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[18:25:58] KucukMubasir: hi there, I have a serious problem, I need to use both bootstrap 4 and 3 in the same app. is this possible?
[18:29:18] KucukMubasir: fox_mulder_cp: don’t say that :((
[18:29:32] KucukMubasir: can’t I pick the version according to view?
[18:30:26] KucukMubasir: yeah but will I able to specify the bootstrap version with it?
[18:31:51] KucukMubasir: oh, so you are saying there is a way to use different bootstrap versions as long as they are used on different pages?
[18:32:33] KucukMubasir: thanks again fox_mulder_cp <3
[18:38:32] KucukMubasir: yep, I know it. I was just worried about different gem versions on gemfile and possible conflicts that might arise; but you claim that both of them can be installed by GemFile, or should I just link them without using gemfile?
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[19:20:45] KucukMubasir: hi there, I need urgent help :( why can’t I push to heroku without aws keys? I don’t have fog or aws or carrierwave gems in gemfile, what might be the reason?
[19:22:16] KucukMubasir: this is the gemfile https://www.paste.org/92868
[19:22:36] KucukMubasir: do i require aws credentials to push an app to heroku without image?
[19:24:40] KucukMubasir: and this is the gemfile lock : https://www.paste.org/92869


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[18:53:21] KucukMubasir: Radar, still there? Why do you use expire_cache in twist, you don’t set it anywhere after all? is that code also from an old commit ?
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[15:09:07] KucukMubasir: Radar: I am still reading twist, and there is a file _ipad, I think this is a partial ? but you don’t call it anywhere in your code, do you?
[15:09:21] KucukMubasir: _ipad.html.erb to be specific


