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[07:56:36] OliverMT: greenail: you cant force it in the db, but you can structure your changeset to only write the field on first entry and ignore it afterwards


[06:21:33] OliverMT: benwilson512: no just side by side without labels
[06:21:38] OliverMT: The answer is yes btw
[06:21:54] OliverMT: I made tests to make sure even
[06:22:06] OliverMT: dysfun: please titulate me master of testing now
[07:08:47] OliverMT: I wont answer unless you prefix with Sir Testalot
[09:49:40] OliverMT: josevalim: I saw someone ask why logger doesnt just use otp logger app
[09:49:48] OliverMT: I feel that has been answered somewhere
[09:50:00] OliverMT: maybe you were the asker haha
[09:50:08] OliverMT: ok, so its an end goal?
[09:50:16] OliverMT: it tickles my memory that otp logger had less features
[09:50:23] OliverMT: or maybe tied more to releases?
[09:51:50] OliverMT: I fully support making your own dream come true <3
[09:52:01] OliverMT: thats why I am going downstairs to get some coffee and cake as we speak
[09:52:24] OliverMT: one thing I miss in elixir is to be able to set "module specific" logger levels
[09:52:30] OliverMT: like in the JVM we could turn on debug for a specific namespace
[09:52:36] OliverMT: no idea how we could implement that in elixir though
[09:52:50] OliverMT: but it would be cool if we could put ecto into debug mode in prod
[09:53:44] OliverMT: how would it work per module
[09:53:47] OliverMT: if the logger is process centric
[09:53:54] OliverMT: I thought the logger config is compile time
[09:56:22] OliverMT: josevalim: is offical stance still that there are no major features planned?


[19:49:30] OliverMT: open logfile!
[21:57:39] OliverMT: benwilson512: just to be 100% sure, if you send multiple mutations to absinthe, each resolution will be unique to each mutation right?
[21:57:52] OliverMT: so you will always have only one :value key in the resultion etc
[21:58:04] OliverMT: my testing says so, just want to make sure I am not misunderstanding something completely


[12:58:52] OliverMT: do we ever think Lumen will be used in prod over beam?
[12:58:58] OliverMT: *do we think we will ever
[13:13:11] OliverMT: well if they go feature complete, the leap to supporting linux can't be *that* big
[13:13:18] OliverMT: *if they go feature complete on a browser
[13:13:54] OliverMT: I havent spent a single brain cycle looking into wasm, is it 'powerful' enough that you can pre-empt threads etc to get the green thread guarantees that elixir processes require?


[12:25:52] OliverMT: benwilson512: what? could you re-explaoin that
[12:25:59] OliverMT: if you have an integration test that is in a sandbox
[12:26:14] OliverMT: you can hit /sandbox within that test to have subsequent calls to phoenix end up in the same sandbox isolation?
[12:26:49] OliverMT: because it's been a big annoyance to me that to do proper cypress based blackbox tests you either need to have a super detailed seed setup, or you need to use cypress itself to 'set up' the test and you cant get proper concurrency
[12:27:02] OliverMT: so they need to run in sequence
[12:27:21] OliverMT: well you still cant do this concurrently I guess
[12:27:37] OliverMT: not for external clients
[12:27:52] OliverMT: two /sandbox exposed at the same time doesnt make sense
[12:28:00] OliverMT: how would you know you end up in the right test
[12:28:24] OliverMT: if cypress want to test login in an integration test where the user doesnt exist
[12:28:29] OliverMT: and also test where it DOES exist
[12:28:38] OliverMT: can I test that in parallell with tihs?
[12:30:59] OliverMT: can you pre-seed a specific test with a token?
[12:31:19] OliverMT: no but I mean I would like internal test A to run with external test B
[12:31:25] OliverMT: I dont think I can do that
[12:31:43] OliverMT: this is still pretty cool
[12:32:10] OliverMT: ok so the analogue here would be that even if I have cypress register a user
[12:32:15] OliverMT: I could in parallell run two tests
[12:32:19] OliverMT: one where cypress does activate the user
[12:32:21] OliverMT: and one where it does not
[12:32:27] OliverMT: using the same username, since its isolated


[12:30:16] OliverMT: benwilson512: what is the overhead for large items? If you insert a 1MB term
[18:39:14] OliverMT: benwilson512: haha
[18:39:40] OliverMT: benwilson512: that explains the more or less linear growth rate though :p


