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[00:05:08] Disavowed: erdave: You'll want a JS runtime. You can pick one from here: https://github.com/rails/execjs
[00:05:13] Disavowed: Lot of folks like node
[00:12:34] Disavowed: erdave: Ah! It's not a ruby gem remember - it's a runtime. But yeah that should get you there!
[00:12:55] Disavowed: Achievement Unlocked: my first useful channel contribution!
[00:16:40] Disavowed: You're most welcome mate
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[23:04:37] Disavowed: Morning! Is there a good way to generate fixture files from my test db? I see how to populate the db with `rails db:load` but I'd like to be able to do the inverse.


[03:33:46] Disavowed: desnudopenguino: Nice, cheers for that. Is jQuery sticking around in Rails do we think? I think it's the only place I still use it!


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[23:54:06] Disavowed: Afternoon all. Anyone have a recommendation for a date/time-picker for a create view? Just after something I can toss into my asset pipeline and forget about really.


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[02:07:24] Disavowed: Do you folks prefer minitest or rspec for Rails projects?
[02:12:11] Disavowed: I've just asked vim vs emacs in #ruby essentially, haven't I. Apologies!
[02:12:41] Disavowed: My penance shall be spending the rest of my Friday afternoon stuck writing Python
[02:16:14] Disavowed: sevenseacat: I've heard really good things about Elm! Believe me, you do not want this codebase. It's the worst I've seen in 10 years.
[02:16:22] Disavowed: srruby: That's worth knowing - haven't really used Capybara in anger
[02:17:15] Disavowed: fryguy: See, that's exactly what I'm after - I've been leaning towards that myself. I tried a project where I ripped out minitest and did rspec and my coverage just dropped because it doesn't work out of the box. I wondered if it was worth throwing myself onto the rspec train or just reverting back to minitest
[02:17:47] Disavowed: sevenseacat: Anything that can impose a sane type system onto the wild west of JS is alright by me
[02:20:37] Disavowed: fryguy: I think I will. you may have brightened up my weekend!
[02:20:57] Disavowed: I suppose equally, you may have turned it into a pit of loathing and profanity, but I prefer to look on the bright side!


[05:30:31] Disavowed: mices: Of course! It might be a little quiet - I think it's still Sunday night in America so most folks are asleep


[00:01:10] Disavowed: baweaver: It'd be awesome to ride the H1B train but after missing that my Rails bug was because I'd deleted things at the begining of the asset pipeline the other week, it's probably better I get a little more adept first!
[00:01:36] Disavowed: (was it you who helped me with that? It was one of the channel's hitters)
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[23:47:35] Disavowed: I'm fascinated by the notion that they have the top 1% whilst charging under market rates to the client! I guess the answer lies somewhere between VCs and 'Bubble
[23:47:53] Disavowed: But still, it's interesting. Let us know how you get on with them fschuindt
[23:48:19] Disavowed: baweaver: Glad it wasn't just me who noticed that!
[23:50:03] Disavowed: I don't live in America but Bay Area contractor rates could easily be double that I'd imagine
[23:52:34] Disavowed: Just ran some numbers. Eye-watering!
[23:53:16] Disavowed: Even worse with big 4; a YouTube mate makes 100K in options alone
[23:53:57] Disavowed: Level 7 maybe but I think generally software engineers are a little lower than tht
[23:54:03] Disavowed: Not worked there though
[23:54:11] Disavowed: Yeah all told he's pulling 250K I think
[23:54:15] Disavowed: Which is mad when you think about it
[23:56:40] Disavowed: Oh nice! Big 4?
[23:56:45] Disavowed: (you don't have to answer that, obviously)
[23:56:53] Disavowed: Also, is rent as horrific as I imagine?
[23:59:01] Disavowed: didn't know they were Rails
[23:59:25] Disavowed: Did not know that! As usual, you're a fascinating insight


