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[13:54:56] Kamuela: when I'm using the web console, what are some typical things I'm able to do? how can I see all of the variables currently in use for example


[13:18:44] Kamuela: I'm using puma-dev and wondering... how can I see the logs I'd get if I were running `rails server`?
[13:19:29] Kamuela: I'd also be open to a more fruitful development workflow, currently using RubyMine if that helps


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[01:36:39] Kamuela: How important is a new version of ruby?
[01:37:31] Kamuela: fryguy: 2.0 coming base with OS X is enough then? not really a need to mess with anything else
[01:38:01] Kamuela: at the same time, does gem need to be updated or nah
[01:39:38] Kamuela: fryguy: ah I just uninstalled rbenv actually and that's why I was asking
[01:44:25] Kamuela: thank you havenwood
[01:45:27] Kamuela: ok good point there
[03:09:53] Kamuela: havenwood: https://www.dropbox.com/s/f4vqheqh3970v92/Screenshot%202016-03-26%2003.09.20.png?dl=0 having this issue where it cannot detect that I'm using 2.3 with ruby-install
[03:10:34] Kamuela: havenwood: sorry, it required sourcing the script. so a restart of the terminal did it


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[00:08:13] Kamuela: filenames and directories should be - or _ for spaces?
[00:08:50] Kamuela: no I didn't realize it was contentious, I thought there was a convention that broke other things possibly
[00:09:38] Kamuela: the context of the rails project itself and its contained directories
[00:10:24] Kamuela: flappynerd, Radar thank you


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[10:57:39] Kamuela: am i the only one who finds ruby more expressive than python?
[11:13:37] Kamuela: say you wanted to use cinch to make an IRC bot. the typical development cycle would be connect, test rules, stop execution, reconnect, etc. if you wanted to connect but somehow separate the rules execution from the basic bits of the bot, how would you approach that?
[11:14:07] Kamuela: can you make ruby dynamically load ruby code from another source?
[11:25:07] Kamuela: eka_: using cinch
[21:43:10] Kamuela: can someone explain the concept of backticks in this example for me? http://stackoverflow.com/questions/690151/getting-output-of-system-calls-in-ruby
[21:47:19] Kamuela: havenwood: so it's a built-in way of accessing a shell?


[00:17:40] Kamuela: when render is called within a controller method, do those ivars from the controller method get passed through to render?
[00:25:34] Kamuela: bricker, rhizome beautiful answers, thank you both
[00:26:20] Kamuela: I notice from a scaffold generate, render is automatically called for things like index, new, etc, how is this functionality achieved?
[00:33:36] Kamuela: bricker, thanks, found this http://blog.plataformatec.com.br/2009/08/embracing-rest-with-mind-body-and-soul/
[00:41:56] Kamuela: bricker, so the ApplicationController respond_to has defaults?
[00:43:51] Kamuela: bricker, i'm trying to figure out how a scaffold immediately is able to create a model, a controller, views, and you're immediately able to access those views
[00:44:12] Kamuela: bricker, because the code itself iirc doesn't explicitly map this event cascade
[00:46:27] Kamuela: bricker, but render is never called in the controller. that's what i'm trying to say
[00:48:55] Kamuela: nahtnam, why's that?
[00:51:24] Kamuela: bricker, and the fact that respond_with isn't explicit is because it is inherited from ActionController? so respond_with maps all methods to views?
[00:53:24] Kamuela: bricker, holy cow... you just told me "stop thinking about it, it's magic"
[00:54:52] Kamuela: ok, hang on while i do rails g scaffold user name:string email:string
[00:54:55] Kamuela: and then post every file
[00:55:37] Kamuela: bricker, i asked how the methods worked, and you said "the file names are the same, therefore it knows"
[00:56:02] Kamuela: bricker, is that more of a routes.rb thing than anything?
[00:58:01] Kamuela: bricker, at the rails github
[01:00:18] Kamuela: http://d.pr/i/Dq9u bricker
[01:03:52] Kamuela: bricker, so when i'm looking for "how" instead of "what," you're saying that rails is entirely designed around "what" and that "how" isn't meant to be helpful?
[01:05:19] Kamuela: bricker, i don't mean to put words in your mouth, i'm just trying to understand. i'll try to stop, but that's just how i share what i currently interpret
[01:05:53] Kamuela: jstrong technically by some people who can easily memorize what's going on
[01:05:56] Kamuela: what if i can't memorize?
[01:06:01] Kamuela: what if i want to know what secret damned thing renders something
[01:06:04] Kamuela: that's all i'm asking man
[01:06:41] Kamuela: because it might not make sense for routing in an app i'm making for everything to be done /models/1 /models/new etc, so i'm trying to figure out how to render what bits i need when i need and such. so much is done through inheritance and that's what i'm trying to figure out


