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[20:48:38] Haris: hello all
[20:48:52] Haris: is there a way to uninstall all rubies/gems that got installed for some app?
[20:49:04] Haris: for .e.g, I'm installing redmine
[20:50:45] Haris: its empty
[20:51:00] Haris: I did run bundle install for redmine
[20:51:22] Haris: I don't have mod_passenger for centos 7 that supports ruby 2.2.2 or above
[20:51:55] Haris: http://www.redmine.org/projects/redmine/wiki/RedmineUpgrade
[20:52:06] Haris: bundle install
[20:53:05] Haris: I have to remove bundle installed rubies/gems for redmine 4.x to then be able to install rubies/gems for redmine 3.4.7
[20:53:49] Haris: do ruby apps run in venv?
[20:55:20] Haris: that's the objective. uninstall gems that were installed from gemfile
[20:55:33] Haris: ./vendor is there. but its empty
[20:55:43] Haris: looks like its going in system wide, since I'm = root
[20:57:42] Haris: https://www.phusionpassenger.com/library/install/apache/install/oss/rubygems_rvm/#i-have-multiple-ruby-versions-or-gemsets.-does-it-matter-which-one-i-use-to-install-passenger-with?
[21:00:00] Haris: with an older version of redmine, I have a conflict for public_suffix
[21:00:08] Haris: and nokigori
[21:00:15] Haris: and a few others
[21:00:26] Haris: goal is to install redmine to expose to public
[21:01:38] Haris: start w/ bundle install --without development test rmagick
[21:02:10] Haris: it installs nokogiri 1.8.5. where-as redmine 3.4.7 uses 1.6.x
[21:02:39] Haris: installs public_suffix 3.0.3. where-as redmine 3.4.7 uses 2.0.5
[21:05:03] Haris: I actually ran bundle upgrade once or twice, during install. that started it
[21:10:37] Haris: GEM_HOME = /usr/local/rvm/gems/ruby-2.2.2
[21:10:50] Haris: MY_RUBY_HOME = /usr/local/rvm/rubies/ruby-2.2.2
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[04:45:35] Haris: hello all
[04:45:56] Haris: I'm trying to configure a ruby based project i.e., redmine. I'm getting an error that doesn't make sense
[04:46:06] Haris: correction, that's yaml issue
[04:47:33] Haris: thanks all
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[02:49:39] Haris: hello all
[02:49:50] Haris: ruby is installing gems on centos 7. Its expecting pgsql's include files somewhere under /usr/include. pgsql put them in /usr/pgsql-9.4/include. How do I reconcile this ? I tried softlinking a single file. but then it wants to search for more files
[02:50:03] Haris: %s/put/pts/
[02:50:08] Haris: %s/put/puts/
[02:52:02] Haris: I'm running bundle install
[02:52:10] Haris: let me see
[02:52:41] Haris: not the default for platform i.e., 9.2 from centos updates
[02:52:47] Haris: 9.4 from pg's yum repo
[02:53:42] Haris: something needs to be standardized about these paths
[02:54:22] Haris: can I just mention the includes with a switch/param rather than the whole config ?
[02:54:52] Haris: ERROR: While executing gem ... (OptionParser::InvalidOption)
[02:54:53] Haris: invalid option: --with-pg-config=/usr/pgsql-9.4/bin/pg_config
[02:56:45] Haris: my bad. done now
[02:57:03] Haris: I thought -- pointed to current working dir
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[07:35:57] Haris: hello all
[07:36:47] Haris: I'm trying to install crowdtilt. in its doc ( https://github.com/Crowdtilt/CrowdtiltOpen/wiki/Setup-Instructions ), its showing a command for bundle install. when I run this command on shell/cli, I get error about it being unknown. Am I doing something wrong ?
[07:37:28] Haris: I'v installed 1.9.3 as per requirement of this app. this version is set to default. do I need to activate it or something for this command to work ?
[07:37:52] Haris: the rake secret command is also not working
[07:38:02] Haris: is that related to ruby ?
[07:40:45] Haris: ok, so rake is not working. that means ruby install didn't go ok ? and I need to install the bundler pkg/gem first ?
