
[03:53:20] sevenseacat: 2.4 was the big Fixnum change wasnt it
[03:53:23] Radar: Yeah but at least it's not going to cause things to blow up.
[03:53:37] Radar: sevenseacat: yeah, it merged fixnum + bugnum into Integer
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[04:01:54] sevenseacat: issue filed, warnings can be ignored for now, thanks Radar :)
[04:02:42] sevenseacat: 2.3.7 is EOL in a few months anyway, so an upgrade should be on the cards
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[05:50:49] sevenseacat: 86 failing specs. okay here I go.
[05:53:11] dminuoso: sevenseacat: 1. Delete specs. 2. watch failing specs count go down. 3. Profit
[05:53:17] dminuoso: Less work, more fun.
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[08:51:32] za1b1tsu: So I am having problems with the ruby version in a rails project. In the Gemfile ruby 2.5.1 is specified, I tried rvm use 2.5.1 (and changed default as well), it changes but as I leave the folder and come back the version is changed to 2.3.7. I removed ruby 2.3.7, but now when I enter the folder it says: Required ruby-2.3.7 is not installed.
[08:52:25] za1b1tsu: Sow how can I change the ruby version of a project?
[08:53:29] za1b1tsu: oh nevermind... found .ruby-version. But what the hell is the purpose of that?
[08:55:44] sevenseacat: to tell your ruby switcher (rvm) what version to use
[08:55:56] sevenseacat: it should auto-change to the right ruby when you cd into the folder
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[09:02:11] dminuoso: ACTION gives za1b1tsu a docker
[09:05:35] dionysus69: which rest method should I use for asynchronously updating view? not touching models
[09:06:03] dionysus69: I don't know if put or patch are applicable for this case, if not then should I just use post?
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[09:06:49] Arkentias: Hey guys! Do any of you know of a simple way to use all my JSONB attributes as an OpenStruct structure? Like navigating it with dots instead of Hash syntax?
[09:07:23] sevenseacat: dionysus69: got some more info, like an example?
[09:07:54] dionysus69: for example user is changing currency selection and new pair get's selected, request is being sent to server and the exchange rate needs to update
[09:08:15] dionysus69: need to update on the view though, there are no server side changes
[09:10:17] dionysus69: I feel like rest actions should have one more method, not all http methods are supposed to change model :)
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[09:20:19] sevenseacat: one more action for fecthing data, like get? :)
[09:21:26] dionysus69: lol, `surprisingly` I overlooed get method altogether :S :D
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[09:47:38] dminuoso: dionysus69: asynchronous has nothing to do with REST.
[09:48:20] dionysus69: still ajax request needs to be assigned one of the rest method types right?
[09:48:38] dminuoso: dionysus69: well yeah, but that has nothing to do with ajax.
[09:49:12] dionysus69: I don't get it :D
[09:49:19] dminuoso: dionysus69: while some classical http might do something like: Request -> Result, ajax just turns it into: Request -> Promise Result
[09:49:30] dminuoso: It's still HTTP with all its semantics.
[09:49:41] dminuoso: The thing that changes is how you deal with responses in your client-code.
[09:50:21] dionysus69: well yea, we have discussed that and I am fine with returning json in the .done part xD
[09:50:53] dionysus69: at first I was rendering js in some cases
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[10:09:19] Radar: GOOD EVENING
[10:10:03] Radar: Arkentias: OpenStruct.new(jsonb_attributes_go_here)
[10:10:42] Cork: image-url() keeps not adding the sprocket generated url for a file (it keeps using the source path)
[10:10:42] Radar: Arkentias: You might also like Hash#dig: h = { a: { b: { c: :d } } }; h.dig(:a, :b, :c)
[10:10:52] Cork: anyone know what might cause that?
[10:11:09] Cork: this is for one specific file only (and it works find on another machine)
[10:12:02] Radar: Cork: where is that file located? What version of Rails?
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[10:12:12] Radar: Cork: and can you reproduce it within a new application?
[10:12:47] Cork: Radar: 5.2.0 and it is a file in app/assets/images
[10:13:06] Radar: Cork: and where is this "image-url" code?
