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#RubyOnRails - 01 November 2018

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[06:53:17] syndikate: If time cop is not used in `before` block would the time freezing leak out globally to all specs?
[07:00:25] Cork: is there any way to get the post string in an encoding honnoring the charset header value?
[07:00:39] Cork: or is it expected to always be ASCII-8BIT?
[07:03:44] syndikate: Or rather I am looking for a strong argument on why time cop should be in `before` blcok
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[08:34:48] timdotrb: Evening, all
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[08:38:07] timdotrb: I’m having trouble with getting values from an “add another” select. I’ve set the name of the field to be an array, but I’m not getting any values in the params: https://gist.github.com/willc0de4food/a50b3b925d4e170207cf2a4cd59cabb2
[08:38:53] timdotrb: Any help would be much appreciated
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[10:02:23] hightower3: Hey, I am looking at rspec tests where they invoke e.g. "post" to make a HTTP POST request, and then the response object is automatically available in the 'response' variable or method. How exactly is this 'response' defined and set? I would need to write a helper method which does the same thing essentially
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[10:21:59] tbuehlmann: hightower3: it's a simple getter (https://github.com/rails/rails/blob/v5.2.1/actionpack/lib/action_controller/test_case.rb#L335), and the variable is set here: https://github.com/rails/rails/blob/v5.2.1/actionpack/lib/action_controller/test_case.rb#L519 when processing the "post"
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[10:32:22] hightower3: tbuehlmann, hm, yeah I was trying to assign @response with no effect. Must be I have been doing it on the wrong class
[10:32:41] hightower3: (for a quick test I just placed @response = in the test itself, but that didn't have effect)
[10:37:31] tbuehlmann: right, I forgot: it's delegated to @controller
[10:37:57] tbuehlmann: so there's no #response method, but #method_missing will pick it up and call #response on @controller
[10:43:12] hightower3: Oh ok great, if it's an accessor I'll be able to assign it. Thanks!
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[10:45:09] tbuehlmann: looks like it's just a getter
[10:46:08] DaniG2k: hello all. I have an index on a table that looks like the following: add_index "vessel_plans", ["voyage_id"], name: "index_vessel_plans_on_voyage_id", using: :btree
[10:46:16] DaniG2k: I'd like to change that with the following migration
[10:46:25] DaniG2k: add_index :vessel_plans, %i[status voyage_id], algorithm: :concurrently, unique: true
[10:46:40] DaniG2k: but rake tells me I can't because obviously there's already an index on voyage_id
[10:46:55] DaniG2k: (I'd be adding a uniqueness constraint by doing it using voyage_id and status
[10:47:18] DaniG2k: anyone know how I can remove the last index, create the new one and ensure the previous entries are all indexed?
[10:47:51] tbuehlmann: DaniG2k: can you paste the exact exception message?
[10:49:35] DaniG2k: Index name 'index_vessel_plans_on_status_and_voyage_id' on table 'vessel_plans' already exists
[10:49:44] DaniG2k: but it's not true because that index doesn't exist
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[10:50:00] DaniG2k: I just have `add_index "vessel_plans", ["voyage_id"], name: "index_vessel_plans_on_voyage_id", using: :btree` right now
[10:52:40] tbuehlmann: can you doublcheck whether the index already exists?
[10:53:13] DaniG2k: yep it's in front of me. I've grepped the file for that index but it definitely doesn't exist
[10:54:41] DaniG2k: I am using strong_migrations but that shouldn't make a difference here
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[10:59:13] tbuehlmann: can you ask your database instead of some files?
[10:59:39] DaniG2k: I was looking at the schema
[10:59:59] DaniG2k: I don't think it would be different from the database
[11:00:15] tbuehlmann: can you check it?
[11:04:21] DaniG2k: interesting, yea. I think postgres creates it
[11:04:24] DaniG2k: index_vessel_plans_on_status_and_voyage_id
[11:04:30] DaniG2k: but Rails doesn't reflect the change
[11:05:56] tbuehlmann: it seems you or some other person created the index directly in the database without using rails, or your migrations/schema is not correct
[11:06:10] DaniG2k: I made the migration myself
[11:07:14] DaniG2k: here's my migration file: https://gist.github.com/DaniG2k/83ce2c515108ff13f4960f4b1a78c5f5
[11:07:32] DaniG2k: I'm using strong migrations which is why I have that disable_ddl_transaction!
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[11:10:02] tbuehlmann: not sure how disable_ddl_transaction! behaves in case with an exception (probably just like mysql). did the migration fail earlier so the migration was not successful but the changes wasn't rolled back?
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[11:11:10] DaniG2k: yep I think that's it. The migration failed but probably no rollback
[11:11:21] DaniG2k: might be an issue with strong_migrations
[11:11:38] tbuehlmann: disable_ddl_transaction! disables transactions, so it couldn't roll back
[11:12:03] DaniG2k: maybe I can try without that
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[11:13:42] DaniG2k: ah nevermind, the docs say "If you forget disable_ddl_transaction!, the migration will fail."