[07:41:19] Haris: that was confirmed. my shell/cli was showing 1.9.3 output for ruby --version
[07:41:27] Haris: ..as+ output..
[07:41:40] Haris: %s/as/in/
[07:48:17] Haris: hold please
[07:50:39] Haris: on mac, I have its mapped to a username's home folder ----> /Users/username/.rvm/rubies/ruby-1.9.3-p551/bin/ruby
[07:50:52] Haris: %s/I have its/its/
[07:53:13] Haris: there's erb, gem, lrb, rake, ri, ruby, testdb
[07:53:20] Haris: yes, its there
[07:53:27] Haris: I need to have this folder on my path ?
[07:53:52] Haris: returns same path with rake
[07:54:28] Haris: let me check in the other shell. hold please
[07:57:49] Haris: yep, rake is ok
[07:57:56] Haris: it just can't find the file it has to process
[08:02:28] Haris: YAML safe loading is not available. Please upgrade psych to a version that supports safe loading (>= 2.0).
[08:02:34] Haris: get this msg when I run gem update --system
[08:02:39] Haris: but its working
[08:03:05] Haris: ok, now bundle install command is working
[08:16:08] Haris: system update did it
[08:16:18] Haris: this app is old. it snot being maintained anymore
[08:16:22] Haris: its in its requirement
[08:16:25] Haris: requirements+
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[08:32:08] Haris: hello all
[08:32:21] Haris: is ruby built on python or the like ? its syntax resembles python a lot
[08:32:40] Haris: that's not a useful Q though. ah well
[08:33:36] Haris: Is ruby like .. an interpreter
[08:34:04] Haris: compile code before its used. everytime fresh compile, as python does
[08:37:24] Haris: I'm deploying a ruby based app catarse
[08:37:39] Haris: I was unable to handle its syntax or mods to its scripts, on first look
[08:38:05] Haris: it resembled python, but catarse code seems awefully complex to me on first look
[08:38:31] Haris: I needed to add translations to it, for the language I was enabling. couldn't understand how to, on first look
[08:38:43] Haris: even though I had the solution in an article
[08:39:04] Haris: I was talking about catarse here yesterday
[08:44:02] Haris: Your Ruby version is 2.2.4, but your Gemfile specified 2.1.0
[08:44:43] Haris: Don't run Bundler as root. Bundler can ask for sudo if it is needed, and installing your bundle as root will break this application for all non-root users on this machine.
[08:44:43] Haris: and it saying ---> # bundle install
[08:45:33] Haris: I have work left yet
[08:46:09] Haris: it'll work ? with 2.2.4 or 2.2.3 ? I have both installed .. somewhere
[08:46:21] Haris: I'm the sys admin deploying this app
[08:46:36] Haris: I can create password for the account I'm setting it up under
[08:47:18] Haris: so, I should just run rvm install 2.1.0 ?
[08:47:36] Haris: as root. that would make it globally available
[08:48:02] Haris: ok. one thing. where are gem files installed ? I installed them as root. I could install them as a normal user
[08:48:22] Haris: right now, the path I know is under /usr/local/rvm ?
[08:48:45] Haris: ACTION creates password for normal user account
[08:50:15] Haris: relevant to this... will the web server be able to pick them up ?
[08:50:33] Haris: for e.g., I have 3 or 5 separate ruby based apps I need to serve through say apache or gunicorn or etc etc
[08:51:12] Haris: for that matter, I wonder if its the web server or the app that needs to be able to know where gems are installed
[08:51:35] Haris: not far from truth
[08:54:00] Haris: https://github.com/danielweinmann/catarse
[08:54:18] Haris: git project has changed. app is the same. this one uses relatively older version of ruby
[08:54:29] Haris: the other one from yesteday wanted ruby 2.2.3. this one wants 2.1.0
[08:55:00] Haris: its economics, or wants. people want things done. but don't want to pay for it
[08:55:11] Haris: thank you
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[08:55:27] Haris: hello all
[08:55:47] Haris: there's too many programming languages to learn
[08:56:00] Haris: your not done with one, and an app based on another is handed over to you
[08:58:20] Haris: money, economics, wants of human beings
[08:58:51] Haris: or not enough sales, but need work done
[09:00:00] Haris: yesterday, the app I was handed was from something like this ( https://marcclifton.wordpress.com/2013/07/26/getting-catarse-to-build-and-run/ ). taht didn't work, because it needed too many modifications after deployment to make it live. today I'v been handed this ( https://github.com/danielweinmann/catarse ) as a perhaps working copy of the same
[09:00:26] Haris: that's because economics doesn't work there, as it does here :( .. and people accept that there
[09:01:16] Haris: money from our economy is legally, and illegally flowing there. I either have the option to move there, or work in the existing economics, ways of people .. here. and immigration takes a heck lot of time and doing to get through these days. lol
[09:01:52] Haris: people don't accept things here, as they do there. its different there
[09:02:25] Haris: the old one, or the new one ?
