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[17:44:50] Eiam: sherbet, sorbet with the richness =)
[17:45:06] Eiam: rainbow sherbet reigns supreme as the greatest flavor of all time


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[03:22:03] Eiam: *.net *.split
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[01:31:59] Eiam: whats with the stabby operater there
[01:33:23] Eiam: oh cause you wanted it to be callable via &adds later on
[01:40:28] Eiam: javascript is a functional language, change my mind!
[01:41:09] Eiam: baweaver: I understand the nuance you are drawing bu tonly cause I used to be in #haskell =)
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[03:15:57] Eiam: everyone in las vegas?
[03:24:36] Eiam: shows how much I gamble
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[22:16:46] Eiam: I always kind of liked that #ruby was slightly offtopic
[22:16:54] Eiam: while also being on topic


[03:51:39] Eiam: wait what the fuck am i reading
[03:51:57] Eiam: ugh brain
[03:54:44] Eiam: whats splat [n] supposed to do
[03:54:48] Eiam: irb says its not valid
[03:55:02] Eiam: SyntaxError: (irb):1
[23:47:57] Eiam: i had sad days, oh oby


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[17:11:16] Eiam: heh im still deploying some projects on 2.1
[17:11:18] Eiam: fire and forget


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[14:09:42] Eiam: *.net *.split
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[01:07:27] Eiam: you could just put them in a struct
[01:08:13] Eiam: modules are for namespacing and mixins
[01:12:12] Eiam: its namespaced where you create it
[01:12:29] Eiam: if you put it in a module, then its in the module. in a class then its in the class. in a block then its in the block
[01:13:16] Eiam: if this is just a single .rb trying to poke at some problem that doesn't seem 'bad'
[01:13:30] Eiam: I do it all the time but I could be the worst programmer in the world =)
[01:25:46] Eiam: declare it at the top? =)
[01:29:13] Eiam: uhmm. I personally prefer to write code that solves the problem I'm trying to solve then worry about how the style fits and what problems I had/didn't have with it, especially if its just a throw away script
[01:30:45] Eiam: why are you forcing this to one line? is there some kind of quota on newlines?
[01:31:31] Eiam: ah, you can use https://dpaste.de for easy formatting too
[01:36:25] Eiam: depends on what expensive_rest_call_to_get_creds() returns
[01:37:15] Eiam: if it returns false, it could change on subsequent calls
[01:37:37] Eiam: otherwise yes it should do what you want
[01:38:48] Eiam: a ||= b is "a || b"
[01:38:53] Eiam: yes, it would be set to false
[01:39:01] Eiam: >> a ||= false
[01:39:16] Eiam: uh works in irb
[01:39:21] Eiam: ACTION pokes ruby[bot] 
[01:39:50] Eiam: a = a || b rather, omitted the first part =)
[01:40:14] Eiam: bjpenn: it would go from 'nil' to 'false' which isn't quite the same thing. probably doesn't matter
[01:40:28] Eiam: until its 2am and your code isn't working


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[21:42:15] Eiam: pry byebug


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[21:29:01] Eiam: pry changed the way I debug ruby =)
[21:29:36] Eiam: these days I write most of my code INSIDE a halted pry session, then pop it back into the file
[21:29:39] Eiam: sad but true
[21:38:27] Eiam: I halt right where the new code would go so it operates in the right context
[21:38:35] Eiam: state is 'as it should be' when its running


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[00:07:33] Eiam: people would stare at a blank cursor forever
[00:07:53] Eiam: they'd have to wait for me to shower, sleep, build it all in my head, then write some horrible code that I deleted 10 times..
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[20:09:41] Eiam: ? this one is great
[20:10:42] Eiam: there are ruby communities all over, local meet ups, conferences, slack groups
[20:11:01] Eiam: hell i have internal corporate mailing lists JUST for ruby people
[20:11:15] Eiam: beats me I use slack 1.0, IRC. =)
[22:15:41] Eiam: imajes: maybe find some more communities to hang out in beyond just #ruby then? =)
[22:16:08] Eiam: you can start a game of #idlerpg or pop over to Rails, Swift... all kinds of stuff if you look


[18:15:53] Eiam: ruby[bot] is bae
[18:55:36] Eiam: if your date can't understand what you are saying http://www.rubyinside.com/advent2006/4-ruby-obfuscation.html , is it really a good date?


