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[13:31:50] Abhijit: is there any way to simulate various exceptions while running a ruby code?
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[09:10:18] Abhijit: how can I kill ruby script using ctrl + c when this script is waiting for user input on gets.chomp?
[09:12:08] Abhijit: but when script is on gets.chomp line it won't proceed unless input is entered?
[09:16:14] Abhijit: no. complete exit.
[09:16:27] Abhijit: i got one reference from one SE page! it works now.
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[09:41:35] Abhijit: i am trying to use this module https://www.rubydoc.info/gems/toml-rb/0.3.0/TOML i did not installed any extra libraries. when i tyr to do TOML.parse(content) in my irb it says NoMethodError: undefined method `parse' for TOML:Module
[09:47:37] Abhijit: which one to require then?
[09:49:04] Abhijit: elomatreb, dminuoso this code gives me error https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/ZH8Y2vj4Yq/
[09:49:19] Abhijit: undefined method `parse' for TOML:Module
[09:58:59] Abhijit: installing and requiring toml-rb or tomlrb does not work
[09:59:13] Abhijit: says uninitialized constant TOML
[10:11:58] Abhijit: elomatreb, whats wrong here?
[10:11:59] Abhijit: require 'toml-rb'
[10:12:02] Abhijit: puts TomlRb.parse("[toml]\na = [\"array\", 123]")
[10:12:09] Abhijit: uninitialized constant TOML
[10:12:10] Abhijit: Did you mean? TomlRB
[10:14:37] Abhijit: gem install toml-rb
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[04:53:52] Abhijit: whats the recommended way to run shell commands from ruby, when my program needs to make decision based upon output of that shell command and not just execute it?
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[04:00:48] Abhijit: whats the difference between before_action and prepend_before_action?
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[05:10:50] Abhijit: i am trying to write a regest which will give me array of words matching regexp. regexp is any word insied starting __ and __
[05:11:06] Abhijit: scan(/(_{2}[a-z A-Z])\w+_{2}/) gives mi those words but only with first letter of those words
[05:11:13] Abhijit: how can i get all whole words
[05:19:41] Abhijit: i wrote this - scan(/_{2}(\w+)_{2}/)
[05:20:23] Abhijit: 2 is not variable. instead of __ i thought i will write {2} just to make it clear that its exactly 2
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[11:20:25] Abhijit: anyone using Fabric to deploy rails apps in Production env?
[11:20:36] Abhijit: hows your experience? do you recommend it?
[12:35:14] Abhijit: ok then. nothing much for me here!
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[12:35:16] Abhijit: why ttranslating strings, is it ok do by sentence or better to do word by word?
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[05:50:24] Abhijit: do i need to import css fiiles manually into reactjs components in rails app?
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[12:51:32] Abhijit: how to use if condition on class assignment in HAML?
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[04:51:41] Abhijit: i found some hamltoerb convertors online. but is there any erbtohaml convertor?
[04:58:06] Abhijit: I guess its either CZHEADER.map line or START_DAY = :monday
[04:59:13] Abhijit: krmela, https://stackoverflow.com/questions/6712298/dynamic-constant-assignment
[05:24:31] Abhijit: krmela, sorry was away
[05:24:55] Abhijit: krmela, check what havenwood is saying. i have to log off.
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[05:45:36] Abhijit: my git structure is -> myapp is root folder. myapp/.git and myapp/.gitignore and inside this there is actual rails app as myapp/railsapp what i need to do differently so that I wont get capistrano could not locate Gemfile error?
[05:46:02] Abhijit: shall i copy myapp/railsapp/Gemfile to myapp/Gemfile ??
[06:32:54] Abhijit: how to ignore database.yml env vars set for test env, while running app in dev mode?
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[04:01:58] Abhijit: any opinions on react_rails vs react_on_rails gems?
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[08:13:33] Abhijit: is it safe to use 5.1.2 for production or i shall use 5.0 only?
