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[00:06:55] Arcaire: anyone use slim here
[00:07:10] Arcaire: i can't really work out the google search terms for "a link inside a p tag"
[00:07:18] Arcaire: because google doesn't function well on any lex with less than three characters
[00:08:02] Arcaire: nvm the term that worked was 'nesting'
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[03:00:50] Arcaire: Beyond Earth, perhaps.
[03:00:51] Arcaire:
[03:01:09] Arcaire: You consider Adelaide to be more 'civilization' than Perth?
[03:01:17] Arcaire: I thought Adelaide's population was like 2 million churches, 3 people.
[03:01:47] Arcaire: o that was this weekend
[03:04:06] Arcaire: no thanks at all
[03:05:19] Arcaire: spiders aren't either
[03:29:34] Arcaire: "test tests please ignore"
[03:30:25] Arcaire: whatever you want, it's your commit log
[03:30:47] Arcaire: "passing tests"? id
[03:36:21] Arcaire: Pokémon GoAway
[03:36:32] Arcaire: ingress was bad enough
[03:36:51] Arcaire: i want you to egress right about now
[03:37:02] Arcaire: i refuse to let this happen again
[03:37:11] Arcaire: it's like watching a firework show
[03:49:00] Arcaire: I treat them as a freestanding sentence.


[05:00:00] Arcaire: *.net *.split
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[00:19:48] Arcaire: Anyone remember what that site is to learn a language of your choice? Somewhat like Project Euler.
[00:19:58] Arcaire: But less mathy.
[00:20:45] Arcaire:
[01:06:13] Arcaire: it's p good
[01:06:27] Arcaire: using it for this year's hot meme
[01:15:43] Arcaire: meanwhile i'm considering just using Gorilla


[03:23:16] Arcaire: >Esperanto - Detected
[03:23:19] Arcaire: what the fucking hell Google
[03:23:35] Arcaire: Have you ever wondered if we're evolving too fast?
[03:24:06] Arcaire: I know, that's what's amazing.
[03:24:23] Arcaire: Is it even a registered language of, well, anywhere? My understanding is it's more a hobbyist thing.
[03:24:59] Arcaire: Super neat that it's been added.
[03:25:10] Arcaire: Now I too can pretend I have any idea what that language is about.
[03:25:18] Arcaire: It uses more accents than German.
[03:26:06] Arcaire: Are they soft variants of the letter's pronunciation in English?
[03:28:00] Arcaire: So the "goal" is a universal language or something, yeah?
[03:28:04] Arcaire: xkcd_standards.png
[03:28:40] Arcaire: Like how some countries fall back to English atm?
[04:44:41] Arcaire: i thought you liked reinteractive
[23:18:07] Arcaire: Radar: I've read
[23:18:09] Arcaire: four books i think
[23:18:12] Arcaire: last year i read 0
[23:44:33] Arcaire: any case where you don't do it? :^)
[23:44:44] Arcaire: You can open the Class class. It works across the board.


[05:04:10] Arcaire: Radar: I ended up moving back away from Elixir to Ruby again, lol
[05:04:48] Arcaire: too much effort to get my head around mostly
[05:04:55] Arcaire: I had a lot of problems understanding Phoenix and it was pissing me off
[05:05:04] Arcaire: there isn't enough stackoverflow answers yet
[05:05:19] Arcaire: i voted for Turnbull
[05:05:43] Arcaire: who else will make Australia great again?
[05:05:50] Arcaire: nah greens / labour 1 / 2
[05:05:54] Arcaire: i did accidentally vote for a party that uh
[05:05:58] Arcaire: turns out has some pretty savoury ideas
[05:06:03] Arcaire: they sounded nice
[05:06:07] Arcaire: and i had one slot to fill
[05:06:22] Arcaire: no it was the one similar to family first
[05:06:32] Arcaire: might've been health actually
[05:06:44] Arcaire: idk either way, i read up on it later and was like "WHY AM I ALLOWED TO VOTE"
[05:08:10] Arcaire: anyway, back to Elixir
[05:08:12] Arcaire: yeah i'm not very good at it
[05:08:15] Arcaire: Phoenix is hard™
[05:08:46] Arcaire: that is, unfortunately, part of the problem i think
[05:08:55] Arcaire: i was trying to, for instance, implement a dynamic page title function
[05:09:05] Arcaire: in Rails I have a little go to that involves an application-wide helper function and a content_for call
[05:09:32] Arcaire: i did look at that actually but it didn't do exactly what I wanted
[05:09:37] Arcaire: fun fact, you're top result for the query i used
[05:11:12] Arcaire: Roughly:
[05:11:42] Arcaire: Then the layout just has <%= page_title %> where you have your <%= javascript_include_tag %> and <%= stylesheet_link_tag %>
[05:12:33] Arcaire: updated with all the chrome i guess