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[12:04:00] KucukMubasir: is @Radar here :/ his test of my-saas-stripe fails with two features,
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[16:47:40] KucukMubasir: @Radar , just posted a new issue for my-saas-stripe https://github.com/radar/twist/issues/13
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[18:41:19] KucukMubasir: Changing host
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[22:32:23] KucukMubasir: Radar, are you there? I am reading your twist code, now chapters.js but I am confused at a particular line. There is no $('div#sidebar h3') element on #sidebar, so this selector is redundant ?
[22:33:29] KucukMubasir: oh I found the problem now, I think I will push the fix now
[22:39:50] KucukMubasir: Radar, nope. I think you typed h3, instead of hr selector for the page to scroll to top
[22:40:14] KucukMubasir: did you mean that by that selector, because that’s the only thing that can make sense
[22:40:35] KucukMubasir: I will push it with other changes if that was your intention
[22:43:21] KucukMubasir: but back / forward navigation links don’t scroll page to top or bottom. anwyay, I added selectors to bottom and top hr elements to scroll :/
[22:43:55] KucukMubasir: yeah they are barely clickable, lol
[22:44:50] KucukMubasir: shall I push or just ignore it :)
[22:49:14] KucukMubasir: Radar, oh ok I also ignore that then :) then just add these lines of code to the bottom $(‘#sidebar a’) to fix header color change and location.hash when sidebar headers are clicked:
[22:49:23] KucukMubasir: location.hash = "#"+section_id;
[22:49:23] KucukMubasir: $(location.hash).css("background", "white");
[22:49:24] KucukMubasir: $(location.hash).css("background", "cornsilk");
[22:50:58] KucukMubasir: Radar, now, when you click the navigation elements on sidebar, headers should highlight :)
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[21:15:11] KucukMubasir: @Radar hi there, your r4ia code on github isn’t up to date to the book, I had to write create files for rack chapters and also change some line on routes.rb
[21:15:36] KucukMubasir: now I am trying all tests to pass, not yet.
[21:23:25] KucukMubasir: Radar: all the files in chapter 15 until 15.4, also you need to change mount Api::V2::Tickets to mount API::V2::Tickets in routes.rb . I hope you already have an updated and tested version but forgot to commit it
[21:25:48] KucukMubasir: Radar: I downloaded this: https://github.com/radar/r4ia_ticketee
[21:26:26] KucukMubasir: but there isn’t any other r4ia in your github
[21:26:45] KucukMubasir: and I wouldn’t find rubysherpas’s if you hadn’t linked here
[21:29:26] KucukMubasir: oh come on, don’t expect me to remember that disclaimer note. Wouldn’t it be a better if you had a copy of that repo in your list of repositories. I mean, isn’t it typical to search author’s github page to download the source code of the book?
[21:29:43] KucukMubasir: thanks for the original link.
[21:30:46] KucukMubasir: right radar, maybe I am exagerrating. Thanks for your help
[21:31:49] KucukMubasir: radar, at least drop a note on that r4ia repo so that you can redirect the readers to the original one.
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[08:08:48] KucukMubasir: it is morning in here, 10:10 a.m
[08:57:09] KucukMubasir: why can???t i update the integer field of the model on console ? model.value = 3 , model.save! yet it still shows nil :/
[09:04:24] KucukMubasir: sevenseacat: http://pastebin.com/uJUQBcZV
[09:07:44] KucukMubasir: oh ok I fixed it sevenseacat
[09:08:54] KucukMubasir: I was chain calling it, like Plan.first.books_allowed = 2 , and assignment wasn???t carried out, but just the query
[09:28:25] KucukMubasir: sevenseacat: but only ???select??? query is called, not ???insert into??? after running this: Plan.first.books_allowed=14
[09:36:47] KucukMubasir: oh, you are right sevenseacat . my mistake and my apologies
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[11:50:19] KucukMubasir: radar, hi. I am trying to build your multitenant 2nd edition source, however 18 tests fail, due to error of ???No such file or directory & unlink internal - ???/repos/radar/markdown_book_test ??? . Is this because I haven???t implemented webhooks ?
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[20:07:43] KucukMubasir: guys what helper does this route create?
[20:08:03] KucukMubasir: get ???/account???, :to => ???accounts#edit???, :as => :edit_account
[20:08:43] KucukMubasir: I thought it should create edit_account_path, but the books says it should create account_path , am I wrong?
[20:10:28] KucukMubasir: oh radar! the error is in your book ! can???t believe the responder !
[20:10:38] KucukMubasir: also it is in your code on github, hold on
[20:11:50] KucukMubasir: radar, here is the helper, you used in your code account_path : https://github.com/radar/saas_book_examples/blob/master/subscribem/app/views/subscribem/shared/_login.html.erb
[20:12:17] KucukMubasir: and radar, this is the route you created : https://github.com/radar/saas_book_examples/blob/master/subscribem/config/routes.rb
[20:13:23] KucukMubasir: this is an error, right? I was about to test the code on the command line
[20:14:19] KucukMubasir: do you mean you are surprised that tests passed or I am wrong or something else? :)
[20:17:59] KucukMubasir: I am checking it, maybe I should send a pull request :)
[20:20:33] KucukMubasir: because it isn???t full, is it?
[20:20:44] KucukMubasir: I mean it isn???t completed yet
[20:23:31] KucukMubasir: @Radar it still looks ???75% complete???, and to tell the truth, I am about to finish the first edition and don???t want to reread the updated book, I prefer to just read the updated code
[20:45:22] KucukMubasir: Radar: , oh great. thanks ! and you fixed the code, I was about to send a request :)
[20:50:24] KucukMubasir: radar, didn???t you use apartment or houser or subscribem or even act_as_tenant in the second version ? I couldn???t find them when I searched the repo
[21:11:29] KucukMubasir: Radar: I was trying to test your multitenant 1st repo, ???bundle install??? in subscribem directory and ???rake db:migrate RAILS_ENV=test???, now I get the error of: PG::DuplicateTable: ERROR: relation "subscribem_accounts" already exists
[21:12:22] KucukMubasir: what am I doing wrong ?
[21:23:48] KucukMubasir: Radar: I dropped subscribem_test , and then run rake db:migrate. now rspec . gives no database error for subscribem_test :/
[21:24:31] KucukMubasir: should I run rake db:create ?
[21:29:47] KucukMubasir: radar, I tried rake db:migrate RAILS_ENV=test but it comes down to ERROR: relation "subscribem_accounts" already exists
[21:30:01] KucukMubasir: I can???t run this code :/
[21:31:39] KucukMubasir: I dropped subscribem_test , shall I drop both that and subscribem_development ?
[21:32:06] KucukMubasir: I fear for losing data , sorry for nagging you
[21:35:50] KucukMubasir: Radar: I see, but I don???t want to reread the similar book. I tried dropping subscribem_test and subscribem_development, still I stuck at ERROR: relation "subscribem_accounts" already exists . shall I give up on this :(
[21:37:31] KucukMubasir: Radar: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/31088743/why-am-i-being-asked-to-run-rake-dbmigrate-rails-env-test someone else run into the same problem
[21:38:11] KucukMubasir: oh, ok. I am sorry
[21:41:16] KucukMubasir: rake db:reset solved the issue,
[22:34:19] KucukMubasir: radar, sorry for pinging, but two tests in blorgh failed after I cloned it from github , sign_in_spec.rb:12 and sign_up_spec:8 .
[22:34:22] KucukMubasir: also I had to add fake_braintree_redirect in blorgh???s gemfile, otherwise it couldn???t require it from the engine.
[22:35:26] KucukMubasir: oh ok, Radar . I had better read the 2nd version???s code then. thanks for your help
[22:40:47] KucukMubasir: is Spree also unmaintained and is its future bleak ?
[22:42:59] KucukMubasir: radar, did you read the recent 2016 roadmap announcement of spree, it still looks promising but I can???t be sure https://github.com/spree/spree/wiki/Spree-Commerce-development-roadmap-2016
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[22:22:15] KucukMubasir: hi guys, I wonder something, can I build on this package and resell it in my country as long as I add the copyright notice ?


