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[17:19:35] Sigma00: Spungey420: small companies usually prefer jack of all trades


[08:36:15] Sigma00: do you believe in code
[08:39:02] Sigma00: sometimes code don't real, man....
[09:01:55] Sigma00: you can always define `+` for hashes yourself :p


[03:45:22] Sigma00: jottr: sounds like you're missing indexes on your table


[19:17:10] Sigma00: because someone thought it'd be neat to have a standard for emojis
[19:17:20] Sigma00: and other people agreed


[18:49:09] Sigma00: in case anyone is interested, my company is sponsoring a Women Who Code event at our HQ next week (Rails Hack Club)
[19:06:11] Sigma00: tubbo: we don't control what they do in the event, we're just sponsoring and giving them a location


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[17:18:35] Sigma00: maho: you'll have better luck in ##c or ##c++


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[20:39:12] Sigma00: sorry, wrong channel


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[18:47:56] Sigma00: yorickpeterse: => #<Socket::AncillaryData: INET6 IPV6 PKTINFO 2001:db8::8:800:200c:417a ifindex:666>
[18:49:09] Sigma00: worked here. OS X 10.11.1, ruby 2.1.6
[18:50:21] Sigma00: also works, => [#<Addrinfo: 2001:db8::8:800:200c:417a>, 666]
[18:50:34] Sigma00: and also works, => [#<Addrinfo:>, 666, #<Addrinfo:>]
[18:56:41] Sigma00: that's the file, yes
[18:56:53] Sigma00: sorry, I was busy for a bit
[21:50:10] Sigma00: s2013: you can add .to_sql() to see the query it generates
[21:51:13] Sigma00: right, you gotta do that before count()
[21:51:54] Sigma00: keep count out of it entirely for now, let's see the query
[22:04:03] Sigma00: it's an old thing
[22:23:49] Sigma00: plus it has to stay so that you can do stuff like `:"using-this-sort => 'of key'`
[22:24:00] Sigma00: er, I missed a doublequote
[22:25:03] Sigma00: RIP my reasons


[23:10:47] Sigma00: Radar:
[23:40:57] Sigma00: K3VA: you want that 'NE-001' string to be the primary ID, or just another attribute?
[23:44:44] Sigma00: K3VA: then use an after_save callback on Graphic (so it already has an ID) and then in that callback create your string and save again.


[23:43:15] Sigma00: mices: you can only use before_create in a model


[20:38:38] Sigma00: and also give an example hash if you can
[20:47:44] Sigma00: ruby-lang272: is that first line activerecord?
[21:05:55] Sigma00: ruby-lang272: is that first line activerecord?
[21:06:56] Sigma00: ruby-lang272: `week` is in the database?
[21:07:00] Sigma00: it's a column?
[21:10:07] Sigma00: ruby-lang272: ah, too bad. I was gonna suggest doing the counting entirely on the DB
[21:10:41] Sigma00: if you do group.count you get a nice hash with {grouping => count} values
[21:18:21] Sigma00: ruby-lang272: you could always do .group("RBDMS-specific date trimming command here") to group by week. For example in postgres: .group("date_trunc('week', created_at)")
[21:55:07] Sigma00: why is 'y' there but not 'o'
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[23:00:34] Sigma00: I think you're gonna get confused
[23:01:06] Sigma00: if you were learning something that works together, like say ruby and javascript (and using rails to make a webapp) then yeah
[23:06:10] Sigma00: and ruby has more jobs :P
[23:10:17] Sigma00: ibouvousaime: have you installed rails?
[23:10:29] Sigma00: because it doesn't come with ruby


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[08:33:53] Sigma00: look at that beautiful graph (we finally started using the slave DB for SELECTs)
[08:34:12] Sigma00: that's total SQL queries, blue is master, orange slave
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[17:37:53] Sigma00: to be practical: you want to set it in `initialize`