[00:06:19] Kamuela: some of these new light js-only frameworks that are coming out like meteor and such peddle the "one language" perk, is there any kind of movement in Rails to make more of the view side happen in ruby? or do we think of that as a UX/design question and leave those tools to designers
[00:43:27] Kamuela: for the default db, is it int or integer when generating a model with an integer attribute?
[00:43:55] Kamuela: thank you :)
[00:46:57] Kamuela: AR objects automatically have created_at attributes?
[00:48:39] Kamuela: Radar, i just checked. i think generate models automatically included the .timestamps
[00:50:23] Kamuela: i keep finding it interesting that the AR class doesn't have to necessarily reflect the database with code, it just kinda has to try certain things with what it assume is in there
[00:50:43] Kamuela: one of the bigger confusions i had with rails was how you wouldn't setup attributes in your AR class file
[00:58:23] Kamuela: smathy, not to worry, we have ways of returning your data...
[01:00:35] Kamuela: If you don't uncomment the unicorn gem, is heroku serving your app with webrick?
[01:02:24] Kamuela: jstrong, I think it's because the US is having the committee hearing
[01:06:37] Kamuela: jstrong well china is a community of savers. i'm happy. the faster they find a better currency than USD, the more capital the world has to build itself
[01:11:47] Kamuela: jstrong, well, i'm reading this article on usatoday about the committee hearing, and of course i don't agree with what they're saying, but i don't think they're being too ridiculous about it at the same time. they're basically saying bitcoin is cool, just follow the laws on the books
[01:12:05] Kamuela: just because i don't agree with the laws on the books doesn't make their response pretty damned reasonable
[01:13:03] Kamuela: jstrong, it's just gonna get annoying when they start inventing NEW laws that only target bitcoin. like bitcoin must be held in a wallet for 3 days before transfer or some crap like that :P
[01:15:12] Kamuela: and thank goodness they haven't. there's a reason why retail sales have fallen while online sales have upticked steadily for the last 10 years
[01:15:57] Kamuela: easier to do business online both fundamentally and from a regulatory standpoint
[01:16:22] Kamuela: Radar, he means that people avoid taxes by buying online
[01:17:03] Kamuela: lobbying so that an overnight success would be significantly harder to compete with amazon :P
[01:18:40] Kamuela: RubyPanther, he said passed through, probably was loosely saying "they're talking about it"
[01:19:55] Kamuela: even the most benevolent central planner suffers greatly from the information problem of simply not knowing how to make everyone better off
[01:20:29] Kamuela: RubyPanther, word, i agree
[01:21:42] Kamuela: jstrong, I think the growth in technology and networked solutions is going to render much of legislation a moot proposition. When anonymity, ease, and value converge, things become a little hard to break into regulatable parts
[01:22:08] Kamuela: RubyPanther, was responding to Radar's "governments will make more money and everyone finds that a good thing" comment
[01:26:18] Kamuela: can't wait to go to my first rails conf
[01:28:09] Kamuela: yeah i thought it did too
[01:28:21] Kamuela: and that it exempted businesses with under 1 million in revenue or something
[01:33:54] Kamuela: jstrong, sure, i'm having a rake issue
[01:34:05] Kamuela: jstrong, migration*
[01:35:16] Kamuela: jstrong, undefined method has_many for activerecord::connectionadapters::tabledefinition
[01:37:00] Kamuela: jstrong, i think i just did something that doesn't make any sense. i think i have to create an id for this migration to use belongs_to
[01:40:42] Kamuela: static model attributes can simply be declared in the AR class, right?
[01:47:52] Kamuela: haha, you guys are really intelligent when it comes to figuring out social dynamics out of any context whatsoever
[01:47:59] Kamuela: but if the code never comes...
[01:49:09] Kamuela: sevenseacat, i dunno, just seems like it's really easy to piss you off. do you ever feel that way?
[01:50:45] Kamuela: jstrong, i'm busy fixing it, but i'll do it if there's something that has me significantly stumped
[01:51:00] Kamuela: jstrong, and yes btw that answered my question earlier, with the constants thing
[01:55:28] Kamuela: bitcoin off rails
[01:56:20] Kamuela: just read about how groupon jumped off rails. that's too bad
[02:03:47] Kamuela: jstrong, it seems like scale really does still effect the decision to use rails. they explained exactly why they switched in their blog
[02:06:16] Kamuela: AntelopeSalad, it really did, huh?
[02:06:38] Kamuela: jstrong, no i think it's all java now
[02:06:58] Kamuela: AntelopeSalad, i'm gonna read it again
[02:08:51] Kamuela: yeah, that's the one AntelopeSalad
[02:09:40] Kamuela: AntelopeSalad, am what I understanding is that they basically just couldn't handle all the views? lol?
