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[00:24:24] Fluent: That's not binary...
[11:34:04] Fluent: I root for days
[11:35:15] Fluent: That sounds dirty
[11:37:21] Fluent: Sounds logical
[11:39:32] Fluent: an IT guy *
[11:39:50] Fluent: I doubt he has amazing reasons
[11:39:54] Fluent: Probably just preference
[11:40:48] Fluent: Sounds like me


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[10:19:41] Fluent: You should upgrade your weechat version
[10:19:54] Fluent: 0.4.2 has vulns
[10:23:32] Fluent: 1.2 I think
[10:23:46] Fluent: Well 1.2 is the latest stable version
[10:25:15] Fluent: I would recommend you post some kind of code and maybe run it through a debugger like pry
[18:45:49] Fluent: teehee, ty
[18:51:42] Fluent: I sure know how to spark conversation
[19:04:27] Fluent: >> $><<$<.read
[19:04:34] Fluent: Hmph, coo


[15:37:30] Fluent: Ruby on Rails
[15:37:50] Fluent: Stand alone Ruby, no
[15:38:59] Fluent: Yes, but we all know that RoR is most popular
[15:39:05] Fluent: and the rest aren't really used
[15:40:06] Fluent: Pie chart confirmation or it didn't happen
[15:44:21] Fluent: It's hard for crap software to get popular
[15:44:41] Fluent: Implying usefulness (usually)
[15:44:55] Fluent: But there are some popular non useful things floating around
[15:49:41] Fluent: To imply that it is only used for marketing is a bit false
[15:49:56] Fluent: That is true
[15:54:53] Fluent: Facebook makes plenty of bank
[15:55:20] Fluent: Hmm, I wouldn't say everything
[15:55:27] Fluent: If you reuse everything it can turn out bad
[15:55:42] Fluent: Like plugins, attackers target those for that specific reason
[15:56:05] Fluent: It's widely used, so it's widely attacked, and often can lead to disclosure of information
[15:58:17] Fluent: The website admin
[16:00:07] Fluent: It's not bad to use a CMS. I'm simply saying that you shouldn't reuse everything you get. I like to have a simple CMS that doesn't come with too much bloat and build what I need instead of grabbing everything from other places already
[16:00:43] Fluent: Also having phabricator is nice
[16:01:35] Fluent: For example, if you want a user login system. Create it yourself, or use one you have looked over and trust. Some people just throw crap on their server if it works.
[16:02:18] Fluent: I ran into that same thing, simply googled the login system the site had been using and found out it stored the username:pass in a .txt file on the server that was public accessable
[16:02:22] Fluent: accessible *
[16:09:03] Fluent: You should easily be able to incorporate that logic
[16:10:33] Fluent: Well, I'm working with a group of devs now, and we use Laravel with phabricator to push code in stages
[16:10:46] Fluent: Laravel/Vagrant/Homestead
[16:10:50] Fluent: All that good stuff
[16:11:29] Fluent: phabricator acts as a management system too
[16:15:17] Fluent: ::GoogleSpellcheck.run(jsonResponse["input"])
[16:15:32] Fluent: Maybe you are missing something there
[16:16:13] Fluent: >> output = ::GoogleSpellcheck.run(jsonResponse["input"])
[16:16:45] Fluent: Oh, so it works like that then
[16:16:52] Fluent: But not with


