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[16:45:25] Hanmac1: "ruby code hurt my eyes so i need |> and <|" https://bugs.ruby-lang.org/issues/14392
[16:48:20] Hanmac1: yeah imo "private def meth" is pretty self explained?
[16:52:33] Hanmac1: i think i once made a gist so i can use &:to_s.(2) https://gist.github.com/Hanmac/ab77c649d799ade9670c
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[10:40:25] Hanmac1: they do it again: https://bugs.ruby-lang.org/issues/14336 "Create new method String#symbol? and deprecate Symbol class"
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[05:49:49] Hanmac1: linoge: depending on your ruby version you can use **opt to pass the attributes as keyword arguments
[05:56:56] Hanmac1: hey, does OHLCVDataPoint get another functions? if not, why not have OHLCVDataPoint be a Struct itself?


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[19:56:49] Hanmac1: jwr if you want gem (sets) for each of your projects, you probably want bundler


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[03:19:38] Hanmac1: shevy checkout https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=870OhSp4ai0 ;P
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[12:55:59] Hanmac1: shevy look: https://bugs.ruby-lang.org/issues/11379
[13:00:45] Hanmac1: shevy hm yeah i think ;P
[13:50:09] Hanmac1: wasamasa: tones of macros? ;P
[14:09:47] Hanmac1: in the C api they are defined as "virtual" variables ;P
[14:12:50] Hanmac1: [k-: funny there is red apple ???? and green apple ???? ;P
[14:15:15] Hanmac1: prefixed: show us a gist of your stuff ... for checking you can use File.file? or !File.pipe?
[14:16:36] Hanmac1: ACTION equips itself now with a "metal detector" to detect pipes
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[11:40:20] Hanmac1: shevy ????????? of all rwx users likes it ;P
[11:41:04] Hanmac1: shevy better help me and then you can rewrite them into rwx ones ;P
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[09:06:00] Hanmac1: Burgestrand: did you maybe try to update your rubygems version? i think there was an update a few days ago
[09:13:55] Hanmac1: nargin: OS version and how did you install ruby?
[09:14:21] Hanmac1: nargin: you are looking for rvm to install your ruby in user-space
[09:17:12] Hanmac1: yorickpeterse: rvm does work too, but might be a bit overkill for him
[09:18:06] Hanmac1: hm ok, i thought that too, but it does work for me because i need different kind of builded ruby versions i might not achive with chruby
[09:25:07] Hanmac1: hm i checked out chruby and ruby-install, and both are not enough for me, i need ways to install my ruby against different compiler and settings
[09:33:03] Hanmac1: ruby-install does not work for me because: "Does not support installing trunk/HEAD."
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[10:05:34] Hanmac1: Ox0dea: so do you like macros? if yes, check this one out: https://github.com/Hanmac/rwx/blob/master/ext/wxWindow.cpp#L113 ... the macro is defined https://github.com/Hanmac/rwx/blob/master/ext/main.hpp#L490
[10:09:28] Hanmac1: Ox0dea: hm where do i do "Token pasting"? my macro_attr is method generating
[10:10:12] Hanmac1: ah that is what you mean ... its for turning Attr into _getAttr and _setAttr methods
[10:12:04] Hanmac1: shevy: did you see that? Ox0dea did validate i am " just past sane" ;P
[10:13:59] Hanmac1: ACTION uses tabs but only for its C++ code
[10:18:43] Hanmac1: >> ["y".eql? "y", "y".equal? "y"]
[10:18:43] Hanmac1: [k-: eql? != equal?
[10:19:10] Hanmac1: >> ["y".eql?("y"), "y".equal?("y")]
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[06:27:33] Hanmac1: apeiros & shevy checkout the new "NameError#receiver" method ;P
[09:24:13] Hanmac1: its very fun when someones who has NO exp with html are working on something like joomla ;P
[09:25:19] Hanmac1: recently i found that they put the <input> inside <label> elements ... that this doesnt work had no one tested before it seems ;P
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[14:40:01] Hanmac1: shevy & apeiros you guys always disliked $SAFE right? because "$SAFE=2 to 4 are obsolete" ;P
[14:40:55] Hanmac1: shevy "once a year"? ;P
[15:30:20] Hanmac1: ACTION point at rwx for wxWidgets in ruby for phat4life
[15:32:44] Hanmac1: jhass: it does have specs and samples ... for the most stuff its "usable" ... but need to be build from source because the gem is not updated for long
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[12:59:33] Hanmac1: >> Gem::Specification.select {|s| s.dependent_gems.empty? && !s.default_gem? && s.homepage !~ /rvm/ }.map(&:name)
[13:58:28] Hanmac1: what the heck is "Aeon ball" ?