[02:12:00] Kamuela: sevenseacat, i think what happened is they spent money to have something built in europe and because that ended up being the better system for unrelated reasons, they decided they needed to merge everything with europe's system
[02:12:58] Kamuela: jstrong, i completely agree with your statement about how it served them. they quite literally launched an MVP and updated it as needed while growing big time
[02:57:41] Kamuela: does a migration need to include a specific row or method call for a has_many association?
[02:59:04] Kamuela: Fire-Dragon-DoL, so if you have an object customers that has_many widgets, customers is cool to do whatever, but widgets just needs a customer_id int?
[03:02:20] Kamuela: Fire-Dragon-DoL, an index on it meaning what?
[03:05:19] Kamuela: Fire-Dragon-DoL, is that satisfied with t.integer :customer_id?
[03:08:43] Kamuela: bricker`LA, but that's still part of the change method though outside of the create table?
[03:09:14] Kamuela: jrobeson, i want lean, basic functionality of an association lol
[03:09:37] Kamuela: bricker`LA, t.index :customer_id ?
[03:10:06] Kamuela: bricker`LA, and that goes in the widgets db change right?
[03:12:49] Kamuela: bricker`LA, i have t.integer :user_id AND t.index :user_id, did that right?
[03:16:30] Kamuela: bricker`LA, solved mah rake migrate :)
[03:21:22] Kamuela: ha, i'm over here wondering why i can't get the routes to work only to realize i have no controllers...
[03:21:27] Kamuela: scaffolding... makes you soft
[04:09:15] Kamuela: can any view use any controller, or are views and controllers intimately tied by CoC?
[04:10:04] Kamuela: sevenseacat, thanks, you answered my question
[04:15:10] Kamuela: so, is that generally how it works, then?
[04:15:26] Kamuela: that people should read every guide ever written on a subject and only then are allowed to ask questions?
[04:16:29] Kamuela: the hell does code have to do with anything? i asked a general question earlier and radar was able to immediately answer it
[04:17:51] Kamuela: jrobeson, and that's the path i follow every time
[04:18:14] Kamuela: but sometimes i come in with 50% understanding and hope that some interaction will allow me to connect the dots
[04:18:34] Kamuela: Radar, convention over configuration, it's actually specified in many of the guides
[04:19:59] Kamuela: Radar: i really do get unnecessarily badgered by sevenseacat, i really don't do anything to provoke... but have been called an idiot on more than one occasion. i seriously am trying not to make waves
[04:20:42] Kamuela: jrobeson, both, it's probably not some kind of "standard" or whatever... lol
[04:22:00] Kamuela: Radar, ohh, so there's an explicit call to some kind of "render" function that is implied when following pure REST?
[04:22:49] Kamuela: jrobeson, i think it does. ApplicationController second, SpecificNameController first. just read that in the guide
[04:23:22] Kamuela: Radar, no problem. I just ask a lot of questions here because I read the guides but probably have a preconceived notion in my head that is easier to work out when discussed
[04:23:55] Kamuela: jrobeson, ok, i probably won't ever be talking about general programming philosophy lol... just rails
[04:24:48] Kamuela: i keep saying it over and over, and should probably just figure out how to do it, but i think i just need to look through rails stuff on github and see more how things are just done
[04:24:53] Kamuela: good luck, Radar
[04:27:08] Kamuela: http://d.pr/i/UBEy
[04:29:33] Kamuela: pontiki, i'm not sure what the active ingredient is, but sensodyne works well
[04:40:56] Kamuela: pontiki, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sensodyne potassium nitrate, maybe? it seems like there's a cocktail in there that really works though
[05:29:30] Kamuela: resources :posts, except :index ? would i say except :show?
[05:31:01] Kamuela: ooh ok, it's a hash passed to resources. gotcha
[07:44:51] Kamuela: if you're using sqlite, and you're still in development mode, is there a rake db:destroy or something that you can use to just wipe the database and create a new from-scratch migration?
[07:46:22] Kamuela: i think rake db:drop:all does what i'm looking for
[07:57:18] Kamuela: tagrudev, yeah, it worked. did a db:drop:all and then i fixed the original migrate ruby files to include the schema changes, and db:migrate again
[07:58:01] Kamuela: lol, these trick hacks are gonna work for a time, but i am gonna have to learn how to write addendum migrations when i'm in production :P
[08:29:00] Kamuela: thanks for all the amazing help today, channel. felt like i got a lot done in terms of learning
[08:29:02] Kamuela: good night all
[19:52:24] Kamuela: i'm trying to have people only have accounts after paying to sign up. i don't see a lot of sites doing this. seems like they're ok with accounts + no signup
[19:54:43] Kamuela: a non-paying user accessing my web app gets in my way lol
[21:22:42] Kamuela: the scope of an AR class is the whole project?


