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[01:13:34] NotSatoshi: Rake doesn't like one of my gems. I can install the gem fine, and it works well on Ruby, but I get 'cannot load such file' when I try to run migrations or 'rails s'
[01:14:42] NotSatoshi: The gem is called 'reddit/base'..... and i am including it as 'reddit' or 'reddit-base'.....
[01:15:08] NotSatoshi: and the error is '/home/drake/Projects/InfoSpider/vendor/bundle/gems/bootsnap-1.3.2/lib/bootsnap/load_path_cache/core_ext/kernel_require.rb:32:in `require': cannot load such file -- ruby_reddit_api (LoadError)
[01:18:53] NotSatoshi: I don't think so
[01:19:53] NotSatoshi: I guess with a grep?
[01:20:57] NotSatoshi: hmm... it is in config/boot
[01:21:48] NotSatoshi: sevenseacat: thanks.... let me look a little deeper
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[03:58:42] NotSatoshi: Can I overwrite the gem location in the paramaters? Like 'gem uninstall pry --location /usr/share/gems'
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[04:59:52] NotSatoshi: I am having some trouble getting my rails project stated. 'rake db:create' gives me some errors. I never gave the app mysql passwords.... am I supposed to?
[05:17:47] NotSatoshi: So this is a fresh install, I am just trying to generate a controller and I am getting errors about active record not connecting with primary.... I am not certain I need a database yet
[05:18:25] NotSatoshi: specifically ' raise ConnectionNotEstablished, "No connection pool with '#{spec_name}' found." unless pool'....I get this when I try to view the website
[05:30:26] NotSatoshi: I will eventually need db support though....
[05:37:47] NotSatoshi: havenwood: thanks... figured it out... I guess my setup doesnt like the latest version of sqlite i
[06:20:10] NotSatoshi: is there a way to have a segment of code run every x minutes in rails?
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[18:26:22] NotSatoshi: I want to execute code immediatly after the website is running, where should I put the code?
[18:28:35] NotSatoshi: MrCrackPotBuilde: no, I have some code that takes a while to complete, and I want to be able to access the website before it executes
[18:28:57] NotSatoshi: I want the code to run after the 'listening' message
[18:31:12] NotSatoshi: I am running the code locally on my host
[18:36:05] NotSatoshi: I am running a local news reader program.... my view displays content that the program has found.... when the program starts it should immediatly look for new news articles
[18:36:29] NotSatoshi: looking for news takes a while and I would like to see old news while I wait for that to complete
[18:38:14] NotSatoshi: Currently I am putting the code inside a config, but the webserver does not start until it completes
[18:38:36] NotSatoshi: It is caching...that isn't the problem
[18:38:45] NotSatoshi: the problem is the server wont start until it completes
[18:40:15] NotSatoshi: I don't know what that means
[18:40:24] NotSatoshi: I have code inside initialize/scheduler
[18:40:33] NotSatoshi: config/initialize/scheduler.rb
[18:41:48] NotSatoshi: cool, thanks
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[00:24:04] NotSatoshi: I have a program that uses Net::IMAP to download emails for me and I want to store the results into an image or pdf file..... Is there a library that will do this for me?
[01:14:19] NotSatoshi: Is there any example code that downloads all emails from a server and saves them to eml files?
[01:24:43] NotSatoshi: Eiam: I have been going through that tutorial already, but it mentions nothing about saving..... I am curious if I can save it raw, or if it needs to be formatted to be an EML
[01:25:21] NotSatoshi: I don't understand
[01:27:06] NotSatoshi: oh, didn't see Modus's message
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