[11:14:51] tbuehlmann: that just has to do with the index (concurrently), not strong_migrations
[11:15:08] tbuehlmann: but well, I guess you got your answer
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[13:12:14] Psy-Q: overriding initialize seems to be discouraged in ActiveRecord. how can i pass some parameters in that are just used for a bunch of class variables, not persisted to the DB (so they don't have columns)?
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[18:51:19] Inside: Design Q: Controllers. Let's say I'm using acts_as_list and a model has a position within its parent's context.
[18:51:48] Inside: MyObjectsController::move_up / mode_down are not considered kosher
[18:52:11] Inside: so... I guess I do.. MyObjectMoveUpsController?
[18:52:15] Inside: ... seems odd
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[19:32:13] samort7: Model / Active Record question
[19:32:55] samort7: I have a model called "kit_lists" and a model "users"
[19:33:21] samort7: I want a user to favorite kit_lists
[19:34:28] samort7: So I'm trying to figure out what has_many I need to use and if I need to use "through" and if I need to create a third, intermediary model to relate users to kit_lists that they have favorited
[19:35:03] samort7: Sorry, I'm having trouble formulating the question I need to ask, because I'm not exactly sure how I should be structuring this
[19:35:32] samort7: It's like, I want a user to have a collection of kit_lists that they have favorited
[19:35:50] samort7: so I can just do user.favorites and get all of the kit_lists back
[19:37:53] samort7: Can I just add "has_many :kit_lists" to my user model? And if I do that, can two different users be owners of the same kit_list?
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[19:39:25] samort7: ("owner" is probably the wrong word there. Can two diff users "have a relationship" with the same kit_list?)
[19:49:35] Inside: you want a join table it sounds like
[19:49:47] Inside: Because you have distinct users and you have distinct kit lists
[19:50:07] Inside: So you'll wnat a join table called.. KitListUsers
[19:50:21] samort7: by join table, that means I need an intermediary table which contains both ids for users and ids for kit_lists?
[19:50:36] Inside: https://guides.rubyonrails.org/association_basics.html
[19:50:38] Inside: see 3.3.2
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[19:51:13] Inside: Yes exactly that
[19:51:28] samort7: ah ok! neat!
[19:52:02] samort7: So the user will have "has_many :kit_lists" and the kit_list will have "has_and_belongs_to_many :users"\
[19:52:22] samort7: I just finished Hartle's tutorial and had only learned the "has_many" relationship
[19:52:26] samort7: very cool!
[19:55:10] Inside: you'll need has_and_belongs_to_many
[19:55:31] Inside: but I think people recommend to use has_many :Through
[19:55:42] samort7: what's the difference between the two?
[19:56:15] Inside: https://flatironschool.com/blog/why-you-dont-need-has-and-belongs-to-many/
[19:56:23] Inside: one is magic and you can't extend it
[19:56:37] Inside: ie: let's say you want call back to fire whenever a user has like 500 kits to give them a badge
[19:56:51] Inside: you'd want to be inside an actual model
[19:57:23] Inside: I believe has_and_belongs_to_many just assumes that you have a table and magically creates records in that table
[19:58:25] Inside: with has many_through, the association model gets created and you can add logic later
[19:58:29] samort7: oooh. Interesting. Looks like I'll have to research the two of them some more
[19:58:31] Inside: for a cost of an extra file and a few more characters
[19:58:51] samort7: right, that makes sense
[19:58:55] Inside: https://github.com/rubocop-hq/rails-style-guide#has-many-through
[20:01:04] samort7: Ah, that seems pretty definitive then haha
[20:01:36] Inside: or rubo cop will get you
[20:01:52] samort7: I still need to figure out how to setup rubocop haha
[20:02:17] samort7: I've got a laundry list of things to learn :D
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[20:16:46] sagax: where i have wrong?
[20:16:48] sagax: http://susepaste.org/23621864
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[20:24:48] sagax: ok, will try downgrade `pg` gem version
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[20:33:01] sagax: gem 'pg', '0.21.0' work
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[20:57:18] glasz: somebody using centos 7, rh-ruby25 and bundler?
[21:00:37] glasz: hey Inside, remember my question about prevent sprockets from loading sass partials (_partial.scss)?
[21:01:51] glasz: ended up writing a custom DirectiveProcessor, replacing the build-in one, and just not loading any text/css-type file that starts with _. wonder why that's not the default. makes everything a whole lot more easier and nobody names their files _foo.css anyway.
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[21:16:48] Inside: holy crap that's a lot of work
[21:16:50] Inside: that's cool though
[21:17:02] Inside: glasz: I am using centos 7, but not rh-ruby25 :(
[21:17:04] Inside: or am I..
