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[00:05:15] HappyHotDog: nm, sorted it
[22:20:55] HappyHotDog: anyone here handy with Rspec?
[22:21:08] HappyHotDog: I'm completely baffled on what's going o
[22:21:14] HappyHotDog: with this error
[22:33:43] HappyHotDog: ok will probably be worth uploading the entire repo
[22:33:45] HappyHotDog: but: https://gist.github.com/upRos3/b0d5e2e9840d1c0139e031c097d46b12
[22:34:07] HappyHotDog: when I run spec on the contact_spec.rb file
[22:34:16] HappyHotDog: it says be_valid is undefined
[22:37:35] HappyHotDog: Radar, rspec_rails
[22:38:17] HappyHotDog: Radar, https://gist.github.com/upRos3/b0d5e2e9840d1c0139e031c097d46b12
[22:40:57] HappyHotDog: Radar, added it onto the gist
[22:43:29] HappyHotDog: Radar, no it doesn't and it's a gem that provides on line matchers
[22:54:22] HappyHotDog: Radar, https://github.com/upRos3/Rspec_intro
[22:55:08] HappyHotDog: Awesome, I've literally started learning Rspec today
[22:55:15] HappyHotDog: and this tutorial has been a nightmare
[22:55:37] HappyHotDog: https://www.sitepoint.com/learn-the-first-best-practices-for-rails-and-rspec/
[22:56:22] HappyHotDog: it's a little dated now I think and realised some of this is happening in the wrong order as files get changed blah blah
[22:56:41] HappyHotDog: but managed to get to that point and I'm stuck
[22:57:12] HappyHotDog: well any help at all will be appreciated!
[23:01:17] HappyHotDog: oh no, I my computer crashed and I guess it didn't save
[23:01:21] HappyHotDog: I did try it with the C
[23:02:30] HappyHotDog: it's weird the repo is giving it a small C
[23:02:40] HappyHotDog: it's a capital on mine
[23:02:45] HappyHotDog: and yea sure I guess!


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[23:58:58] HappyHotDog: Hey I'm having an issue with a partial where my loop seems to be looping the partial too
[23:59:00] HappyHotDog: https://repl.it/repls/GoodSeagreenControlpanel
[23:59:20] HappyHotDog: if anyone can help me figure out where I'm going wrong, that would be awesome