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#RubyOnRails - 14 February 2019

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[00:46:46] andrewray: I think the conclusion of this deep dive is that rails autoloading is the worst thing since my son
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[00:55:03] yoshie902a: Thinking of using the Geocoder gem for my rails app and if I want to store latiitude and longitude information so I can query by distance from a specific address, should I use float, decimal, or the PostGIS datatype? GIS is suppose to be better for geography, but thinking it may be over kill
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[01:47:14] Net: we want to migrate a few fields away from attr_encrypted
[01:47:53] Net: what's the best path for this? we'll need to backfill the decrypted data, and keep the attr_encrypted and decrypted fields in sync while backfilling
[01:49:36] Net: these are moderately large tables (~50 million rows)
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[01:57:34] andrewray: rails autoloading is a leaky abstraction and the abstraction is a toilet
[01:57:50] andrewray: not surprised coming from the author who made a module named "concern" that's a mixin
[02:02:01] Radar: welcome to the house of fun
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[09:03:44] Psy-Q: as soon as i want to add additional information to a relation, habtm won't cut it, it needs to be has_many :through an intermediary model, right? (e.g. "contact_type" to an association between accounts and their contacts, so i can figure out which contacts are owners and which ones technical)
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[09:08:06] sevenseacat: thats correct.
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[09:12:33] Psy-Q: great, thanks
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[09:29:05] fox_mulder_cp: seems, that is my star time is coming. my rails/reactjs panel approved to real prodution die to previous panel died with old server :_)
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[09:34:34] conta: anyone using docker to run production Rails + Webpacker app? I am looking for some example dockerfiles
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[09:52:06] fox_mulder_cp: conta: i found already for prod rails docker images.
[09:52:32] fox_mulder_cp: like change to its last line git repo url and enjoy
[09:55:20] conta: can you show me?
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[10:32:12] fox_mulder_cp: i need gogle it again, so you can do this step too
[10:35:04] conta: yeah I did
[10:35:23] conta: it's mostly how to run docker in dev, not how to deploy
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[11:53:07] fox_mulder_cp: Psy-Q: btw i try to use acl rights matrix - owner, tech, financial contact and now think, how i can take allow user1@domain to control resource1@domain but deny to control recource2@domain..
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[11:53:44] fox_mulder_cp: like site domain.com with mailusers but not website on domain.com
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[11:56:35] jane_booty_doe: conta: https://github.com/ledermann/docker-rails
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[11:59:23] andywww: I wondered if someone could give me a hand with virtus
[11:59:25] andywww: https://hastebin.com/gonoyocani.rb
[11:59:46] andywww: this is giing me:
[11:59:48] andywww: undefined method `user' for DocumentSelectForm:Class
[12:00:18] Psy-Q: fox_mulder_cp: oh, i never had to use that kind of setup, it's only very simple here for the moment. accounts have many contacts (owners or technical contacts), that's all
[12:00:29] Psy-Q: i hope i never have to do proper ACL on this :|
[12:00:53] andywww: DocumentSelectForm doesn’t seem to want to read its own attributes
[12:05:30] tbuehlmann: andywww: can you add the code you're running to the gist?