[10:13:45] Cork: app/assets/stylesheets/overrides/desktop.scss
[10:14:02] Cork: i have the path added in assets.rb in initialize
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[10:14:24] Radar: Cork: can you show me what you mean by that?
[10:14:53] Cork: Rails.application.config.assets.precompile << /(?:\/|\\|\A)overrides\/.+\/(?:login\/)?(?:desktop|mobile)\.css$/
[10:15:24] Cork: and this works in production mode on one machine, but not another
[10:15:28] Radar: Cork: Why are you precompiling that separate to any other asset? I would expect that to be included / required by other asset files.
[10:15:31] Radar: if it's an override, that is
[10:15:48] Cork: cause it is separately included
[10:15:57] Cork: as a separate css file (conditionally)
[10:16:12] Radar: Through <%= stylesheet_link_tag "overrides/desktop" %> ... or... some other means?
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[10:16:41] Cork: there are more and some of them works it is just this one that doesn't modify the url
[10:17:14] Radar: right, so the image-url is appearing as something like /assets/image.png instead of /assets/image-<hash>.png, right?
[10:17:32] Cork: and gets a 404 as a result
[10:17:39] Radar: understandably.
[10:17:56] Radar: Is public/assets empty?
[10:17:59] Cork: i've tried wiping the entire /public/assets
[10:18:08] Cork: no the file is generated
[10:18:18] Cork: it is used in another scss file and is correct there :/
[10:18:30] Radar: So public/assets contains... a file? More than one?
[10:19:00] Cork: 564 files
[10:19:23] Radar: does rake assets:clean empty that directory (as it should)?
[10:19:58] Cork: as i have wiped it (rm -Rf *) no
[10:20:07] Cork: precompiled is a new after
[10:20:26] Radar: Ok, so you've wiped it and then run rake assets:precompile anew?
[10:20:45] Radar: Ok. Can you show me the this image-url invocation?
[10:22:30] Radar: here's mine that works on my machine: background: image-url('interview.png')
[10:22:44] Cork: Radar: https://paste.debian.net/plain/1038576
[10:22:58] Cork: desktop.scss works login/desktop.scss doesn't
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[10:23:38] Cork: and i have ~70 other of these and those works in both cases...
[10:23:42] Radar: Super weird that this would be broken. It's looking to me like you're doing all the right things.
[10:23:51] Radar: I can't explain why it's not working in that one particular case.
[10:24:04] Cork: ya, me neither...
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[10:25:15] Radar: Good luck getting to the bottom of it.
[10:27:40] Cork: thx, i think i will need it...
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[11:40:03] dionysus69: anyone knows by-heart how to log from *.god file?
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[12:50:29] ariedler: dionysus69: been a while; but isn't it just w.log
[12:50:50] dionysus69: I managed to put logs out
[12:50:51] ariedler: dionysus69: also w.err_log i think for STDERR
[12:51:01] dionysus69: but processes get terminated as soon as they get started
[12:51:11] dionysus69: it was working and then stopped working lmfo
[12:51:37] dionysus69: if I start the same process manually it works, but when god starts them it gets shut off
[12:51:52] ariedler: dionysus69: that sounds like an environment issue
[12:52:12] dionysus69: I am starting god with the systemd file and I am passing env file
[12:52:19] dionysus69: as I said, nothing changed :S it worked before
[12:52:48] dionysus69: I also logged env vars and they are correct
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[13:04:39] dionysus69: even this line, rvm wrapper ruby-2.5.1 boot god
[13:04:42] dionysus69: stopped working
[13:20:16] dionysus69: is god gem abandoned ? last commit seems like was 3 years ago
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[13:27:54] ariedler: dionysus69: I have never even heard of people using it ... so maybe
[13:28:47] dionysus69: ok how do people control let's say, resque or sidekiq processes?
[13:34:47] pipework: Control or keep a processing going?