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[11:43:02] Hanmac1: shevy http://xkcd.com/1537/
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[13:37:06] Hanmac1: shevy you may not notice but rwx is growing again!!! i added more code in the samples and the specs ,P
[13:38:21] Hanmac1: arup_r: this airport is SO big, it does need two Radars ,P
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[12:37:14] Hanmac1: my ubuntu does grap all stuff from other *buntus because i can ;P
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[13:13:42] Hanmac1: zzak soon this channel will be OVER 9000! ;P
[13:54:19] Hanmac1: >> require "date"; "This ruby is %d days old." % (Date.today - Date.parse(RUBY_RELEASE_DATE))
[13:55:01] Hanmac1: Darkwater: the ruby on my systems are daily-build ;P
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[15:13:03] Hanmac1: waxjar: is cache an array, or hash or some of your own objects?
[15:15:05] Hanmac1: waxjar: i would like this: but thats just imo cache.update(1 => "foo", 2=> "bar") OR cache.update("foo", "bar")
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[15:03:55] Hanmac1: shevy i didnt noticed at once ... but this channel is OVER 1000! ;P
[15:28:44] Hanmac1: w00t ? ;P jhass got #ruby-lang trolled to much?
[15:47:24] Hanmac1: mistnim: remove the .class
[15:57:08] Hanmac1: shevy does rdoc read your ruby or your c(++) code?
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[05:57:12] Hanmac1: apeiros: what do you think is better style: WX.const_defined?(:ActivityIndicator) or defined?(WX::ActivityIndicator) ?
[06:00:57] Hanmac1: so you say the explizit const_defined is better? okay then i will use that
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[11:58:28] Hanmac1: shevy look at this ticket ;P https://bugs.ruby-lang.org/issues/11197
[12:00:48] Hanmac1: shevy hm interesting is that unicode doesnt have a char for a unicorn yet ;P
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[07:52:48] Hanmac1: blogjy: ubuntu version?
[07:54:27] Hanmac1: thats the problem with LTS ... newer ubuntu gets newer ruby ... my one does have 2.1 as default ... your might have 2.0 as extra package
[07:59:58] Hanmac1: cina: if you got/read the string with singlequotes, you can try something like that:
[07:59:59] Hanmac1: >> '\u062f\u0631'.gsub(/\\u([[:alnum:]]+)/) {|i| [$1.to_i(16)].pack('U*') }
[08:01:41] Hanmac1: >> '\u062f\u0631'.gsub(/\\u(\w{1,4})/) {|i| [$1.to_i(16)].pack('U*') }
[08:01:41] Hanmac1: cina better:
[08:03:27] Hanmac1: apeiros: good to know i didnt know that chr can use encoding
[08:05:06] Hanmac1: >> '\u062f\u0631'.gsub(/\\u(\w{1,4})/) {|i| $1.to_i(16).chr('utf-8') }
[08:05:06] Hanmac1: cina: with using apeiros help (but not much shorter)
[11:11:36] Hanmac1: dorei: what did your devops friend say that you should use as replacement for nokogiri?
[11:13:07] Hanmac1: imo still do prefer nokogiri for my stuff because it does exacly do what it should do ...
[11:13:52] Hanmac1: dorei: did your friend tell you a reason why you shouldnt use it? like because the name does sound to "foreign"?
[11:16:19] Hanmac1: dorei: nokogiri does ship its own version of xml so it doesnt have dependencies like that anymore in newest version
[11:17:33] Hanmac1: normally it should work without
[13:02:53] Hanmac1: jhass: also even on 64bit: 0.0.object_id != -0.0.object_id
[13:09:42] Hanmac1: jhass: yeah but on 64bit: 0.0.object_id == 0.0.object_id while -0.0.object_id != -0.0.object_id
[13:25:41] Hanmac1: good that my current gem i am working on never will support jruby so i dont need to care about that
[14:00:35] Hanmac1: i used once ruby-doc.org/stdlib/libdoc/delegate/rdoc/Delegator.html for guard code
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[08:01:32] Hanmac1: ACTION votes for <sarcasm> tags in HTML6
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[07:01:36] Hanmac1: ebonics: what the heck is tco?
[07:03:41] Hanmac1: ebonics: did you checkout Enumerable#inject?
[07:04:43] Hanmac1: ebonics: http://ruby-doc.org/core-2.2.2/Enumerable.html#method-i-inject
[09:44:27] Hanmac1: >> "128-1-ab2f9b77aee1096fd5e4aee89ca89881.jpg".scan(/(\w+-\w+)-\w+(\.\w+)/).join
[09:44:27] Hanmac1: arup_r: i did this:
[09:45:22] Hanmac1: canton7: what about my one?
