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[00:19:22] MonicleLewinsky: fryguy: I added the line in my gem file, did gem install, did bundle install, I tried it all
[00:19:46] MonicleLewinsky: Mostly because I'm not 100% on how to install gems
[00:21:42] MonicleLewinsky: fryguy: Yes it is and it's dependencies
[00:22:01] MonicleLewinsky: Radar: Okay, Spring stopped. Do I need to start it again?
[00:22:09] MonicleLewinsky: I've never heard of that service
[00:22:23] MonicleLewinsky: Radar: It works fine in irb
[00:22:52] MonicleLewinsky: Oh, let me try that.
[00:23:04] MonicleLewinsky: ACTION is working on his first Ruby project
[00:23:43] MonicleLewinsky: Radar: Requiring it in Rails console returns "False"
[00:24:26] MonicleLewinsky: Huh. So how do I make Rails aware of the gem?
[00:29:11] MonicleLewinsky: Oh shit it works now.
[00:29:19] MonicleLewinsky: Thanks guys! I think killing spring did the trick


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[18:29:07] MonicleLewinsky: I'm trying to use this library in a Rails controller: and I'm getting an error that I think means that my 'require' statement is wrong: cannot load such file -- rest-client
[18:29:45] MonicleLewinsky: I'm calling ` require 'rest-client' ` right before my Controller class
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[18:31:50] MonicleLewinsky: phaul: Yes, and I've run gem install
[18:32:12] MonicleLewinsky: The line in my gemfile looks like: gem 'rest-client'
[18:37:21] MonicleLewinsky: phaul: Thanks, will try
[18:37:58] MonicleLewinsky: phaul: running "require 'rest-client'" in irb returns "true"
[23:41:31] MonicleLewinsky: I'm having trouble require'ing a gem that I installed. I installed 'rest-client' and am trying to use it on a controller, but it keeps saying "cannot load such file -- rest-client".
[23:41:37] MonicleLewinsky: Any tips for troubleshooting?