[21:30:51] Kamuela: tiglionabbit, just to keep it less confusing, purge that for the moment. delete it from the system
[21:31:08] Kamuela: tiglionabbit, purge all remnants of current rubies because they might mess with the namespace of what you're doing
[21:31:24] Kamuela: tiglionabbit, it's not "bad," it just makes maintaining it more difficult and version control more difficult
[21:31:56] Kamuela: tiglionabbit, basically you want to get your system to a point where there are no rubies installed and then we'll do step 2
[21:32:42] Kamuela: tiglionabbit, ok now we can play with apt-get, sudo apt-get install curl nodejs
[21:33:02] Kamuela: tiglionabbit, let me know when that finishes
[21:34:27] Kamuela: tiglionabbit, ok now
[21:35:09] Kamuela: tiglionabbit, \curl -L https://get.rvm.io | bash -s stable --rails
[21:35:24] Kamuela: tiglionabbit, try that first without sudo, if complains, sudo
[21:36:34] Kamuela: tiglionabbit, ok, you may have to sudo
[21:37:14] Kamuela: Radar, thanks.
[21:37:45] Kamuela: tiglionabbit, after that all you'll have to do is configure terminal, you're on ubuntu vanilla right? the unity one?
[21:38:24] Kamuela: tiglionabbit, ask Radar about how to make it a login shell. you might just have to start with bash --login before you start working with rvm
[21:39:18] Kamuela: tiglionabbit, but after that current install finishes, you're essentially done :)
[21:41:44] Kamuela: Radar, had him curl with the --rails option so a lot of that was in the build stack
[21:42:03] Kamuela: Radar, and rvm now seems to install all bash profile information it just requires you to run it from a login shell
[22:31:02] Kamuela: dangerousdave, just checked, uep
[23:50:52] Kamuela: tiglionabbit, just installed rvm and rails onto his VPS, he wants to know how to deploy his app