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[14:17:23] JDeen: I am looking at ActiveMerchant gem source code...
[14:18:24] JDeen: In the ActiveMerchant gem, I noticed few Gemfiles, like Gemfile_rails31 Gemfile_rails32... What is this? Is it some thing like when we test it against few rails versions?
[16:37:45] JDeen: havenwood: Thanks for sharing the doc about clients... very interesting...


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[06:18:09] JDeen: Hi There...
[06:19:21] JDeen: I am interested in making a command line app... some thing inspired by Heroku cli app... Is there any lib that I can use that will help with the option parsing (I guess OptionParser wouldn't help) in a complex application?
[06:27:29] JDeen: What I am needing is to nest... the app is `timer`... I would like to have `timer clients --help` `timer clients:add --help` kind of an behavior. I guess I will have to check the user input ($1 var I guess) and based on it to load an appropriate OptionParser config?
[06:28:55] JDeen: ARGV, yah that should do... thanks going to give it a try
[06:34:14] JDeen: baweaver: thanks alot
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[03:04:29] JDeen: I have this issue with cancancan, that I am finding it difficult to sort out. I am trying to load a resource through a parent object `/management/budgets/:budget_id/ideas` kind of route. I have this (https://gist.github.com/ziyan-junaideen/db00083b65af82ff1858a05e456c9cbc) setup. How ever the child variable doesn't load up. Would appreciate any insight on what I am doing wrong. Thanks
[03:11:53] JDeen: sevenseacat: It seems as though, I was just writing a Budgets::Investments controller and it loads. But I am actually interested in having the same modal used in 2 controllers Budget::ProjectsController and Budget::IdeasController which both use the same modal Budget::Investment. How can I configure it. Looking at
[03:11:58] JDeen: https://www.rubydoc.info/github/CanCanCommunity/cancancan/CanCan%2FControllerAdditions%2FClassMethods:load_resource I can't see what else I can give it to configure.
[04:03:06] JDeen: sevenseacat: thanks, yes, its been a long time since I worked on a project that has cancancan. Following your hint on the matter, I did some thing like `load_resource ..., parent: false` and it worked. Thanks.


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[02:27:46] JDeen: What does `as: :admin` in attr_accessor :address_id, as: :admin` mean?
[02:36:53] JDeen: havenwood: yes, it is a rails 3 project
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[10:46:14] JDeen: I am upgrading a Rails 3 project to Rails 5. In the process, I am recieving an error which states 'NoMethodError: undefined method `arity' for {:class_name=>"Group"}:Hash' for some thing like `belongs_to :default_group, class_name: 'Group'`. Could it be an error in the upgrade? How can I approach to debug the error?
[17:10:11] JDeen: I am upgrading a Rails 3 project to Rails 5. In the process, I am recieving an error which states 'NoMethodError: undefined method `arity' for {:class_name=>"Group"}:Hash' for some thing like `belongs_to :default_group, class_name: 'Group'`. Could it be an error in the upgrade? How can I approach to debug the error?
[18:46:14] JDeen: kurko__: thanks... i know its hard to say... ya change logs are hard to follow up... i think the best would be to go stepwise.


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[17:40:22] JDeen: Is Rails (3) unable to handle validate uniqueness when multiple child objects are created in a nested form?
[17:41:40] JDeen: I have a form for 'Organization' that has multiple pledges which is unique by 'user_id' and 'year'. The validations work fine. But when I have them created simultaniously (ex: along with an organizaiton) it doesn't fail.
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[13:24:17] JDeen: In Rails 3, how can I do a X-Frame-Options = 'DENY'? I tried `config.action_dispatch.default_headers['X-Frame-Options]` but seems `config.action_dispatch` is nil
[13:27:46] JDeen: dminuoso: after some searches, i was worried it would be not so straight forward. A filtr might be easy I suppose than a middleware. Thanks friend. I will have a look.
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[18:21:22] JDeen: How to debug performance issues related to AR queries in Rails? I got an #index action with a search which joins tables if needed and filters results. When a certain table is joined (based on the query) the request times out. How can I debug such issue?


