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[01:39:32] Aeyrix: You can pick 'none', fwiw.
[01:39:46] Aeyrix: IIRC everything still works, it's just vanilla JS.
[01:40:03] Aeyrix: Unobtrusive JS doesn't exist.
[01:40:09] Aeyrix: JS is obtrusive as fuck.
[01:43:52] Aeyrix: sevenseacat: element.addEventListener('click', function() { whatever; }, false);
[01:44:02] Aeyrix: Oh you're saying it's all done in jQ atm?
[01:47:33] Aeyrix: Don't use abstraction tools, kids.
[01:58:23] Aeyrix: Radar: your patience is something to write books about tbh
[02:05:25] Aeyrix: installing linux right now
[02:05:30] Aeyrix: managed to exhaust the memory by pressing volup
[02:07:18] Aeyrix: mices is pretty much a known problem, bergs.
[02:08:43] Aeyrix: Fucking hell
[02:08:47] Aeyrix: the touchpad doesn't work
[02:08:49] Aeyrix: but the touchscreen does
[02:09:15] Aeyrix: i was typing in rubyonrails the whole time
[02:09:28] Aeyrix: bergs: This is the INSTALLER
[02:09:32] Aeyrix: I haven't even got anything yet.
[02:09:37] Aeyrix: It's trying to start the partitioner apparently.
[02:09:48] Aeyrix: A Ubuntu derivative I think.
[02:09:52] Aeyrix: Unless they switched to Debian.
[02:10:09] Aeyrix: but being based on debian does not mean you're based on ubuntu
[02:10:20] Aeyrix: good lord this is one solid meme
[02:10:22] Aeyrix: it's been five minutes
[02:10:36] Aeyrix: You're meant to warn me. >:(
[02:11:13] Aeyrix: I'm relatively sure this is an SSD.
[02:11:26] Aeyrix: I don't even know
[02:11:28] Aeyrix: actually no, it isn't
[02:11:32] Aeyrix: oh god it's a 7200RPM
[02:12:00] Aeyrix: Yeah I have one of those.
[02:12:31] Aeyrix: the touchscreen still works
[02:12:37] Aeyrix: but it's still starting the partitioner
[02:12:40] Aeyrix: literally what the fuck
[02:13:24] Aeyrix: Radar: we need a ticketing system for this channel.
[02:13:36] Aeyrix: bergs: No, because I can't drop into a console at all. :|
[02:14:20] Aeyrix: bergs: This is a RAM system.
[02:14:27] Aeyrix: bergs: That's the worst part. This is a LiveUSB installer.
[02:14:32] Aeyrix: I'm just trying to install this lmao
[02:14:38] Aeyrix: Why can't it just be Arch.
[02:15:27] Aeyrix: >can't run `/bin/sh`: Cannot allocate memory
[02:15:35] Aeyrix: seppuku imminent
[02:15:58] Aeyrix: Radar: lmao
[02:16:02] Aeyrix: Radar: it's an inspiron 11
[02:16:38] Aeyrix: bergs: Yeah.
[02:16:42] Aeyrix: "can't fork"
[02:16:53] Aeyrix: Installer here is on F5.
[02:17:26] Aeyrix: sevenseacat: Well I'm trying to install Ubuntu on it, so probably yes.
[02:19:21] Aeyrix: holy shit that broke it even more
[02:20:03] Aeyrix: fuck Kali Linux
[02:26:34] Aeyrix: Normally I don't use it but it's just easier to get all the tools I use as a suite and the copy my configs and custom stuff.
[02:33:03] Aeyrix: THIS DISK IS SO SLOW
[02:36:29] Aeyrix: Lord Moore is testing me.
[03:01:40] Aeyrix: mices: you don't
[03:02:30] Aeyrix: we broke radar
[03:03:49] Aeyrix: it's Radar's bot.
[03:03:49] Aeyrix: What's better is
[03:04:09] Aeyrix: Just the tips
[03:05:31] Aeyrix: okay bot is ded
[03:05:31] Aeyrix: !botsnack
[03:06:34] Aeyrix: bergs: recurrent neural networks
[03:06:55] Aeyrix: 2:04 PM <Radar> oh ffs again with the sarcasterix
[03:16:42] Aeyrix: Is that a sarcasterix
[03:17:18] Aeyrix: On the topic of computers, I'm trying to dd this ISO to a second USB for another try.