[14:17:39] Fluent: I was wondering. How does one go about connecting to flash based content with Ruby? Say a flash based chat room.
[14:21:44] Fluent: No, sorry.
[14:22:59] Fluent: pry is nice
[14:23:44] Fluent: I need to figure out how to do this
[14:24:52] Fluent: I guess I would need to figure out a way to get Ruby compatible with flash for this to work.
[14:25:03] Fluent: Another reason to hate flash content.
[14:26:06] Fluent: Well, I'm not seeing any data in the source code
[14:26:31] Fluent: Not entirely sure where it's being placed really. I think it works all client side?
[14:26:42] Fluent: I will dig deeper as I should; I suppose.
[14:28:07] Fluent: Hrmmm, yes.
[14:28:29] Fluent: But can you receive that content without having flash there?
[14:28:58] Fluent: The flash plugin.
[14:29:43] Fluent: I don't think you can do it like that
[14:29:59] Fluent: Well you could if you have flash enabled and on the site to be able to receive the data
[14:30:51] Fluent: I'm making connections to said website with Ruby
[14:31:01] Fluent: And Mechanize
[14:31:13] Fluent: I wonder if I can get it to use a flash plugin
[14:31:52] Fluent: Yeah, that's a good idea for seeing how it works. Good advice, I'll do that.
[18:35:47] Fluent: regex.each ?
[18:35:50] Fluent: or just regex
[18:36:46] Fluent: Probably just iterates a list of regular expressions
[18:37:07] Fluent: Using that to filter/find some content
[18:40:50] Fluent: Probably what is sounds like it does
[18:44:19] Fluent: => /force/.match('force-field') { |r| puts r }
[18:47:30] Fluent: >> puts false ? nil : 'foo'
[18:47:39] Fluent: It doesn't really
[18:50:59] Fluent: please excuse my dear aunt sally


[13:46:44] Fluent: => [1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1]
[13:46:44] Fluent: mes.scan(/\s/).map(&:size)
[13:47:51] Fluent: Oh, forgot the +
[17:46:54] Fluent: >> print 'nice' if !()


[13:59:01] Fluent: How about source code
[14:06:15] Fluent: telnet doesn't support tab completion j/k
[14:06:25] Fluent: Well not joking, but I'll stop trollin


[07:17:49] Fluent: >> %W(#{'foo bar'} #{'biz baz'})
[07:18:15] Fluent: Freelancer
[07:25:26] Fluent: The hell is that o.O
[07:26:05] Fluent: How do German's feel about foreign Americans?
[07:26:48] Fluent: I see. I'm trying to think of my backup country. America will not last.
[07:27:05] Fluent: I meant via general consensus
[07:27:59] Fluent: Yes, I was born and raised in America. My ancestry is Cherokee Indian and Irish
[07:28:15] Fluent: The white men killed my peoples
[07:29:06] Fluent: Men killed men of specific ethics
[07:29:15] Fluent: damn, wrong word
[07:29:27] Fluent: ethnicity lol, my brain isn't working.
[07:30:12] Fluent: So, you German's receiving all the news about ISIS too?
[07:30:37] Fluent: I don't either, but I hear about it everywhere
[07:31:34] Fluent: Yeah, my government scares me more than them. I need to go get an AR15 :D
[07:38:58] Fluent: It's a deprecated method anyways <3
[08:07:30] Fluent: For a book or a job?


[18:55:24] Fluent: It's not really safe
[18:55:30] Fluent: That's why.
[20:26:38] Fluent: No shell killing
[20:26:40] Fluent: I like my shells
[20:27:59] Fluent: Because acronyms v.s grammatical errors


[12:28:16] Fluent: If the method is a self method, you could use Foo.method()
[12:30:26] Fluent: So for example if you have class Foo with a Method stated as self.bar, you could call Foo.bar()
[12:42:09] Fluent: :: and ., same thing
[12:42:20] Fluent: Well not really, but in this context, yes.
[12:42:38] Fluent: :: is really a scope resolution operator,
[12:43:43] Fluent: . is just a message passing operator
[12:44:12] Fluent: :: comes in handy when you are working with constants
[12:44:28] Fluent: For example calling sqrt and PI
[12:44:44] Fluent: PI couldn't be called with a dot operator
[12:45:14] Fluent: >> puts Math.sqrt(4)
[12:45:21] Fluent: >> puts Math.PI
[12:45:28] Fluent: and finally,
[12:45:34] Fluent: >> puts Math::PI
[15:25:51] Fluent: This is something probably best commented and outlined in a pastebin or similar
[15:26:12] Fluent: I would also say read this: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/212407/what-exactly-is-the-singleton-class-in-ruby
[15:27:17] Fluent: It's all logged anyways...
[15:27:27] Fluent: http://irclog.whitequark.org,
[15:34:28] Fluent: Do you just want to check if it contains the number?
[15:35:12] Fluent: It's part of the game.
[15:35:22] Fluent: Also true
[15:53:27] Fluent: Are you trying to see if a number is in an array?
[15:57:10] Fluent: Looks like a Hash, not an Array
[15:58:38] Fluent: Just seen the methods of .name and .value from inside forms.each
[15:59:03] Fluent: Never mind me
[16:00:54] Fluent: form.field_with(:dom_id => 'phoneNumber') maybe?