[12:05:39] tbuehlmann: including the stacktrace
[12:09:33] andywww: https://hastebin.com/gedifuxego.rb
[12:11:30] andywww: i’m open to suggestions on if that can be factored better btw, I’m about at the edge of my comprehension here
[12:13:18] andywww: I seem to be able to populate the attributes in ChaserDetailForm using the application i pass in from the controller but I don’t seem to be able to access the application or user I pass to DocumentSelectForm from the chaser detail
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[12:50:47] tbuehlmann: andywww: you're using `self.user.id` inside that `DocumentType.all.each`
[12:51:05] tbuehlmann: but you don't have user .user method on the DocumentSelectForm class
[12:51:53] andywww: no, i was trying to access the attribute value
[12:53:57] andywww: having an attr_accessor for application and user doesn’t seem to work either
[12:56:09] tbuehlmann: NoMethodError - undefined method `user' for DocumentSelectForm:Class <-- that errors comes from using self.user.id on the class level
[12:58:48] andywww: so it needs to go in initialize somehow then
[12:59:54] Psy-Q: well crap, i had a column called contact_type in a has_many :through table and AR really really didn't like it
[13:00:26] Psy-Q: started complaining about created_at not having a default value in the contacts table, even though i didn't touch any of that
[13:00:38] Psy-Q: renamed it to contact_mode and now at least saving contacts works again
[13:01:08] tbuehlmann: andywww: .attribute is for defining what attributes are generally available in your model
[13:01:33] andywww: i need to be able to extend them dynamically though
[13:01:56] andywww: so that the attribute name can include the ID of the user for the edit page form
[13:03:03] andywww: https://github.com/solnic/virtus#default-values-on-dynamically-extended-instances
[13:04:29] tbuehlmann: so you want to change the attribute set depending on the user? this won't go well
[13:09:17] andywww: what I’m trying to do is, an loan_application has multiple users (applicants), and I want to build a form object that allows me to have a single form that can collect check box results for each user
[13:10:09] andywww: but I need to loop through the users on the application form object to make sure I render a set of form elements that I can access later by user ID
[13:10:33] andywww: so i know which user the checkbox is for
[13:11:56] andywww: I’m looking ideally for something like = f.text_field, :drivers_licence_1 so that I can see that user(1) has a check in the checkbox
[13:12:13] andywww: if you can think of a better way of doing it i’d appreciate hearing it?
[13:12:49] tbuehlmann: I'd check if using fields_for and accepts_nested_attributes_for is an option
[13:14:02] andywww: not really because DocumentSelectForm isn’t a model, hense the mess
[13:14:28] andywww: so for each document_type, there needs to be a checkbox
[13:14:30] tbuehlmann: well, looks like a model to me
[13:14:31] andywww: but they change over time
[13:14:38] tbuehlmann: just without the database back
[13:14:59] tbuehlmann: this gets too complicated for me, I can't follow
[13:15:12] andywww: no i appreciate that, no problem, thanks
[13:16:08] Psy-Q: i think i may be trying something that AR isn't meant to do. can i not "simply" make it automatically set a type or a mode on a contactable so that it's clear whether a contact in this case is an owner or a technical contact for an account? https://dpaste.de/1zgK
[13:16:38] Psy-Q: if i had to write the queries by hand i could bang that together, but i can't think if and how i can do it with AR
[13:17:37] Psy-Q: i'm feeling like there's just some magic needed in the relationship on L29,30 and boom
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[13:19:37] andywww: but then what is a form object if its not a model without a database back?
[13:20:35] andywww: especially when extending virtus
[13:21:10] tbuehlmann: you can name it whatever you like, form object or model
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[13:24:21] andywww: right what i think i’m going to do then is set a field for the ID then to an accepts_nested_attributes for on multiple fields_for rather than trying to fist the ID into the attribute names
[13:30:30] Psy-Q: i can make it *read* a contact as an owner with this, but how about saving? not sure this is the right way to go: has_many :owners, -> { where("contactables.contact_mode='owner'") }, through: :contactables, source: 'contact'
[13:33:41] tbuehlmann: Psy-Q: yeah, just did that in my reproduction script
[13:34:57] Psy-Q: tbuehlmann: and how do you save the contact as an owner? i'm exposing this via REST and don't want people to have to mess around in the association table, i was hoping AR could do it?
[13:35:55] tbuehlmann: have you thought about putting the role/mode/type into the contact model?
[13:36:31] Psy-Q: yeah, it was there in the beginning, but that's not what they want. the big problem is that contacts can be either owners or technical contacts or even none of those. one big contacts table for all purposes, some contacts would be owners and techs for some accounts, but only owners for others
[13:37:40] tbuehlmann: can the same contact be associated to different accounts?
[13:37:57] Psy-Q: yes. and either as owner or as tech or even both
[13:38:18] Psy-Q: kinda like a more fully normalized version of a WHOIS database
[13:38:59] tbuehlmann: well, then using what you got should work, right?
[13:40:57] Psy-Q: yeah, but i don't know how to tell it that a newly saved contactable is an owner. account.owners << Contact.new(email: 'foo@bar.com') will leave the contact_mode field on contactables empty
[13:41:12] Psy-Q: since it can't infer from anywhere that it's an owner (i'm guessing?)
