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[10:01:26] Joost`: has joined #ruby
[10:01:53] Joost`: I'm trying to build a project that uses ruby.. I've learned that I need rbenv to manage my ruby versions, but now I cannot seem to build it because version 2.0.0 is not in rbenv
[10:02:06] Joost`: there is 2.0.0-p645 in there, as well as 2.0.0-p0, but neither work
[10:02:51] Joost`: the .ruby-version file indicates 2.0.0, and I get "rbenv: version `2.0.0' is not installed" when I'm on 2.0.0-p645
[10:03:08] Joost`: live's not really getting easier so far :P
[10:04:02] Joost`: ruby 2.0.0p645
[10:04:15] Joost`: (except when I'm in the dir with the .ruby-version, then it errors out, of course)
[10:04:51] Joost`: so.. switch to rvm while I'm still new?
[10:05:33] Joost`: "There should be one-- and preferably only one --obvious way to do it."
[10:13:07] Joost`: ruurd: on a windows platform.. the only sane move is to not be on a windows platform I guess
[10:18:37] Joost`: in any case, I'm still stuck on a pickle :/
[10:19:30] Joost`: perhaps I should post it on SO.. there have been similar questions though, but none of the accepted answers apply
[10:19:40] Joost`: which is why I'm hesitant
[10:21:03] Joost`: OSX 10.10
[10:22:01] Joost`: sevenseacat: I'm trying to run a project that has 2.0.0 in its .ruby-version file, but rbenv does not seem to have that (2.0.0-p645 does not match), and returns rbenv: version `2.0.0' is not installed
[10:23:21] Joost`: sevenseacat: I tried updating the .ruby-version file, but then I' run into "Your Ruby version is 2.0.0, but your Gemfile specified 2.0.0-p645"
[10:23:54] Joost`: sevenseacat: but my ruby version is not 2.0.0
[10:24:06] Joost`: sevenseacat: ruby --version gives me ruby 2.0.0p645
[10:25:10] Joost`: sevenseacat: basically I'm trying to build to learn about how they're using jekyll
[10:25:50] Joost`: their Gemfile reads from .ruby-version
[10:26:02] Joost`: so when I include 2.0.0p645 in the .ruby-version, it propagates to the gemfile
[10:26:25] Joost`: but when I do keep the .ruby-version on 2.0.0, rbenv complains that that's unequal to the 2.0.0p645 it has installed
[10:27:19] Joost`: ruurd: I didn't choose the patch level, the patch level choose me
[10:27:34] Joost`: sevenseacat: indeed, except rbenv's lack of 2.0.0
[10:27:52] Joost`: I'll give that a shot then.. where does this symlink go?
[10:27:59] Joost`: it seems weird to have to patch rbenv like that for a major version
[10:29:04] Joost`: so what do you recommend? rvm? chruby?
[10:29:08] Joost`: I get mixed messages :/
[10:30:39] Joost`: the symlink worked, thanks :)
[10:30:46] Joost`: postmodern: yeah, my thoughts exactly
[10:32:16] Joost`: ruurd: I do not disagree with that, but it works now
[10:32:34] Joost`: and by the looks of it, I'm not getting too deep into ruby development, so that's fine for me
[10:34:17] Joost`: what I don't get is why it's even necessary to finetune ruby versions to such precise releases
[10:34:24] Joost`: are they really that different?
[10:35:24] Joost`: sevenseacat: that's not what I'm getting at
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