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[17:09:52] Inside: I upgraded to rails 5.0
[17:10:02] Inside: (finally... jesus)
[17:10:16] Inside: And now new specs are created as.. rspecs?
[17:10:21] Inside: When I just want them to be minitests
[17:13:34] Inside: I don't appear to have anything defined anywhere that I want rspec which is odd
[23:36:49] Inside: I have to deal with that a lot
[23:37:30] Inside: ah, but not with postres
[23:39:34] Inside: what's your code look like now?
[23:40:19] Inside: belongs_to :client, foreign_key: :client_id, etc?
[23:40:49] Inside: Hmm that is odd
[23:41:00] Inside: I'm looking at some code and I have exactly that
[23:41:21] Inside: bigbux to havenwood
[23:49:37] Inside: maybe a scope?
[23:53:45] Inside: belongs_to :client, -> { Client.where("id = ?", }
[23:53:47] Inside: ACTION shrugs c_c
[23:53:52] Inside: I am not sure that's even valid code
[23:54:40] Inside: Hmmmm.. it might work


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[00:12:29] Inside:
[00:12:40] Inside: any ideas why I'm getting these errors?
[00:12:46] Inside: With the gemfiles?
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[00:13:18] Inside: Heyo~ cross posting from the #RoR channel, but I am having issues with bundle bumping from one revision of rails to another:
[00:13:42] Inside: Like the first conflict makes no sense since it looks like actionpack & simple_form should be satisfied..
[00:24:46] Inside: Deprecation warnings galore~
[00:24:58] Inside: Turns out nuking a single gem from the gemfile that I didn't need anyway fixed everything D
[00:38:49] Inside: it was more of a ruby question ;P
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[17:36:25] Inside: let's test it in production
[17:36:27] Inside: awiieee yeaaah
[17:39:10] Inside: careta: what kind of communication?
[17:39:34] Inside: you could setup a simple web server (ie: rack)
[17:39:56] Inside: Might be over kill
[17:40:15] Inside: Or you could setup a websocket server..
[17:40:41] Inside: if the interaction & the process occur within the same application, you would use threads..
[17:40:46] Inside: and mutexes
[18:15:55] Inside: phaul: looks pretty sexy
[18:16:07] Inside: I'm gonna upgrade from ruby 2.4 to 2.5
[18:16:11] Inside: any pitfalls I should look out for?
[19:46:54] Inside: I should come here for code reviews too
[19:48:43] Inside: I'm serious
[19:48:55] Inside: those are pretty good comments
[19:49:07] Inside: I should write a small gem or something that can be easily reviewed
[19:49:43] Inside: think of it as an internship
[19:49:58] Inside: you raise the general knowledge and skill level of the industry
[19:52:10] Inside: phaul: you're good <3
[19:52:16] Inside: it could also be homework :D
[19:52:34] Inside: IRC will be here long after slack
[19:52:49] Inside: seriously slack..
[19:52:55] Inside: 1GB of RAM to.. run a chat app?!
[19:53:36] Inside: inside c_C
[20:00:34] Inside: how is slack any different though?
[20:02:08] Inside: because the whole point of IRC is that it's a chat relay...
[20:02:49] Inside: IRC is also used as a backend for some games as well
[20:02:58] Inside: didn't Wow use IRC servers?
[20:03:04] Inside: also.. eve online?


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[22:57:17] Inside: ACTION sighs c_C
[22:57:31] Inside: I think it's time to bite the bullet and jump to rails 5.0
[23:59:38] Inside: I give upo
[23:59:41] Inside: gonna go farm emus instead


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[07:04:15] Inside: I've been playing on a MUD lately and it's quite confusing to get around
[07:04:38] Inside: The MUD uses non directional exits between rooms sometimes and well.. is essentially a non-eucladian space
[07:04:55] Inside: so I want to have something that intercepts the inputs/outputs and then graphs the MUD as I move around it
[07:05:21] Inside: I was thinking I'd hash the room description and exits to get a unique room.
[07:05:33] Inside: then what's a good way to visualize the nodes?
[07:05:47] Inside: I'd hate to do something like ... a run rails server and use a js nodegraph library
[09:12:35] Inside: Read error: Connection reset by peer