[21:17:14] Inside: Oh, I am using rvm
[21:20:15] glasz: hm. having a weird issue with using provided rubygems + bundler. `bundle install` will install into `/opt/rh/rh-ruby25/root/usr/share/gems` but after that, ruby will complain that non of the native extensions of the gems that just built theirs are not built and i should run `gem pristine` respectively. gem pristine does fix the issue but something is going wrong in the first place. scl ruby has --user-install as the default but bundler just ignores it.
[21:22:28] Inside: and you're executing scl enable rh-ruby25 bash everytime?
[21:22:35] Inside: I mean - for every new shell you make?
[21:23:28] glasz: yes. i have it in `/etc/profile.d/scl.sh` or something along those lines. `ruby -v` and `which ruby` report that the proper version is used.
[21:23:59] Inside: I vaguely recally trying to use scl with ruby, but must've had a similar issue
[21:24:15] Inside: oh wait no, that's because I had multiple rails projects running different versions of ruby
[21:24:17] Inside: ACTION shudders
[21:24:46] Inside: Q: does your gemfile specify a ruby version?
[21:25:15] Inside: and does that version match rh-ruby?
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[21:25:36] glasz: `ruby '~> 2.5.0'`
[21:26:46] glasz: https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/BoWosnmo/
[21:27:27] glasz: https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/8tYXazNH/
[21:27:38] glasz: https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/HWVBRZZh/
[21:31:39] Radar: GOOD MORNING
[21:31:44] Radar: bring out your dead
[21:31:45] Inside: Greetings.
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[21:32:05] Inside: you mean hungover?
[21:32:10] Inside: who schedules halloween parties on a wednesday anyway
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[21:38:10] glasz: holy smokes. scl ruby does some scl-centric gymnastics in /opt/rh/rh-ruby25/root/usr/share/rubygems/rubygems/defaults/operating_system.rb though i'm not sure it's the problem.
[21:39:29] Inside: must you use scl ruby 2.5? latest is already 2.5.2
[21:40:37] Inside: I hate asking questions like that, but I think with ruby it's more standard to use the existing environment managers since they're better supported
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[21:41:42] Inside: https://gist.github.com/Insood/079d3dc08c049431f7494fa36745e2fe
[21:42:57] mlt-: How would I pin down a cause for (Mini)test failure? I mean if I re-run the failed test alone, it passes. It only fails if I run all tests with certain seeds. So I suspect that something is not getting cleaned up. But I'm totally lost as how to figure out what.
[21:43:23] Inside: you want minitest-bisect
[21:43:25] mlt-: Most of the time if I run all tests, it passes. No JS stuff.
[21:43:35] glasz: mlt-: what does the test do, roughly?
[21:43:59] mlt-: Inside: a single test in question does pass alright.
[21:44:09] Inside: minitest-bisect is built exactly for tracking down test-order dependency
[21:44:33] Inside: you give it a seed and it'll tell you which tests you need to run in order to reproduce your test failure
[21:44:38] mlt-: glasz: when it fails, it says "ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound: Couldn't find MyControllerName with 'my_id'=1234"
[21:44:49] mlt-: So something is funky about fixtures
[21:45:08] mlt-: Inside: that is the problem. If I re-run test alone, it passes.
[21:45:36] glasz: Inside: re scl: yeah. but getting scl up and running was easier than getting rbenv up. also spares me the compilation. when bundling images, i really prefer using vendor-provided binaries.
[21:45:40] mlt-: I see what you are saying....it will tell me the actual order they are executed
[21:47:56] glasz: mlt-: it's trying `MyControllerName.where(my_id: 1234).first!`?
[21:50:36] mlt-: glasz: it is failing at the line that gets the fixture... setup do @stuff = things(:mything) ...
[21:51:01] Inside: mlt-: Try iittt
[21:51:29] glasz: mlt-: are you doing something special in that fixture?
[21:52:39] mlt-: No, not in this one. But I do some funky stuff with other tables... there might be some FK problems. I gonna give it a try.. will get back.
[21:52:53] mlt-: funky stuff in other tests
[21:57:05] mlt-: glasz, Inside: I tried ... where.. first! It fails with all tests and same seed, but passes for a single test.
[21:57:40] Inside: have you tried running minitest-bisect?
[21:57:45] glasz: transactional fixtures come to mind
[21:58:51] mlt-: Inside: not yet
[21:59:21] mlt-: glasz: I believe they are transactional by default... I turn it off only in one separate IntegrationTest
[21:59:38] mlt-: ACTION feels like onto something
[22:03:16] glasz: > Every Active Record database supports transactions except MySQL MyISAM. Use InnoDB, MaxDB, or NDB instead.
