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[20:35:20] Aria: Oh geez.


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[02:33:00] Aria: Track how many you've made, delay or abort if you're over.
[02:33:08] Aria: There's no shortcut there.
[20:04:45] Aria: Glad I'm not a guy! >_>


[16:51:13] Aria: There is no 1.0.0-2 though.
[16:51:21] Aria: wrong channel, darn you Textual


[15:36:04] Aria: Wow. Brass cojones


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[04:30:33] Aria: Namespace collision?
[04:30:37] Aria: That's tough. Rename one.
[04:31:19] Aria: But what crashes?
[04:31:39] Aria: Right. Renaming isn't simple.
[04:31:45] Aria: Where do these two classes come from
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[05:13:49] Aria: ruby-lang104: class Class1 < Class2 means that it makes a new class Class1 based on Class2 (inheritance)


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[00:28:41] Aria: Welcome!


[13:30:57] Aria: And how structured a value in that single variable?
[13:31:13] Aria: Environment variables are only inherited downward, so it would only last as long as the process and its children
[13:33:06] Aria: Or in a database, which is eventually a file but you get to ignore that fact.
[13:33:17] Aria: Or stuff it into a blockchain and have other people store it in files for you. :)
[15:57:48] Aria: Read the file, compare for equality?
[16:03:27] Aria: That's a great way.


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[20:27:59] Aria: That's like every bit of ruby I've ever written


[14:43:54] Aria: I think my approach to code is a lot like my approach to violence: Less, please.
[14:44:03] Aria: Take time and understand what's going on.
[19:55:35] Aria: whoa, tubbo, that was kinda horrible
[19:56:08] Aria: Though also, Moonman420 ... no need to shame people for the amount of effort they have available. Not everyone is a professional programmer, highly trained, with lots of free time.
[19:58:04] Aria: <3 for not having to be passionate every damn moment.


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[14:45:03] Aria: Most video sharing is in fact just 'file sharing'
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[04:44:49] Aria: Just a reminder that the rest of us are here too.



[18:11:16] Aria: Thanks, jhass. Faster than I!


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[00:06:14] Aria: zenspider: spread the FUD sauce on toast and eat it like the deliciousness it is.
[00:06:25] Aria: That is to say, specifics or it didn't happen
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[21:10:50] Aria: That's quite an awful name. Well coded though
[21:41:51] Aria: <4 neovim
[21:51:50] Aria: Are there open CVEs against it?


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[01:06:26] Aria: Hehe, I did MUD occasionally, shevy, but never FaerieMUD


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[20:00:49] Aria: Seriously?
[20:01:22] Aria: Just don't. This is a programming channel.
[20:02:32] Aria: dfockler++
[20:02:44] Aria: centrx++


[15:59:39] Aria: Thank you! Was just getting there.
[16:00:07] Aria: Aw, thanks. I like cookies.


[17:52:27] Aria: Aww. Same.


[19:47:33] Aria: There's an environment variable, plus some built in defaults.
[19:47:41] Aria: Plus command line arguments can alter it too
[19:50:17] Aria: Also RUBYOPT with -I flags in it


[15:28:59] Aria: Install rake!
[20:07:10] Aria: It was definitely more deliberate and slow-paced.
[20:07:40] Aria: And definitely more focused on the task at hand; working together at a distance is the biggest change.



[20:47:55] Aria: I think there's a tension between repeating yourself and coupling.
[20:48:17] Aria: But if you get to the point of 'this is tedious and I wouldn't notice a mistake" ... you've crossed far into 'this should be automated' territory.


[16:44:01] Aria: People who commute by train.
[16:44:10] Aria: And people who like to learn the durable parts of our craft.


[15:28:39] Aria: Lots of ways to do it
[15:30:51] Aria: minitest and rspec and many others.
[15:31:15] Aria: You'll find a bit of a lack around TAP support, sadly, but some things support it
[15:32:06] Aria: It's not like test frameworks need to change rapidly.
[16:21:18] Aria: I'm nobody.
[16:21:22] Aria: After all, nobody's perfect. ;-)


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[19:02:54] Aria: \o/ Leap second!


[20:59:13] Aria: very few do this.
[21:00:48] Aria: > 0.2 + 0.1 == 0.3
[21:00:50] Aria: (also node)
[21:01:00] Aria: Javascript works okay.
[21:01:06] Aria: (there, now someone's said it)
[21:01:23] Aria: Well, depending on how you define proper.
[21:01:49] Aria: Javascript has only one number type! \o/ ... it's IEEE double .... /m\


[13:51:24] Aria: With lots of work.
[13:51:31] Aria: And maintenance.
[13:51:38] Aria: And the olsen database.
[13:59:30] Aria: \o _blizzy_.


[14:58:08] Aria: Yeah. Passwords = bytes.
[14:58:28] Aria: So as long as you're consistent with encoding -- and you should be -- I say don't restrict.
[18:36:45] Aria: Conditional dependency makes sense. But I think we'd do well to avoid them.
[18:37:00] Aria: piet_: performance of what?
[19:18:30] Aria: parse it as json?
[19:18:32] Aria: or yaml?


