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[21:12:57] BraddPitt: does anyone know of frameworks similar to this but for building Ruby CLI tutorials?
[21:13:18] BraddPitt: something more robust than Thor or similar, like a full on framework aimed at making tutorials/running against a test suite
[21:14:57] BraddPitt: Ox0dea I meant a framework for building my own
[21:15:02] BraddPitt: if that makes sense
[21:17:08] BraddPitt: thanks crime, looks like I'll build my own
[21:19:03] BraddPitt: followup, does anyone know of something similar that uses (n)curses?
[21:19:09] BraddPitt: or is that asking for a whole world of trouble?
[21:20:10] BraddPitt: i'll forego it for now
[21:55:21] BraddPitt: heh, regarding my ruby CLI/curses interface builder, I just found this trending on github:
[21:55:25] BraddPitt: looks like exactly what I need
[21:58:17] BraddPitt: if it works, it works
[21:58:19] BraddPitt: thats all i need
[22:06:05] BraddPitt: oops, sorry


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[01:43:58] BraddPitt: oops, sorry folks
[01:44:17] BraddPitt: new keyboard


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[00:28:29] BraddPitt: rayzaum first of all you should ask this in the ruby on rails channel. Second you need to create a new rails project before you can start the server


[20:15:19] BraddPitt: They are the same rigel_
[20:15:31] BraddPitt: Ruby has a tendency to have multiple aliases for the same thing
[20:16:12] BraddPitt: Ah, true Ox0dea
[20:16:29] BraddPitt: but at the level of abstraction we're talking about, it may as well be seen as one


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[04:37:32] BraddPitt: Measuring time complexities, how can we determine the added complexity for sorting an array?
[04:39:59] BraddPitt: I think I see what you're saying


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[21:59:35] BraddPitt: has anyone read Ruby Under a Microscope and would you recommend it for learning low level implementation of Ruby, or some other resource (free or paid)


[05:02:41] BraddPitt: to generate or capture?


[20:55:23] BraddPitt: naftilos76 can you expand on what you're trying to do?
[20:56:41] BraddPitt: professorscience you can have a rake task call another rake task with `Rake::Task['task_name'].execute
[21:01:20] BraddPitt: naftilos76 so on a webpage hosted by your rails app, you want to have an interactive login shell?
[21:01:43] BraddPitt: or you just want to show the list of gems being used on a webpage hosted by your rails app?
[21:02:04] BraddPitt: if the latter, you can just shell out for the command and put the return value in an html.erb page
[21:04:45] BraddPitt: ok, I see. Well unfortunately I cannot help you as I do not know how to get a login shell from ruby
[21:05:16] BraddPitt: I would suggest zwdr's approach
[21:14:29] BraddPitt: can you make a bash script on the server running rvm that outputs the gemlist into a file?
[21:14:39] BraddPitt: then read that file in your application to get the gem list?
[21:15:37] BraddPitt: grill_ references should (ideally) be one way to avoid circular dependencies
[21:15:42] BraddPitt: attempt to structure you code as such


[02:59:56] BraddPitt: Can anyone lend an eye to do a code review on a gem I wrote?
[03:06:27] BraddPitt: havenwood can I PM you?


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[01:08:08] BraddPitt: rzsd no need to preface usernames with @, irc will hilight the user when their full nick is mentioned


[22:31:58] BraddPitt: please share, Ox0dea
[22:32:33] BraddPitt: still interested



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[01:15:48] BraddPitt: if you go line by line loading it into a hash object (don't recreate it though!) you can take new_hash[old_hash[event][slug]] => old_hash[event][count]
[01:15:52] BraddPitt: i think that would work
[01:22:36] BraddPitt: ah sorry, i have quits/parts muted
[01:59:12] BraddPitt: 21:31 < Ox0dea> BraddPitt: But not joins?
[01:59:16] BraddPitt: joins, parts and quits are all hidden
[01:59:39] BraddPitt: build something yourself vanillapeach!
[02:00:08] BraddPitt: ah, I'm on [deprecated] irssi