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[12:27:35] JDeen: HI... I am writing a method to accept dynamic arguments using * (def blah *args) and would like to pass it to it to another method... how can I forward args to another similar method
[12:33:20] JDeen: tbuehlmann: great, thanks...
[12:33:26] JDeen: wokrs, silly me, didn't try it :D


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[12:04:46] JDeen: Hello, I got an Subomain based SaaS application (ex: tenant1.example.com). What do I need to do to allow tennants to have their own domain?
[13:14:43] JDeen: tbuehlmann_: I have a SaaS app where each tennant is a simple subdomain based website (tennant1.example.com). Assume a tenant is interested in having their own domain name (like a custom domain for Github Jekyll blog or Heroku app - ex: johndoe.me). How can I make johndoe.me serve tennant1.example.com.
[13:16:49] JDeen: with nginx
[13:18:21] JDeen: tbuehlmann_: thanks... so what i am looking at is some nginx config + a cname in dns
[13:20:45] JDeen: tbuehlmann_: thanks, i will do some reading... (y)


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[16:54:13] JDeen: Hello, i got an question on Simple forms
[16:54:49] JDeen: i have a state select (US) and the simple form generates a select including 'armed forces' states
[16:54:52] JDeen: can we filter it out?
[17:03:46] JDeen: my bad, i am actually populating it manually with the countries gem
[17:03:50] JDeen: sorry for the bother


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[15:07:57] JDeen: I am interested in adding a query builder interface to a webhook interface i am building. I am looking at http://querybuilder.js.org. Has any one integrated a query builder interfae to an app? How can I convert the parsed rules to a sql query?
[15:08:28] JDeen: or if there is some thing better, would appreciate your thoghts and ideas
[16:53:07] JDeen: I am interested in adding a query builder interface to a webhook interface i am building. I am looking at http://querybuilder.js.org. Has any one integrated a query builder interfae to an app? How can I convert the parsed rules to a sql query?
[17:06:21] JDeen: baweaver: Thanks. I think you mean the Ruby Rule Evaluator? Nice. If I am to use it to lets say filter an AR resultset, I will evaluate an array of the results against with the rule provided by the UI.


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[06:13:28] JDeen: Hello.. I would appreciate some advice with Grape+Swagger+Rails...
[06:14:01] JDeen: I am writing an api following josn api v1 specs..
[06:14:33] JDeen: is it possible in swagger to accept body data rather than a paramter ?
[06:17:23] JDeen: i am sounding confusing... what i want is to document the format of the `body`
[06:17:40] JDeen: rather than a pram
[06:20:11] JDeen: dminuoso: POST/PATCH


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[04:11:52] JDeen: I got an app that is documented with Yard. I have a 'logging' like method that will accept any modal and do some logging with the class name, id and stuff. How can I write the @param definition for the method
[04:12:28] JDeen: will we go to the base class in this kind of situation where it can use any modal
[04:13:13] JDeen: liek `@param object [ActiveRecord::Base] object to log`
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[04:17:54] JDeen: Hi guys and gals, I got a question in Yard documentation. The Yard IRC is rather inactive so I thought of asking it here.
[04:18:22] JDeen: If i have a method that accepts any active record modal, how would i document the methods parameters
[04:18:56] JDeen: for example, i have `def log(object)` where object can be any AR model
[04:19:18] JDeen: would I write it using the base class `@param object [ActiveRecord::Base] blah` ?
[04:32:34] JDeen: comet23: you need an attr_reader or attr_accessor (read and write) for it.. some thing like `attr_accessor :board`


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[15:27:55] JDeen: Hi.. I am starting with doorkeeper and am new to oauth stuff. Planning to use oauth on an api. I see how a oauth-client server would handle the oauth process. Can a mobile app use to auth with the api? What I am asking is, how much of a pain will it be for a mobile app dev to get a token through oauth?