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[11:49:33] Abhijit: shall I be using rails api only, if i am planning to use Angular ?
[11:51:47] Abhijit: yeah, i would also prefer one app
[12:13:12] Abhijit: there is Angular 4?
[12:13:15] Abhijit: i thought 2 is latest?
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[07:20:22] Abhijit: whats the Ruby way to decide if date is in future, past or in between two dates
[07:21:55] Abhijit: this will work for DateTime or Date object?
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[06:17:15] Abhijit: how can I make my ruby script insist on version and fail completely otherwise?
[06:17:27] Abhijit: ruby version that is
[06:18:51] Abhijit: is there anything builtin?
[06:19:09] Abhijit: why i should not+?
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[11:36:38] Abhijit: i can require 'json' from rails app and irb in my system. but it fails saying cannot load such file -- json if i require 'json' in simple test.rb script
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[12:10:31] Abhijit: why this bug https://github.com/flori/json/issues/318 gets fixed with changing my shebang line from /usr/bin/ruby to /usr/bin/env ruby as pointed by one commentor?
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[15:18:11] Abhijit: whats equivalent HAML for this <%= react_component("Post", {title: "Hello World"}) %>
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[17:11:50] Abhijit: this is my rake task https://gist.github.com/anonymous/2f3fcbbb119351391b4b837f53c9c062 How to run it? rake setup_dictionary:download_dictionary says dont know how to build t
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[12:45:04] Abhijit: I am getting syntax error, unexpected tSYMBEG, expecting keyword_do or '{' or '(' add_column :users, :uid, :string, For migration line add_column :users, :provider, :string,
[12:49:26] Abhijit: sevenseacat: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/83b8206bf4bb4c6027dc26d3510d5b0f
[12:51:43] Abhijit: removed. sevenseacat but those were added automatically by rails g migartion commad
[12:52:45] Abhijit: what am I doing! :-)
[13:01:09] Abhijit: Twist: mikecmpbll is the attacker! :-p
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[10:27:06] Abhijit: Compiling CoffeeScript with 'coffee' binary home/ubuntu/canvas-lms/gems/canvas_i18nliner/node_modules/jsdom/node_modules/contextify/node_modules/bindings/bindings.js:83 throw e Error: Module did not self-register. I am getting this error while trying to complie assets for Canvas LMS (rails app)
[10:27:19] Abhijit: it has something to do with coffeescript. any idea how can I fix it?
[10:28:14] Abhijit: i am identified.
[10:28:31] Abhijit: this is not a rail questions. the app is rails. but error is in gem. gem in ruby.
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[10:55:19] Abhijit: i have my project dir ownership as myuser:root and project dir is /var/www/dir when i do assets:precompile for dev it works. but AILS_ENV=production bundle exec rake assets:precompile just dont do anything. no errors. no output. nothing. how can i solve it?
[10:56:58] Abhijit: not individually but i deleted the whole dir/* then ./post-receive again
[10:59:06] Abhijit: universa1, after doing bundle exec rake tmp:clear now when i do production assets precomiple again, still nothing.
[11:01:11] Abhijit: universa1, production.log is empty. when i execute this command RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rake assets:precompile it dont print anything. not a single letter.
[11:01:16] Abhijit: thats the probl.m
[11:02:00] Abhijit: fox_mulder_cp, yes that one. i delete the project dir and set up fresh one, hence my production.log is empty
[11:03:13] Abhijit: universa1, assets:precompile for dev and production works in my computer. but on production vps it works only for dev not for production.
[11:03:40] Abhijit: universa1, post receive ony gets the code there. as of now assets:precompile is not in post-receive.
[11:03:44] Abhijit: i am doing it manualyl.
[11:03:51] Abhijit: by logging to vps.