[15:16:30] Inside: quintasan: are you running any sort of deploy tool (ie: capistranoa?)
[15:16:32] Inside: (capistrano)
[20:17:11] Inside: I'm still on 4.2


[00:08:47] Inside: no, mostly dead
[15:32:07] Inside: Is it ever possible for .valid? to return true, but .save to return false?
[15:32:10] Inside: (for the same object)
[15:36:40] Inside: I always found the koans a bit of a strange way to approach learning programming
[15:37:51] Inside: these are a bit different than what I was thinking of
[15:38:57] Inside: I guess it depends on what your question is
[15:39:01] Inside: what are you exactly stuck on
[15:40:03] Inside: I'm looking at someone's solution for this specific test file and there is nothing language specific in there
[15:40:08] Inside: it's 100% logic
[15:46:28] Inside: blah blah green, red, refactor
[15:47:01] Inside:
[15:47:16] Inside: are you able to pass the first test?
[15:47:19] Inside: what test are you stuck on?
[15:50:11] Inside: do you have a specific question or are you just *stuck*
[15:50:20] Inside: ie: you don't even know how to approach it?
[15:53:14] Inside: in ruby an array is subclassed from 'enumerable'
[15:53:25] Inside: which has a count function
[15:53:29] Inside:
[15:53:51] Inside: you could write your own count() function, or you could use the built in one
[15:54:38] Inside: One of ruby's greatest features is the HUGE standard library which comes with functions for almost every data manipulation you can think of
[15:54:45] Inside: (unlike say... javascript which basically comes with nothing)
[15:56:52] Inside: it also accepts a block ^_^
[15:56:58] Inside: BRB an hour or so -meeting :|
[17:53:00] Inside: some might ask why you're doing a case on a class
[19:17:58] Inside: 1) What does your Gemfile look like? Does it have a 'ruby 'X.X.X' directive at the top?
[19:18:24] Inside: The error basically means that the version of ruby installed on the server is not the same as the version of ruby that is specified by your Gemfile
[19:18:55] Inside:
[19:19:14] Inside: That should fix everything
[19:29:44] Inside: your thing says "using ruby-2.5.1"
[19:29:50] Inside: TCrown> remote: -----> Using Ruby version: ruby-2.5.1
[19:32:11] Inside: if you want 2.5 w/ any minor version you would do ruby '~> 2.5' or so
[19:32:29] Inside: (which is essentially >= 2.5.0 and <= 2.6.0)
[19:37:42] Inside: 1) why do you need to use 2.5.3?
[19:38:34] Inside: 2) You should be able to change Gemfile to have ruby '~> 2.5' like I said, then run bundle install to change your Gemfile.lock
[19:39:19] Inside: When you do that you're basically saying 'it's okay if I developed on 2.5.3, but the server has 2.5.1'
[20:00:56] Inside: what was the error?


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[17:39:25] Inside: The ol commit message "hotfix.." "hotfix 2".. "hotfix 3: totally sorry, can only test on production data"
[19:23:48] Inside: wrong person?
[23:21:53] Inside: does ruby[bot] run on ruby?
[23:22:08] Inside: Bet you bash couldn't do that