[00:03:44] BraddPitt: is there any documentation that shows all parameters you can specify in a .gemspec file for adding a dependency on a gem?
[00:09:43] BraddPitt: still doesn't show what requirements can be passed
[00:09:47] BraddPitt: Adds a runtime dependency named gem with requirements to this gem.
[00:13:57] BraddPitt: ah, so i can't pass like no-rdoc or anything?
[00:45:55] BraddPitt: or his cat is walking on his keyboard
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[23:45:05] BraddPitt: is rubygems included with ruby distributions?
[23:45:39] BraddPitt: great, thanks


[02:10:55] BraddPitt: yep, look at attr_accessor, attr_read and attr_writer, mbff
[02:13:20] BraddPitt: what do you mean "class inside a class"?
[02:15:28] BraddPitt: oh I see what you're trying to do
[02:15:45] BraddPitt: why not create the address and then pass that to the Person constructor
[02:15:57] BraddPitt: then you can do a.address.state or whatever
[02:16:10] BraddPitt: the way you have it setup breaks OO convention as stated before
[18:09:36] BraddPitt: dotrb for basics or something specific?
[18:13:37] BraddPitt: there are a lot of books missing from there adaedra
[18:14:03] BraddPitt: POODR, Eloquent Ruby, Well Grounded Rubyist
[18:14:05] BraddPitt: cool, will do
[18:16:55] BraddPitt: its in the repo
[18:17:03] BraddPitt: latest build isnt deployed?
[18:17:06] BraddPitt:
[18:17:35] BraddPitt: apeiros fix please :<


[00:14:14] BraddPitt: well, I've made the (possibly unfortunate) decision to use the Ruby curses bindings for this project. Does anyone know of good example projects or annotated source besides the docs? Just something to look around at for a better grasp
[00:16:56] BraddPitt: ah nevermind I found a pretty good set of projects linked in an SO answer
[00:17:03] BraddPitt: off to drown myself in C bindings
[00:37:41] BraddPitt: oof, that does sound terrible haylon
[00:40:50] BraddPitt: any sort of software dev on windows is tough and annoying imo


[00:02:23] BraddPitt: modules rock
[01:53:43] BraddPitt: has anyone here used the Audite gem?


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[02:10:12] BraddPitt: anyone ever used the Audite gem? I'm having playback problems (plays at double speed) but using mpg123 natively doesnt have that problem
[02:10:15] BraddPitt: niche question, I know
[05:22:09] BraddPitt: can you paste the error and some relevant code, grekkos ?
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[20:24:19] BraddPitt: if I have a loop running in a thread, is it possible to have that thread update a variable /outside/ of the thread scope while in the loop? Without joining to the main thread?
[20:27:25] BraddPitt: ill try that shevy
[20:36:33] BraddPitt: oh yeah I ran into the same thing using heredocs
[20:36:53] BraddPitt: does explicitly adding \n change anything?
[20:37:41] BraddPitt: if not, you might have to skip heredocs and use an ugly multi-line string
[20:49:47] BraddPitt: ah, weird that \n didnt work, but glad you figured it out haylon
[20:59:50] BraddPitt: command line mp3 player with plugins
[22:01:34] BraddPitt: most certainly will


[01:36:05] BraddPitt: short of using ncurses, is there a simple library to make an interactive repl that can accept user input, selection and screen redrawing?
[01:40:53] BraddPitt: I mean like the ability to use arrow keys for option selection and stuff eam
[01:41:02] BraddPitt: perhaps im not using the right words to describe this
[01:43:57] BraddPitt: doesn't work for me bnagy
[01:44:36] BraddPitt: cmd+L on osx
[01:45:41] BraddPitt: system('clear')
[01:50:52] BraddPitt: I just think it would be nice to redraw the screen so I could, in essence, have different windows or "tabs"
[02:17:29] BraddPitt: but otherwise yes t0code
[02:20:00] BraddPitt: post full code in gist t0code
[02:29:14] BraddPitt: t0code small nitpick: use snake_case for variable, argument and method names and CamelCase for class/module names
[23:29:24] BraddPitt: haylon can you post code? Are you using \n?
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[20:17:43] BraddPitt: no please share it
[21:39:02] BraddPitt: if I have my main ruby app running, and I want to execute a shell command in the background which is a constantly running process and I want to periodically send commands from my main ruby app to that shell process, should I use named pipes or a loop with popen3?
[21:39:06] BraddPitt: can I even do it with popen3?
[21:41:43] BraddPitt: drbrain can you send commands to a process with only knowing its PID? I thought you needed named pipes for that
[21:44:06] BraddPitt: hmm ill need to play with this a bit more
[22:28:08] BraddPitt: drbrain as per my popen3 question, how can I continually read input while occasionally sending commands to the pipes? Seems like I have to choose one or the other due to blocking
[22:32:24] BraddPitt: take it back to reddit chinkymorrison
[22:34:41] BraddPitt: drbrain which example?
[22:40:20] BraddPitt: oh fuck yeah drbrain
[22:40:22] BraddPitt: thank you so much
[22:40:26] BraddPitt: this works perfectly!