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[07:02:57] Disavowed: Evening all. This one is probably super obvious but I'm really struggling: https://paste.pound-python.org/show/ilsyMXWQ5mAdHzANlGfN/
[07:03:30] Disavowed: I'm just trying to pass a message to a success flash, but I'm struggling to nest maps and I'm not sure what I'm missing
[07:03:51] Disavowed: (sorry for both the amateur-hour question and the python pastebin - didn't want to burden anyone with ads!)
[07:06:27] Disavowed: dminuoso: Ah, sorry, should have included the trace. I'm actually getting a syntax error: syntax error, unexpected tLABEL, expecting '}' ...tml { redirect_to(@deal) flash: { success: 'Deal was success... ... ^~~~~~
[07:08:56] Disavowed: Oh ouch. Maybe time to stop for the evening. Or at least install rubocop
[07:09:05] Disavowed: I'm so sorry for such a dumb question
[07:09:19] Disavowed: Oh of course it's a block
[07:09:23] Disavowed: How did I miss that?!
[07:09:30] Disavowed: dminuoso: You're very charitable
[07:09:34] Disavowed: Thank you so much for that
[07:09:55] Disavowed: So wrt the error message, it's trying to say that I'm not closing my block properly?
[07:10:47] Disavowed: If you don't mind. I feel like I'd learn a lot.
[07:11:39] Disavowed: dminuoso: I was going to say I can reproduce, hit undo twice, and you're quite correct - completely different error
[07:11:59] Disavowed: How embarrassing. I'm so sorry.
[07:13:06] Disavowed: No of course. That makes complete sense.
[07:13:26] Disavowed: I've ditched my parens - I only brought them in to eliminate bugs. Maybe I should look before I leap!
[07:14:18] Disavowed: A tokeniser error I'm guessing
[07:14:27] Disavowed: Which makes complete sense
[07:14:45] Disavowed: oh so it's already tokenised, and then can't parse? tLABEL is a token?
[07:14:55] Disavowed: OK with you!
[07:15:33] Disavowed: Thank you so much for the patient tutelage. You've essentially made a typo really interesting. I don't think I'll make that mistake again!
[07:46:40] Disavowed: Got it. Even added a linter to my neovim. Appreciate your time and sorry for such a rookie question.
[08:33:33] Disavowed: Does Rails guarantee atomicity? If I try to modify the same resource via two different requests, what happens?
[08:34:01] Disavowed: I know Django cakes its pants unless you set ATOMIC_REQUESTS to True, but that hammers its throughput
[08:43:51] Disavowed: This ameliorates the exact situation I was outlining; I'm impressed! What's the performance hit?
[08:44:41] Disavowed: dminuoso: (btw I notice you're pretty active in #haskell - I'm slowly learning it. You don't have a web framework recommendation do you?)
[08:47:55] Disavowed: dminuoso: You probably already know but there's a free book: https://www.yesodweb.com/book
[08:48:18] Disavowed: I gather it's pretty complex for a beginner so I've been steered away from it. I've not found a good one yet though
[08:48:49] Disavowed: There's something called Scotty which is akin to a statyically typed Sinatra, but I didn't get on particularly well with it
[08:51:55] Disavowed: dminuoso: Also if you don't mind my asking: what are you using to learn Haskell? I've found a real gap in the market for solid Haskell resources (although naturally, I could be doing it wrong!)
[08:56:33] Disavowed: More just correlating information, but yes I should check with them. RWH has been recommended to me by someone very smart. Haskell Report is new to me, so thank you for that.
[09:00:19] Disavowed: dminuoso: Sure thing. Thanks for the tips.
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[09:25:08] Disavowed: Is there a better authentication library than Devise? I'm finding that I have to hack around it a lot to integrate Bootstrap which seems curious. My requirements are omniauth, signup, email confirmation and account recovery.
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[21:15:56] Disavowed: desnudopenguino: Same but for Django instead of PHP. It's incredible how quickly you can move!
[21:18:44] Disavowed: desnudopenguino: So no generators is one of my main gripes, so I'm there typing out aimless boilerplate which could trivially be automated, but one of the core tenets of Python is 'explicit is better than implicit' so encourage you to do that stuff by hand.
[21:18:55] Disavowed: It's not a fundamentally bad framework, it's just more of a chore to work in than Rails
[21:19:19] Disavowed: you also don't get the niceties of an in browser REPL and the templating language isn't as expressive
[21:19:44] Disavowed: baweaver: Someone told me that the other day and I didn't believe them! Why is that?
[21:20:32] Disavowed: desnudopenguino: I won't keep ranting because I'll do Django a disservice - it isn't as bad as I think it is and the concepts from Rails have Django cousins so you can learn it fairly easily, but I'd never use it again for personal projects knowing what I know about Rials
[21:20:50] Disavowed: baweaver: Ahhhh that makes more sense. I guess I haven't worked on anything big enough
[21:22:23] Disavowed: baweaver: I've heard people moan that there's too much magic in Rails and debugging gets difficult but I've not experienced that myself at all
[21:24:14] Disavowed: I've not found it to be anywhere near as bad as I was told. I've heard people moan about method_missing but that's a feature I think is wonderful
[21:24:32] Disavowed: I've been playing with Phoenix a little lately and I think it's the only web framework in the same league as Rails
[21:24:44] Disavowed: There's some incredibly well thought out design decisions with that
[21:24:54] Disavowed: desnudopenguino: <3333 byebug


