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[16:50:12] Inside: *.net *.split


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[15:29:53] Inside: SSO of what kind
[15:30:05] Inside: Like active directory?
[15:33:11] Inside: I use active directory in my SSO app
[15:33:29] Inside: I don't know how kerberos ties into that
[15:33:55] Inside: I'm literally working on that code right now heh
[15:35:42] Inside: Can you use devise?
[15:35:50] Inside: devise + ldap_authenticatable gem is the way to go
[15:45:55] Inside: it's a gem for authentication
[15:46:27] Inside: sounds like what you want is an internal webpage someone can go to, then click a button?
[15:46:30] Inside: to log the person out?
[15:48:09] Inside: actually you probably don't even need devise for such athing
[15:57:35] Inside: how does someone claim the prize though?
[15:58:06] Inside: that'd require someone to know how to use command prompt
[15:58:17] Inside: I suppose
[15:58:23] Inside: the .bat file could pop up a prompt
[15:58:36] Inside: and then you could do a POST to an internal server
[15:59:34] Inside: screwing with my coworkers AND getting kudos?
[15:59:36] Inside: i'm all in
[16:01:37] Inside: I need to merge master into my working branch
[16:01:48] Inside: but there's a merge conflict
[16:02:10] Inside: but it wants me to commit all my changes
[16:02:14] Inside: but I don't want to commit my changes just yet
[16:02:45] Inside: mostly because VSCode lets me diff everything within the editor really nicely
[16:03:09] Inside: hammer out a quickie C# program with a dialog box
[16:03:22] Inside: winform it up
[16:31:55] Inside: USB stick with auto executing bat
[16:32:19] Inside: everyone can have a custom usb stick
[16:32:24] Inside: you can make an app that makes USB stick images
[16:32:36] Inside: but it's already possible
[16:32:42] Inside: unless you're hot gluing USB ports
[16:32:54] Inside: nice nice nice
[17:16:03] Inside: I am literally re-inventing cancan right now
[18:42:38] Inside: Ugh.. how do I get rails to eager_load all the classes in a directory in production. I have a folder app/roles and inside I've got a number of classes ie: (Role::Admin) which are derived from Role::Base. I'd like to be able to have a "RoleManager" class where I could call "RoleManager.all_roles" and get all the available roles
[18:42:56] Inside: (without turning eager_load on)
[18:44:33] Inside: Although, I suppose, I could mess around with the base initialize() function for it to auto register itself.. seems dirty thoug
[18:44:50] Inside: oh, but it wouldn't even register
[18:44:57] Inside: or an initializer..
[21:35:50] Inside: Radar: \o



[22:11:58] Inside: HELLO RADAR \o/


[00:10:23] Inside: davidfetter_work: there are no implicit foreign key constraints?
[00:10:32] Inside: as in, they may not be constraints
[00:10:50] Inside: (at a database level)
[00:29:57] Inside: yay rails
[00:32:02] Inside: ACTION hammers on the tests until they pass
[00:32:17] Inside: I'm doing this so wrong :>|
[01:01:14] Inside: Man, I hate naming things
[01:01:30] Inside: Trying to figure out if I want to name a class UserIdentity or Identity
[01:01:51] Inside: This will be like, a major class in the entire application so it's important to get the name right
[01:03:12] Inside: haha yeah ;)
[01:04:06] Inside: what would you suggest?
[01:04:31] Inside: I have a User and a user has 0 or more identities
[01:05:25] Inside: "identity" is just what the person will use to login as - either their email... or in the case of temp employees, a PIN
[01:06:16] Inside: the application validates corporate credentials against active directory, if provided, or the database if a PIN is provided
[01:07:05] Inside: IT tells me that they can't create AD accounts for everyone since it costs money??
[21:16:18] Inside: RADAR \o/
[21:18:19] Inside: sylario: you can set breakpoints
[21:18:45] Inside: is that a question or statement?
[21:19:04] Inside: b my_file.rb:40 ?
[21:21:47] Inside: I didn't even get the question right
[21:22:07] Inside: It's true
[21:22:10] Inside: Radar IS the second coming of Jesus
[21:24:14] Inside: too close to home
[21:39:39] Inside: aren't railties initialized like at the beginning?
[21:39:47] Inside: how did you put a byebug?
[21:41:43] Inside: man this is amazing. I copied a config file from my main project to my proof of concept project.. got LDAP authorization working in the POC, then can't replicate the results in the main project /even though the files are the same/
[21:47:22] Inside: I haven't tried this yet, but you oculd put 'byebug' in application.rb before 'rails/all' and then set the breakpoint in the file?
[22:22:34] Inside: role_users
[22:38:02] Inside: that rails is wonderful so long as you stay in the tiny little box it made for ou
[22:40:03] Inside: ACTION demodulates Radar 