[00:47:01] BraddPitt: can someone explain the difference between bundler's rake install command and `gem build *.gemspec`?
[00:54:01] BraddPitt: wasn't sure if they did different things, since the output is different
[20:01:50] BraddPitt: its an SMTP server error, meoblast001
[20:01:53] BraddPitt:
[20:37:38] BraddPitt: how can I test a method that loops, expecting user input, until 'exit' is typed?
[21:17:40] BraddPitt: odigity Class.ancestors
[21:17:47] BraddPitt: will return an array of the ancestor chain
[21:18:53] BraddPitt: what about"::")
[21:19:25] BraddPitt: sorry jhass didn't read above
[22:27:33] BraddPitt: is there a comprehensive tutorial or documentation for the curses gem?
[22:27:50] BraddPitt: shows literally no info and has no wiki :(
[22:29:52] BraddPitt: or cna anyone recommend a good wrapping lib for curses?
[22:31:02] BraddPitt: kind of my experience pipework
[22:31:12] BraddPitt: maybe i just wont use curses and do my own repl type thing
[22:32:15] BraddPitt: i hear curses is pretty fucking irritating to use
[22:33:45] BraddPitt: ok yeah fuck it
[22:33:56] BraddPitt: i won't die if my terminal application scrolls
[22:34:00] BraddPitt: instead of redrawing


[21:25:33] BraddPitt: is there anything *wrong* with defining an class method in a module?
[21:27:19] BraddPitt: but still calling it like Module.method
[21:27:33] BraddPitt: or should I just create a class inside of it? I'm not sure if what I'm doing in considered proper
[21:28:39] BraddPitt: also, jhass is #module_function, self.method and extend self essentially doing the same thing? Granted, extend self applies to all methods in the module
[21:30:18] BraddPitt: rlv `a` only lives in the scope of that first loop
[21:31:21] BraddPitt: rlv closures versus loops
[21:31:33] BraddPitt: in the first, a is in a closure
[21:31:57] BraddPitt: thanks jhass, i'll read up more on all of those approaches
[21:32:46] BraddPitt: I like the idea of copying the method to an eigen class and keeping the original private
[22:02:36] BraddPitt: new question, how can I test a private instance method in a module with no constructor?
[22:03:03] BraddPitt: can I call #instance_method on the module?
[22:03:07] BraddPitt: why is that, jhass
[22:04:21] BraddPitt: I see your point
[22:05:49] BraddPitt: I could also just #send, right?
[22:07:49] BraddPitt: ill put a gem on there without telling anyone about it and i get a bunch of DLs
[22:07:59] BraddPitt: but my main gem has *almost* 4.5k downloads
[22:08:01] BraddPitt: pretty happy about that
[22:14:17] BraddPitt: hah, I am triumphany re; testing private instance module methods
[22:14:26] BraddPitt:
[22:14:29] BraddPitt: ugly as sin but whatever
[22:15:24] BraddPitt: I know pipework but this method definitely should be tested imo
[22:15:41] BraddPitt: but its only used for the public methods in the module :'(
[23:33:06] BraddPitt: which AWS service are you interacting with Limix
[23:34:51] BraddPitt:
[23:35:02] BraddPitt: does that not have the info you need?
[23:36:24] BraddPitt: what are you having trouble with


[03:10:33] BraddPitt: you can authorize through the command line fred1807
[08:17:52] BraddPitt: early morning
[19:26:53] BraddPitt: and you dont even have to pay them!


[22:17:33] BraddPitt: looks like it