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[04:49:54] JDeen: Hi... how can I use a non AR object for a param in action mailer. i believe there should be an serialize / deserialize process involved?
[04:50:11] JDeen: My partiular use is for an form object
[04:51:25] JDeen: let me write up a gist, 1 min
[04:56:18] JDeen: sevenseacat: I was trying to do some thing like this: https://gist.github.com/ziyan-junaideen/3ee46d4bae168a4390b4d55d2f30984f
[04:56:27] JDeen: it says unsupported
[04:57:06] JDeen: unsupported argument type
[04:57:49] JDeen: so if i use deliver now, it might be fine.. yah makes sense...
[04:59:23] JDeen: sevenseacat: yah, some years back i wrote to serialize and desearialize by my self and some tiems it got things wrong. thats why i was wondering if rails had a way to do it
[05:00:04] JDeen: i think i can get the arguments to kind of json and send
[17:49:33] JDeen: Hello... can some one help me with a regex. I need to remvoe periods in a email user name. Ex: u.s.e.r@example.com -> user@example.com. How can i write this in a regex?
[18:00:49] JDeen: tbuehlmann: ya thats what I ended up doing. Thanks.
[18:02:44] JDeen: fryguy: well I am also worried, but it came in the specification. The idea is sort of validation. the issue states that users (Gmail and sendmail) are able to use different varients of their email. Like user+tag@example.com u.s.e.r@example.com which are technically the same as user@example.com. i fear some other hosts might consider them separate and it will end up getting bounced.
[18:08:29] JDeen: fryguy: ya i just checked few and you are correct
[18:08:39] JDeen: fryguy: thanks


[10:07:42] JDeen: Hi guys... how can I add a session value to a get request in RSpec Request spec?
[10:08:44] JDeen: I tried some thing like this but failed: `get new_claims_path, session: { claimer_id: membership.id }`
[10:21:05] JDeen: tbuehlmann: thanks... ah i see...
[10:22:07] JDeen: tbuehlmann: actually i stopped wrting controller specs, partly its my personal website, so i don't care much, aint controller specs kind of phasing out
[17:33:19] JDeen: daveomcd_: i am using zsh and I think i had a similar issue. if you add source blah to your zshrc or bashrc it might work.


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[15:53:17] JDeen: Hi... i would like some help with a regex issue... assume a string like `abc+pqr@example.com` (email with a tag)... i would like to get the email abc@example.com (delete from + to @)... what is a regex i can use for it... thanks in advance
[16:02:02] JDeen: Thanks...a after playing with rubylar i think i found it ... some thing in the line of s.gsub /(\+[^@]+)/, '' seems to work
[17:58:12] JDeen: Hello... I am wondering if we can customize the path of a form in SimpleForm... for example I have an resource 'upload'... but the controller is 'my_uploads', how can we instruct the helper to generate URLs with `my_upload` instead of `upload`
[18:00:16] JDeen: without manually defining the url for create and edit... like `simple_form_for @upload, url: (@upload.persisted? ? blah : blah), method: (@upload.persisted? ? blah : balh)


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[11:18:55] JDeen: Hello... I got a question on writing rspec requst spec. I got a controller acition that redirects back. When I try to test it, I get an error that HTTP_REFERER has not been set. How can I set it in a request spec?


[13:54:16] JDeen: Any one tried to setup carrierwave to use local storage for rspec/development and aws for production?


[17:57:50] JDeen: Hello... this is about ahoy js. I am trying to associate a visit with the current tenant (subdomain) other than just a user. Has any one done some thing like that? SO: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/43549163/ahoy-multi-tenant-visit-belongs-to-tenant


[03:54:49] JDeen: sevenseacat: thanks for the advice (y'day). Adding `inverse_of: :membership` still has that probelm. it works if i add an `optional: true` - https://gist.github.com/ziyan-junaideen/d3d62221e9d24530aa304ca5fa99de17
[07:52:47] JDeen: Hi... this is about controller naming... i am making a simple multi tenancy app... it has accounts... for controllers that are account specific what is the name space best to use? ex: `Accounts::DashboardsController` `Account::DashboardsController`?
[07:55:51] JDeen: dminuoso: ack, thanks, singular makes sense
[07:58:05] JDeen: sevenseacat: yes i see, i am also curious to find out if it makes an issue, lets give it a try :D