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[21:47:53] Inside: heyo~ how do you guys deal with a single model that has different ACL levels?
[21:48:38] Inside: Do you 1) Create a base model and then subclass it into BaseModelAdmin and BaseModelUser and then create BaseModelAdminController, BaseModelUserController with varying permitted params?
[21:49:54] Inside: 2) Keep everything in one model & controller?
[22:46:54] Inside: what do you mean by that


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[16:54:08] Inside: like in your controller?
[17:56:05] Inside: you can add non-db attributes to your models
[17:56:12] Inside: so you could be passing in the yaml as raw_yaml
[17:57:09] Inside: and then write a custom validator that either parses it to json and stores it in your model's attribute that's linked to acolumn or throws a validation error
[19:43:46] Inside: Net: Well, it could also be a before_validation type thing


[22:09:55] Inside: RADAR KUN


[16:43:02] Inside: doot doot
[16:43:04] Inside: updating to rails 5.1 finally
[16:53:54] Inside:
[16:54:23] Inside: So this is a pretty smelly piece of code. I just don't know to how refactor it or test it.
[16:54:56] Inside: Basically I'm trying to guard against Component's validations changing in the future
[18:11:22] Inside: Company.includes(:addresses).first.addresses
[18:13:31] Inside: It'll be the same number of queries
[18:13:48] Inside: You understand the n+1 problem?
[18:14:51] Inside:
[18:16:02] Inside: .includes(..) is a hint to preload all of the records associated with the main model(s) instead of loading the associations one by one
[18:16:47] Inside: You're just loading one so it doesn't actually do anything
[18:16:58] Inside: Are you using the 'bullet' gem?
[18:17:22] Inside: I'd recommend using it - during development it'll warn you if you're doing n+1


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[22:06:05] Inside: Radar: morning
[22:07:07] Inside: So.... this is a pretty complicated problem, but I've create a User & UserIdentity model and am using devise with two strategies to peform authentication: LDapAuthenticatable and also my own home-rolled BadgeAuthenticatable. I can enable one strategy to work at a time, but not both =_=
[22:07:49] Inside: Basically - If I have badge authentication enabled, i can use a PIN code to login, but then I can't use the LDAP Authentication since it either won't stay logged in or won't allow logging out


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[17:32:57] Inside: DoctorMonocular: partition?
[17:33:05] Inside: marbles.partitionin
[17:33:14] Inside: marbles.partition { |marlble| }
[17:33:16] Inside: marbles.partition { |marlble| }
[17:33:58] Inside: ruby: It just works(tm) except when it doesn't
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[16:34:00] Inside: Has anyone here ever implemented their own Devise authentication strategies?
[16:34:31] Inside: I'm trying to have a base "User" model which can have multiple "Identities" - where identities are either their active directory login or a token
[16:34:46] Inside: I'm a little fuzzy on where to start here >_>
[17:44:23] Inside: specifically the issue that I'm having is that I've defined the strategy, but I can't seem to get it to load
[18:06:02] Inside: for some reason sqlite3 1.4.0 doesn't work
[18:06:04] Inside: you need to specific 1.3.7
[18:06:20] Inside: you need to edit your database.yml file
[18:06:27] Inside: and then specify the adapter for each environment
[18:11:05] Inside: what environment are you running?
[18:11:41] Inside: new rails installs ship with spring&listen which screw up reloading
[18:13:04] Inside: I mean windows or linux
[18:14:47] Inside: FYI: if you're making code changes and they're not evident when you refresh/restart... 1) spring stop 2) remove spring & listen gems
[18:14:55] Inside: I've had so many hair pulling moments with those
[18:31:45] Inside: never heard of it
[21:52:56] Inside: DoctorMonocular: careful with times
[21:53:02] Inside: are you trying to compare database time vs. the time in your model?


