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[23:33:36] Canar: watching you ruby pros answer newbie questions has honestly advanced my ruby understanding so much... i haven't ever joined an irc channel that improved my understanding quite so much
[23:39:09] Canar: dostoyevsky: .svg so you don't get artefacting from scaling the symbol up to be 2 miles wide


[15:36:26] Canar: wow, the documentation for to_yaml options is really bad
[15:36:36] Canar: seems to be known but unfixed for years
[15:41:21] Canar: not linux
[15:41:23] Canar: bsd-based
[15:43:32] Canar: "stopwatch" times?
[15:44:06] Canar: yeah well it's pretty easy to transform a Time object to that format
[15:45:10] Canar:
[15:45:13] Canar: lists a few gems
[15:45:24] Canar: as well as good discussion on how to diy
[15:47:40] Canar: if you say so
[15:48:01] Canar: Did you even read the replies?
[15:48:28] Canar: Well then, I'm sorry, I don't have the time to explain further.
[16:12:01] Canar: hanmac: They found a loophole that they could use to get it to repeat content verbatim.


[23:04:09] Canar: i need help too
[23:04:13] Canar: someone send a psychiatrist
[23:41:23] Canar: i can't brain i have the dumb


[18:52:52] Canar: deutsch ist verboten


[23:24:57] Canar: Technically correct.
[23:25:01] Canar: The best kind of correct! <3


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[18:14:44] Canar: Gasher: /home/user/bin don't forget


[22:18:02] Canar: /help mode
[22:18:04] Canar: /help mode
[22:18:07] Canar: argh sorrt
[22:23:43] Canar: tobiasvl: not fail
[22:24:07] Canar: get help on the mode command in weechat
[22:24:38] Canar: no, just failing


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[21:50:02] Canar: doctorly: that's what i'd assume, yea
[21:50:15] Canar: i'm at 3.5yr of c# experience myself
[21:50:17] Canar: sharepoint x.x


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[23:41:53] Canar: o.O johnmilton
[23:42:07] Canar: User1234: Ruby embeds without much difficulty, AFAIK.
[23:42:21] Canar: vim, for example, has a ruby script module, as does weechat


[19:37:46] Canar: lol no kidding


[00:11:58] Canar: ACTION smokes some Hash


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[18:21:37] Canar: thegunbuster:
[18:21:56] Canar: IDK if that still works in current Ruby though. :)


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[21:41:40] Canar: war. war never changes
[21:42:40] Canar: i play fallout, i don't play skyrim 2112


[00:13:33] Canar: it's running a powershell script
[00:13:45] Canar: at shared/shell/PrepareWindpows.ps1
[00:24:58] Canar: in-place vs. returned value
[00:25:07] Canar: array.reverse! reverses the content of array
[00:25:13] Canar: array.reverse returns a copy that is reversed
[15:01:02] Canar: >current year
[15:01:07] Canar: >not embracing the neckbeard


[19:33:35] Canar: ^ i parsed that url at first as "floating point gui (from germany)"
[19:35:31] Canar: GeorgesLeYeti: I spent a month on it in one class in my CS undergrad.
[19:35:45] Canar: The hard math of it is really fascinating
[19:36:28] Canar: You'll often hear people speak of "epsilon". That's the smallest value that a float can differentiate.
[19:36:40] Canar: Derives from those equations.
[19:41:01] Canar: he difference between 1 and the smallest double-precision floating point number greater than 1.
[19:41:07] Canar: ^ How it's defined in Ruby.


[15:02:43] Canar: yellowcupeats: It was the first significant Java code I wrote... hm, would have been close to 20 years ago on old Sun hardware.
[15:04:18] Canar: 1 maintains, 2 births
[15:04:30] Canar: err, 2/3 actually
[15:04:37] Canar: think of the * * * oscillator
[17:28:31] Canar: do not learn
[17:29:20] Canar: goto autohell


[06:47:08] Canar: SJW bikeshedding, though that's merely my unsolicited opinion. Feminists love the CoC.
[06:53:21] Canar: baweaver: Meh, looks like Matz has his head screwed on precisely straight so I'm not too concerned.
[06:54:52] Canar: Bingo. The language barrier appears to be working in the favour of sanity. That's my only concern and I'll end my contribution on that note, as you've requested further chat move elsewhere.


[02:02:09] Canar: Fine indeed.


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[21:27:47] Canar: Hi there, I'm reading about nested-for-loop limits.
[21:27:50] Canar: Python's is 21.
[21:27:57] Canar: I'm curious if Ruby has one and what the value is.
[21:30:45] Canar: Ox0dea: That's what I hoped.
[21:30:55] Canar: Whenever I compare Ruby to Python, I end up prefering Ruby.