[04:11:24] JDeen: Hello there.. I got a question on nested attributes and Rails5. I have 3 models Account, Membership, User (some thing like this: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/13506735/rails-has-many-through-nested-form). But when I create an account with a user, I get an error on membership that 'memberships.account must exist'. Its regarding the new rails behaviour regarding belongs_to. How can I fix this?
[04:24:15] JDeen: sevenseacat: ya sure... i was witing for my machine too boot... here it goes... https://gist.github.com/ziyan-junaideen/d3d62221e9d24530aa304ca5fa99de17
[04:31:51] JDeen: Radar: good afternoon, I remember you are in Aus? its morning here in Sri Lanka... was the comment above for me?
[04:33:47] JDeen: cool, thats good to know, because then it can be fixed... what silly did i do there pls...


[15:30:14] JDeen: Hi... I am havign a question on handling not founds on a Rails 5 app... i though raising ActionController::RoutingError and ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound would result 404 (RSpec have_http_status(:not_found)) isn't it? but the test failed. My need is to display a not found kind of page, the default would do. Do i need to configure it?
[15:40:10] JDeen: i think i need to expect the exception and in lets say nginx show an error page?
[15:45:53] JDeen: matthewd: a request may end up with RoutingError or a NotFound error... which it does... but i want to test it in a RSpec requst spec that it raise lets say 404...
[15:47:47] JDeen: matthewd: when i check for some thing like expect(response).to have_http_status(:not_found) instead it shows that the exception took place and the test fails.
[15:52:31] JDeen: matthewd: thanks, never mind... i will post if i find some thing (y).... that is a nice smily btw...
[15:59:29] JDeen: matthewd: this worked! https://github.com/eliotsykes/rspec-rails-examples/blob/f6ba3d6f6f95e9430c3207d0d21e672de4a98359/spec/support/error_responses.rb


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[07:14:08] JDeen: Hello.. I would appreciate some advice on Ruby style... i got a rubocop warning stating regarding ABC... how can i improve this code - break it down to multiple methods may be? https://gist.github.com/ziyan-junaideen/f9eb6d6faaa2b818d30950df56540a7b
[07:23:24] JDeen: dminuoso: :) it is the first time i am using with rubocop... ya i was wondering how better it can be done... thanks on the comments if else and comments...
[07:24:04] JDeen: elomatreb: thinking again it is a good idea... thanks
[07:24:54] JDeen: dminuoso: ah ha... you mean with a rubocop.yml to ignore/configure stuff?
[07:25:24] JDeen: thanks for the ideas...


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[06:37:29] JDeen: I am trying to create some nested sresources in rails5, `Organization.create(address: { city: 'abc' })` and this fails. how can we in one line create nested resources. (organization has one address - addressable - polymorphic association)
[06:37:36] JDeen: the error cited is type mismatch
[06:40:43] JDeen: Andr3as: hm... hopefully nested forms didn't go away :D is this new to Rails 5?
[06:41:14] JDeen: or wonder if it is because i have done some thing silly with polymorphic associations which is the first time for me
[06:41:21] JDeen: what you suggests works
[06:46:51] JDeen: Andr3as: thanks
[07:18:13] JDeen: Andr3as: not tried some thing like that, not entirely sure, sorry
[07:21:25] JDeen: i will be curous about that answer too... if i had some time would have tried it out... bottlenecked here...
[07:25:57] JDeen: a general question... i have `Organization` `User` `Address`. i think its probably common sense... is it Organization/User belongs to Address or Address belongs to them (polymorphic association) :D
[07:26:37] JDeen: neal__: i have some, whats your issue
[07:27:22] JDeen: neal__: you mean they are not selected?
[07:29:09] JDeen: neal__: yes... i think you need to give the selected values in the view
[07:29:58] JDeen: neal__: checking docs...
[07:31:54] JDeen: neal__: if you are using options for select, you can give a collection of selected as i remember, http://apidock.com/rails/ActionView/Helpers/FormOptionsHelper/options_for_select
[07:31:59] JDeen: ya a gist would help
[07:34:57] JDeen: neal__: you are setting options but not marking them as selected
[07:35:18] JDeen: i think ideally it will give all users + the selected
[07:35:52] JDeen: for example in edit view you might need to add/remove users, so you will need to give the whole collection there, with the selected values to mark the existing relationships selected
[07:38:15] JDeen: some thinig like this - collection_select(:post, :author_id, Author.all, :id, :name_with_initial, {:selected => current_book.authors.map(&:id)})
[07:38:31] JDeen: since you are working with a collection it might be easy
[07:44:39] JDeen: collection_select is similar to select
[07:45:58] JDeen: so it will be f.collection_select :relationships, User.all, :id, :name, {selected: @user.map...} I think
[07:46:38] JDeen: i have some snippets, they have eroded my memory
[07:46:45] JDeen: which i don't have access now
[07:47:06] JDeen: some thing like that should work