[11:05:49] Abhijit: fox_mulder_cp, RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rake -v assets:precompile 2&>1 /tmp/assets.log dont create that file
[11:07:03] Abhijit: fox_mulder_cp, empty assets.log
[11:08:29] Abhijit: this was what i did: export RAILS_ENV=production && bundle exec rake -v -t assets:precompile 2&>1 > /tmp/assets.log
[11:09:37] Abhijit: you did in developement. mine also work in developement. but not in production
[11:09:53] Abhijit: universa1, yeah but its not printing anything at all
[11:10:09] Abhijit: ok it did now.
[11:10:49] Abhijit: universa1, fox_mulder_cp https://gist.github.com/abhijitnavale/56b07baf945f11e237cd5a4a0e0283fb
[11:10:56] Abhijit: but it still did not actually compiled the assets
[11:12:42] Abhijit: there are lots of css, js and other items is public/assets universa1
[11:15:40] Abhijit: fox_mulder_cp, universa1 mved to _assets. now production assets precompile worked. thanks all of you. what was causing it to work on existing assets folder?
[11:15:45] Abhijit: "to not work on"
[11:17:41] Abhijit: ok will remove it.
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[13:36:56] Abhijit: i am trying to convert input text file array into variable array here https://gist.github.com/abhijitnavale/35b8c466d0bc562de15ae682c699bb97 but i get error syntax error, unexpected end-of-input, expecting keyword_end for line 12 and 15
[13:39:26] Abhijit: if block is closed after "i++"
[13:40:02] Abhijit: there are two "end" one before i++ and one after. first ends do second ends if
[13:48:33] Abhijit: Fernando-Basso, why its wrong and not just another way?
[13:51:08] Abhijit: word = Array.new is it right for "Dynamic" multideminsional array?
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[04:58:24] Abhijit: i just came to know about this https://web.nvd.nist.gov/view/vuln/search-results?query=Ruby&search_type=all&cves=on
[04:58:35] Abhijit: how would i know if my centos gave me patches for those or not?
[04:58:47] Abhijit: this one https://web.nvd.nist.gov/view/vuln/detail?vulnId=CVE-2016-2098
[04:58:56] Abhijit: centos and ubuntu
[05:10:47] Abhijit: Radar, ok so its should be taken care by ruby / rails and not by os. fine.
[05:11:39] Abhijit: yeah. but due to one another get restriction i am stuck to 4.1.8 rails.
[05:12:02] Abhijit: i just wanted to know confirm that its os responsibility or not.
[05:34:58] Abhijit: Arcaire, ok
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[06:21:41] Abhijit: my csv object reads csv arary from last line first. how can I make it read from first line first.
[06:22:22] Abhijit: `derpy, the links you gave last time, works with single dimension array. i cant figure out how to make it work on my mulidimensional csv array
[06:29:23] Abhijit: smathy, https://gist.github.com/abhijitnavale/6fc4373ba686fd49ec28c163cb9270be
[06:33:08] Abhijit: smathy, first line is printed last.
[06:34:19] Abhijit: smathy, yes. i wrote this code.
[06:34:54] Abhijit: smathy, oh. sorry.
[06:35:25] Abhijit: smathy, previouly i was adding other if elseif condition and other info to array, but later on deleted that. i forgot that i deleted that.
[06:35:38] Abhijit: smathy, yeah. got it. my fault.
[06:41:13] Abhijit: please share the link you guys are talking about.
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[13:02:28] Abhijit: when i do @var = csv.find(condition) what can i use to check if @var has value? exist, present and empty gives errors
[13:02:39] Abhijit: @var is csv row
[13:03:55] Abhijit: norc, NoMethodError: undefined method `defined?' for #<CSV::Row:0x00000002ddfa98>
[13:04:43] Abhijit: ArgumentError: comparison of String with 0 failed
[13:04:49] Abhijit: norc, why abomination? what shall use then?
[13:06:01] Abhijit: nil works.
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[17:31:58] Abhijit: `derpy, is a bot?
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