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[22:57:33] Disavowed: Hey all. Dumb question but I'm really stuck: why does this generate a GET? <%= link_to 'butts', upvote_deal_path(deal), method: :put %>
[22:57:48] Disavowed: I want a PUT request, but it's almost as if it's not picking up the options hash
[23:04:50] Disavowed: amperry: thank you so much for the quick response! Doesn't seem to be that because stuff between the <script> tags gets executed
[23:05:14] Disavowed: I'm banging my head against a wall! It works fine as a GET if I update the route, but PUT is what I really want
[23:06:00] Disavowed: Well, 'navigated to'
[23:06:26] Disavowed: no worries, thank you for weighing in!
[23:09:43] Disavowed: Radar: I've tried it with brackets and {} and all sorts of variants - I wonder if I've screwed up the JS somehow.
[23:09:46] Disavowed: Radar: And sorry to sound dumb, but when you say layout, do you mean layouts/application.html.erb or something else?
[23:09:58] Disavowed: (just starting a new project to see if I can replicate it)
[23:16:31] Disavowed: Radar: Sure! https://pastebin.com/1U9pbTRk
[23:16:45] Disavowed: Looks like you're right. I don't remember deleting it =/
[23:17:20] Disavowed: Oh sorry, I'll repaste.
[23:17:38] Disavowed: Radar: oh my god that's what it is. I've removed a bunch of stuff from that!
[23:19:33] Disavowed: Pshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
[23:19:36] Disavowed: Thank you so much!
[23:19:39] Disavowed: I'm such an idiot
[23:19:44] Disavowed: that's an hour I'll never get back!
[23:19:54] Disavowed: It is? I should have just left it instead of interfering with it!
[23:20:09] Disavowed: Thank you so much, and I'm so impressed that you lot were able to figure that out from such little information
[23:20:20] Disavowed: Well that's one I'll never forget.
[23:24:36] Disavowed: I'm still impressed :P Thank you again, so so much. You don't have any recommendations for Rails books do you? I feel like I can be productive but don't know enough of the internals
[23:24:47] Disavowed: (but I love it too much to ever touch Django again)
[23:25:20] Disavowed: I feel like I'm hitting a lot of the questions that get asked a lot. I'll lurk more, I promise!
[23:25:23] Disavowed: Thank you so much for that


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[20:16:26] Disavowed: Morning all. first time doing a Rails project in a while - is Devise still the way to go for users and authentication? Requirement is FB, Google or email login if that helps at all.
[22:58:04] Disavowed: dminuoso: That's exactly what I was looking at! Thank you so much for the pointer! God it's good to be back in Rails. I got roped into some Flask and Django lately, and it's not been anywhere near as much fun as this.
[23:27:03] Disavowed: Oh I was skimming the docs on omniauth around when I picked up your reply so it was more of a 'thank you for letting me know I'm looking in the right place'. Sorry, I was a little context-free there.