[16:29:36] JDeen: Hi guys... i would like your assistance on a schema i am writing... I have 3 classes. Address, Person, Organization... I was thinking to make Person belongs_to addrss and Organization belongs to address, but isn't the proper way to do is polymorphic associations?


[05:23:54] JDeen: Hi... I am building a directory... i have 2 states for an organization. confimred and unconfirmed. The validations for 'unconfirmed' is few relatively to what is for 'confirmed'. How is it best to have the model? Is it good to model it with some thing like 'AASM' or to use STI and have the validations in separate classes?
[05:24:24] JDeen: or will there be a better way to do it?
[05:27:58] JDeen: why i am thinking of STI and have few classes like `ConfirmedOrganization` and `Organization` (or similar) is to limit logic in a model.
[05:28:19] JDeen: where as if i use some thing like AASM i will have to use conditionals
[05:28:37] JDeen: any opinion is highly appreciated


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[05:29:00] JDeen: Hi... I am trying out VS Code with Ruby-Debug-IDE. It wokred fine with a Rails 5 Ruby 2.4 app I had but with the Rails 4 app I am getting an error like this: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/43012447/error-running-ruby-debug-ide-with-rails-4-app
[05:29:25] JDeen: i did some googling but couldn't find a specific reason
[05:29:35] JDeen: any help is highly appreaciated
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[05:32:18] JDeen: Hi... I am trying out VS Code with Ruby-Debug-IDE. It wokred fine with a Rails 5 Ruby 2.4 app I had but with the Rails 4 app I am getting an error like this: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/43012447/error-running-ruby-debug-ide-with-rails-4-app
[05:32:25] JDeen: any one experienced this kind of an error
[05:32:43] JDeen: any suggestions are highly appreciated
[07:46:33] JDeen: matthewd: thanks. i tried upgrading ruby without success. had issues upgrading to 2.4.0. tried downgrading debug-ide to 0.5 and upgrading to 0.6.1.beta4 without success.
[10:01:15] JDeen: How is is it best to setup local development for subdoman based rails development? i tried some thing like slug.localhost:3000 and request.subdomain is empty
[10:01:27] JDeen: i am in ubuntu btw
[10:03:51] JDeen: tbuehlmann: i did it and it showed the nginix page... ah... i might have to use some thing like foo.example.dev:3000
[10:10:24] JDeen: tbuehlmann: thanks!