[13:42:07] tbuehlmann: yeah, I guess so. you'll probably need to create the Contactable directly
[13:42:24] Psy-Q: phew, that'll be a bit of a horror to expose to jsonapi
[13:43:01] Psy-Q: and if someone uses the client code wrong and assigns an owner like i did above, it will never be retrievable as an owner again
[13:43:59] Psy-Q: weird that this isn't a pattern of some sort? having a normalized contacts table where you can use the same contact for many purposes but keep each contact record unique sounds like something reasonably common, no?
[13:45:44] Psy-Q: it works by creating the contactable by hand, thanks. i might hack it like this until maybe a better way pops up
[13:46:35] tbuehlmann: what prevents you from having unique contacts?
[13:46:58] Psy-Q: if i do it like this, nothing, that'll work fine
[13:47:24] Psy-Q: but if i used a contact type/mode directly on the contact, for example, a contact would be duplicated if it is a tech contact and also an owner
[13:48:19] tbuehlmann: for that you got join tables. did I miss the problem?
[13:49:01] Psy-Q: maybe i didn't explain it well enough. i do want a join table, and i do want to put the kind of relationship (owner or technical) on the link itself
[13:49:28] Psy-Q: but i fail to see how to teach AR to set the kind of relationship automatically depending on whether i assign a contact as technical or owner to an account
[13:50:13] Psy-Q: i'll update the paste to include the scope that seems to work for reading now
[13:52:06] tbuehlmann: I'm sure you could hack into the association and set the mode/role/type :)
[13:52:22] Psy-Q: account = Account.new; c = Contact.new(email: 'foo@bar.baz'); account.owners << c; account.save # should set contact_mode of Contactables.first to 'owner'
[13:52:36] Psy-Q: maybe it's because i want something less than polymorphism and this is usually solved with polymorphism?
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[13:53:02] Psy-Q: i will see how hackable that is. i saw that you can put extensions in those things
[13:54:12] tbuehlmann: oh, wait, rails already does it for me
[13:55:04] Psy-Q: now i'm curious :|
[13:56:32] tbuehlmann: you need to use a hash, not an sql string: has_many :owners, -> { where(contactables: {mode: 'owner'}) }, through: :contactables, source: 'contact'
[13:56:41] tbuehlmann: (my column is named mode, so change that)
[13:57:06] tbuehlmann: if you have that, it seems to behave like a default_scope as it sets the attribute like the where is
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[13:58:57] Psy-Q: brilliant!
[13:58:57] tbuehlmann: some_account.owners.instance_variable_get(:@association).send(:options_for_through_record) # => [{"mode"=>"owner"}]
[13:59:08] Psy-Q: thanks a ton :D i knew there *must* be some way AR can determine it
[13:59:24] tbuehlmann: you're welcome
[13:59:42] Psy-Q: OK, so now i have a beautifully normalized database and just a big headache for how to expose it, but that headache was there before as well
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[14:09:10] tbuehlmann: Psy-Q: right :)
[14:09:48] randohinn: I'm trying to group all routes that should only exist on subdomains, to one constraint like so: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/M4kRHqbDff/ This should work according to SO, but won't - I get a No route matches on all attempts :/
[14:12:54] tbuehlmann: randohinn: looks good. what exactly doesn't work?
[14:14:32] randohinn: anydomainhere.localhost:3000 will not work, all routes on it will constantly give the No route matches exception
[14:14:41] randohinn: No route matches [GET] "/admin/users"
[14:17:44] tbuehlmann: rails doesn't understand this as a subdomain. try foo.bar.baz instead of anydomainhere.localhost
[14:19:23] tbuehlmann: you can configure the way rails understands domains, see https://guides.rubyonrails.org/configuring.html#configuring-action-dispatch (config.action_dispatch.tld_length)
[14:20:08] tbuehlmann: setting config.action_dispatch.tld_length to 0 should work for anydomainhere.localhost
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[14:22:22] randohinn: where would that go ?
[14:22:55] tbuehlmann: config/application.rb or config/environments/*.rb
[14:25:38] Psy-Q: oh hell, (y) renders as a thumbs up emoji on some clients/systems?
