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[09:09:22] PasNox: Hi, can anyone point me to the C documentation so that i can embed ruby in my c++ application and be able to use installed gems ? I have a minimal example that works, but when I try to require redcarpet it throw an exception telling it can't load the specified file
[09:09:33] PasNox: the test code works fine from terminal and ruby file
[09:10:53] PasNox: This is what i have for now:
[09:12:07] PasNox: ok, here is it
[09:53:18] PasNox: so, it looks like that gems path are not added to the interpreter, ruby_incpush("/usr/lib/ruby/gems/2.5.0/gems/redcarpet-3.4.0/lib"); fix my issues, but i would like to avoid such hard coding. any idea ?


[10:09:58] PasNox: Hi all. Yesterday i upgraded my system to a new distribution version, that broken stuff in ruby. I did delete the content of vendor/ruby/2.0.0/gems and vendor/ruby/2.0.0/cache from /home/git/gitlab and the .bundle folder. Now i can no longer reinstall / rebuild the gems. What i can do to bring them back ?
[10:10:30] PasNox: when i start the bundle install, it tell me they are installed while they are not. any hinfos please?
[10:14:04] PasNox: jhass: yeah,n i found command for correct things after having deleted stuff :/
[10:14:09] PasNox: vendor/bundle/ruby/2.0.0/specifications/ does exists
[10:14:26] PasNox: jhass: what that mean ?
[10:14:30] PasNox: deleting entirely ?
[10:14:42] PasNox: atmosx: gitlab seems to use bundle / bundler
[10:14:54] PasNox: jhass: just specifications folder ?
[10:16:24] PasNox: pasnox@hostname:/home/git/gitlab$ sudo -u git -H bundle install --deployment --without development test postgres aws
[10:16:26] PasNox: Some gems seem to be missing from your vendor/cache directory.
[10:16:27] PasNox: Could not find rake-10.3.1 in any of the sources
[10:16:28] PasNox: pasnox@hostname:/home/git/gitlab$
[10:16:37] PasNox: i deleted entirely bundle, same error
[10:17:31] PasNox: ah better, it s fetching gems index
[10:19:31] PasNox: it's reinstalling :)
[10:19:34] PasNox: jhass: many thanks
[14:07:21] PasNox: jhass: thanks again. all gems rebuilt - my application works again !!!


[23:21:52] PasNox: Hi, i had some ruby gems installed before , some self built. i did a major os upgrade, now some gems faisl to find some libraries. how do i rebuild all of them please ?
[23:25:01] PasNox: i did tried: sudo gem2-0 pristine --all
[23:25:04] PasNox: and then ?
[23:26:35] PasNox: ah : sudo gem2-0 upate
[23:26:41] PasNox: seems it rebuild extensions / gems!
[23:27:50] PasNox: levo: question for me ?