[13:36:14] ariedler: dionysus69: I normally used supervisord
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[13:36:51] ariedler: dionysus69: but there is other alternatives; Monit is the other one I have heard people use
[13:38:27] Stimpy_2000: anyone have an idea why i get the error "Mysql2::Error: Field 'created_at' doesn't have a default value" when i run "rails test"
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[13:38:59] Stimpy_2000: can't find a workaround the issue
[13:39:09] ariedler: Stimpy_2000: sounds like you are trying to create a model somewhere without setting created_at field
[13:39:41] Stimpy_2000: the weird thing is when i go into the rails console it is possible to create an object
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[13:39:57] ariedler: Stimpy_2000: is the source public? or is this a private project
[13:40:24] Stimpy_2000: shouldnt the fixtures take care of the created_at and updated_at fields
[13:40:53] ariedler: Stimpy_2000: It could be a db migration issue as well
[13:41:00] ariedler: Stimpy_2000: I would think so
[13:42:14] Stimpy_2000: @ariedler any idea on how to proceed? i tried to create a migration where set the timestamps to nullable: true. but that didnt fix the issue either
[13:42:47] Stimpy_2000: migrations ran through fine
[13:42:49] ariedler: Stimpy_2000: I would try to see what model it is; you probably have a backtrace?
[13:43:28] Stimpy_2000: @ariedler hm, backtrace? where do i find it
[13:43:39] dionysus69: ariedler: I think I ll switch to sidekiq, and use supervisord that it suggests
[13:44:00] ariedler: Stimpy_2000: should be printed with the error; is it not?
[13:44:49] Stimpy_2000: @ariedler the error only occurs when i run the "rails test". when creating something i don't run into an issue
[13:45:23] ikbenhet: Stimpy_2000: You can check the log/test.log for query that is cause the error
[13:50:50] Stimpy_2000: @ikbenhet, @ariedler according to the test.log it created the object with datetime. i don't see where the problem is...
[13:52:21] Stimpy_2000: i found a workaround online which says to replace a line in the my.cnf file to "sql-mode="NO_AUTO_CREATE_USER,NO_ENGINE_SUBSTITUTION"" but is that really the only way to handle this issue
[13:53:00] ariedler: I am confused how that would fix it lo l
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[13:54:09] Stimpy_2000: any other ideas on how to tackle the problem, im a bit lost tbh
[13:54:29] ariedler: I would try to figure out which code is triggering it to be honest
[13:54:35] ikbenhet: have tried: rake db:test:prepare, execute the sql query directly on the database, spring stop?
[13:54:45] ariedler: like is it the fixtures? might check the database log to see what commands are making it fail
[13:59:10] Stimpy_2000: ill take a look, thanks peeps
[14:02:22] amperry: hi folks, anyone know of either a rake task I can schedule with the 'whenever' gem, or the right way to set up the environment in a crontab to (a) see if a rails server is running, and (b) if not, restart it?
[14:02:54] amperry: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/51831343/cron-job-to-keep-rails-server-running, for context
[14:02:57] dminuoso: amperry: Personally I recommend not making this a rails problemn
[14:03:17] amperry: dminuoso: how do I not do that?
[14:03:19] Arkentias: Thanks Radar, just saw your answer :p I'll look for a way for that to be automatic everytime I fetch a record from the DB
[14:03:31] dminuoso: amperry: Writing a simple 10 line bash script?
[14:04:26] amperry: should be a one-line entry in a crontab, but there seems to be some context and environmental variables that don't get set up when I'm not logged in, and I don't know what all of them are.
[14:04:48] dminuoso: amperry: The one line entry will just start a script, the script probably wont be a one-liner.
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[14:08:33] dminuoso: amperry: Consider that you want at minimum: Detect running state. Cleanup if necessary. Pushing into prometheus/syslog the state that you had to kill and respawn. Do the respawn action.
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[14:14:13] amperry: dminuoso: I don't even know how I'd write the script if "ps auwwx | grep -v grep | grep puma || rails s" works from the command line, but "ps auwwx | grep -v grep | grep puma || /every/path/ive/tried/rails s" fails in a crontab
[14:14:35] dminuoso: amperry: You shouldn't just probe for the PID. Scrabe the webserver.C
[14:14:48] dminuoso: amperry: The process might hang or possibly starved out of ressources.
[14:15:05] amperry: ACTION didn't want to be sysadmin for this, but stumbled into it
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[14:16:12] amperry: dminuoso: Scrabe?
[14:16:24] dminuoso: *scrape even.