[10:13:52] Hanmac1: >> defined? :Foo
[10:14:09] Hanmac1: shevy i think you want defined?(Foo)
[10:15:59] Hanmac1: imo shevy you cant trust defined ... specially you cant use parameter with it
[10:19:36] Hanmac1: >> module Foo; module Bar; end; [defined?(Bar), const_defined?(:Bar)]; end
[10:19:36] Hanmac1: shevy & adaedra
[12:14:21] Hanmac1: akfaew: isnt that what gems are for?
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[13:42:40] Hanmac1: kq_away: each_cons(2)
[13:46:22] Hanmac1: kq_away: each_cons(2).to_a
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[06:09:20] Hanmac1: Radar: you dont need &block when you are using yield
[06:21:21] Hanmac1: Sirilia: i dont think you can say that ... Hash#each for sample has two block arguments
[06:40:23] Hanmac1: Sirilia: depends on the class, Array and Hash have their own each methods, also checkout the Enumerable module which does depend on the each method
[06:45:41] Hanmac1: Sirilia: http://ruby-doc.org/core-2.2.2/Array.html#method-i-each there is the source but like said its in C
[06:46:40] Hanmac1: http://ruby-doc.org/stdlib-2.2.2/libdoc/set/rdoc/Set.html#method-i-each there you can toogle the source too
[07:00:00] Hanmac1: shevy: http://imgur.com/gallery/wIwzA
[07:02:22] Hanmac1: sevenseacat: imo the most interesting part is that printer ink cost more than human blood ;P
[07:06:18] Hanmac1: there are new features in syntax like key arguments in ruby 2.0+ but the core stuff of ruby might be ok in the books
[07:08:45] Hanmac1: Radar: and 2.1 was non-optional kwargs
[07:10:21] Hanmac1: >> method(def abc(a, b = 1, *c, d:, e: 2, **f, &g); end).parameters
[07:10:21] Hanmac1: there is the list of all possible argument types i know:
[07:16:05] Hanmac1: i also uses f as keyrest, even when i am not using key arguments to catch the option hash
[07:26:47] Hanmac1: shevy checkout what i did with wxwidgets ... (its not for rwx itself yet, but might added later): http://i.imgur.com/C1OsdEu.png
[08:21:52] Hanmac1: shevy i made it myself the other diagram types will be added later
[12:21:35] Hanmac1: ACTION likes the korean alphabet because the letters does look so SYFY like, like from aliens ;P
[12:23:06] Hanmac1: hm or was it the thai one? hm i need to look at my charmap
[12:27:00] Hanmac1: ponga: i didnt know if i find them again, but i once found letters in my charmap that does look similar to that one: http://www.sos-brigade.de/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/Haruhi-08-Signs-300x168.jpg ;ppp
[12:48:35] Hanmac1: ponga: apropos "waifu" checkout the cartoon: "GravityFalls" specially Season2 Episode: "a Girl for Soos" ;P
[12:56:10] Hanmac1: ponga: hm you can also watch the other episodes before it (so you might watch the season before to understand what the cartoon is about)
[12:57:01] Hanmac1: ponga: its a american cartoon, not a japanise anime ;P
[13:01:21] Hanmac1: ponga yeah gifferny is cool ;P
[13:05:59] Hanmac1: flughafen: nope
[13:06:19] Hanmac1: AxonetBE: hm i did: that:
[13:06:20] Hanmac1: >> data =["Metal", "NO", "lionel"]; data.sort; data << "NO" if data.delete("NO"); data
[13:07:36] Hanmac1: norc hm looks like a binary string printed with less
[13:12:08] Hanmac1: xxtjaxx: are you sure you are in the right channel? this is #ruby and not javascript, or you might want #rubyonrails
[13:18:37] Hanmac1: xxtjaxx: yes for ruby on rails please use this channel #rubyonrails we are mosty not qualified enough to answer rails questions
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[11:58:42] Hanmac1: another idea for consecutive would be to check the date difference between last and first, and compare it with the array size ;P
[12:00:11] Hanmac1: apeiros: if its already sorted it might does what it should
[12:01:24] Hanmac1: yeah it also might not work for duplicates ... depending if they are possible in the data
[12:29:01] Hanmac1: i tryed to use curry for that date transforming but the parameter are in the wrong order for me :/
[12:31:29] Hanmac1: shevy & apeiros: let us make a rcurry method that does works like curry but with reversed parameters ;P
[12:34:24] Hanmac1: ruby needs more curry ;P
[12:44:21] Hanmac1: shevy i posted my rcurry idea: https://bugs.ruby-lang.org/issues/11161 let us see what will happen with it ;P
[13:16:35] Hanmac1: shevy: "linux - the operating system with the ten thousand daemons" ;P
[13:19:52] Hanmac1: adaedra: its a cannibalistic "survive of the fittest" in a highlander like "there can be only one" ;P
[13:21:34] Hanmac1: i think that will be cyclic ... now systemd is absorbing features, but once its big enough it will collide it itself and then explode like a supernova and then there will be many small daemons again
[13:25:33] Hanmac1: shevy no but systemd has its own kernel soon ;P
[13:27:19] Hanmac1: hm i once found something like that ;p http://distrowatch.com/weekly.php?issue=20150330#community " The systemd Project Forks the Linux Kernel"
[13:28:36] Hanmac1: hm i once did found a non-april-fool news like that


[05:40:24] Hanmac1: ACTION did once wrote a website/webserver in C as part as my education as programmer
[12:54:40] Hanmac1: pgunnars: your ruby version?