[15:26:04] Aria: It's really not about intelligence. Just entitlement and indifference to other people.
[16:37:45] Aria: Hey now.
[16:38:35] Aria: Just because node modules form a tidy little DAG...
[16:40:28] Aria: ACTION does her part to put out the fires of language bigotry.
[17:47:43] Aria: Progress of what?
[19:24:09] Aria: Prune your twitter lists. Block followers who are spammy or who don't interact like human beings. Block the jerks. Follow people unlike you but who can see nuance. Block people who won't see nuance.
[19:24:14] Aria: You'll have a very different experience.
[19:26:24] Aria: Indeed. Private lists that are your 'real' attention are even better.
[19:26:34] Aria: That way you can 'follow' for social lubrication but not actually pay attention
[19:26:36] Aria: likewise muting
[19:31:12] Aria: Heh. If only we could separate the politics from programming, but it turns out our actions as programmers have social consequences. And hence we can't ignore politics.
[19:32:31] Aria: Indeed. Politics is literally what happens when humans interact in groups.
[19:32:49] Aria: (I don't actually want to separate them. I've got more specific goals.)
[19:33:04] Aria: Indeed. It takes practice to do so.
[19:33:12] Aria: (And is worth every moment of that practice)


[13:33:08] Aria: Yes, adaedra?
[14:58:02] Aria: Geez. I wrote something like that a long time ago but I'm struggling to remember what I called it and where I stowed the source.
[14:58:19] Aria: I was using gurgitate-mail at one point and some stuff plugged into it.
[15:00:20] Aria: I'll try.
[15:16:54] Aria: [k-_: not appropriate.
[15:18:14] Aria: ACTION raises her eyebrows at [k-_ 
[18:13:16] Aria: Not sure what makes something 'real' vs 'not'.
[18:13:17] Aria: It exists.
[18:13:20] Aria: Therefore it's real?
[18:15:42] Aria: friends don't let friends use urbandictionary.
[18:54:19] Aria: string + string
[18:54:27] Aria: or string << string if you don't mind modifying the original left one.
[18:54:50] Aria: Well, for SQL, you should be using parameterized queries.
[18:55:05] Aria: Because the first Bobby Tables you run into will hose your database.
[19:11:24] Aria: And instance variable on a class.
[19:11:34] Aria: (which is usually what one wants instead of @@vars)
[19:37:44] Aria: unix domain socket connection
[19:37:51] Aria: And it's not where it expects it to be.
[19:38:29] Aria: I do wish language channels were more polyglot friendly.
[19:41:17] Aria: GOodness.


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[21:24:34] Aria: Rashad: Yes.
[21:24:51] Aria: Rashad: It's dynamically typed -- variables and containers have never cared what is in them.


[21:56:43] Aria: Parsers? Marpa.


[14:42:44] Aria: ACTION eyebrows.


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[03:07:55] Aria:
[18:57:42] Aria: This is the more obvious channel name
[18:57:53] Aria: (Was a problem all the way back to early days of #ruby-lang)
[20:03:13] Aria: Four inches.
[20:04:20] Aria: But Diabolik, I don't think efficiency is the thing you have to worry about -- business computers have always done slow decimal math and been fine. What'd be good to focus on is clear logic for calculating, and figuring out if anything needs to be rule-driven. Ad hoc logic around discounts gets dicy.
[20:08:53] Aria: Perhaps. That gets into the business case and how this will actually change.
[20:08:59] Aria: And gets into user interface concerns.


[13:32:28] Aria: One of them!
[13:32:52] Aria: Or that.
[13:44:34] Aria: level-geospatial Geospatial indexing for leveldb
[13:44:38] Aria: Wrong window
[13:45:18] Aria: ACTION climbs back in and puts adaedra on the timeout couch for inappropriate physical contact.
[13:45:29] Aria: MarkTurner: testing, upgrade path
[13:50:59] Aria: Run things in the terminal; as daemons if you like.
[13:51:05] Aria: You can write gui apps, but that's a bit trickier.
[13:52:19] Aria: <3 Shoes.
[13:54:04] Aria: MarkTurner: That's not quite the question you want to ask. The terminal just displays the output of the program; the ruby executable ~interprets your program.
[13:54:55] Aria: MarkTurner: you can run things in an editor with a debugger, and it may integrate the output, or you can run them headless. Lots of options. But being familiar with the terminal and command line does give you a lot of power. Most things fall down to that, since we can communicate commands in text much more easily than a GUI, and the tools compose better so there's less being locked into one particular tool.
[13:58:58] Aria: It was a pretty good question. It just didn't have much background informing it.
[14:32:22] Aria: Yeah, inside a string or regex, the normal rules are gone and you're in a little minilanguage inside.
[14:32:31] Aria: So #{} inside a string allows interpolation.
[14:36:53] Aria: and >> puts "interpolate this: #{123; ''}!"
[14:36:59] Aria: >> puts "interpolate this: #{123; ''}!"
[14:37:26] Aria: It lets you use any ruby inside #{}, but only the last value gets used.
[15:16:06] Aria: Why is it the way it is? Because when we spell it out, we say things like "June nineteenth, eighteen sixty five" -> 6/19/1986
[15:16:18] Aria: ... y'know. 1986. 1865.
[15:16:36] Aria: Yeah. Exactly. Not an excuse. Just an explanation.
[15:17:02] Aria: It is a bit.
[15:17:08] Aria: The legacy of colonialism is interesting.
[15:17:26] Aria: Oh that is awesome ericwood
[15:20:07] Aria: I write all my dates big endian.
[16:47:07] Aria: That doesn't look like any particular standard I know of.
[16:48:04] Aria: ISO8601 and RFC 2822, and HTTP are the most common ones you see. It's not those.
[16:48:11] Aria: Transforming to ISO 8601 shouldn't be hard though
[16:51:15] Aria: bricker: it is!
[16:52:46] Aria: Heh. Isn't to_s locale-dependent?
[16:53:39] Aria: Hehe. Dates in javascript are underspecified and horrible?! Say it ain't so!
[16:53:55] Aria: bricker: Whatever claims to be mimicking 1.9 is just making bogus claims ;-)
[18:57:59] Aria:
[18:58:10] Aria: Point 10 particularly.


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