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[15:54:51] Lewix: hey people, it's been ages I haven't touched ruby
[15:55:48] Lewix: surviving?
[15:56:55] Lewix: dionysus69: I think one is legit, the splat operator
[15:59:02] Lewix: what's the difference between class Color; def Color.each; end and class Color; def each; end. From memory, the forme is a instance methods that we can use after including enumerable and the later is a class methods;
[15:59:11] Lewix: the question is why would we use the later?
[16:01:02] Lewix: def Color.each; @hash.each {|k,v| yield(k,v)};end => can you explain this, memory doesn't help much
[16:01:06] Lewix: ACTION is getting old
[16:01:40] Lewix: never mind I just understood it as I was writing
[16:02:08] Lewix: I'll be back, gotta reboot
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[18:19:28] Lewix: Is there something equivalent to unshift that does not modify the value in place
[18:20:23] Lewix: so the answer is no
[18:21:07] Lewix: ljarvis: you can always implement anything it doesn't mean it's provided by default
[18:22:19] Lewix: there isn't a method similar to unshift in the standard library that effectively does what #unshift do but does not modify the value in place. correct?


[02:36:30] Lewix: rbgem: no, but I think you want [5,6].sum


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[16:28:16] Lewix: hey folks
[16:28:28] Lewix: It's been a while
[16:29:24] Lewix: I"m refreshing my ruby. Definition question; what does it mean "arguments shadow the same named variables from outer scope"
[16:32:19] Lewix: here's how I understand it: attr ={sex: male} debug_only {|foo| attr = {} ; attr[:sex] = foo} attr is on the outer scope is overriden
[16:33:48] Lewix: Veejay: what does shadow mean? it's a definition problem I'm having
[16:34:42] Lewix: Veejay: I assumed shadow meant that 'it's a reference to..."
[16:35:38] Lewix: smathy: thanks now it makes sense to use this term
[16:35:49] Lewix: ACTION kicks English in the butt
[16:38:05] Lewix: smathy: I was thinking of shadow as in a dark area or shape produced by a body coming between rays of light and a surface. - basically a reference to my body
[16:39:00] Lewix: smathy: bad name if you ask me
[16:39:09] Lewix: apeiros: yup
[16:40:01] Lewix: smathy: I'm sorry to hear that :)
[16:40:21] Lewix: smathy: it probably add a lot of complexity in your life
[16:40:34] Lewix: thanks guys
[16:41:07] Lewix: smathy: so you instinctively thought about shadow as in obscure while I thought about shadow as in shadowing someone
[16:41:33] Lewix: that's complexity right there
[16:42:33] Lewix: Veejay: am I eligible to answer?
[20:07:57] Lewix: what's the concesus. rspec vs minitest?
[20:09:06] Lewix: norc: same here except that rspec won, but I prefer minitest but too lazy to look that way
[20:10:17] Lewix: lupine: and the spec module is very similar to rspec
[20:14:29] Lewix: ok i need to get up to speed with minitest. good tutorial out there? (I used to use rspec back in the days)
[20:15:41] Lewix: lupine: what do you mean
[20:16:19] Lewix: lupine: rspec has a lot of breaking changes too..over the years
[20:17:03] Lewix: lupine: anyways, if you have nice links about getting up to speed with minitest please shoot
[20:19:16] Lewix: http://ruby-doc.org/stdlib-2.0.0/libdoc/minitest/rdoc/MiniTest.html I guess that will do?
[20:21:10] Lewix: havenwood: thanks
[20:21:23] Lewix: I guess I just learned minitest..


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[17:45:31] Lewix: What am I doing wrong https://gist.github.com/6ewis/9f48c519fd35fa4a255c
[17:46:41] Lewix: smathy: lol i put it for you guys.
[17:46:56] Lewix: dopie: hey
[17:47:26] Lewix: smathy: basically React is unavailable
[17:47:45] Lewix: smathy: well I show actual code + line of file - it won't kill you


