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[19:22:11] |work: I am |work!


[18:54:57] |work: DoctorMonocular: You didn't hire one of those half-naked cleaning women, did you? :(
[21:26:05] |work: s/void/self-closing/


[10:03:17] |work: snark in the dark
[12:09:53] |work: We're being trolled. http://imgur.com/gallery/Zw0OJ


[00:33:16] |work: sevenseacat: So, whatcha gonna do miaow, bruvly?
[14:25:50] |work: sevenseacat: Good job not fucking up.
[14:26:57] |work: sevenseacat: not you though!
[14:27:03] |work: <333 six whole scoops!
[14:27:49] |work: waseem_: Who aren't I?
[14:31:48] |work: ACTION takes a nybble on epochwolf 
[21:59:21] |work: rhizome: She blinded me with pull requests1
[22:06:41] |work: rhizome: whut
[22:38:18] |work: Please forgive me, this is the link color at my wokr: #F06A2B
[22:38:23] |work: s/wokr/work/


[16:45:27] |work: tubbo: In number, but not in notifications.
[16:45:39] |work: Like stash notifications, not desktop email pings.
[16:47:52] |work: shevy: D on D
[18:41:34] |work: FailBit: Who the hell comes from D?
[18:42:44] |work: >> 'C'.succ # => 'D'
[18:42:52] |work: C succ's D
[18:57:40] |work: What the shitlovers pizza, batman?
[19:14:25] |work: dfockler: Because extending the metaphor.
[19:15:57] |work: Ruby ala DHH.
[22:57:16] |work: Did your mommy tell you about them?


[21:10:58] |work: tubbo: neg


[02:21:23] |work: Does it matter? Just try restarting the console. Not a big deal.
[02:23:29] |work: reload! doesn't work for everything though
[02:24:26] |work: Things that aren't automatically reloaded in rails anyways.


[19:31:09] |work: Not like you highlight me all that often!
[19:31:22] |work: I've had the nick for a while though, the |work one.
[19:40:11] |work: http://www.amazon.com/xUnit-Test-Patterns-Refactoring-Code/dp/0131495054
[19:42:21] |work: Cause you know it's all about dat base, 'bout dat base.
[19:45:20] |work: Yeah, but then you end up doing whatever you think up, which might be utter shit.
[19:45:29] |work: Most definitely will, as far as testing goes.
[19:52:28] |work: rhizome: Yeah, but improvement isn't necessarily the most important thing. I can start out whale or I can start out terribly.
[19:54:07] |work: Who is 'everyone'?
[21:43:51] |work: Why do you need models for your menus?
[21:50:47] |work: Mmm not using windows.
[21:51:21] |work: probably with order
[21:51:32] |work: Fancy that!
[21:51:54] |work: rikkipitt: Read the professional level documentation.
[21:55:02] |work: safetypin: Source code is professional level documentation.
[22:03:22] |work: sailing: I'll consider it when I can run tests without committing in the browser.
[22:03:30] |work: s2013: !use
[22:03:32] |work: s2013: !used
[22:03:36] |work: fucking bot.
[22:03:40] |work: s2013: Try ##docker
[22:03:45] |work: Err, #docker, whicever.
[22:03:59] |work: I assume that all of #docker does.
[22:04:23] |work: Also, I'd be impressed if you knew all the !s, since theres a fuckload.



[18:26:36] |work: Fuck you guys. Pipe to my nick. Unless your client doesn't suck. :(