[13:56:30] OliverMT: I am just floating around here on my pool noodle enjoying this great discussion


[21:51:43] OliverMT: === just makes sure there is no coercion, but "2" == 2 is also false
[21:52:31] OliverMT: so you cant "compare" in the sense the natural language uses compares
[21:52:40] OliverMT: but you sure can check if they are the same (which they will never be)
[21:52:50] OliverMT: whereas in a lot of other languages "2" == 2
[21:52:52] OliverMT: can be true
[21:53:05] OliverMT: "a lot" maybe not true anymore :p
[21:53:37] OliverMT: not a risk in elixir
[21:53:49] OliverMT: there is coercion going on, since its a dynamic language
[21:53:57] OliverMT: but you won't generally get any of the normal false positives
[21:56:03] OliverMT: well, this might blow your mind:
[21:56:04] OliverMT: iex(7)> :true == true
[21:56:27] OliverMT: iex(8)> :true === true
[21:56:34] OliverMT: yes, true and false are just atoms
[21:56:39] OliverMT: that has special treatment
[21:57:23] OliverMT: what you want to read up on is truthyness in elixir
[22:05:37] OliverMT: the confusing truthyness parts for 'newbies' is normally this
[22:05:43] OliverMT: iex(17)> if false, do: :hi, else: :ho
[22:05:43] OliverMT: iex(16)> if [], do: :hi, else: :ho
[22:05:59] OliverMT: some languages have a if truthyness of false for empty list
[22:06:37] OliverMT: most of the times I've found people asking "wut??" on forums etc its related to that
[22:07:26] OliverMT: but as you already quoted from ruby
[22:07:28] OliverMT: everything is truthy except nil and false
[22:07:41] OliverMT: you'd almost think josevalim came from ruby
[22:08:23] OliverMT: good night, wish you welcome into the endeavours of elixir


[00:56:27] OliverMT: *.net *.split
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[10:16:37] OliverMT: antranigv: our current prod solution is just using awk and sed on the vm.args file in a wrapper bash script
[10:17:04] OliverMT: That doesnt answer your question, just saying that you wouldnt be totally crazy to just do it that way :)
[10:17:21] OliverMT: We use it primarily to set host names for multi node
[10:20:11] OliverMT: I work for microsoft and use windows and wsl :p
[10:20:39] OliverMT: I also own a dev company which was the «we» referred to
[10:23:05] OliverMT: I use ubuntu in prod :p



[12:56:32] OliverMT: from one olli to another, ask away!


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[11:59:25] OliverMT: still working your webrtc thing vans163 ?
[11:59:40] OliverMT: game streaming or something similar iirc


[04:42:27] OliverMT: benwilson512: thanks!!!


[12:37:11] OliverMT: hey everyone, is it possible to decode a Phoenix.Token in javascript?
[12:37:19] OliverMT: (and also verify its not been tampered)
[12:38:03] OliverMT: I need to make a cookie value to pass off to cloudfront which will lambda @ edge when request is /models/<folder name>/* to verify user is allowed to request files in <folder name>
[12:38:32] OliverMT: a part of the bootstrap process is to get that cookie or header value set from backend
[12:45:33] OliverMT: well, the lambda will have access to the secret (by copy pasting it over), does that help?
[12:46:55] OliverMT: do you have a suggestion for other ways to make tamper free tokens that can hold a path?
[12:47:01] OliverMT: I guess I can go to plain JWT
[12:47:11] OliverMT: feels a bit crazy to put that in a lambda @ edge function though
[12:47:44] OliverMT: I thought JWT was a lot more heavy
[12:47:58] OliverMT: or mostly, dysfun has been ranting for years about how shit JWT is on irc and slack both :D
[12:48:12] OliverMT: if I have polish stamp of approval from micmus then JWT it is
[20:19:09] OliverMT: benwilson512: a question to your absinthe highness, is there no way to get ahold of the original query in the resolvers?
[20:19:34] OliverMT: parent, args and context, neither of those hold the original query... I thought it did before
[20:19:53] OliverMT: no omfg, the third arg is a map that *also* holds context, it's not the whole thing
[20:19:56] OliverMT: nevermind :D
[20:20:54] OliverMT: fyi, inspecting that third arg in a resolver that is called some 100 times, is a bad time for your console output :p
[21:12:53] OliverMT: It was suprisingly easy btw
[21:12:58] OliverMT: To do what I wanted
[21:13:34] OliverMT: https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/St6L0mtJ/IMG_0530.PNG
[21:14:09] OliverMT: Ehm that code is invalid, I changed it to .name == «signedUrl» :p


