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[03:09:29] Soraroxasxion: has joined #ruby
[03:11:11] Soraroxasxion: Hello, How would I in ruby make an if statement that is If A is true unless B is true
[03:22:10] Soraroxasxion: in ruby is || and?
[03:26:11] Soraroxasxion: So in an if statement to say both a and b need to be true it would be if (statement a) && (statement b)?
[03:28:25] Soraroxasxion: Hey it worked! thanks, (was getting an error missing method so adding && !SceneManager.scene_is?(Scene_Gameover) fixed my problem
[03:28:48] Soraroxasxion: not that that makes any sense out of context.
[03:31:20] Soraroxasxion: it was basically trying to load a map that didn't exist before the default death scene was interupted fully.
[03:31:37] Soraroxasxion: that tells it not to load the map if the current map is the game over screen
[03:32:21] Soraroxasxion: well it's rpg maker, just had to make a small edit to fix an error in a script conflict
[03:32:46] Soraroxasxion: Good news is i'm learning.
[03:35:21] Soraroxasxion: don't know to much but this seems to be somebody asking the same question (and it lookes answered)
[03:37:39] Soraroxasxion: does it at least help though?
[03:40:31] Soraroxasxion: yeah it just looked like the first answer was serious, sorry if it wasn't any help
[03:43:48] Soraroxasxion: How would I explain to my friend who knows almost nothing how bad nil values being passed usually are?
[03:47:06] Soraroxasxion: Yeah but how do I explain to my non coder friend about that.
[03:52:54] Soraroxasxion: is this good enough for you
[03:54:51] Soraroxasxion: Hey, you said you where waiting for it.
[04:01:49] Soraroxasxion: So what are the strong and weak points of ruby? I know every coding language has there own.
[04:08:13] Soraroxasxion: Who want's to hear a programing joke I found?
[04:09:03] Soraroxasxion: You shoot yourself in the foot.
[04:09:13] Soraroxasxion: You accidently create a dozen instances of yourself and shoot them all in the foot. Providing emergency medical assistance is impossible since you can't tell which are bitwise copies and which are just pointing at others and saying "That's me, over there."
[04:10:49] Soraroxasxion: it's just the first one If ound
[04:23:03] Soraroxasxion: Anyways peace.


[15:34:09] Soraroxasxion: has joined #ruby
[15:36:28] Soraroxasxion: Did I miss something?
[15:37:24] Soraroxasxion: Having trouble with one of my scripts :/ need to get the error to pop up again really quickly to make sure it isn't a one off thing.
[15:39:50] Soraroxasxion: How do I open the debug console?
[15:47:00] Soraroxasxion: So it tells, me Script 'Item Effects' Line 213:NoMethod Error occurred. see debug console for more info (
[15:50:08] Soraroxasxion: It's a script for rpg maker vx ace, the original author has not been online for, a couple years, they had made a pack where you just move the scripts and resources to a new script, would it be better to seek help elsewhere, If so, sorry for bothering you.
[15:51:40] Soraroxasxion: Would it be better to seek help elsewhere?
[15:53:56] Soraroxasxion: okay, thanks for the help.I'll try that.
[15:55:52] Soraroxasxion: Quit: Page closed