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[15:01:39] Jiks: Just trying out irssi!
[15:02:05] Jiks: IRC is such a great tool right!
[15:02:09] Jiks: Why not?
[15:02:30] Jiks: I wish to be in commandline if I can.
[15:02:42] Jiks: Oh really? :(
[15:03:30] Jiks: jhass: I was simply pulling her leg ;)
[15:03:46] Jiks: Anyways, thanks for the support :)
[15:04:18] Jiks: Anyone here tried mruby?
[15:04:25] Jiks: adaedra: ;)
[15:05:28] Jiks: I heard of a project in a newsletter; its related to Postgres: https://github.com/franckverrot/holycorn
[15:05:59] Jiks: Can anyone tell me what its supposed to do?
[15:06:51] Jiks: Anyone using irssi here?
[15:09:57] Jiks: havenwood: But can you explain what is a FDW?
[15:10:39] Jiks: Is it like a conceptual table, that is linked with a Ruby script? So that upon executing queries it computes the value.
[15:11:19] Jiks: Okay, I think I got excited for the wrong reason seeing the project ;)
[15:11:23] Jiks: Thanks guys!
[15:11:41] Jiks: I tried, but didn't quite get what they said.
[15:12:00] Jiks: It seems it has to do with abstracting federated DBs, right?
[15:12:22] Jiks: Yup! Thanks!
[15:12:33] Jiks: Hey, anyone here tried Crystal?
[15:13:12] Jiks: havenwood: what do you feel?
[15:13:25] Jiks: ruboto: Well, thats my question.
[15:14:11] Jiks: havenwood: how stable do you think it is now?
[15:14:27] Jiks: Is it anywhere near to 1.0?
[15:15:30] Jiks: I think they named the packing format something else?
[15:15:54] Jiks: Think calling them crystals would have been cute ;)
[15:16:24] Jiks: What does it mean?
[15:17:19] Jiks: Something silly; but I just discovered a way to run in my old shared server.
[15:17:33] Jiks: Which practically only supported PHP.
[15:17:56] Jiks: I just did a exec call in PHP page and called a Ruby script. It worked well :)
[15:18:39] Jiks: shevy: I hate PHP; just wanted some way to run Ruby there.
[15:19:39] Jiks: shevy: I am curious; how does CGI thingy work?
[15:19:46] Jiks: Like PHP they are separate files?
[15:20:08] Jiks: havenwood: Elixir seems to show real progress
[15:22:18] Jiks: havenwood: yay!
[15:22:40] Jiks: I am looking at Opal, Crystal, mRuby and Elixir for future
[15:23:20] Jiks: Just wish Rubymotion was open source
[15:24:26] Jiks: jhass: Yes. Each of the those projects are to replace particular verticals.
[15:24:45] Jiks: Elixir: Clojure/Scala
[15:24:50] Jiks: Opal: JS
[15:24:54] Jiks: Crystal: C
[15:25:13] Jiks: RubyMotion: ObjectiveC/Java
[15:25:22] Jiks: mRuby: lua
[15:25:33] Jiks: ScriRuby: Python
[15:26:01] Jiks: Each of this project is brilliantly positioned to power the weakness of the language.
[15:30:02] Jiks: jhass: Na! Go's popularity is in concurrency
[15:30:20] Jiks: Elixir is the right counter for Go
[15:31:30] Jiks: jhass: wow, then I didn't know!
[15:31:50] Jiks: I was feeling jealous of Go's light weight channels.
[15:32:43] Jiks: havenwood: Can only say, I can't wait for Crystal to be a strong contender.
[15:33:12] Jiks: I think I am in so love with the syntax and language semantics that I can't think of switching to another language.
[15:33:47] Jiks: jhass: What about a simple API framework? Like Grape?
[15:38:43] Jiks: jhass I know, I understood ;) .. But not that knowlegible :(
[15:39:52] Jiks: jhass: thats probably because you know your way around
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