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[10:05:04] Spaceman77: has joined #RubyOnRails
[10:05:43] Spaceman77: I'm having an issue with rails' asset pipeline. I have some haml templates that i need compiled as html
[10:06:15] Spaceman77: I managed to do this by using Sprockets.register_engine
[10:07:10] Spaceman77: But after i changed some app settings, it doesn't work anymore
[10:07:14] Spaceman77: even after reverting the changes
[10:08:48] Spaceman77: what the heck
[10:09:04] Spaceman77: rails takes my haml files, compiles them to html, and leaves the extension as .haml
[10:14:39] Spaceman77: No, i need to precompile some assets(error pages)
[10:15:10] Spaceman77: I need localisation support and stylesheets, even when rails is broken
[10:15:21] Spaceman77: so i have hooked into the precompilation process
[10:16:00] Spaceman77: and i generate the error page views whenever i precompile
[10:27:00] Spaceman77: Rails adds wrong file extension for precompiled assets, help :(
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