[17:49:54] Fluent: Just kidding. Why not roll it into a gem?
[17:50:09] Fluent: Oh wait damnit
[17:50:28] Fluent: I see, you want to convert something from a CLI to a web service
[17:50:37] Fluent: Not that I know of.
[19:03:52] Fluent: I don't know what a my gist anyone is
[22:14:02] Fluent: unemployment centers talking about Haskell? Eh, doubtful...
[22:16:19] Fluent: Man, I can't even grow a beard. It's sad. I wish I could be a neckbeard, but I just can't...
[22:17:01] Fluent: That's like a legacy.
[22:17:14] Fluent: Goin over the top
[22:19:46] Fluent: And this is why Ruby is awesome
[22:23:19] Fluent: require_relative 'hello.rb'


[05:04:23] Fluent: >> sprintf("%b", 123)
[05:04:29] Fluent: As an example
[10:26:38] Fluent: >> a = 5; b = a; b += 3; puts "a is #{a.object_id} | b is #{b.object_id}"
[10:27:08] Fluent: They don't have the same address
[10:30:30] Fluent: How are you able to get the address of the variable?
[10:31:21] Fluent: Because I thought that wasn't possible.
[10:32:23] Fluent: Yes, they do that by default
[10:32:45] Fluent: They get assigned object id's
[10:33:12] Fluent: panga: Your issue is with sqlite3
[10:34:51] Fluent: I don't know how you would make a table in sqlite3 in only RAM, sorry.
[10:39:07] Fluent: rooby: You can't push all the numbers into a list, then just call.sort on the list?
[10:39:42] Fluent: I guess you would actually want to use a hash for this
[10:42:47] Fluent: Well, you should post the source code in a secret gist at least. Otherwise no one can really help you. That is if you don't know how to program.
[10:42:56] Fluent: s/don't know/barely know/
[10:58:01] Fluent: rooby: I think it's because of the way the data is being parsed. s[1] which is where the code is implying the number of viewers is at, is only the 2nd digit in the number
[10:59:53] Fluent: Can you give me an example output of s[0] and s[1] from the get_streams_url_and_views method
[15:09:25] Fluent: Probably because you are using puts and \r\n which is going to use two carriage returns
[18:05:04] Fluent: I would just generate the directory list, then run the list through some regex filter
[18:05:17] Fluent: What is left should be the items that match the regex
[18:15:12] Fluent: >> files = ['a.pdf', 'b.jpeg', 'c.wav', 'd.pdf'].map { |f| /^.*\.(pdf|PDF)$/.match(f) }.compact.join(', ') # Grab pdf's


[10:04:46] Fluent: I don't think so, strixd
[10:05:29] Fluent: They keep gems hosted for backwards compatibility. If other people use your gem.
[10:06:06] Fluent: I think you can request for them to be removed, if they have sensitive information? Least this is what I thought. Maybe yank does work, dunno
[10:09:01] Fluent: So can you completely remove a gem? Or just the last version?
[10:10:10] Fluent: Okay, thanks.
[18:38:45] Fluent: What version of Ruby is running your programs?
[18:38:58] Fluent: It might not be the same version as your interactive ruby version
[18:39:09] Fluent: and may be looking in other locations for gems
[18:45:10] Fluent: Check your load path?
[18:48:47] Fluent: require 'net/ping' most likely
[18:49:27] Fluent: His LOAD_PATH is blank, so that's likely the issue
[18:49:37] Fluent: I'm not sure how to 'reset' it
[18:49:49] Fluent: In irb it works, likely failing in a script