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[10:26:59] Mattias: I usually just use a premade vimrc, like spf13. Then go from there
[10:27:51] Mattias: Although, recently, I've started using the JetBrains IDEs


[08:08:24] Mattias: Try to find the nth-term from the sequence instead. :)


[18:04:29] Mattias: ACTION stares at himself


[06:41:11] Mattias: How would one install a self-signed certificate on another machine? Is it different depending on which application will use it? Like one way for php and another for ruby?
[07:01:15] Mattias: ericwood: You don't happen to know how to install a self-signed certificate (the one on my ftp server) to another machine? Does it differ depending on if I do it for ruby or for php? Or is it global for the machine? (Both servers runs ubuntu)


[14:20:21] Mattias: is Net::FTPTLS gone in ruby 2.0.0? What could I use instead for FTP with TLS?
[14:43:25] Mattias: workmad3: Yeah, looks like it. Couldn't find anything else which could also ignore certs. Python seems to have ftp with tls support built-in so I went with that and it works now :)
[14:44:24] Mattias: workmad3: it's a self-signed cert, and I only download from my own ftp server.
[14:45:28] Mattias: workmad3: Don't you need a CA which also costs?
[14:45:48] Mattias: So there is something I don't know yet :) Tell me more
[14:46:04] Mattias: Ah, I fully understand now
[14:46:14] Mattias: Of course I could do that :) kind of like how /etc/hosts works for domains
[14:47:26] Mattias: Still, couldn't find a working ftp tls lib for ruby 2 :)
[14:47:50] Mattias: Might be ^.^
[14:48:01] Mattias: I'm 50% sftp
[14:48:11] Mattias: sftp I don't know how to make virtual servers on
[14:48:18] Mattias: Some servers I have uses only sftp
[14:48:30] Mattias: virtual users on***
[14:48:56] Mattias: Tell me how to create a virtual user in sftp and I'll switch :)
[14:49:29] Mattias: pam can do that? O.o *investigates*
[14:52:28] Mattias: ACTION takes this new info to the lab server!


[18:44:53] Mattias: Does RoR have something like Laravel Homestead? It's basically a premade box for vagrant with everything you need to develop in laravel. But it's for php apps only, is there something just as nice for RoR? With Homestead you also only need one vagrant up for all projects.
[18:46:01] Mattias: antivert: Sure it has, but a vagrant box is portable and has everything from the ror server to databases, queue servers etc
[18:46:10] Mattias: momomomomo: any recommended one?
[18:46:45] Mattias: Rails dev box looks nice on github
[18:47:00] Mattias: ACTION tries it
[18:47:24] Mattias: momomomomo: I just saw that :( 3 seconds after writing I'd try it
[18:48:11] Mattias: RWpreise64 seems to be the one to try
[18:48:23] Mattias: rwprecise64*
[18:59:11] Mattias: diegoviola: vagrant would probably solve this
[19:01:45] Mattias: diegoviola: Vagrant adds some convenient features over virtualbox/vmware or whatever you want to use. You can write a "Vagrantfile" which downloads/starts a premade box, and optionally you can run provisioning with Chef, Ansible or whatever :) Usually there are premade boxes like for RoR there's "RWprecise64"
[19:01:51] Mattias: diegoviola: <--
[19:02:29] Mattias: diegoviola: Basically you just run vagrant up, to start the environment. vagrant suspend to suspend it, or vagrant destroy to completely erase everything made on the box since you started it
[19:03:41] Mattias: diegoviola: And you could create a box identical to the production server so you never run into problems when deploying to one, and everyone, no matter which OS they use, will have the exact same environment :)
[19:06:26] Mattias: diegoviola: vagrant uses shared folders, you have the files locally
[19:06:40] Mattias: EminenceHC: have public boxes
[19:12:15] Mattias: hm, rwprecise64 wasn't as "complete" as I would have liked it, rails not even installed to begin with. going to try that other one called vagrant-rails now
[19:17:37] Mattias: Gabriel403: comes with databases and everything as well? :)
[19:17:52] Mattias: Gabriel403: Right now I'm trying to combine vagrant-rails with the RWprecise64 box :)
[19:18:41] Mattias: Gabriel403: If only there was something like Laravel Homestead :/ It's amazing.
[19:18:55] Mattias: Gabriel403: Is the box on github? :)
[19:23:17] Mattias: tubbo: no, that's for ruby on rails core development


[12:33:27] Mattias: So I'm trying to install gitlab, had it working but then it stopped working, now I am trying to reinstall it exactly the same way but it seems the same problems are still there, for example when I run sudo -u git -H bundle exec rake db:setup RAILS_ENV=production I get this error: Could not find a JavaScript runtime. See for a list of available runtimes.
[12:33:34] Mattias: How do I fix that? O.o
[12:34:03] Mattias: I mean, I did not have this issue before, it just automatically started. I haven't changed anything in the config files
[12:36:05] Mattias: sevenseacat: any ideas why the runtime suddenly disappeared? I didn't need to do this the first time around when it was working :/
[12:36:33] Mattias: therubyracer is in the Gemfile and installed by bundle install too -.-
[12:37:31] Mattias: in :assets
[12:37:42] Mattias: I see it being used when I run bundle install too
[12:41:26] Mattias: ACTION investigates
[12:50:39] Mattias: sevenseacat: hm, it works now, but it is still in the :assets group. however I downgraded gitlab to 5-0-stable instead of master. I guess they are working on something very new... which now leaves me to wonder, how can it work then if it's in the :assets group?
[12:56:57] Mattias: hm, then gitlab master is currently broken I guess
[12:57:31] Mattias: sevenseacat: oh, it changed? because the same command runs fine on 5-0-stable
[12:57:47] Mattias: ACTION is a little bit confused