[23:26:16] Disavowed: *.net *.split


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[03:50:26] Disavowed: Alrighty: File.read('sample.txt').split.count
[03:52:55] Disavowed: Damnit, I thought I was a sure-fire-hire with that one-liner!
[04:03:32] Disavowed: baweaver: We got there in the end. Does this mean you have to hire all of us?
[05:36:49] Disavowed: Software Transactional Memory!


[00:19:20] Disavowed: Verity: Not a mistake, but I know that attr_accessor has unlimited arity, so I don't think you need to call it for each attribute. That might be rubbish though - I'm not exactly seasoned at Ruby
[00:22:02] Disavowed: Verity: That's the way.


[00:21:29] Disavowed: Afternoon all. What is the idiomatic way to have optional arguments in Ruby? In Python my function signature would look like this: def test(a, b, c=None) - is the Ruby equivalent the way to go or is there a neater way?
[00:27:38] Disavowed: This is exactly what I've been googling for! Don't know how I didn't hit upon it. Thank you so much
[00:29:53] Disavowed: keyword arguments seems more familiar to me but maybe whoever wrote this also came from a Python background
[00:30:57] Disavowed: (optional named arguments would be this in Python: `def test (a, b, **kwargs):` but kwargs is just a convention.
[00:35:10] Disavowed: Oh neat - I wouldn't have known that were it not for you. Thank you.
[00:35:19] Disavowed: Same I think :)
[00:36:28] Disavowed: I think I might take influence from your IRC handle and break out a little NOFX to get me through the rest of my Friday afternoon... it's been a while!
[00:37:51] Disavowed: Oh I have another remedial question: how can I ensure at least one value in a list is truthy? Like Python's any() builtin
[00:37:57] Disavowed: adam12: Same
[00:39:10] Disavowed: nofxxxx: that was so obvious - I can't believe I didn't think of it
[00:39:35] Disavowed: interogration thing is anything suffixed with a '?' ?
[00:40:39] Disavowed: adam12: I didn't discover IRC until about 6 years ago so I can't reminisce with you there I'm afraid. I did listen to it on my own around that time though!
[00:41:01] Disavowed: nofxxxx: you're a saint. Thank you. That behaves exactly as I expected it
[00:41:39] Disavowed: From an English guy who doesn't know much about Spanish, it absolutely does!
[00:41:55] Disavowed: adam12: See, that's the internet I miss
[00:42:42] Disavowed: adam12: I'm with you. It ties in well. I think NOFX are still going as a band!
[00:45:32] Disavowed: The thing I like about this channel is that it's much more accomodating of these particular slides. This would never fly in Python.
[00:46:16] Disavowed: Papierkorb: I'm lurking!
[00:46:28] Disavowed: It's much quieter than python-offtopic
[00:48:54] Disavowed: It's IRC folklore but I'm similarly in the dark
[00:49:08] Disavowed: ACTION has never done the /me thing before
[00:49:18] Disavowed: Whooo! It owrked!
[00:53:03] Disavowed: I've always been envious of people who knew how to do it!
[00:55:13] Disavowed: Could anyone point me in the direction of the smart way of handling hashes in rspec? I am mutating unintentionally.
[00:55:50] Disavowed: Oh is it let binding?
[00:56:26] Disavowed: I'm too scared to type it in case I do something I'm not naticipating