[03:17:32] Aeyrix: It's a brand new Inspiron so this should be working. >.<
[03:20:05] Aeyrix: The issue is partway through install, though.
[03:20:15] Aeyrix: Secure boot is off etc.
[03:22:11] Aeyrix: just the install
[03:22:13] Aeyrix: on the other laptop
[03:22:19] Aeyrix: dd is taking a fucking long time because USB
[03:22:23] Aeyrix: through a hub
[03:27:41] Aeyrix: bergs: can i drop myself off it
[03:28:28] Aeyrix: lmao bergs
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[22:48:21] Aeyrix: typo twie
[22:48:23] Aeyrix: twice even
[22:48:29] Aeyrix: well that was probably bordering on irony
[23:23:35] Aeyrix: Radar: Now I need an excuse to tell people to `gem install rails` in #Node.js.
[23:24:30] Aeyrix: claytonzaugg: It will work with any ruby vers fwiw
[23:25:05] Aeyrix: ellistaa: Please explain to me, in detail, why the everloving fuck we should be able to help you diagnose this issue from one completely out of context line of code?
[23:25:26] Aeyrix: s/bth/tbh/
[23:25:38] Aeyrix: I'm tired of taking the chill pills about people being utterly inept about asking questions.
[23:25:51] Aeyrix: Maybe you never asked questions in school, sure, but damn you need to learn.
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[23:29:08] Aeyrix: tubbo: F12 is cross-platform and cross-browser fwiw.
[23:30:55] Aeyrix: bergs: wut
[23:31:01] Aeyrix: bergs: I tested it before I said it.
[23:31:30] Aeyrix: due to F12 without fn not being F12 but in fact volup
[23:31:30] Aeyrix: You might need to fn+F12
[23:36:43] Aeyrix: Also RE: Chrome - yes, looks like I did things.
[23:36:43] Aeyrix: re: "what?"
[23:36:43] Aeyrix: I don't even know.
[23:36:43] Aeyrix: bergs: I just
[23:45:56] Aeyrix: lol docker
[23:47:03] Aeyrix: You'll get me banned.
[23:47:03] Aeyrix: bergs: Don't get me started.
[23:47:32] Aeyrix: GNU/crusade.
[23:47:32] Aeyrix: bergs: I am Richard M. Stallman in a crusade against Docker, let me tell you.
[23:47:46] Aeyrix: tubbo: Not for at least half of the oper team it isn't. :v
[23:48:32] Aeyrix: I say nothing except stupid shit
[23:48:38] Aeyrix: What's that?
[23:49:12] Aeyrix: Fun fact, that hat is ten years older than me.
[23:49:37] Aeyrix: bergs: ye
[23:51:31] Aeyrix: both ways


[00:38:21] Aeyrix: >force them to file it
[00:38:29] Aeyrix: >if it's non descriptive, close or mark as not enough info
[00:38:32] Aeyrix: >repeat until they get the picture
[00:38:47] Aeyrix: if they don't get the picture, move from marking to closing
[00:38:55] Aeyrix: I have no qualms with telling people to file proper bug reports. I do it at work.
[03:09:06] Aeyrix: Don't you mean #node.js?
[03:28:32] Aeyrix: Who'd you +q?
[04:17:01] Aeyrix: what are you doing?
[04:54:59] Aeyrix: :51 PM <Radar> tldr
[04:55:03] Aeyrix: I'm so glad I wasn't the only one
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[00:00:21] Aeyrix: It's good to have one, for me.
[00:00:26] Aeyrix: It only forwards if I accept it.
[00:00:33] Aeyrix: Otherwise they drop it.
[00:00:43] Aeyrix: Which means I use it for all of my domains. :D
[00:01:43] Aeyrix: Also Oregon has no sales tax
[00:01:54] Aeyrix: I had one in Indiana and Austria, but Oregon seemed like a better deal.
[00:08:07] Aeyrix: You know that place near Germany?
[00:21:56] Aeyrix: xybre: truth
[00:23:06] Aeyrix: xybre: what other options are there, really?
[00:23:08] Aeyrix: SVN is shit
[00:23:10] Aeyrix: Mercurial is a meme
[00:23:45] Aeyrix: Did you... not check that with the client before going ahead?
[00:24:10] Aeyrix: xybre: It might be true again.
[00:24:18] Aeyrix: Facebook have put immense amounts of engineering work into Mercurial.
[00:24:38] Aeyrix: It's true.
