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[08:32:21] Ray`: hi folks, I'm trying to figure out why Rails (via Puma) would be running in the "test" environment, despite being told to run in development and showing the development environment being set during startup, with web-console and checking Rails.env it shows "test", and the test database is being used, but I have no idea how that's being set
[08:32:35] Ray`: wow that was a long sentence
[08:53:59] Ray`: got it nvm! one of my initializers had an = line instead of ==, was setting the Rails env to test


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[09:56:48] Ray`: hi, hopefully someone will see this eventually, I've been issue with (what I think is) the checkout flow on a site, on about 5% of orders there's an error received that says it's missing the _complete partial, the order still goes through but ends up being submitted twice frequently due to confusion by the customers. I've found clues as to where it might be caused (the checkout flow block in the decorator), bu
[09:56:54] Ray`: t I've no idea why it would only be showing up in a small quantity of users
[09:57:02] Ray`: if anyone has any thoughts that'd be awesome, tia


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[10:24:18] Ray`: ruby-lang626: you'll need a few years of experience and the ability to demonstrate your ability
[10:24:55] Ray`: it's likely you'll have to do a bunch of very low paid or even free work for a while first in order to develop a portfolio
[10:25:19] Ray`: contributing to open source projects or developing one can be an alternative way to do that
[10:25:26] Ray`: apeiros: true, but were they knew to programming in general?
[10:25:36] Ray`: and would you hire a freelance developer for a contract in rails who had no rails experience?
[10:25:56] Ray`: I'd imagine the pay's pretty different for both positions too
[10:26:37] Ray`: yeah, although I do tend to use freelancing/contracting fairly interchangably I guess
[10:26:46] Ray`: because I freelance, but take on contract work
[10:28:05] Ray`: get in line man
[10:28:57] Ray`: bubbys: I don't think those two are mutually exclusive
[10:29:40] Ray`: venn diagrams needed here
[10:30:38] Ray`: well this is a good example of how different employers have completely different metrics
[10:30:57] Ray`: and you probably want to cover all your bases
[10:32:50] Ray`: I'd guess you probably have a bunch of red flags too
[10:32:57] Ray`: most of the people I've spoken to in the hiring process seem to
[10:33:55] Ray`: it's useful to know what's going on in the hiring process in varying environments
[10:35:08] Ray`: if you have an efficient screening and interviewing process, it doesn't have to be
[10:35:39] Ray`: the points mentioned in the conversation just now were good
[10:36:14] Ray`: no not necessarily, those are outsourcing sites
[10:37:25] Ray`: this is probably getting off topic
[10:38:05] Ray`: I'd suggest searching for information on how to create an agency, that seems to be what you're doing
[10:41:41] Ray`: good luck and godspeed
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[10:43:47] Ray`: I need to get better at recognizing trolls


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[13:04:14] Ray`: I have that for chrome
[13:04:24] Ray`: changes "the cloud" into "my butt"
[13:04:33] Ray`: best headline I saw so far was "healthcare slowly inches into my butt"


[16:53:38] Ray`: the last time I did something like that I used Faye::WebSocket
[16:53:54] Ray`: it seemed to be the library that was most up to date
[17:06:09] Ray`: that's a good ettiquette point
[17:06:26] Ray`: I'll have to keep that in mind myself actually
[17:08:00] Ray`: frozenfoxx: Faye::Websocket worked for what I used it for, which was essentially a makeshift in-browser terminal that sent data from a page (via JS websockets) to a ruby server, I tried a few other libraries before that but ran into some problems and they seemed to be because the libraries were no longer maintained


[22:29:35] Ray`: I was trying to figure out how to use the equivalent of destructors in ruby classes
[22:29:42] Ray`: there is a way, it's not particularly clean though
[23:26:05] Ray`: well, you have the size of the array
[23:26:21] Ray`: you also have functions to tell if it's odd or even
[23:26:33] Ray`: I mean, you can go from there
[23:28:16] Ray`: smallpen: http://www.alcula.com/calculators/statistics/median/
[23:28:42] Ray`: yeah good point


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[16:57:03] Ray`: mwlang: I ended up using a cheatsheet, but I've lost the URL
[16:57:12] Ray`: because xpath has always bugged me
[17:21:07] Ray`: Ox0dea: haha no, I stopped needing it eventually
[17:21:12] Ray`: so I don't have it to hand
[22:15:41] Ray`: wikipedia ain't helping - In computer science, control flow (or alternatively, flow of control) is the order in which individual statements, instructions or function calls of an imperative program are executed or evaluated.
[22:16:55] Ray`: "flow of control" isn't helping the situation though
[22:17:09] Ray`: it's in the control flow entry
[22:19:19] Ray`: Ox0dea is actually a refactoring library with a natural language api