[22:32:47] OliverMT: benwilson512: https://github.com/ex-aws/ex_aws/blob/master/lib/ex_aws/auth.ex#L70 <-- this url signer requires you to pass config up front
[22:33:02] OliverMT: whereas ExAws.request() will pull and use the role based instance key/secret pair
[22:33:23] OliverMT: I can't find any way to get runtime config, do you have a clue?
[22:35:57] OliverMT: it seems the way to go is to build a new config from base, that pulls in your config.exs values, then Map.merge with https://github.com/ex-aws/ex_aws/blob/master/lib/ex_aws/config.ex#L78
[22:37:20] OliverMT: it seems I need to read the code twice instead of once
[22:37:25] OliverMT: ExAws.Config.new(:s3) <-- gives a full config, nice


[14:08:49] OliverMT: installer doesnt add to PATH in windows for 1.9.0 it seems
[14:08:52] OliverMT: just installed twice to see
[14:08:55] OliverMT: not a big deal, but annoying


[06:39:33] OliverMT: I have a business plan where I get a load of interns to randomly bang keyboards for the summer. Then I can sell it as premium entropy.
[06:54:09] OliverMT: serafeim: I think using interns ensures there is less defecation in the office
[06:54:11] OliverMT: at least a little bit


[19:49:28] OliverMT: *.net *.split
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[12:50:55] OliverMT: is elixir really 6 years now?
[12:55:26] OliverMT: I think I've been in prod on it for... four now
[12:55:35] OliverMT: and we were one of the first it felt like
[12:55:41] OliverMT: we were like four people in this chan who were prod with elixir


[12:49:18] OliverMT: I'm doing success typing at home, testing out various potty types to vean my eldest from diapers. Pretty similar to what dialyzer does to some of my code I'm sure!
[12:50:23] OliverMT: ACTION always likes to help out with some real world analogues!
[13:41:30] OliverMT: you're actually using rust?
[13:41:38] OliverMT: to decode some of your hardware stuff or what?
[13:42:10] OliverMT: aha, and that is a rust parser?
[13:42:18] OliverMT: makes sense
[13:42:35] OliverMT: ah, this is for servo I recon
[13:47:14] OliverMT: I loved that blog from discord with their custom data type in rustler
[13:47:15] OliverMT: so powerful
[13:52:13] OliverMT: I only hire the best people you know!!
[13:54:29] OliverMT: me and trump have that in common


[19:44:26] OliverMT: why are you using tenor for ants Nicd-? :(


[19:10:34] OliverMT: that hacker news article comment field
[19:10:48] OliverMT: there are so many elixir core group supported projects to work on
[19:10:57] OliverMT: liveview none the less
[19:11:06] OliverMT: it's not like josevalim will run out of stuff to fix
[19:12:08] OliverMT: I treat HN as a analogue to reddit r/programming with a way higher percentage of entitled agressive neckbeards
[19:12:10] OliverMT: there is some good stuff
[19:12:15] OliverMT: but god damn, it's so toxic overall
[19:12:38] OliverMT: elixirforum on the other hand is one of the best online communities I've ever participated in
[19:13:08] OliverMT: main problem is that OvermindDL1 is half my digest email
[19:13:34] OliverMT: it's funny that I have this irc channel as my "main elixir place"
[19:13:39] OliverMT: but we're like 5% the users on slack
[19:14:13] OliverMT: last I checked a year ago I seem to remember the slacks were on about 20k
[19:14:27] OliverMT: serafeim: app for free for anyone, including in a web tab
[19:14:31] OliverMT: irc has a higher bar of entry
[21:09:11] OliverMT: gamache: what does "performance hit" entail?
[21:11:18] OliverMT: I let aws do my rolling for me
[21:11:24] OliverMT: full connection drain and roll