[00:03:56] Arcaire: why would they rewrite it just so it's in the same language?
[02:19:58] Arcaire: NeverDie: lol
[03:50:57] Arcaire: So Kernel#` and Kernel#exec don't play well with Sidekiq. Any recommendations?
[03:51:05] Arcaire: Kernel#spawn?


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[00:52:06] Arcaire: Radar baweaver: Htf do you write tests for a rails plugin/module?
[00:52:11] Arcaire: As in, for the library itself.
[00:52:41] Arcaire: I'm writing a cancancan alternative because i cancancan't stand its performance overhead
[01:25:18] Arcaire: Nah it's not the same.
[01:25:26] Arcaire: Pundit functions a bit too differently.
[01:42:38] Arcaire: tfw no advice
[01:42:41] Arcaire: on the tests
[01:43:10] Arcaire: cancancan just seems to write "normal tests" so i guess i'll just do that
[01:43:13] Arcaire: people can write their own rails tests


[03:44:34] Arcaire: ACTION puts quiet bets on apt-get install libpq-dev.
[03:45:04] Arcaire: You get nothing, because you used sudo.
[03:45:35] Arcaire: best ruby installation system 2kever
[03:49:17] Arcaire: that's why i evolved from using rvm
[03:49:23] Arcaire: and now use a systemwide ruby with a user-specific gemhome
[03:50:11] Arcaire: `gem` read the environment variable
[03:50:14] Arcaire: automatically, it always has
[03:50:19] Arcaire: you just have to set it, which i do in .bashrc
[03:50:26] Arcaire: export GEM_HOME=$HOME/.gem
[03:50:48] Arcaire: Systemwide ruby is just pacman -S ruby on my desktop, or whatever downloaded and installed in /usr myself
[03:50:55] Arcaire: on my server boxen
[03:51:12] Arcaire: m'ainframe
[03:52:14] Arcaire: works v. well for me, and i don't have duplicate ruby versions lying around
[03:52:35] Arcaire: i'd rather have all my projects on one ruby version with semi-variable gem versions than totally variable everythings because you did 'rvm install' on a different date.
[03:53:00] Arcaire: ofc this doesn't work in "production" because people haven't worked out that Docker is a meta-meme yet and is actually okay.
[03:53:44] Arcaire: what i'm saying
[03:54:03] Arcaire: it's alright if you secure it up right
[03:55:06] Arcaire: in the CURRENT YEAR
[04:06:05] Arcaire: Little column A, little column B.
[04:16:05] Arcaire: there's no way you're not from #ig


[00:09:35] Arcaire: B R E X I T
[00:15:04] Arcaire: the fun part is people believing otherwise


[03:18:10] Arcaire: cancancancancancancancancan
[03:18:14] Arcaire: who wins? you decide
[03:27:06] Arcaire: what about for apps with a static amount of roles
[03:27:09] Arcaire: worth just writing my own?
[03:28:26] Arcaire: time to rip out can
[05:02:38] Arcaire: anyone done work with FFI?
[05:20:31] Arcaire: that's fine
[05:20:34] Arcaire: not using it for performance
[05:20:57] Arcaire: i just want to know how i should approach a C library that has nested custom structs
[11:35:24] Arcaire: i think i made a really big mistake delving into ffi


