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[02:28:30] Janky: any access gurus in here?
[02:32:45] Janky: MS Access
[02:33:00] Janky: not sure where to ask questions on it, doesn't seem to be a chan for it here
[02:33:10] Janky: shot in the dark
[02:35:17] Janky: I just started a new job doing accounts receivable for a large company
[02:35:27] Janky: they literally list all of their invoices on a single spreadsheet
[02:35:31] Janky: it's about 50,000 lines
[02:35:43] Janky: I was trying to figure out a way to use access to display this data


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[13:49:18] Janky: I can't, but I don't
[13:49:25] Janky: if you know what I mean


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[15:01:34] Janky: *.net *.split
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[00:07:56] Janky: can irb display unicode characters?
[00:08:46] Janky: I'm just trying to display latin text
[00:08:51] Janky: i.e. māgnus
[00:16:03] Janky: that would work if I were using nix
[00:21:43] Janky: think they brough that around in 10
[00:26:31] Janky: Windows-1252
[00:29:53] Janky: think it's Latin-1
[00:34:45] Janky: that does the job
[00:35:38] Janky: looks like I can set the encoding for the individual strings in my script
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[16:51:29] Janky: I have a folder full of about a thousand .txt files. Each of these .txt files has about 30 lines of information in it. Can anyone point me to a tutorial on how to put these files into a single spreadsheet? Thanks.
[16:52:25] Janky: that would work
[16:53:28] Janky: delimited by line
[16:54:36] Janky: I'm trying to make it so each .txt file has it's own row, and each line within that .txt file has it's own column
[16:55:34] Janky: I could do that
[16:57:42] Janky: thank you
[20:46:10] Janky: can anyone help me with a small script I'm working on?
[20:51:29] Janky: is that everything is being output on it's own row under 1 column
[20:51:29] Janky: I've got about a thousand text files, each of them contains about 30 lines. I'm trying to write a program that goes through each files and outputs everything to a CSV. I would like to have it where every file has it's own row and the lines within those .txt. files have their own columns. I've got it setup to where it will read the .txt files and output everything to a .csv, but my only problem
[21:10:28] Janky: I don't even know what gist is
[21:19:17] Janky: https://gist.github.com/JankyDoodle/d110b41ac5162a263a1db6582dab9ca3
[21:21:01] Janky: so, I have a thousand .txt files in a directory. Each of them has about 30 lines of text. That script goes through each file, and then each line, and outputs all of the information to a single CSV. My only issue is that each line is being written to a row instead of a column
[21:31:56] Janky: tobiasvl, I did not
[21:35:08] Janky: SeepingN, so I would be putting arrays within arrays?
[21:38:01] Janky: I think that's what has been suggested that I do
[21:38:34] Janky: right now I just want each file .txt to have it's own row, and each line in that .txt file to have it's own column
[21:39:09] Janky: my script generates 30,000 rows. I'd like a thousand rows with 30 columns
[21:40:24] Janky: I'll give it a shot
[21:41:22] Janky: you're a genius
[21:41:26] Janky: it worked!
[21:42:15] Janky: I've been working on that for a week


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[14:39:02] Janky: Hey guys, I have about a thousand text files that each have 33 lines of text in them. How can I output all of this on a csv where each file is a new row and each line in the original text is a column? Thank you.
[14:57:54] Janky: @ellcs yes
[15:13:48] Janky: thank you
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