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[00:42:52] Auger: has joined #RubyOnRails
[00:43:06] Auger: hello, i'm trying to execute a query on the rails console
[00:43:18] Auger: how do i see all of a model
[00:43:46] Auger: for example,'title')
[00:44:01] Auger: how do i untruncate the results?
[00:44:11] Auger: it always limits me to 10
[00:45:32] Auger: sorry, all rows for a model
[00:48:10] Auger: weird, ok thanks
[00:48:19] Auger: i'm using .offset() to peruse the records
[00:48:34] Auger: been sent in to do some nonsense on the prod database and i don't know ruby >.<
[02:00:02] Auger: thank you for the help :)
[02:00:04] Auger: Quit: leaving