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[00:38:48] Sigma00: I hate that song
[00:39:45] Sigma00: ACTION ragequits
[00:41:18] Sigma00: shevy: BraddPitt graciously linked us
[00:41:20] Sigma00: now I hate him
[00:43:25] Sigma00: wtf is that
[00:43:29] Sigma00: I couldn't take more than 10 seconds
[00:47:43] Sigma00: FailBit: we went from 1.9.1 to 2.1.6 over the weekend. Shit loads so much faster D:
[01:18:12] Sigma00: Pure Hate Personified
[01:19:53] Sigma00: exclusionism? are you secretly an SJW?
[01:20:18] Sigma00: tumblrisms
[23:28:39] Sigma00: heh, I thought you guys were talking. Turns out it was hangman :P
[23:29:02] Sigma00: DeBot: hangman
[23:34:59] Sigma00: wow, first time I'm gonna see a loss


[20:45:22] Sigma00: oh man, we migrated to rails 2.1.6 over the weekend and now my console comes up in 2 seconds... bliss! (it used to take 10-15 seconds)
[20:50:25] Sigma00: put it on one of those usb coffee warmers
[20:51:25] Sigma00: that's better


[01:31:11] Sigma00: write a catchall route and show a 404. BOOM done
[01:31:25] Sigma00: *make sure the catchall is at the bottom of routes.rb
[01:31:46] Sigma00: match "*path", to: "application#custom_action", via: :all
[01:32:13] Sigma00: that'll catch any verb
[01:33:41] Sigma00: FailBit: just be sure it's the very last route
[01:34:55] Sigma00: is this rails3 or rails4?
[01:35:19] Sigma00: just add `via: :all` and it'll match all verbs
[01:37:58] Sigma00: hightower4: if you set the locale in your routes, you'll have params[:locale
[01:38:05] Sigma00: ugh, hit enter too early
[01:38:17] Sigma00: you'll have params[:locale] or whatever available
[01:38:52] Sigma00: embedded comments, probably via Discus
[01:39:01] Sigma00: so it loads via JS
[01:42:51] Sigma00: hightower4: redirect_to route_name_path(:nameOfLocaleKey => 'de')
[01:46:08] Sigma00: sure, but then you don't want a static site
[01:47:02] Sigma00: you can probably hack one of the generators to keep a count
[01:55:13] Sigma00: a CMS can't be similar to a static site generator :)
[01:55:23] Sigma00: but last I checked there were a few simple CMS in ruby
[01:55:33] Sigma00: and of course there's always locomotive if you want something complete
[01:55:57] Sigma00: the magic of discarding all your problems :P
[01:56:19] Sigma00: they're static site generators


[06:19:33] Sigma00: the odds are zero
[06:19:57] Sigma00: yeah, just eat the cheesecake and you'll feel better
[06:50:53] Sigma00: but it IS late