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[18:36:46] Eiam: https://github.com/nahi/logger/issues/3
[18:36:46] Eiam: lol what the hell
[18:38:47] Eiam: come back from holiday and super old shit fails to deploy now thanks bud


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[22:35:24] Eiam: in console whats your staff.first.is_admin? value
[22:37:29] Eiam: your first line makes it sound like that value is false, since line 3 shows false. if is_admin is false, the next call will be false && super(true) which can only return false
[22:37:33] Eiam: Scriptonaut: ^
[22:38:49] Eiam: so then its false && super(true) as the return value on line 4, which we already established must be false because it says false in your output.
[22:39:36] Eiam: right so I don't get the bug
[22:39:40] Eiam: its working exactly as the code says
[22:40:17] Eiam: oh, something to do with how irb echos statements or something
[22:40:26] Eiam: i don't think thats the return value of your statement
[22:43:37] Eiam: whats the implementation of receive_direct_message_alerts
[22:45:12] Eiam: i mean do you have receive_direct_message_alerts and receive_direct_message_alerts=
[22:45:57] Eiam: because it looks like you are calling two different implementations and wondering why each has its own return value
[22:46:04] Eiam: but I only see one implementation, receive_direct_message_alerts=
[22:48:33] Eiam: okay... what I'm saying is you could be calling "methodA" and it gives you false. later you call "methodB" and it gives you true, then you again call "methodA" and it gives you false again, which is expected...
[22:49:36] Eiam: receive_direct_message_alerts and receive_direct_message_alerts= aren't the same method , they could be defined totally different
[22:54:15] Eiam: it behaves the same on 2.3.7
[22:56:04] Eiam: if you split your assignment out into its own line
[22:56:07] Eiam: the behavior will change
[22:56:27] Eiam: i thought assignment in comparisons were frowned upon
[22:56:48] Eiam: on line 6 if you set @x = flag, then do false && @x you'll see it shifts
[22:58:57] Eiam: oh you are counting on the early exit to avoid the assignment
[22:59:46] Eiam: Scriptonaut: yeah, that is interesting
[22:59:51] Eiam: i don't know why you are seeing that behavior in console


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[20:31:49] Eiam: happy new year rubyist
[20:32:01] Eiam: another year of helping people with their homework
[21:07:39] Eiam: and maybe professionals with their workwork =)
[21:42:53] Eiam: funny most of my workwork in ruby involves figuring out how to slice data into various views
[21:44:04] Eiam: thats kind of like pizza!
[21:44:28] Eiam: Ruby: The ultimate pizza cutter
[21:45:42] Eiam: ACTION writes a single line of Ruby to enumerate the pizza 15 times to pull the one pepperoni he wants from the whole pizza 
[22:01:54] Eiam: was more a jab at people constantly enumerating large structures poorly =)
[22:03:12] Eiam: I just turn it all into hashes so lookup is super easy!
[22:36:00] Eiam: did you just encode a pizza
[22:36:22] Eiam: oh AND you got a .tap in there to abuse, look at you
[22:38:08] Eiam: hehe that was a thing when I was in high school
[22:39:16] Eiam: didn't Why used to do weird ruby code
[22:57:13] Eiam: your circle isn't one?


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[22:42:03] Eiam: sagax: the docs http://ruby-doc.org/core-2.5.3/Kernel.html#method-i-60
[22:43:14] Eiam: isene: chruby and ruby-install?
[22:43:23] Eiam: sagax: "click to toggle source"
[22:43:26] Eiam: in the docs.
[22:43:58] Eiam: it will literally show the implementation, not sure how much more direct how it works gets!


[21:49:17] Eiam: reminds me of all the people using ruby to parse version strings in macOS and getting that 10.10 was less than 10.9
[23:41:25] Eiam: havenwood: or just call the appkit API? =)


[00:34:40] Eiam: bah, w.e
[17:51:34] Eiam: or you could use XPC or IPC if this is macOS
[17:51:45] Eiam: which is bsaically what havenwood said
[17:52:12] Eiam: there was a gem ages ago... it took ruby from one client, passed it over the wire, then ran it on another client
[17:53:06] Eiam: it wasn't remote_ruby cause this was 7 years ago
[17:53:13] Eiam: well hell let me see if I have the repo still I can just look at the gemfile =o
[18:01:18] Eiam: gem "pry-remote"
[18:01:18] Eiam: gem "pry-byebug"
[18:01:18] Eiam: gem "pry"
[18:01:18] Eiam: hah past me trying to document his gemfile # Strictly for development for sane debugging & stepping behavior
[18:01:32] Eiam: havenwood: ahh yes it was DRB!!!
[18:01:51] Eiam: https://ruby-doc.org/stdlib-1.9.3/libdoc/drb/rdoc/DRb.html
[18:19:36] Eiam: Inside: just use chruby and run your unit tests?
[18:19:48] Eiam: if it looks good, deploy to QA and verify then off to production?
[19:48:57] Eiam: considering I pay people on my team to do code reviews
[19:49:12] Eiam: I'd find it mildly offensive to request free code reviews as an actual task =)
[19:50:13] Eiam: Zarthus: not disputing it as a random thing, but as an actual like ongoing action to just have all your code get reviewed here?
[19:50:39] Eiam: yeah, probably legal ones =)
[19:58:48] Eiam: WA9ACE: when you go into an ios dev channel on slack its got 3000 people or more. good luck.
[19:59:17] Eiam: I know most the active people here and have seen and conversed with them off and on for years. hard to do that in slack groups that big
[20:00:03] Eiam: even ##javascript can get rough to follow, its 1111 people
[20:01:25] Eiam: whose that, Big OSS?