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[18:19:30] Inside: all my unit tests passed after a big code change
[18:19:35] Inside: what did I break...
[19:22:09] Inside: elcontrastador: I uses google_visualr and it blerps the data via erb into the page
[19:25:34] Inside: You're looking for a function called render_chart
[19:26:17] Inside: I don't think so at least - It's a wrapper around the google charting library
[19:28:32] Inside: might be old docs
[19:28:35] Inside: but maybe not
[19:28:41] Inside: seems to be js
[19:29:18] Inside: it hasn't been updated in 3 years though D:
[19:30:14] Inside: how have I not seen this before
[19:34:29] Inside: skim through Michael Hartl's Rails Tutorial
[19:34:32] Inside: seems to be the go-to thing
[19:34:39] Inside: how did you learn ruby if not through rails?
[19:41:28] Inside: I've used it before
[19:41:32] Inside: I'm trying to remember why I went away
[20:06:18] Inside: I love ruby too
[20:06:25] Inside: I'm just curious what people use it for outside of rails
[20:06:35] Inside: I've written apps with QTRuby
[20:07:49] Inside: Wixy: I mean, you can write your own code to do that?
[20:08:31] Inside: afail, no
[20:08:35] Inside: afaik, no
[20:11:56] Inside: not builtin though :P
[20:12:22] Inside: That's why I <3 Ruby. Gems for days
[20:12:35] Inside: And not stupid crap like leftpad
[20:14:29] Inside: yes, that leftpad
[20:14:51] Inside:
[22:58:53] Inside: are you sure your db doesn't already do case-insensitive lookups? :D
[22:59:11] Inside: (I only ask since whatever we use it work is configured that way..)
[23:01:52] Inside: I guess what does your query look like
[23:05:23] Inside: dumb question
[23:05:35] Inside: why not have foo, and foo_lower columns
[23:07:21] Inside: Emoji.each { |e| e.update!(domain: domain.downcase) }
[23:07:25] Inside: then get a cup of coffee :3
[23:07:41] Inside: You can do a before_validation filter
[23:08:09] Inside: and then stick a validates :domain, etcetc filter if you're super paranoid
[23:22:06] Inside: 50% of my problems lately have been as to what to name stuff
[23:34:07] Inside: what would you call a master file which is kind of like the thing where configurations are stored
[23:34:37] Inside: I'm building a configurator, this is something which stores available options and then a bunch of instructions as to what happens when certain options are selected
[23:34:41] Inside: almost a makefile for physical things
[23:42:12] Inside: I'll call it a Makefile in the code
[23:42:58] Inside: Fiojasdflaknsdfasdf
[23:43:59] Inside: I have spent literally 20 minutes trying to think of a good word
[23:44:28] Inside: I don't get the joke
[23:45:55] Inside: I fear for your sanity
[23:51:55] Inside: what is your opinion on 'Product' which has many revisions
[23:52:03] Inside: Should it be ProductRevision or Revision?
[23:52:29] Inside: I like ProductRevision since it's clearer as to what it is a revision of
[23:52:41] Inside: but then you get stuck writing product.product_revisions, etc..
[23:53:10] Inside: what do you prefer?
[23:54:57] Inside: what if you have a namespace full of things that could be revisioned
[23:55:57] Inside: true true


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[03:05:14] Inside: anyone in here use opencv?
[03:05:24] Inside: it seems like the ruby gem is at 2.4 whereas latest is 4.0
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[05:52:10] Inside: What's a good way to hash a data structure generated using YAML.from_file ?
[05:52:34] Inside: by that I mean... get a long-term stable UUID of some sort that represents the file
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[15:17:14] Inside: Any recommendations for a YAML schema validator?
[15:17:41] Inside: jlebrech: ctrl+,
[15:17:57] Inside: then you want "editor.insertSpaces:" true, "editor.tabSize": 2
[15:17:59] Inside: in your user settings


[00:02:18] Inside: You can't tell what exceptions statically typed languages will throw either, can you?
[00:02:53] Inside: You would need to pre-execute all code branches to every stack depth to determine if there is a throw routine somewhere
[00:03:46] Inside: Unless you were... using some esoteric language that has no side effects?
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[20:01:51] Inside: Why is IRC so quiet? OH I AM NOT CONNECTED.


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[15:21:35] Inside: ruby has absolutely spoiled me
[15:21:45] Inside: doing some occasional javascript is fraught with so many pitfalls
[22:18:49] Inside: ACTION squints


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[23:02:36] Inside: interesting
[23:02:44] Inside: what server do you use? I have nginx+passenger
[23:03:09] Inside: 2~3 processes per application
[23:03:18] Inside: but yeah, a database connection pool per every process