[12:14:55] Ray`: TypeError: Symbol is not a symbol
[12:14:57] Ray`: best error of the day
[12:30:45] Ray`: Ulfalizer: that was it actually, I did a double-take when I first saw the error though
[12:38:15] Ray`: I'll look out for that one


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[10:27:30] Ray`: it's always LSD time
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[08:00:40] Ray`: it's namespacing right?
[08:01:11] Ray`: guess my memeory isn't as bad as I thought
[08:01:18] Ray`: my spelling is though
[08:07:43] Ray`: I've had issues with the opengl binding libs for ruby in terms of speed
[08:08:39] Ray`: I've been working on a 3D cellular automata system, ended up having to rewrite it in C, and my C kinda sucks
[08:09:03] Ray`: I can write it but I'm no expert
[08:09:59] Ray`: that's something I'm considering now
[08:10:40] Ray`: I gave it a shot early on but WebGL still wasn't mature enough, this is a project I've had sitting around for a year or two
[08:11:02] Ray`: the thing is, unlike with 2D cellular automata, a lot of the 3D rulesets have no interesting behaviour
[08:11:42] Ray`: so I've had to implement a set of metrics for measuring "interesting" activity, and evolve different rulesets via a genetic algorithm
[08:12:13] Ray`: I'm trying not to cheat by reading the existing papers on the topic
[09:04:09] Ray`: I think I've been using parentheses for clarity since BODMAS, because precedence can be annoying
[09:04:45] Ray`: it's an acronym we got taught in math class for precedence in mathematical operators
[09:05:41] Ray`: I think in the US people use PEDMAS
[09:05:53] Ray`: since british english uses brackets to mean parentheses
[09:05:57] Ray`: Brackets, Order, Divide, Multiply, Add, Subtract
[09:10:43] Ray`: haha true, but this was high school math
[09:11:05] Ray`: once I got to doing college physics I had to internalize a lot of things
[09:11:52] Ray`: but used parentheses a lot in my calculations for clarity, since when the calculation spans like 7 pages
[09:13:04] Ray`: PEDMAS includes exponents, that's missing from BODMAS
[09:13:11] Ray`: hadn't noticed that before
[09:13:58] Ray`: guess you could class it as order
[09:14:29] Ray`: ACTION grumbles and goes to dig out his textbooks again
[10:28:31] Ray`: canton7: yep, realized that after I said it, I definitely need more sleep
[10:29:06] Ray`: for some reason I figured that an exponent could be expressed in terms of a power, but then was like wat?
[10:47:01] Ray`: haha shevy
[10:47:19] Ray`: anything raised to the power of zero should technically be 1 mathematically
[10:48:11] Ray`: what's i^0?
[10:49:22] Ray`: I knew it, a tauist
[10:49:52] Ray`: nobody answered the i one, it's 11
[10:50:05] Ray`: ACTION curses his fingers
[10:51:05] Ray`: it should be zero
[10:51:17] Ray`: 10 ** 0 = 1
[10:51:25] Ray`: 0 to the power of 1 is itself, 0
[10:51:48] Ray`: don't worry about it, I'm not particularly sharp today
[10:52:11] Ray`: what's i^i?
[10:52:18] Ray`: (easy one)
[10:52:24] Ray`: or j^j if you're an engineer
[10:55:24] Ray`: https://www.math.toronto.edu/mathnet/questionCorner/itothei.html there's the proof
[10:55:38] Ray`: it's more difficult to work with in ruby
[10:56:23] Ray`: filed under stuff that will make your head spin
[10:56:56] Ray`: haha it reminds me of when I first encountered the schrodinger equation and was like "what have I gotten myself into"
[10:57:41] Ray`: that too, I don't get why they did it that way
[10:57:53] Ray`: looks like an old page though
[11:01:45] Ray`: well, there goes my productivity, now I'm fixated on that proof
[11:09:22] Ray`: I think I'm done, paper and pencil put away, time to write some ruby
[11:10:30] Ray`: haha don't give me ideas!
[11:12:18] Ray`: ACTION throws his copy of Godel, Escher Bach at [k- 


[06:47:28] Ray`: jesus saves, the rest of you take damage


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[22:06:17] Ray`: then you end up with a bloated stdlib
[22:07:27] Ray`: I mean, I'm using the most extreme example here:
[22:07:31] Ray`: took forever for this to get out http://php.net/manual/en/function.easter-days.php
[22:07:47] Ray`: hence why I said extreme
[22:09:14] Ray`: right, I used that as a function due to the fact that it's a) useless and b) extra code to maintain
[22:09:53] Ray`: (I didn't have a ruby example to hand)
[22:11:24] Ray`: reasonable point