[12:59:29] Hanmac1: pgunnars: and did you use 1.8 before? if yes you need require_relative because "." is not in PATH anymore
[13:10:09] Hanmac1: jhass: hm yeah but it seams
[13:10:26] Hanmac1: that pgunnars itself doesnt know which path ruby means
[13:19:44] Hanmac1: thebatu1_: Array is the class of all arrays ... with is_a?(Array) it does check if pk is an Array and no other kind of object
[13:21:45] Hanmac1: thebatu1_: no, is_a is not enough
[13:23:30] Hanmac1: gert7: no you mean Hello.()
[13:26:45] Hanmac1: apeiros: x::Foo "can" also be an constant access if x is a module or class
[13:28:25] Hanmac1: apeiros: yeah i was wrong
[13:28:57] Hanmac1: but x::Foo() does work too ;P (but thats bad style and even i wouldnt do it)
[13:30:32] Hanmac1: thebatu1_: in ruby everything (except false and nil) is true ;P


[06:31:42] Hanmac1: for the ones who are interested about: Enumerable#grep_v got added to ruby! ;P
[06:32:35] Hanmac1: baweaver: https://bugs.ruby-lang.org/issues/11049
[06:53:03] Hanmac1: shock_one: do you mean ".tainted?" ?
[07:53:25] Hanmac1: bigsky: did you try #rubyonRails ?
[08:06:54] Hanmac1: bigsky: hm its more a bundler problem #bundler ;P
[09:11:15] Hanmac1: apeiros: do you like Enumerable#grep_v ? ;P
[09:12:23] Hanmac1: apeiros: its added https://github.com/ruby/ruby/commit/71588d17e5f3fe1f27ff0ae01b56e9d98abdd0ef "22 hours ago"
[09:15:08] Hanmac1: apeiros: the ticket also did comment about a regexp.invert but it was not generic enough and didnt work in all of the cases, so a grep_v variant was better


[11:24:04] Hanmac1: defined? also shows the tiny difference between "-1" and "- 1" ;P
[11:38:39] Hanmac1: mistnim: hm are you sure you want a global variable and not a instance variable?
[11:39:55] Hanmac1: mistnim: nearly everything is an object and can have instance variables
[11:45:20] Hanmac1: mistnim: toplevel is still main object
[14:00:22] Hanmac1: sarkyniin: try to install newer one like nokogiri "1.6.*"
[14:02:07] Hanmac1: sarkyniin: you can try first to install the newer version of nokogiri, if that works then you know where the problem is ... if you cant install the newer version then the problem is somewhere else
[14:05:56] Hanmac1: hm yeah ok then it seems that this nokogiri seems to old for your ruby ... maybe you should see what gem does need that version and get it updated
[14:12:32] Hanmac1: hm one of the reasons i never does trust bundler ;P
[14:23:39] Hanmac1: i hate rubocop more and more ... the next joke it gots is: "Do not use parallel assignment." ... very funny when it also says: "Dont use methods longer than 10 lines" ... and now i want to ask you guys: HOW THE FUCK should i do that WITHOUT "parallel assignment"? ... PS: ther is also a "Dont use classes with more than 10 methods" or something -.-
[14:25:34] Hanmac1: adaedra: hm yeah i could change rubocop so that my stuff does pass the tests ;P
[14:27:58] Hanmac1: ddv there is everything wrong with that ... i cant write that script if i should put nearly every line into an extra function and each 10 functions into an extra class ...
[14:28:27] Hanmac1: also hands up when you did wrote a class with more than 10 methods