[00:24:40] Aeyrix: That's why I avoid it.
[00:24:54] Aeyrix: Despite Git being a smorgasbord of C, C++, Tcl, and Bash.
[00:25:05] Aeyrix: I just try not to think about it and only cry on the designated crying day.
[00:25:19] Aeyrix: I wrote my own DCVS a while ago.
[00:25:22] Aeyrix: It was to learn Rust.
[00:25:26] Aeyrix: It wasn't very good, but it worked.
[00:27:02] Aeyrix: We're at the point now, realistically, where it's far too hard to move to another one.
[02:22:33] Aeyrix: Radar: tubbo is breaking your shit
[02:22:48] Aeyrix: "Pull requests welcome."
[02:27:39] Aeyrix: nil.downcase => nil
[02:28:36] Aeyrix: tubbo: Given that I don't speak Espa??ol
[03:52:05] Aeyrix: i play wow tho
[03:52:12] Aeyrix: i don't want another mmorpg
[03:56:49] Aeyrix: "it's raid time"
[03:56:52] Aeyrix: please no
[03:57:32] Aeyrix: Wednesday / Thursday is raid night :^)
[03:57:48] Aeyrix: I stopped for a few years.
[03:57:59] Aeyrix: Got back into it a few months ago.
[03:58:29] Aeyrix: mostly yes
[05:25:01] Aeyrix: pipework: neat
[22:43:30] Aeyrix: Radar: If I get time today
[22:43:39] Aeyrix: I'm going to make the bot search for the username we ping
[22:43:44] Aeyrix: e.g., diegovolga: !ncnh
[22:43:51] Aeyrix: and if they've been around for longer than 180 days
[22:43:58] Aeyrix: it tells them they really should know the rules by now
[22:44:14] Aeyrix: One more thing we don't have to do! :D


[23:18:13] Aeyrix: Okay admit it that was good.
[23:22:33] Aeyrix: diegoviola: neat
[23:22:39] Aeyrix: diegoviola: except i get paid in dollarydoos
[23:22:52] Aeyrix: diegoviola: then again, the dollarydoo : usd exchange rate isn't fab right now
[23:23:17] Aeyrix: 0.72. Meh.
[23:23:52] Aeyrix: diegoviola: I don't have any btc
[23:24:03] Aeyrix: diegoviola: because i put my money into other things
[23:24:07] Aeyrix: diegoviola: like shiny gold weapons in video games
[23:24:43] Aeyrix: Really wish I ran this irc network
[23:24:45] Aeyrix: just to chghost him
[23:24:57] Aeyrix: diegovolga!diegovolga@bitcoin.enthusiast
[23:26:11] Aeyrix: I was just seeing if he was that guy
[23:26:20] Aeyrix: because it seems weird that someone invested in something like bitcoin
[23:26:26] Aeyrix: is capable of writing code
[23:26:38] Aeyrix: and is capable of maintaining an attention span on it
[23:52:28] Aeyrix: 10:43 AM <tubbo> i remember when BTC crashed the first time and quazimodo was like "there goes $10k"
[23:52:31] Aeyrix: That's *exactly* what I'm talking about.
[23:54:24] Aeyrix: claytonzaugg: Sure there is.
[23:54:34] Aeyrix: You look it up on
[23:54:47] Aeyrix: then you use that version instead of 2.2.0 or whatever Radar put in the blog :^)
[23:55:04] Aeyrix: it installs latest stable or something if you omit the version
[23:55:16] Aeyrix: like 2.1.something last time I tried, despite 2.2.3 being out
[23:55:35] Aeyrix: Radar: >>> Installing ruby 2.1.3 into /Users/elliot/.rubies/ruby-2.1.3 ...
[23:55:42] Aeyrix: 2.1.3 is what it tries to install without args.
[23:58:26] Aeyrix: I ordered some stuff for my girlfriend for christmas yesterday
[23:58:30] Aeyrix: apparently i can ship us to au in 5 days now
[23:58:40] Aeyrix: i paid for expedited shipping and didn't even need it
[23:59:12] Aeyrix: she lives, quite literally, a good stone's throw away
[23:59:20] Aeyrix: if i stand at the right place on my balcony i can see her house :^)
[23:59:29] Aeyrix: the stuff i was ordering is USA-made though
[23:59:50] Aeyrix: i have an address in Oregon for US-only shipping, but they can do US to AU in 5 days.
[23:59:52] Aeyrix: Crazy shit.