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[01:27:18] JJBby: has joined #ruby
[01:29:49] JJBby: Hello, I am having some trouble installing ruby in ubuntu 17.10, i very new and following a guide so i am not sure what the error is that i am recieving or how to fix it...help would be appreciated
[01:29:51] JJBby: https://pasteboard.co/H0x4SOb.png
[01:30:20] JJBby: I initially tried to install 2.5.0 but that was resulted in the same error
[01:37:43] JJBby: havenwood: RVM Reloaded!
[01:38:33] JJBby: havenwood: still get the error, it says run an update and i get an error there
[02:15:56] JJBby: havenwood: i was having an error with a hexchat repository. #linux helped me a lot and got that resolved, trying to get Ruby now
[02:16:10] JJBby: also, why does every one look at me funny when i talk about learning ruby?
[04:00:18] JJBby: Quit: WeeChat 2.0.1