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[00:00:14] MichaelGG: I skimmed Metaprogramming Ruby book a few years ago and I wasn't sold. But right now it looks like I do either WordPress and deal with security hell and crappy plugins (and php...) or go with Ruby
[00:00:24] MichaelGG: and everyone seems to love ruby for webdev so worth a shot
[00:01:16] MichaelGG: baweaver, that contracts code looks fairly concise. neat.
[00:01:44] MichaelGG: whoa hope youve got a good clutch
[00:03:38] MichaelGG: Is the Ruby in 20 minutes worth doing? Or just start with The Well grounded rubyist
[00:03:40] MichaelGG: https://www.ruby-lang.org/en/documentation/quickstart/ ?
[00:05:54] MichaelGG: that much changed from 191 to 192?
[00:06:46] MichaelGG: Is everyone on 2+ or is it like python where half the stuff dont work on 3
[00:07:08] MichaelGG: so i can ignore all pre 2.0 stuff ?
[00:07:43] MichaelGG: ok so TWGR 2nd ed is fine?
[00:07:47] MichaelGG: yeah i dont want a physicalbook
[00:07:59] MichaelGG: im travelling right now and wont be in a real country for a month but i need a site running next week
[00:11:05] MichaelGG: ok well i got twgr2nded
[00:11:13] MichaelGG: ill read that and come back
[00:11:30] MichaelGG: is railstutorial.org good?
[00:12:01] MichaelGG: cool I think I'm set then. Thanks for all the advice
[00:13:29] MichaelGG: jeez manning. The download link works once unless you login. Meanwhile first google result returs full pdf.
[00:15:05] MichaelGG: Is vim-ruby the best addong to use for vim
[00:15:43] MichaelGG: Hi my name is Michael. I like dependent types.
[00:19:45] MichaelGG: seriously though vim-ruby is the right one to use?
[00:20:23] MichaelGG: yeah so seriously though vim-ruby is the right one to use. got it.


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[23:46:26] MichaelGG: Hi there! I'd like to use Ruby to use it to make a website (gonna make a simple blog/cms for my company). I've got a lot of experience programming, mostly C/C#/F#. Where should I start? If I use a RoR tutorial will I pickup enough Ruby on the way?
[23:46:55] MichaelGG: Or should I look into a ruby tutorial before touching rails?
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[23:51:03] MichaelGG: I guess I'm asking if the RoR tutorials from the ror site are suitable for also picking up Ruby or if I need to go learn ruby first. It looks easy enough
[23:51:47] MichaelGG: ive been in webdev for ~ 2 decades so i dont need a beginners guide just tell me what to do in ror/ruby
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[23:53:34] MichaelGG: ok thanks ill dive in cheers
[23:55:18] MichaelGG: beginner as in new to ruby/ror not new to programming
[23:55:40] MichaelGG: thanks Radar
[23:56:30] MichaelGG: Radar, ok I'll do that now
[23:57:15] MichaelGG: Just seems like for building little content sites, Ruby has more community, like it's easy to drop in A/B testing and stuff. Whereas ASP.NET MVC doesnt have that community and python's somewhere in the middle
[23:57:26] MichaelGG: should be fun since Ruby's on the other end of the spectrum from what I like
[23:59:26] MichaelGG: baweaver, yes I'm much more into statically typed functional programming. And Rust when I need C compat.