[12:00:00] OliverMT: mdbm: run both structs through Map.from_struct


[15:31:22] OliverMT: anyone else felt the need to throw aws iam off a tall cliff? :D
[15:31:37] OliverMT: created new bucket, but some cache stuff refuses me to let me use the bucket for a long time
[15:31:53] OliverMT: even using administrator credential key pair with permitall on *
[15:31:57] OliverMT: I get access denied..
[15:32:02] OliverMT: for almost an hour now
[15:32:20] OliverMT: it's in the pipe actually
[15:32:32] OliverMT: and yes, for this usage, azure storage accounts are vastly superior
[15:32:38] OliverMT: although I love a lot of the s3 api
[15:35:04] OliverMT: one hour and 15 minuts it took, now to enjoy my way through a few terabytes of s3 cp :D
[15:39:22] OliverMT: why would you suffer through that
[15:39:32] OliverMT: hetzner is good for one single thing, and that is commodity compute you dont care about
[15:39:55] OliverMT: well, is your next project something thta doesnt care about reliability?
[15:43:32] OliverMT: yes, UUID.generate()
[15:43:55] OliverMT: if you have ecto, you have uuid in your project already
[15:45:17] OliverMT: uuid is following uuidv4 spec
[15:45:52] OliverMT: but you will probably get reasonable good entropy if you just replace the -'s with '' then chop the first 16 letters into the four groups you want
[15:46:06] OliverMT: but I wouldnt rely on Enum.random if you want proper entropy
[15:46:21] OliverMT: that is the 'common' option, use the real :ssl module and base64
[15:46:38] OliverMT: ok, then whatever you do should work, unless you're worried someone can precompute your cods
[15:47:28] OliverMT: cod season is far away sadly
[15:47:32] OliverMT: I'd love me some proper atlantic cod
[15:47:49] OliverMT: although cod is one of the better fish thats been frozen
[15:55:58] OliverMT: just do what you're doing atm doesnt matter
[15:56:13] OliverMT: even if you did it in n^n fashion you'd be finishing 5000 pretty quick


[10:31:45] OliverMT: when will you index stack overflow
[10:31:53] OliverMT: and give -xp if there is code equivalency with answers
[10:49:30] OliverMT: stop being lazy Nicd-
[10:49:38] OliverMT: implement a lexer for all the languages to separate code from documentation


[13:51:21] OliverMT: Its the weekend :)


[11:06:18] OliverMT: synonyms: obvious, clear, plain, evident, apparent, manifest, self-evident; distinct, definite, transparent, overt, discernible, visible, conspicuous, blatant, downright, barefaced, flagrant, palpable, glaring, glaringly obvious, undisguised, unconcealed, unmistakable, unequivocal, unquestionable, undeniable


[07:48:54] OliverMT: Nicd-: I'd like my money back from your free service because of lack of features please
[07:49:06] OliverMT: please send me 100 pretend dollars
[10:42:00] OliverMT: a ci pipeline is free serafeim
[10:42:03] OliverMT: circleci.com go enjoy
[10:43:05] OliverMT: yes'ish is my conclusion so far
[10:43:14] OliverMT: not sure if they are AS viable, but I think so yes
[10:47:22] OliverMT: assuming a person knows linux, I would give it about 8 to 16 hours of time to figure out how to build a mix release on alpine docker
[10:47:32] OliverMT: or whatever flavour of openssl you need to support for target system
[10:48:59] OliverMT: there are probably at least 15 detailed tutorials
[10:49:10] OliverMT: josevalim: and making sure you have the right platform on prod nad ci
[18:12:14] OliverMT: alpine elixir, maintained by bitwalker
[18:12:25] OliverMT: I dont know of any other idiomatic choice tbh
[18:12:34] OliverMT: that said, its about 30min work to make your own base image if you so want


[21:44:17] OliverMT: you've spent your question now though
[21:44:23] OliverMT: on asking if this is the right channel
[21:44:26] OliverMT: please hold for 10 minutes
[21:44:50] OliverMT: ...i came in like a wreeeecking baaaaalll....
[21:45:12] OliverMT: this is also the comedic relief channel, when we made one, there was only me and Nicd- in there :(
[21:45:46] OliverMT: josevalim lights up some jokes now and then too!
[21:45:53] OliverMT: same here, so if you want answers, ask quickly w09x !


[06:34:52] OliverMT: Mieserkadser: the join function is just a function, if you pattern match it will behave differently
[06:35:02] OliverMT: as you'd expect for normal functions
[06:36:54] OliverMT: it's more that the framework simply calls join/3
[06:37:05] OliverMT: and you can if you so choose implement multiple function heads for that function
[06:37:34] OliverMT: it's important to de-magicify the framework, thats why this is so much better than django, rails and all those magic black box thingies
[06:37:52] OliverMT: it's just a behaviour you're implementing and the framework calls your functions, no magic


[09:41:44] OliverMT: https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/X1LXBDTR/image.png