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[01:08:54] Sigma00: we're on Rails 3, that's keeping us back
[01:09:25] Sigma00: we're migrating to newest Ruby in a month or so, then we can think of upgrading Rails
[01:09:27] Sigma00: that's gonna be fun
[01:21:34] Sigma00: you know, when someone says they get 75k requests per minute, you can assume they have a large in-house Rails team and won't need outside contractors...
[01:21:55] Sigma00: oh, actually, scratch that, we hit 79k/min today
[01:22:26] Sigma00: I'd rather not say who I work for, otherwise I'd have to watch what I say more closely ;)
[01:22:36] Sigma00: but the site is also the API for a lot of stuff
[01:23:00] Sigma00: we have a ridiculous amount of users
[01:26:43] Sigma00: sounds like porn
[01:27:54] Sigma00: oh man now I'm curious. Is it a messaging app?
[01:28:12] Sigma00: wtf is booru
[01:28:20] Sigma00: nevermind, googled
[01:29:21] Sigma00: hey, if you have a popular, profitable imageboard, I'd be pretty proud of it
[01:31:10] Sigma00: you're in a bad position. SInce you're not 100% porn you can't use the porn ad stuff
[01:31:38] Sigma00: what about injecting posts with affiliate marketing?
[01:32:07] Sigma00: cover the overhead you mean?
[01:32:43] Sigma00: hah, I found your site
[01:33:06] Sigma00: even easier after you said you're patreon funded
[01:33:25] Sigma00: I see why you said you're ashamed :P
[01:34:25] Sigma00: is it as ugly as the stats page? :P
[01:34:36] Sigma00: (kidding, with your funding fuck spending time on CSS)
[01:35:12] Sigma00: definitely looks derpi
[01:36:04] Sigma00: if you figure out how to monetize you could have a pretty good site on your hands
[01:37:09] Sigma00: well, if you have a funding source and get paid then I guess good for them
[01:37:31] Sigma00: s/you/they, s/get/you get/
[01:37:41] Sigma00: that's love
[01:38:08] Sigma00: anyhow, sorry, saturday night. Time to party
[05:36:04] Sigma00: we're obviously biased here
[05:36:34] Sigma00: also, django started life as a blogging engine and from what I hear suffers a bit from that
[05:39:01] Sigma00: also it's not about having a steep curve: it's more that you'll feel lost until it 'clicks' when you learn how the defaults work
[06:09:13] Sigma00: time to file a PR?
[06:13:16] Sigma00: imgur won't remove 'shock' images
[06:13:37] Sigma00: oh, I hadn't opened that. Now I wish I never did
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[06:17:02] Sigma00: wow this actually exists
[06:17:49] Sigma00: I don't think 'too much' and 'hangman' can be together in the same sentence
[06:18:07] Sigma00: nofxx: my brain issues are pretty awesome then
[06:19:09] Sigma00: ah, just gotta talk to the bot
[06:19:35] Sigma00: I lied, I hate hangman
[06:19:42] Sigma00: ACTION punches DeBot in the code
[06:19:58] Sigma00: DeBot: ctprs
[06:20:40] Sigma00: You did tell it do to ruby :P
[06:22:30] Sigma00: that'd be the ultimate irony
[06:22:32] Sigma00: I hope it is
[06:26:07] Sigma00: so, guys, what's the best way to tell the purity of a ruby?
[06:29:03] Sigma00: I'm drinking this beer called 'green apple ale'
[06:29:04] Sigma00: fucking delicious
[06:29:06] Sigma00: (if you like apple juice)
[06:30:03] Sigma00: I'm heading on a transatlantic flight tomorrow. I might come to regret drinking so much today
[06:31:31] Sigma00: I usually just leave a cold beer in the fridge
[06:33:47] Sigma00: no I agree with that
[06:33:54] Sigma00: but I wouldn't drink scotch as a 'morning after' helper
[06:33:58] Sigma00: that's a waste
[06:35:07] Sigma00: nofxx: yeah, heading over the pond
[06:35:15] Sigma00: finally gonna meet my coworkers
[06:35:21] Sigma00: #remoteLife
[06:35:25] Sigma00: #channelsAsHashtags
[06:38:38] Sigma00: I know spanish, so I know we can come to a half-assed understanding
[06:40:41] Sigma00: I understand a bit of italian. I have native spanish knowledge though ;P
[06:40:56] Sigma00: there are enough 'like' words for me to eke out some sort of understanding
[06:41:35] Sigma00: I'm only gonna be there a week. Not enough time!
[06:41:52] Sigma00: I'm trying to figure out how to pack my alcohol so airport security doesn't take it
[06:42:17] Sigma00: the one thing all my coworkers could agree on is that everyone should take local alcohol
[06:42:31] Sigma00: nofxx: they won't have what I wanna take
[06:42:54] Sigma00: I'm passing through Panama so I'm also taking some Seco
[06:43:23] Sigma00: not taking one. Carry-on only. Since I'm not passing via USA it seems I have a chance of being let through
[06:43:27] Sigma00: otherwise I guess I'll check the damned bag
[06:44:52] Sigma00: I've travelled central america with glass bottles in hand ;)
[06:45:02] Sigma00: and apparently EU is equally lax
[06:45:23] Sigma00: seriously I went to Peru this year and brought back 5 liters of Pisco
[06:45:36] Sigma00: not a single peep from security
[06:46:08] Sigma00: that's shitty
[06:46:24] Sigma00: yeah freeshop bag is how I do it
[06:46:35] Sigma00: no need to unseal, I'll just carry two of 'em
[06:46:39] Sigma00: stick 'em in my backpack
[06:47:26] Sigma00: definitely
[06:59:30] Sigma00: we only accept them in block form
[07:05:12] Sigma00: that's the only acceptable answer
[07:05:20] Sigma00: ACTION sends linux_dr to ruby hell
[07:05:29] Sigma00: a.k.a vbscript
[07:05:43] Sigma00: that way lies acceptance, and that's boring