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[14:33:39] JDeen: Hello channel... I am interested in advice for debugging Ruby apps in VIM. I see this is old and there is an issue saying it doesn't work for 2+ https://github.com/astashov/vim-ruby-debugger - any other suggestions?
[14:38:21] JDeen: Bish: I have used RubyMine, but now moved away. Currently considering VSCode and Atom.
[14:39:15] JDeen: Bish: to answer your question, i think yes, for some wired reason i love how vim feels..s
[14:39:21] JDeen: eugenmayer: nack, Ubuntu
[14:42:54] JDeen: eugenmayer: I was using it... i am not religious about vim, but the vim way is efficient... I moved away from RubyMine because I work on a non ssd machine and it loads really slow... on my personal laptop with SSD the project opens well within 2 mins and in my office laptop it takes 15 mins to load. I go make a coffee, have a standup and come some times it is still loading -_- :D
[14:47:08] JDeen: eugenmayer: your ideas are highly appreciated... i also had that feeling today... (day is over in Sri Lanka)...
[14:47:51] JDeen: i am going to try not run the indexes, asked for an ssd upgrade, the meintanane guys are sleeping... thanks anyways
[15:33:52] JDeen: eugenmayer: SSD, yah it is a must IMO, but we still get old fashioned mechanical disks...
[15:34:03] JDeen: eugenmayer: SSD, yah it is a must IMO, but we still get old fashioned mechanical disks...
[15:34:50] JDeen: eugenmayer: btw, remote debugging - you mean some thing like a production app?
[15:37:03] JDeen: Bish: yah, I was checking out Atom y'day and it is great. But later I checked out Visual Studio Code which is free and on Electron... i like it becuase I felt its VIM plugin works better than the one for Atom...
[15:38:09] JDeen: eugenmayer: ah yah... good point... thanks...
[15:39:08] JDeen: Bish: but I had issues with RVM, i had to do `code .` in the project directory to get a rails app in debugging as it uses the default ruby version and default gemset and not the ones specified in the .ruby-version and .ruby-gemset
[15:39:22] JDeen: but i noticed an atom plugin for just that...


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[09:01:19] JDeen: In mini tests, do we have a way to know if a delayed job was enqueued? I got a model with a ar hook including some logic and firing a delayed job. since it is a private method, easiest would be test a job getting enqueued i guess
[09:16:46] JDeen: tbuehlmann: i noticed, it gave me a no method error when I tried it inside a ActiveSupport::TestCase. i am writing the tests in the modal spec, should i write it in the job spec instead?
[09:17:54] JDeen: tbuehlmann: the case is like this... when a modal is created, i need to check if the existing records are sufficiently new and if not to trigger the active job. i am using a after_create hook in the modal to check and trigger the job


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[11:54:17] JDeen: Hi... if I am writing an ActiveJob::TestCase, how would I check if the operation will change database count?
[12:03:47] JDeen: jordansz: You mean row.read_attribute(my_var) where is some thing like my_var = "id" ?
[12:05:04] JDeen: jordansz: i haven't used the specific api, but chances are it accepts a string. if not, you can change a string to a sym by "abc".to_sym no?


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[03:28:30] JDeen: Hi there. I am intersted in logging changes done to a table. I wold particularly be interested in saving dat/exit
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[03:29:17] JDeen: sorry aout the previous (^^^) message, issue with client
[03:30:05] JDeen: I am interested in logging changes happening to a table. For example if I do `user.update(password: 'abc')`, in an after save I would like to get `{ password: 'abc' }`
[03:30:26] JDeen: is there a way to get the options passed in to an update, create method etc from callbacks?
[05:29:48] JDeen: I am interested in logging changes happening to a table. For example if I do `user.update(password: 'abc')`, in an after save I would like to get `{ password: 'abc' }`. Is there a way to get the parameters passed ot an update/create method?
[05:35:40] JDeen: Radar: thanks, i was thinking of handling it in a before / after hook. If the attribute hasn't changed then `@record.changes` wouldn't show it. I think its best to do watch it in the controller. Thanks. Have a nice Sunday
[05:44:02] JDeen: Radar: thanks, let me search about it
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[14:47:22] JDeen: Hi guys. I got a module which has few mehods `include`d in a class. Those methods need access some constants defined in the class. Is it possible. ex: `module A; def print; puts ABC; end; end` `class B; include A; ABC=10; end` `B.new.print` => ABC not defined
[14:48:06] JDeen: What i am trying to o is to seperate some common methods to use in few classes
[14:49:39] JDeen: but unfortunately some methods need to access some constant values defined in the calss that includes it
[16:12:51] JDeen: shevy: interesting. thanks
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