[14:16:48] dminuoso: amperry: So use curl/wget or something along the lines. Ensure you get a 200.
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[14:20:38] amperry: dminuoso: I'll try that, but that still doesn't get to the problem I'm facing, which is, once I see the server isn't running, how do I get it to start?
[14:21:15] dminuoso: amperry: through what mechanism do you bring your server to live?
[14:21:40] dminuoso: amperry: Do you use upstart? systemd? Or perhaps do you have a docker based setup?
[14:22:11] mjacob: is it possible to test the interaction of a controller and a view? if i understand correctly, testing the controller doesn't render the view, and testing the view doesn't run the controller code
[14:22:33] amperry: I'd been just running "rails s" from the command line. (I'm utterly unprepared to be the sysadmin, but the task fell on me against my wishes.)
[14:22:55] dminuoso: amperry: you can make your life easy and ship a docker container then.
[14:23:06] dminuoso: amperry: it provides for a much cleaner solution to most problems.
[14:23:23] dminuoso: amperry: the idea of "it died" can be resolved with "throw the container away and make a new one"
[14:24:16] dminuoso: amperry: It also removes issues such as "but it works on my machine"
[14:26:27] Stimpy_2000: @ariedler, ikbenhet i got the test running by changing the "strict:false" in the test database in the database.yml file
[14:26:35] Stimpy_2000: now it runs the test suite
[14:26:38] amperry: dminuoso: okay. Starting from the ground up, I'm looking at https://docs.docker.com/compose/rails/; do you recommend another resource?
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[14:51:13] drale2k_: I am storing imagers with ActiveStorage and i am trying to get the image blob of an image and encoded it to abse64
[14:52:19] drale2k_: base64*. using polymorphic_url(image.attachment) i can get the image path but when i try to encode it with "Base64.encode64(File.open(img))" i get the error "No such file or directory @ rb_sysopen at .. location"
[14:52:41] drale2k_: when i try the returned path through the browser, i get the correct image
[14:53:28] drale2k_: i think the problem is that polymorphic_url returns me a routed URL, not the path on disk. Is there a easier way to get the image blob and encode it into base64 ?
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[15:08:11] megan: Hi Everyone! Could someone try and help me with an SQL query? I've been stuck on it for quite a while now
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[15:08:41] megan: SELECT `people`.* FROM `a` WHERE `people`.`column` IN ('111', '222') ORDER BY FIELD(column, column = ?,column = ?), 111, 222; ------------- results into; You have an error in your SQL syntax
[15:09:01] megan: It goes wrong at the ORDER BY FIELD(column, column = ?,column = ?), 111, 222;
[15:10:03] megan: You can do this: ORDER BY FIELD(column, 111, 222); But I don't want that because of possible injections
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[15:16:01] NoidedSuper: What's the ruby you're running to get the malformed query?
[15:20:14] megan: @noidesuper: var = People.where(column: [111, 222]).order("FIELD(column, ?, ?)", 111, 222)
[15:28:35] megan: It specifically highlights that something is wrong in the part ......... ?,?), 111, 222;
[15:28:35] NoidedSuper: Looking at the AR docs, I don't see a way to actually do what you want, sadly. `order` takes a splat, flattens it, and then interprets each argument as an ordering clause. So you're saying "Order by `FIELD(column, ?, ?)`, then by `111`, then by `222`)
[15:29:01] NoidedSuper: As a workaround, if you say `column: asc`, you get the same behavior as in your example!
[15:29:32] megan: not sure if i follow you there :(
[15:30:53] megan: I do want to use the ? to prevent possible injections
[15:32:20] NoidedSuper: You do, but Rails doesn't seem to have a way to fill in the ?s. IE, when you pass multiple arguments to order, it interprets those arguments as *more things to order by*.
[15:33:43] megan: So do you have any examples on how I could fix this :) ?