[01:05:37] Disavowed: rasca_: a quick google looks like your gprc_c.so is compiled for 32 bit when you want 64
[01:07:37] Disavowed: Verity: Didn't someone yell at you yesterday for abusing the bot? Don't get in trouble - I like having you here!
[02:54:10] Disavowed: allisio: Are you trying to write Ruby in Python again? :P
[02:55:05] Disavowed: Don't leave here
[03:18:49] Disavowed: baweaver: I think it was a bit of a mischaracterisation to say you yelled, too. Speaking of repls, does anyone have any preferable alternatives to pry?
[03:19:34] Disavowed: No it's fine. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing out on anything
[03:22:50] Disavowed: Just saw the plugins page. Perhaps I could soup it up a little
[18:41:03] Disavowed: hxegon: Not a total waste of time though - you now know you don't like opensuse :)
[19:03:23] Disavowed: Poodr looks really good actually. I was trying to work through a Sandy Metz blog post in a similar vein but keep putting it off. Thank you adam12
[19:04:17] Disavowed: adam12: I don't see me getting a new macbook unless they really step their game up with the next generation or two (they won't).
[19:13:17] Disavowed: I had no clue Sandi Metz is female. TIL
[19:13:37] Disavowed: adam12: Same. I don't think the high price tag is justified for old hardware
[19:14:27] Disavowed: Although I do think the transition from OS X to linux is gratuitously overstated in discussions like these
[19:15:08] Disavowed: I frequently use linux in offices and in my experience at least, setting up Linux isn't anywhere near as bad as it's made out.
[19:15:41] Disavowed: elomatreb: There are some asinine decisions in OS X to be sure. Enter renames a file rather than opening it for some reason, for example
[19:18:07] Disavowed: hxegon: cmd tab drives me nuts. Why on earth would I want my open programs to be grouped under a common banner when they have different windows? It's a shortcoming of a window manager however you cut it.
[19:18:57] Disavowed: I guess I'm atypical, as once I git clone my vim and tmux dotfiles, I barely leave my shell. I imagine it's more difficult for people with differing requirements
[19:22:52] Disavowed: havenwood: You use emacs, don't you. Monster.
[19:23:06] Disavowed: hxegon: Agreed. But Apple are great designers, so obviously we're wrong
[19:35:59] Disavowed: hxegon: I don't understand dogmatic and blind loyalty.
[19:36:20] Disavowed: havenwood: I'm going to get emacs up and running tonight actually. Excited to see the dark side :)
[19:36:28] Disavowed: hxegon: What font? I'll try it now.
[19:42:54] Disavowed: Nice. Both.
[19:43:07] Disavowed: Although Monaco is demonstrably the best font of all time.
[19:44:06] Disavowed: (figured we were running low on holy wars)
[19:54:55] Disavowed: hxegon: Don't even bother with it. Finder is so objectively bad, I use the shell every time these days.
[20:02:28] Disavowed: Doubt that. People are unanimously awful.
[20:06:44] Disavowed: hxegon: The alt-text really makes that comic.
[23:24:19] Disavowed: I was going to tell you how awful you are but this looks alright.