[00:09:35] Arcaire: [10:03:23] <baweaver> Why are you doing math on a phone number? I'm not! Here's a quote of you saying it. Ignore that
[00:09:40] Arcaire: Have you not heard of bistromathics?
[23:32:53] Arcaire: but has he written elixir in action?
[23:33:27] Arcaire: I don't listen to people who haven't written at least three (3) books and hold ops positions in at least two irc channels
[23:33:40] Arcaire: In all seriousness though, that's quite a leap.
[23:34:05] Arcaire: that other one
[23:34:17] Arcaire: I counted MTWR twice lol
[23:34:27] Arcaire: (ah, ah, ah)
[23:34:30] Arcaire: (the number of the day is six)


[01:07:29] Arcaire: and, honestly, it's for the best that the guy who did write the code isn't writing code anymore
[01:07:44] Arcaire: i think he misinterpreted the meaning of "there's more than one way to do it" as "DO IT EVERY WAY"
[01:07:48] Arcaire: do you profile in production at all
[01:14:28] Arcaire: was this a suggestion or a question
[01:15:20] Arcaire: mostly yes
[01:15:28] Arcaire: performance in general for some odd requests is shit tier
[01:16:03] Arcaire: oh this is sam
[01:16:08] Arcaire: the dude who did rack-mini-profiler
[01:16:28] Arcaire: one controller really
[01:20:35] Arcaire: Radar: this is the same app that gets like
[01:20:39] Arcaire: 200m hits per month or some shit
[01:20:42] Arcaire: will skylight be mad?
[01:20:53] Arcaire: it's free for the first month but we just need to defuck this code
[01:25:17] Arcaire: i don't have deploy access so i'll coordinate
[01:25:19] Arcaire: and see what comes out
[01:25:31] Arcaire: then i'm going to make vigorous use of `git blame`
[01:25:36] Arcaire: and then do some proper blaming
[01:25:56] Arcaire: this app officially can't scale any higher until these are fixed
[01:28:48] Arcaire: >it's free for one month
[01:28:55] Arcaire: I JUST SAID IT'S FREE
[01:29:51] Arcaire: > Arcaire: skylight has an insane pricing model
[01:33:14] Arcaire: yeah doing that
[01:34:40] Arcaire: we got there
[01:34:43] Arcaire: is this how teams work
[01:34:52] Arcaire: you just repeat yourself until people realise you're right
[01:36:49] Arcaire: >If you're wrong, admit it quickly and emphatically.
[01:38:46] Arcaire: Do you apply #8?
[01:39:43] Arcaire: Skylight's up, thanks Radar.
[01:39:50] Arcaire: Hopefully whatever weird ass query is going on gets caught.
[01:50:13] Arcaire: mfw i already said that
[02:58:47] Arcaire: tfw i've been trying to do this since i started
[02:58:50] Arcaire: tfw it took radar intervention
[03:23:26] Arcaire: Radar: I wrote a new "Rails on Windows" guide
[03:23:29] Arcaire: and has links to your books
[03:23:33] Arcaire: is there a good link that gets you more money
[03:23:36] Arcaire: or just the one from google?
[03:24:24] Arcaire: does amazon have the ebook links and shit?
[03:24:28] Arcaire: i just linked r4 and mt
[03:26:08] Arcaire: rails 5 (stars) in action
[03:26:54] Arcaire: it will be improved soon come July
[03:26:57] Arcaire: ACTION waits.
[03:27:02] Arcaire: But this is the way I'm doing it now.
[23:23:37] Arcaire: tfw ruby 2.4
[23:23:42] Arcaire: tfw one issue left to fix until rails 5
[23:31:07] Arcaire: that last one being closed tilts me
[23:31:11] Arcaire: it wasn't resolved a few hours ago
[23:31:55] Arcaire: Ah eileen committed.