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[09:50:18] Raven737: Hi, question, i'm trying to get a git project to run correctly but it sometimes forwards to https (i don't have it set up), for that it is using the "domain" variable. Where is that defined? Where does the s in https come from in that variable?
[09:52:07] Raven737: I only find it defined in /app/models/plugin.rb but after i changed it, it still does the same (seems the plugin domain has nothing to do with it?).
[09:53:26] Raven737: tbuehlmann: for example, in after_sign_in_path_for(resource) i returns "#{domain}home"
[09:54:02] Raven737: tbuehlmann: force_ssl is not found.
[09:54:30] Raven737: The project is https://github.com/iobridge/thingspeak
[09:57:12] Raven737: that's it, thank you so much
[09:57:16] Raven737: sorry I am new at this
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