[15:36:08] NoidedSuper: There's probably a workaround. What's your use case? If your example is verbatim using `.order(column: :asc)` will get the same result
[15:36:14] NoidedSuper: Since it'll put any 111s before any 222s
[15:37:31] megan: the 111 and 222 are just examples, they are unique healthcare codes
[15:38:06] megan: which identify a healthcare institution
[15:38:34] NoidedSuper: That makes things a bit more difficult. Sadly I can't help you there :(
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[18:23:18] speakingcode: I am building an API-only rails app, using devise to manage users, who can then create an API token for 3rd party clients that will use the API. The 3rd party clients will be able to make requests on behalf of other users using a JWT returned by devise upon logging in. So, some endpoints will be secured in 2 ways - ensuring the client has access to that endpoint, and ensuring the user on whose
[18:23:24] speakingcode: behalf the request is being made is authenticated
[18:24:13] speakingcode: My question is how should the client include *both* auth tokens (the client's api key, and the user's token) - should they both be packed in the authorization: header? and how to receive on the server side?
[18:29:40] pipework: speakingcode: join them with an identifier that. if present, signals a 3rd party acting on behalf of the first.
[18:34:24] speakingcode: pipework: so, for instance, token="clienttoken&&usertoken", then in the controller, split on '&&' ?
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[18:45:56] pipework: speakingcode: I would use something generally URLsafe, but yeah
[18:46:09] pipework: You can use a semicolon, right?
[18:47:59] speakingcode: yeah haha sure
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[19:48:46] brandoncordell: I've set up a Jenkins box for CI but any time it attempts to run my system tests I get the following error. "LoadError: cannot load such file -- rack/handler/puma"
[19:49:53] brandoncordell: I'm not sure what the issue is. They seem to run just fine on MacOS and Windows (with Ubuntu subsystem). The Jenkins server is Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS
[19:51:53] pipework: brandoncordell: How are you running ruby? What's the $LOAD_PATH ruby and the $GEM_PATH (IIIRC, or was it $GEM_HOME) and is your puma gem installed there?
[19:52:48] brandoncordell: I'm running 2.5.1 using rbenv.
[19:52:50] brandoncordell: Let me check my paths
[19:53:34] dviola: has joined #RubyOnRails
[19:54:19] brandoncordell: are they ENV variables? If so they seem to be empty, unless I'm doing something wrong
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[20:56:11] fugee: how do i test subdomans in development
[20:56:17] fugee: subdomains
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[22:22:52] Radar: GOOD MRONING
[22:23:34] wethu: has joined #RubyOnRails
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[22:26:54] markh: hullo Radar
[22:27:16] Radar: hey markh :)
[22:27:31] markh: how are ya
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[22:36:10] ariedler: Morning 0-0
[22:38:15] pipework: Radar: !!!!!!!
[22:38:15] helpa: Radar: You are the worst kind of person
[22:38:29] Radar: pipework: allegedly.
[22:38:41] pipework: Radar: Purportedly, at this stage.
[22:38:52] Radar: pipework: touché
[22:39:04] Radar: markh: I feel dirty speaking in #RubyOnRails while writing on Elixir.
[22:39:30] markh: haha. i wonder how many of us in here are writing more elixir than ruby these days?
[22:41:12] pipework: I write zero elixir and write mostly imba, Luna, and Self.
[22:41:49] jottr: has joined #RubyOnRails
[22:42:18] markh: i've heard of luna
[22:42:28] markh: why have i heard of luna?
[22:43:08] pipework: Hacker News?
[22:43:24] pipework: Imba is a dream though, I love it.
[22:44:12] pipework: I'm a huge fan of amber-lang, I just don't like that Smalltalk is so tool-oriented when Self is so object-oriented in its presentation.
[22:44:31] markh: imba looks like if elm looked like python
[22:44:40] pipework: It's coffeescript python.
[22:44:55] pipework: With some JSX dom tags.
[22:46:00] markh: imba works backend too?
[22:46:07] markh: > Scrimba.com is written in Imba, both frontend and backend
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[23:05:29] pipework: markh: Yeah, their compiler produces okayish JS.
[23:06:02] pipework: I'm using it in the frontend, on cloudflare workers, and in graal's nodejs environment.
[23:06:15] markh: enjoying it?
[23:07:39] pipework: too much, I'm making so many neat things so fast. Fully decentralized authentication via identifier(+other factors)+password generated keypairs and an append-only log that's compatible with both scuttlebutt and I'm working on urbit integration.
[23:07:46] pipework: I really like event logs.
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