[14:25:46] Psy-Q: i've been puzzling about that for at least 12 years now
[14:25:58] randohinn: Yup, works!
[14:26:04] tbuehlmann: you're welcome!
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[15:26:46] piroko: hah. looks like they may have banned IRC bridges
[15:27:13] greengriminal: Does anyone here use monogid having a bit of an issue with when I call `#first` - https://gist.github.com/davidpatters0n/7cedc822cb9fd5d591e7811a9ce64f37
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[15:28:04] greengriminal: I am certain that I have these indexes too.
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[15:31:23] lfish: Has anybody used Cuba? I can't figure out what's the scope of variables in .erb files, say, index.erb has access to 'cards' but I don't know where it comes from. Cuba resources seem to be dying, I hope it's okay to ask this here.
[15:32:31] lfish: By the way, Cuba uses rack. Some learning resource would be much appreciated.
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[15:57:24] ryandv: Hello all - can `define_model_callbacks` from ActiveModel be used for `after_initialize` in activemodel-5.2.2?
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[16:27:44] havenwood: lfish: Take a look at Roda if you haven't. It's a fork of Cuba that adds a great plugin system.
[16:27:45] havenwood: lfish: http://roda.jeremyevans.net/
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[16:41:22] rikkipitt: hey folks, I’ve got a delayed_job that runs find in dev with `perform_now` and `perform_later`. On Heroku, it fails with just `perform_later`… any ideas why this might be?
[16:41:24] rikkipitt: https://github.com/jmazzi/crypt_keeper/issues/172 - that goes some of the way to explain what I’m seeing between `perform_now` and `perform_later` on Heroku
[16:41:57] rikkipitt: I'm using crypt_keeper and get an ActiveSupport::MessageEncryptor::InvalidMessage error when using perform_later
[16:43:27] lfish: havenwood: thanks. Am I right to think Cuba is not so alive nowadays?
[16:44:49] havenwood: lfish: I don't know, but Roda is very much under active development.
[16:45:25] havenwood: lfish: It looks like Roda is "1002 commits ahead, 81 commits behind"
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[18:01:52] andywww: tbuehlmann: thanks for putting me back on the straight and narrow, turns out fields_for takes an options hash which allows you to prefix the form fields so I put the ID in there, its much tidier now.
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[18:38:02] deathwishdave: I need a webapplication that allows a user to create an account, then setup a team. This team will have an associated licence count. A windows application dll will call the webapp to see if the product can run.
[18:38:17] deathwishdave: I was thinking of a webapp with devise and cancan
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[18:38:54] deathwishdave: been out of rails development for a few years, does this sound like a good approach?
[18:41:40] snk: devise goes a long way for simple authentication schemes... you might find that you need something custom down the road if things get complicated :)
[18:41:57] snk: cancan doesn't look like it's been updated in a while
[18:41:59] havenwood: deathwishdave: It's cancancan these days.
[18:42:15] havenwood: deathwishdave: I've used Pundit most recently.
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[18:42:40] deathwishdave: pundit is for authorisation?
[18:42:47] havenwood: https://github.com/CanCanCommunity/cancancan
[18:42:55] snk: https://www.ruby-toolbox.com/categories/rails_authorization.html
[18:42:57] havenwood: deathwishdave: yes
[18:43:24] havenwood: deathwishdave: It has a nice pattern where you do authorization in parallel files.
[18:43:48] deathwishdave: havenwood thanks
[18:44:03] deathwishdave: i just need to build something super quick
[18:44:13] havenwood: deathwishdave: https://www.rubydoc.info/gems/pundit
[18:44:33] deathwishdave: been let down by a ASP developer
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[18:45:36] deathwishdave: havenwood thanks
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[19:14:07] randohinn: I'm doing this... https://gist.github.com/randohinn/c487a3994f6ead42bbbecee101402eda
[19:14:15] randohinn: but the user fields are not rendering.. :/
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[22:14:10] gravitation: Is it possible to invoke an ApplicationController route from within a rails console?
[22:14:41] gravitation: I want to call a given route with given params, but I don’t want to spin up a WEBrick server or any other server to do it, I need to do it from within a rails console.
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