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[14:35:06] FXpro: has joined #ruby
[14:35:24] FXpro: what is this channel about?
[14:37:52] FXpro: whatsa happenin shevy?
[14:38:28] FXpro: whats the problem?
[14:38:41] FXpro: I am looking at the topic link. this is a programming channel then?
[14:39:58] FXpro: ahhh ok ic.
[14:40:26] FXpro: I was looking at the search list and I liked the name ruby so I joined just for the hell of it.
[14:40:45] FXpro: I am not a programmer but I need to be a programmer for a specific project I am working on.
[14:42:02] FXpro: I need to learn c++ and bridge it to another very close language.
[14:42:54] FXpro: I have not.
[17:25:13] FXpro: Quit: Leaving