[09:02:55] Haris: I had trouble with parts after the rake db:seed part
[09:03:10] Haris: yep, working on the new one. its installing gems yet
[09:03:38] Haris: ouch, no. I got error on running bundle install i.e., the error about being root and the version difference for ruby
[09:03:52] Haris: that's where I'm struggling yet
[09:05:11] Haris: yep, making passwod for normal user, to work on its own shell
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[09:07:57] Haris: lost msgs after --> <Haris>yep, making passwod for normal user, to work on its own shell <-- got dc
[09:11:16] Haris: another *ouch*
[09:13:00] Haris: installing ruby, bundle, etc etc under the normal user now
[09:15:13] Haris: have to call ISP. can't connect to German mirror of ruby 2.1.0. no other mirrors seem to be available, as per rvm
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[15:04:40] Haris: hello all
[15:08:05] Haris: I'm getting the error msg --> /usr/local/rvm/gems/ruby-2.2.3/gems/i18n-0.7.0/lib/i18n.rb:284:in `enforce_available_locales!': :en is not a valid locale (I18n::InvalidLocale) <-- how do I enable english language ? do I have to download a dep for language ?
[15:10:30] Haris: I have this line --> I18n.available_locales = [:pt] <-- and then this line --> I18n.default_locale = :pt <-- in my code. How do I add en to the first line ?
[15:11:16] Haris: how does one concatenate values for a variable in ruby
[15:14:08] Haris: I18n is a library, most probably. I have a ruby based app "catarse". its config has enforce_available_locales set somewhere. which is raising error because, english is not present in list of available locales
[15:15:25] Haris: https://marcclifton.wordpress.com/2013/07/26/getting-catarse-to-build-and-run/
[15:16:00] Haris: under heading "Change the Locale"
[15:17:20] Haris: I was asking, if I could add english to the list of available locales
[15:17:45] Haris: by installing some dependency (ruby based lib), that I might have missed
[15:20:13] Haris: I18n.available_locales = [:pt]
[15:20:33] Haris: how do I concatenate another option for english language to this variable ?
[15:20:51] Haris: like this --> I18n.available_locales = [:pt,:en] <-- ?
[15:21:50] Haris: please come again
[15:22:03] Haris: it has suport for pt. I have .rb files for en and other languages. its just doesn't have en listed in that variable mentioned above
[15:27:33] Haris: no idea. I'm new to ruby and rails ...
[15:27:42] Haris: not new to programming though
[15:29:36] Haris: wait, please
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[15:50:03] Haris: fixed that one
[15:50:09] Haris: replaced pt with en


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[08:27:20] Haris: hello all
[08:27:37] Haris: what version of ruby can be installed on centos 6.4 ? I need 2.2.3 at least
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[09:47:42] Haris: hello all
[09:47:57] Haris: how do I run ruby app with apache ? install Ruby Version Manager (RVM) ?
[09:48:06] Haris: as this ( https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-setup-a-rails-4-app-with-apache-and-passenger-on-centos-6 ) page says ?
[09:51:56] Haris: guys, anyone around ?
[09:55:35] Haris: folks, all, everyone, anyone around ?
[10:00:09] Haris: yep. will wait
[10:00:10] Haris: I'v installed ruby.
[10:00:34] Haris: 14 yr old are now considered women ?
[10:00:45] Haris: how to install rails on centos
[10:00:53] Haris: ACTION yum searches for rails
[10:01:24] Haris: I see .. o_O
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