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[11:24:34] Ray`: I'm not sure of the _best_ way to do it, or even the proper one, but I can find you what I did
[11:25:47] Ray`: http://pastebin.com/ELweSq1K
[11:26:10] Ray`: resulted in the contents of the partial specified being inserted into where homepage_products usually were
[12:02:09] Ray`: app/views/home/_homepage_contents.html.haml
[12:02:47] Ray`: the override was in the app/overrides directory as replace_homepage_products.rb


[21:01:20] Ray`: hmm, I'm having an issue with replacing the cart form partial by either deface or directly, I get undefined method `variants_and_option_values' for #<Spree::Product:0xcf25f10>
[21:01:39] Ray`: spree version is..one sec
[21:02:56] Ray`: wondering if I should just do this the long way around and make the alterations to the cart form directly with insert_before and insert_after
[21:03:12] Ray`: but I'm wondering if I'm actually do something incorrectly here
[21:06:23] Ray`: you're right, this <% if @product.has_variants? %> was the original version
[21:07:46] Ray`: is display_price also a recent addition? I just realized I'm using template code from the git repo rather than the 1.3.2 version
[21:07:56] Ray`: which is probably what is causing that issue
[21:08:31] Ray`: I guess that might at least put me on the right track, I'll look further into it
[21:09:30] Ray`: right, that's what I'm doing wrong I think
[21:09:59] Ray`: thanks, that actually helps quite a bit, I don't know why I didn't realize that earlier


[19:39:17] Ray`: quick Q if anyone is around, the link_to_cart helper text can be specified but I'm having trouble getting an image used to the left of the link, it simply displays as HTML
[19:39:34] Ray`: it'd be easiest to display outside the link, but then the icon appears on pages where the cart link itself does not
[19:39:38] Ray`: (like the cart page)
[19:40:25] Ray`: so in essence I'd just want to do something like link_to_cart( image_tag("cart.png") + "My Cart" )
[19:40:32] Ray`: I have a feeling I've missed a much easier way of going about this
[19:42:03] Ray`: well, I tried that but it doesn't appear in my version that link_to_cart takes more than one argument
[19:43:00] Ray`: ACTION smacks forehead
[19:43:01] Ray`: yep, got it
[19:57:08] Ray`: peterberkenbosch: that worked perfectly, thanks!


[04:55:35] Ray`: Radar: the issue with the HAML stuff
[04:55:43] Ray`: turns out it works if I use ERB style tags
[04:55:50] Ray`: but the rest of the markup as HAML
[04:56:14] Ray`: when I loaded HAML partials, the syntax of simply using = didn't allow me to use helpers
[04:56:23] Ray`: such as link_to or image_tag
[04:56:28] Ray`: using Deface
[04:56:48] Ray`: but if I use my normal HAML syntax, and instead use <%= link_to %> instead of = link_to
[04:56:51] Ray`: it works
[04:57:03] Ray`: yeah really weird
[04:57:18] Ray`: I'm going to try and pin it down more precisely and report it as a bug, but I want to make sure it is one first
[04:57:55] Ray`: but I think I've eliminated elements of my own idiocy as being possible causes


[20:10:05] Ray`: quick Q if anyone's around, using deface when I replace an element using a partial, the traditional rails helpers such as link_to and image_tag aren't available
[20:10:12] Ray`: have I done something incorrectly?
[20:10:26] Ray`: (Spree 1.3.2)
[20:11:25] Ray`: I would expect so, I don't know if the fact that I'm using HAML makes a difference
[20:12:34] Ray`: I'll check it out, one clue I found is that the error I get is this:
[20:12:40] Ray`: undefined method `link_to' for #<Object:0xc75789c>
[20:12:48] Ray`: shouldn't that be an ActionView object?
[20:13:33] Ray`: well it's in the partials where the issue occurs
[20:13:41] Ray`: if I use text to replace, the helpers work fine
[23:02:51] Ray`: one moment
[23:03:37] Ray`: http://pastebin.com/bsAahQe8
[23:03:57] Ray`: the partial itself loads fine, but if I use any ActionView helpers they don't appear to be working
[23:06:54] Ray`: sure, it's just some basic HAML placeholder stuff
[23:06:57] Ray`: http://pastebin.com/7FnLKxV2
[23:07:12] Ray`: but I can't seem to use image_tag or link_to or anything else within that
[23:07:23] Ray`: the HAML itself renders correctly on the page


[17:18:18] Ray`: hi, could someone direct me to a decent resource on how to add custom aspects to the admin backend? my initial searching didn't turn up useful results yet. For instance, adding additional fields to the front-end that can be edited via the admin interface
[17:18:28] Ray`: my apologies if it's somewhere obvious in the spree guide and I just missed it