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[19:02:23] Lewix: is there a way to explicitly set the foreign keys in the model just like we could set the PK on a model
[19:14:30] Lewix: cnk: not what im referring to
[19:16:55] Lewix: When we work with legacy db, we can set the primary key in a given model as such self.primary_key, the question was - do we have something similar for foreign_keys
[19:19:34] Lewix: cnk: right, it will not be useful in my case. thanks
[19:20:41] Lewix: does tiny_tds has an irc channel?
[19:22:34] Lewix: cnk: I work with an old database and they didn't bother to put the foreign keys on some of the tables.... the auto generated support provided for associations is useless
[19:31:26] Lewix: cnk: really? I must be missing something then - I couldn't get it to work properly I assumed the ORM didn't make the connection - I was even tempted to look into the has_many codebase
[19:31:34] Lewix: matthewd: cnk , I'll try again
[20:38:51] Lewix: cnk: How to force the name of has many :foo ,:through :"force_name" association


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[22:21:16] Lewix: anyone using chewy?
[22:21:25] Lewix: Do they have a channel?
[22:22:11] Lewix: Radar: s/to be/Have
[22:22:17] Lewix: Radar: yup
[22:29:38] Lewix: For those not familiar with Chewey - In order to create an index file we place it under the folder 'app/chewey' and the file inherit from Chewy::Index as such class StoreIndex < Chewy::Index; end. The issue I'm having is that I have a file corporate_persons_index.rb with the following content CorporatePersonsIndex < Chewy::Index;end, but the rails console returns name error unitialized contant
[22:29:40] Lewix: CorporatePersonsIndex


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[20:36:43] Lewix: what's the best practice in regards to calling a class method before it's defined class Example < ActiveRecord::Base; call_method; def call_method; end
[20:36:59] Lewix: self.call_method*
[20:37:37] Lewix: I don't want to write it after the method definition
[20:38:26] Lewix: ACTION hasn't touched rails in months so he's a lil rusty
[20:41:43] Lewix: arup_r: put it simply, say you want to execute a private method right after the model load but you don't call it after the method is defined
[20:46:00] Lewix: arup_r: I should probably use a callback for that, but it feels hacky


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[15:50:20] Lewix: I added config.active_record.schema_format = :sql to application rb but the file db/structur.rb is not generated, schema.rb is overwritten instead. I'm using tiny_tds and sqlserver_adaptater. any thoughts?
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[15:51:32] Lewix: s/structur/structure


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[16:04:02] Lewix: ruby I missed you
[16:04:09] Lewix: I have been away for a while but I'm back


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[14:10:54] Lewix: apeiros: where do you work again
[14:16:15] Lewix: ljarvis: I thought that was for an ape I rose
[17:50:19] Lewix: alex88: i think if you put an example input and desired_output it'll be helpful


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[20:17:48] Lewix: / [[{name: "Test"},{name: "test2"}],[{name: "fr"}], [{name: "A"}, {name: 'b'}, {name: 'c'}] =====> into ["Test", "test2", "fr", "A", "b" ,"c"]
[20:19:51] Lewix: jhass: I could have bet you were gonna suggest to do it with reduce
[20:21:55] Lewix: jhass: if you didnt use flatten..it could have make sense
[20:25:25] Lewix: jhass: ok you won, I can't prove my point. sheesh too many days with javascript and I forgot how sweet ruby is, I needed the inspiration for js
[20:26:19] Lewix: what's a shenanigans?
[20:32:00] Lewix: jhass: your each_with_object seems to return something different ,
[20:32:13] Lewix: names.concat people.map {} ?
[20:35:16] Lewix: well well I'm never going to Sweden
[20:36:02] Lewix: ACTION is laughing that racism is going strong..even on irc
[20:38:52] Lewix: by the way jhass thanks
[20:40:28] Lewix: so aggressive
[20:40:35] Lewix: ChameleonSix: check your spelling
[20:41:29] Lewix: ACTION likes the sound of Mr Radar


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[13:28:50] Lewix: imperator: alias on an instance?
[13:30:02] Lewix: shevy: wouldn't it be for class methods
[13:31:06] Lewix: imperator: what kind of instance are you talking about
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[17:41:12] Lewix: very important: what's the best coffee without sugar in your opinion
[17:41:29] Lewix: What happened to sevenseas
[17:43:05] Lewix: sharkman: ok thanks I'll give it a try
[17:43:15] Lewix: that was a blocker
[17:44:02] Lewix: sharkman: either that or hazelnut