[22:05:03] glasz: https://api.rubyonrails.org/classes/ActiveRecord/FixtureSet.html#class-ActiveRecord::FixtureSet-label-Transactional+Tests
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[22:06:33] mlt-: I'm on PostgreSQL. I turn off transactional tests on one very specific set of integration tests. I want to split all those into smaller chunks, but setup takes quite some time, so I turn them off and i_suck_and_my_tests_are_order_dependent!
[22:09:07] mlt-: I might just rewrite that into one single test thus keeping everything transactional.... instead of trying to find the problem as is
[22:09:20] Inside: ACTION shrugs
[22:11:23] glasz: ACTION is at a loss
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[22:13:14] glasz: i _love_ how bundler just ignores my gemrc settings.
[22:14:56] Inside: convention over configuration ~_~
[22:15:48] glasz: coc != ignore my configuration
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[22:26:46] glasz: > By default, Bundler installs gems system-wide, which is contrary to the behaviour of gem itself
[22:26:46] glasz: they do have their reasons, do they? DO THEY?
[22:27:48] glasz: > To correct this, add the following to your ~/.bashrc: `export GEM_HOME=$(ruby -e 'print Gem.user_dir')`.
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[22:32:26] mlt-: ooops... minitest_bisect... UNIXServer is required
[22:32:39] mlt-: time to fire up WSL
[22:35:13] glasz: you're on windows?
[22:35:38] eckhardt: has joined #RubyOnRails
[22:36:05] glasz: how is that going? i remember, 10 years ago it was a giant pita with ruby.
[22:36:28] eckhardt_: has joined #RubyOnRails
[22:36:41] mlt-: glasz: most of the time it is alright...sort of. Still have no spring / zeus etc
[22:37:19] glasz: i would honestly use wsl by default for ruby/rails.
[22:38:17] mlt-: nah... i got tired using VirtualBox before... seems nice to just run stuff locally. I just use WSL occasionally to test something out specific
[22:38:34] Inside: What's WSL?
[22:38:49] mlt-: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_Subsystem_for_Linux
[22:39:10] mlt-: in Windows 10... pretty slick. I run native Debian 64 bit
[22:40:21] Inside: how did I not hear about this
[22:40:48] mlt-: uname -a gives Linux UMN201657146 4.4.0-43-Microsoft #1-Microsoft Wed Dec 31 14:42:53 PST 2014 x86_64 GNU/Linux
[22:41:00] Inside: fun times.
[22:41:10] Inside: destroy through assimilation
[22:41:14] Inside: gentrification of linux :D
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[22:47:29] Radar: One day I'll have to try that WSL thing out. It will actually require me purchasing Windows which would offend my Mac aesthetique.
[22:48:46] mlt-: ehm...what is the point of using WSL if you use Mac? Don't you have docker and all other fun stuff OOB?
[22:49:46] Radar: My main reason for trying it would be to see if it would be an OK thing to recommend to newbies who want to try Rails.
[22:49:52] Radar: Not everyone can afford to buy macs.
[22:50:11] Radar: I will use a mac until the day I die or they turn the keyboard into a big touch screen. Whichever comes first.
[22:50:22] mlt-: as a noob, I confirm rails runs alright on windows as is
[22:50:43] Radar: mlt-: What's the startup time of a bare Rails app like? < 30 s? Did Nokogiri actually compile first time?
[22:51:01] Radar: mlt-: it's not hte _running_ that's a bad thing. It's the setup on Windows which is a complete pain in the ass.
[22:52:14] mlt-: 27 seconds for pretty big app with guard, foreman, puma
[22:52:30] mlt-: Nokogiri is alright now, though eventmachine is still a b*&ch
[22:52:46] mlt-: when using guard live realod
[22:54:02] mlt-: ooh... and there was that thing with ductape
[23:00:57] mlt-: I dunno if this is still a thing and/or windows specific https://stackoverflow.com/q/50552742/673826
[23:01:23] mlt-: Also while we are at it... I posted a SO question with a problem I came across while upgrading Rails... Can I re-use fixture_file_upload? Or do I have to call it explicitly every time? https://stackoverflow.com/q/53015697/673826
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[23:02:26] mlt-: ACTION now has all tests failing... that is good start
[23:02:35] MasterAsia: I included jquery and I'm using $.post but it is being altered by rails somehow to include the x-csrf-token
[23:02:37] MasterAsia: https://github.com/rails/rails/commit/ad3a47759e67a411f3534309cdd704f12f6930a7
[23:02:50] MasterAsia: how is rails-ujs hooking into $.post?
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[23:12:24] MasterAsia: nvm found it
[23:12:26] MasterAsia: https://github.com/rails/rails/commit/ad3a47759e67a411f3534309cdd704f12f6930a7#diff-4bc3e1543a0718421103a654c6974442R24
[23:12:45] MasterAsia: rails-ujs sets an ajax prefilter if jquery is defined
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