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[04:42:24] DANtheBEASTman: i'm not much of a rubyist, but i'm trying to install sass.. and I get this error trying to run it /usr/lib/ruby/2.1.0/rubygems/dependency.rb:298:in `to_specs': Could not find 'sass' (>= 0) among 11 total gem(s) (Gem::LoadError) and this is by directly calling sass
[04:47:09] DANtheBEASTman: RickHull: it's in there, only gem I have... sass (3.4.14)
[04:48:27] DANtheBEASTman: i'm on sid and I don't have root to this machine
[04:49:47] DANtheBEASTman: i'm not even writing a ruby script, I just wanted to be able to call sass from the cli
[04:50:13] DANtheBEASTman: so I could locally install gems
[04:51:01] DANtheBEASTman: havenwood: that's what my gemrc does.. i'm pretty sure
[04:51:38] DANtheBEASTman: sets gempath and gemhome env variables, and I have .gems/bin/sass in my PATH
[04:52:41] DANtheBEASTman: gem install sass
[04:53:00] DANtheBEASTman: it seemed to install successfully
[04:54:03] DANtheBEASTman: RickHull: /home/dan/.gems/gems/sass-3.4.14/lib/sass.rb
[04:54:05] DANtheBEASTman: havenwood: yes, sorry
[04:54:14] DANtheBEASTman: specifically I have $HOME/.gems/bin in my path
[04:57:56] DANtheBEASTman: $HOME/.gems/bin/sass
[04:58:20] DANtheBEASTman: because... i'm lying and my ~/.profile isn't loading .gems/bin.. that's weird
[05:02:01] DANtheBEASTman: but calling the command directly is what gives me that error
[05:04:26] DANtheBEASTman: https://gist.github.com/DanielFGray/6a40c849d49c83cb7d4e
[05:12:20] DANtheBEASTman: havenwood: no sudo
[05:13:43] DANtheBEASTman: /usr/lib/ruby/2.1.0/rubygems.rb
[05:16:50] DANtheBEASTman: ruby 2.1.5p273 (2014-11-13) [i386-linux-gnu]
[05:18:05] DANtheBEASTman: do you want ssh access? lol
[05:18:23] DANtheBEASTman: /home/dan/.local/bin:/home/dan/.npm/bin:/usr/games:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/games
[05:19:02] DANtheBEASTman: sass is in $HOME/.gems/bin/
[05:19:47] DANtheBEASTman: yeah, it works at home
[05:20:43] DANtheBEASTman: https://gist.github.com/DanielFGray/6a40c849d49c83cb7d4e
[05:21:10] DANtheBEASTman: idk, i already fixed it
[05:21:39] DANtheBEASTman: that path in gemrc i mean
[05:21:50] DANtheBEASTman: no change in error though
[06:56:20] DANtheBEASTman: I don't understand what havenwood meant by putting --user-install in gemrc.. well I mean that's exactly the desired effect I want but surely putting that exact string in the file won't work.. and I can't find a syntax guide on the front page of googling 'gemrc syntax'
[06:57:21] DANtheBEASTman: in other words I don't know how to do X because the front page of googling Y didn't help me
[07:00:22] DANtheBEASTman: so I could replace my whole gemrc with.. echo 'gem: "--user-install"' > ~/.gemrc ? idk what those other switches do because they're not in --help or man ruby
[07:02:49] DANtheBEASTman: why do I need all those other things? what I just did worked great
[07:03:31] DANtheBEASTman: ah. well thank you very much for your time!


[18:54:52] DANtheBEASTman: how can I change this line https://github.com/tmuxinator/tmuxinator/blob/master/lib/tmuxinator/config.rb#L5 to allow '~/.tmuxinator' to be a symlink ?
[18:56:39] DANtheBEASTman: I'm assuming File.directory? checks to make sure the given argument is a dir, but it should be either a dir or a symlink to a dir..
[18:56:56] DANtheBEASTman: I have never tried Ruby until now
[18:58:51] DANtheBEASTman: `realpath': No such file or directory
[19:05:22] DANtheBEASTman: neep. `mkdir': File exists @ dir_s_mkdir
[19:13:14] DANtheBEASTman: hmm.. ok so I did ....unless File.directory?(File.expand_path("~/.tmuxinator")) or File.ftype(File.expand_path("~/.tmuxinator")) == 'link'
[19:14:37] DANtheBEASTman: I'm really surprised that moving a dir and symlinking it is causing such a problem
[19:15:55] DANtheBEASTman: ignoring the fact my change isn't really good enough, there's another error in a different file..
[19:17:00] DANtheBEASTman: I suppose it should be File.directory?(File.expand_path("#{ENV["HOME"]}/.tmuxinator")) ?
[19:23:36] DANtheBEASTman: I have no idea what I'm doing.
[19:23:45] DANtheBEASTman: first time inside a Ruby codebase
[19:24:03] DANtheBEASTman: and I'm really only an novice programmer
[19:24:47] DANtheBEASTman: ohh. yeah I might've refactored that if it worked
[19:29:05] DANtheBEASTman: that would make sense..


[16:57:14] DANtheBEASTman: is there a decent sample rails project I can look through and get a gist of a project's code should flow?


[16:42:11] DANtheBEASTman: those deprecation errors are telling you to drop support for rails 3.
[16:43:32] DANtheBEASTman: yeah, if you want to maintain two seperate versions, that's a great way to handle that.
[17:59:31] DANtheBEASTman: I apologize for the noobish question, I feel like a fairly seasoned swimmer but Ruby is new water to me, having trouble understanding what the : and @ symbols/operators do. Is there somewhere I can read about them? ruby doc isntt exactly easy to navigate


[20:50:11] DANtheBEASTman: hi all.. pretty new to rails dev, I have a shell on a server that doesn't have root, but has apache running.. any chance of me getting rails set up on here?
[21:05:17] DANtheBEASTman: davidcelis: yeah, pretty much. I have a good relationship with the admins so i can probably get them to add a few lines in apache.conf as long as it won't mess up the rest of the site