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[05:04:40] Lewix: i think i prefer coding on mac than on linux hands down
[05:05:34] Lewix: I recently switched to a pc then i installed linux
[05:05:41] Lewix: I'm not nearly as productive
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[19:13:21] Lewix: how have you been pontiki
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[22:28:26] Lewix: Hi people
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[02:27:24] Lewix: hello people
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[22:59:55] Lewix: Changing host
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[15:40:40] Lewix: "122.12".to_i == 122.12 wont work as expected obviously
[15:40:52] Lewix: whats a neat way to make it work without crazy logic
[15:42:13] Lewix: ACTION feels dumb as ....
[15:42:41] Lewix: havenwood: why is that the easiest thing to do never pop up when it's god damn obvious ^^
[15:45:09] Lewix: havenwood: give me an example
[15:45:18] Lewix: havenwood: assert_in_delta?
[15:46:08] Lewix: havenwood: holycow...
[15:46:46] Lewix: havenwood: how would you use assert_in_delta
[15:48:35] Lewix: olistik: i like it
[15:48:45] Lewix: havenwood: i see. thanks for the link - bookmarked- could be useful
[15:48:55] Lewix: olistik: what do you think of..
[15:49:19] Lewix: BigDecimal("122.12".to_f) == 122.12 wont work as expected obviously
[15:49:33] Lewix: BigDecimal.new*
[15:50:08] Lewix: bnagy: totally
[15:51:13] Lewix: Dakar: do you live in dakar
[15:51:17] Lewix: havenwood: yea...?
[15:52:33] Lewix: Dakar: nagadef
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[21:01:19] Lewix: anyone use yadr? Is it good ?
[21:05:33] Lewix: havenwood: hopefully it wont be slow
[21:05:46] Lewix: im gonna try it out, havenwood - im tired of managing my dotfiles
[21:06:07] Lewix: havenwood: sure


[00:35:15] Lewix: sevenseacat: be nice ^^
[00:35:32] Lewix: ght: lol you're funny
[00:36:57] Lewix: sevenseacat: it's not ladylike not to be gentle...


[03:54:27] Lewix: I'm looking for a benchmark of programming languages - slowest to fastest


[21:44:39] Lewix: hello guys



[23:33:58] Lewix: a5i: what's Crystal?
[23:38:21] Lewix: pipework: how's erlang?
[23:39:38] Lewix: no freaking way a5i
[23:39:42] Lewix: I'll check it out now
[23:39:56] Lewix: pipework: did you consider clojure
[23:45:39] Lewix: pipework: I see


[00:39:02] Lewix: Ericx2x: yes
[00:39:17] Lewix: Ericx2x: how good are you
[00:39:28] Lewix: or rather what's your background


[02:33:37] Lewix: sevenseacat: hey!!!
[02:34:22] Lewix: sevenseacat: I was just thinking that it seems that in australia, a lot of women are taking computer science as opposed to north america
[02:35:30] Lewix: Also, i think i love australia univ, I've looking at some videos from UNSW
[02:35:42] Lewix: I've been*
[02:36:22] Lewix: sevenseacat: How have you been
[02:40:31] Lewix: smathy: true - in my defense the us promo video don't even have females
[02:41:18] Lewix: smathy: lol
[02:41:29] Lewix: I'm moving to Australia
[02:41:48] Lewix: sevenseacat: busy with work?
[02:42:12] Lewix: smathy: I wasn't taking it seriously ^^
[02:42:42] Lewix: smathy: I know your hopes died a long time ago
[02:42:54] Lewix: sevenseacat: oh you write..
[02:43:18] Lewix: smathy: hehe
[02:43:23] Lewix: sevenseacat: technical book or fiction
[02:43:57] Lewix: where's your name?
[02:44:07] Lewix: once again males....
[02:57:37] Lewix: sevenseacat: I guess


[14:18:01] Lewix: anyone use vim
[14:18:12] Lewix: if yes, what do you use to prettify the code
[14:24:23] Lewix: futilegames: gg=G?
[14:24:44] Lewix: is that a feature of vim-rails or vim-ruby, futilegames