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[19:52:16] KucukMubasir: hi there, does anybody here have MultiTenancy 2nd edition? I need to ask something about it
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[15:38:11] KucukMubasir: hi guys, I installed ruby with ruby-installer but I want to remove it, how might I achieve this?
[15:39:34] KucukMubasir: it is mac osx and I already had RVM but I wrongfully used ruby-installer to install another version of Ruby. Now I want to remove it and reinstall with RVM
[15:40:22] KucukMubasir: is it safe to just delete the corresponding folder?
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[21:11:58] KucukMubasir: hi guys, sinatra doesn???t appear when I type ???bundle show sinatra??? yet requiring it in irb works fine, what might be wrong?
[21:14:40] KucukMubasir: when I type gem install sinatra, it installs each time
[21:14:45] KucukMubasir: but it doesn???t appear in gem list
[21:15:50] KucukMubasir: doesn???t gem install command add gems to that list by default tubbo ?
[21:17:34] KucukMubasir: gem list doesn???t show sinatra either
[21:17:50] KucukMubasir: it is there now
[21:17:57] KucukMubasir: let me try it
[22:44:39] KucukMubasir: thanks a lot tubbo


[17:26:17] KucukMubasir: hi guys, anybody familiar with Sidekiq ?
[17:26:56] KucukMubasir: I create users with activerecord in Sidekiq???s perform, however after 30-40 users, activerecord can???t create it , and it raises the error of nil object???s undefined method. why might this be?
[18:31:58] KucukMubasir: Does sidekiq support reentrancy ?
[18:32:29] KucukMubasir: tubbo, preventing race condition
[18:33:15] KucukMubasir: I create users in sidekiq and it seems inherent concurrency invalidates unique id requirements for my database
[18:33:47] KucukMubasir: I want perform method to be locked before it finishes its job
[18:34:33] KucukMubasir: I searched for it in google, yet I couldn???t find any answer. If any of you can say that sidekiq doesn???t guarantee reentrancy I will try another background worker
[18:35:11] KucukMubasir: I should have said thread safety
[18:35:22] KucukMubasir: webdestroya ^^
[18:40:48] KucukMubasir: right webdestroya , I had better think about this more. thanks
[18:44:24] KucukMubasir: I think I found the problem, nokogiri discards some utf8 characters and that results in same users although they are different in utf8
[18:46:46] KucukMubasir: jgt, before hook maybe ?


[18:35:32] KucukMubasir: hi there guys, is there a way to make an answer to be assigned only one question? let???s say I have question1 and question2. when I assign answer1 to question2 from question1, question1 still has the answer1. this doesn???t make sense, how might I prevent this?
[18:36:28] KucukMubasir: rhizome: I already made that
[18:37:10] KucukMubasir: but still, question1 can reach answer1 after the assignment of answer1 to question2
[18:37:24] KucukMubasir: it isn???t set to nil, should it be?
[18:39:24] KucukMubasir: I mean the question1.answers.first rhizome
[18:40:35] KucukMubasir: answer belongs to both question1 and question2, doesn???t make sense. Rails supposed to set one of their???s answer to nil
[18:45:43] KucukMubasir: rhizome: , answer1.question shows question2 but I can reach answer1 via question1.answers.first too
[18:46:32] KucukMubasir: rhizome: because I first assigned answer to question1 and then to question2, and question1 still can reach answer :/
[18:46:38] KucukMubasir: yes in console
[18:55:34] KucukMubasir: rhizome: , thanks that solved it. I tried reload! and that didn???t make any change. thanks a lot
[19:16:03] KucukMubasir: rhizome: damn right :) thanks again