[05:02:20] Inside: *.net *.split



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[17:09:52] Inside: I upgraded to rails 5.0
[17:10:02] Inside: (finally... jesus)
[17:10:16] Inside: And now new specs are created as.. rspecs?
[17:10:21] Inside: When I just want them to be minitests
[17:13:34] Inside: I don't appear to have anything defined anywhere that I want rspec which is odd
[23:36:49] Inside: I have to deal with that a lot
[23:37:30] Inside: ah, but not with postres
[23:39:34] Inside: what's your code look like now?
[23:40:19] Inside: belongs_to :client, foreign_key: :client_id, etc?
[23:40:49] Inside: Hmm that is odd
[23:41:00] Inside: I'm looking at some code and I have exactly that
[23:41:21] Inside: bigbux to havenwood
[23:49:37] Inside: maybe a scope?
[23:53:45] Inside: belongs_to :client, -> { Client.where("id = ?", }
[23:53:47] Inside: ACTION shrugs c_c
[23:53:52] Inside: I am not sure that's even valid code
[23:54:40] Inside: Hmmmm.. it might work


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[00:12:29] Inside:
[00:12:40] Inside: any ideas why I'm getting these errors?
[00:12:46] Inside: With the gemfiles?
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[00:13:18] Inside: Heyo~ cross posting from the #RoR channel, but I am having issues with bundle bumping from one revision of rails to another:
[00:13:42] Inside: Like the first conflict makes no sense since it looks like actionpack & simple_form should be satisfied..
[00:24:46] Inside: Deprecation warnings galore~
[00:24:58] Inside: Turns out nuking a single gem from the gemfile that I didn't need anyway fixed everything D
[00:38:49] Inside: it was more of a ruby question ;P
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[17:36:25] Inside: let's test it in production
[17:36:27] Inside: awiieee yeaaah
[17:39:10] Inside: careta: what kind of communication?
[17:39:34] Inside: you could setup a simple web server (ie: rack)
[17:39:56] Inside: Might be over kill
[17:40:15] Inside: Or you could setup a websocket server..
[17:40:41] Inside: if the interaction & the process occur within the same application, you would use threads..
[17:40:46] Inside: and mutexes
[18:15:55] Inside: phaul: looks pretty sexy
[18:16:07] Inside: I'm gonna upgrade from ruby 2.4 to 2.5
[18:16:11] Inside: any pitfalls I should look out for?
[19:46:54] Inside: I should come here for code reviews too
[19:48:43] Inside: I'm serious
[19:48:55] Inside: those are pretty good comments
[19:49:07] Inside: I should write a small gem or something that can be easily reviewed
[19:49:43] Inside: think of it as an internship
[19:49:58] Inside: you raise the general knowledge and skill level of the industry
[19:52:10] Inside: phaul: you're good <3
[19:52:16] Inside: it could also be homework :D
[19:52:34] Inside: IRC will be here long after slack
[19:52:49] Inside: seriously slack..
[19:52:55] Inside: 1GB of RAM to.. run a chat app?!
[19:53:36] Inside: inside c_C
[20:00:34] Inside: how is slack any different though?
[20:02:08] Inside: because the whole point of IRC is that it's a chat relay...
[20:02:49] Inside: IRC is also used as a backend for some games as well
[20:02:58] Inside: didn't Wow use IRC servers?
[20:03:04] Inside: also.. eve online?


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[22:57:17] Inside: ACTION sighs c_C
[22:57:31] Inside: I think it's time to bite the bullet and jump to rails 5.0
[23:59:38] Inside: I give upo
[23:59:41] Inside: gonna go farm emus instead


[07:04:15] Inside: I've been playing on a MUD lately and it's quite confusing to get around
[07:04:38] Inside: The MUD uses non directional exits between rooms sometimes and well.. is essentially a non-eucladian space
[07:04:55] Inside: so I want to have something that intercepts the inputs/outputs and then graphs the MUD as I move around it
[07:05:21] Inside: I was thinking I'd hash the room description and exits to get a unique room.
[07:05:33] Inside: then what's a good way to visualize the nodes?
[07:05:47] Inside: I'd hate to do something like ... a run rails server and use a js nodegraph library
[09:12:35] Inside: Read error: Connection reset by peer