[02:16:09] Disavowed: Hey Verity - how's the project going??
[02:17:02] Disavowed: Oh neat! Are you still enjoying Ruby as a language?
[02:20:07] Disavowed: Verity: I know things about CPython that no-one should ever have to know, but I greatly prefer Ruby for many of the reasons you just delineated
[02:20:19] Disavowed: What features are you enjoying?
[02:23:04] Disavowed: It's funny you should mention map - It's a core tennet of functional programming and FP is a second class citizen in Python.
[02:23:16] Disavowed: allisio: I read one a while back - I'll see if I can dig it out for you
[02:23:23] Disavowed: My C is horrific but it was so well written
[02:25:14] Disavowed: allisio: Oh that's annoying - I had no idea that's what it did to be quite honest but I can see exactly why you'd want to fix that
[02:25:19] Disavowed: Verity: What did you go with?
[02:27:27] Disavowed: allisio: I think this was the series: https://tech.blog.aknin.name/2010/04/02/pythons-innards-introduction/ although I suspect it's a little broad for your use case. I really enjoyed reading it from a language design perspective
[02:27:51] Disavowed: Verity: if I was using windows, I would use Visual Studio for sure
[02:27:59] Disavowed: It's one of the best IDEs around in my opinion.
[02:28:12] Disavowed: I have a similarly low opinion of all things microsoft
[02:29:20] Disavowed: Verity: I appreciate the link but you'll pry vim and tmux from my cold, dead hands!
[02:29:27] Disavowed: I actually hadn't seen it though - it looks very nice
[02:29:47] Disavowed: I might actually have a play with this
[02:30:35] Disavowed: Yeah a few. I'm particularly fond of anything written by Mr. Pope: https://github.com/tpope?tab=repositories
[02:30:57] Disavowed: The Rails one is wonderful
[02:31:00] Disavowed: I think I use this too: https://github.com/vim-ruby/vim-ruby
[02:31:41] Disavowed: Verity: My tip would be to take a look at plugins like Nerdtree, MRU and Command T - once you can hop between files quickly, Vim becomes very usable, very quickly
[02:45:10] Disavowed: Is there any way to see a list of clases in a module at runtime?
[02:47:15] Disavowed: allisio: Thank you, you saint.
[20:48:17] Disavowed: Huh. Crunchbang mixed with Arch. That sounds a pretty sweet combo.


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[21:36:04] Disavowed: salih`: I've been using <your_object>.methods which is similar to dir()
[21:36:15] Disavowed: Although I'm sure there's a better way
[21:36:53] Disavowed: Urgh, seems like every month I have to fix some readline dependency if I want to use a repl. I have no idea how I manage to mess it up so frequently
[22:29:08] Disavowed: I don't mind being an idiot - I've a long way to go with Ruby!


[19:12:48] Disavowed: Ouch: https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2017/03/senate-votes-to-let-isps-sell-your-web-browsing-history-to-advertisers/
[19:19:24] Disavowed: At least your country is honest about it. I assume the others are just doing it quietly.
[19:34:31] Disavowed: hxegon: I have a VPN in the UK that I use openvpn to tunnel through. You could follow that approach except for the country - the UK is as invasive as the US, if not more so
[19:34:57] Disavowed: I would bet that even if they haven't cracked SSH yet, they're logging all SSH traffic for the day that they finally do.
[19:44:00] Disavowed: Verity: I suspect you'll have the same problems with it that you had with Arch, but I hope you don't
[19:57:06] Disavowed: hxegon: Do yourself a favour and use this: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Nyr/openvpn-install/master/openvpn-install.sh
[19:57:32] Disavowed: I burned a whole morning faithfully following a digital ocean guide, it not working, retracing my steps, trashing the box and starting over, etc
[19:57:41] Disavowed: Used that script and was up and running inside about 5 minutes
[20:35:10] Disavowed: Rubocop is giving me gyp: "Use nested module/class definitions instead of compact style.". What does it mean?
[20:37:48] Disavowed: dminuoso: Newish to idiomatic Ruby so I guess there's an element of blindly following. You're not the first to tell me not to follow it dogmatically actually, perhaps I should look at it less.
[20:38:33] Disavowed: allisio: That's much clearer. Thank you!
[20:39:07] Disavowed: Sorry, mistag. dminuoso, thank you!
[20:39:14] Disavowed: (Although thank you too, allisio)
[20:40:47] Disavowed: dminuoso: I'll probably follow your lead then - I've enough of whitespace wastage coming from Python
[20:42:50] Disavowed: dminuoso: On occasion. I'm a big fan
[20:43:20] Disavowed: I'll stick, but I think learning how autoloader works is a smart play. I need to hit the books with Ruby again I think
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