[00:32:52] Eiam: GraphQL?? he should machine learn hisAPI too
[01:16:45] Eiam: there is a project that hosts emails into usenet
[01:16:55] Eiam: which i suspect may involve a part of what you just said
[01:18:02] Eiam: NotSatoshi: https://github.com/mikel/mail ? this seems google-able
[01:24:44] Eiam: you probably dont' want to replace the ruby 'method' with your 'method'
[01:28:01] Eiam: ModusPwnens: and when you def method, what happens
[01:30:58] Eiam: yeah.. this is method https://ruby-doc.org/core-2.2.0/Method.html
[01:31:33] Eiam: thinking
[01:31:56] Eiam: i guess you could try to re-define the ruby version of method slot your code in then pass it onto the original implementation
[01:32:07] Eiam: feel like that would break a lot of stuff tho
[01:45:01] Eiam: there are more creative minds than my own and certainly smarter ones. perhaps they will swing around and contribute at some point.
[01:45:40] Eiam: baweaver: re-implement your own 'method' cause f Ruby and their implementation. Thoughts? =)
[01:45:59] Eiam: "This is why we invented the monkey patch!"


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[17:28:17] Eiam: I was recently playing around with using sentinel style values to indicate intent rather than nil/empty and one of the things I found cumbersome was when you use a value like :no_value instead of leaving it nil, that operations like .any? treat :no_value as true, but nil as false
[17:28:23] Eiam: which makes things get messy real fast
[17:29:12] Eiam: because then you are having to check for ==true (if your options are true, false or :no_value)
[17:29:52] Eiam: is the safest path forward there to wrap those into a small struct to not expose the bool directly either?
[19:01:48] Eiam: you basically just forced :no_value to also become falsey which is basically more lines of code to "if value == true" else "now its falsey"
[19:16:13] Eiam: thats what im finding, but I really wanted to not rely on the absence of a value to mean something specific
[19:16:17] Eiam: the code is just.. awful
[19:16:29] Eiam: that may be a reflection on its author however
[19:17:15] Eiam: oh clojure con god
[19:17:29] Eiam: my old manager became a clojure nut, never shuts up about it now
[19:19:42] Eiam: watching
[20:37:10] Eiam: havenwood: if I understand what hes said correctly its basically "Solving this is a language problem and none of them have great solutions here are some things I'm poking at or proposing"
[20:46:47] Eiam: yes, I agree with that sentiment
[20:46:54] Eiam: how do I get it in Ruby? =)
[20:54:30] Eiam: nullable types doesn't address the fundamental disconnect between does null mean no value or does it mean never assigned?
[21:13:32] Eiam: Im importing data, I map that data to either I know this value is true, I know this value is false, or I dont know if this value is true or false
[21:33:14] Eiam: well, I don't allow nils, so an empty state is set to :no_value
[21:33:26] Eiam: its just handling that no_value is fairly annoying in Ruby itself
[21:33:58] Eiam: a false means "I know the answer, and its false" a true means "I know the answer, and its true" and :no_value means I don't know if this is true or false.
[23:12:02] Eiam: clever and original pattern for an enterprise API... I dunno something just doesn't feel right with that statement but I cannot quite put my finger on it
[23:12:49] Eiam: dachi_: implement it all via method_missing. Its not original at all, at least not in Ruby. I'd argue its cleverness
[23:17:09] Eiam: havenwood: feels like we talked ourselves into a circle of everyone agrees its not great and here we are
[23:20:57] Eiam: i feel like only one of those people were actually helpful
[23:21:40] Eiam: and roda is like sinatra! how is that promoting any clever or original pattern!


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[20:54:55] Eiam: why not get array of object, get all data and do a single lookup, then filter that?
[20:55:42] Eiam: you are paying the price of an array of unknown size DB lookups one at a time but if you've already got the data..
[20:55:56] Eiam: well that sucks =)
[20:56:01] Eiam: get a better DB? =)
[20:56:23] Eiam: (i realize its probably not your endpoint and beyond your control)