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[13:43:02] SumoBoy: folks please i need a help ---> ruby very basic assignment
[13:43:45] SumoBoy: hahaha not that basic i guess
[13:44:16] SumoBoy:
[13:45:37] SumoBoy: i solve it but it's about on thing is not correct and i know it exactly but i can't find way to correct it
[13:46:05] SumoBoy:
[13:46:47] SumoBoy: the problem sure very clear in - elsif grand_son == 'BYE'-
[13:50:00] SumoBoy: yeah i think you've read the assignment ? the problem just in BYE it all in capitals it will print the first if term
[13:51:15] SumoBoy: shevy : yeah bro that's it i want to print the BYE clause also
[13:53:00] SumoBoy: should i change the whole code ?
[13:56:53] SumoBoy: thnx bro i'll try again


[17:13:30] SumoBoy: folks i need to fully understand a very basic concept in ruby (the conversions)
[17:13:50] SumoBoy: for instance 555.55.to_f ,,will not change any thing casuse basically this afloat ,
[17:14:00] SumoBoy: 85.333.to_i ----> will puts 85 cause that is a conversion from float to integer
[17:14:09] SumoBoy: but what i can't understand well is (20.to_s) that's a conversion from number to a string whice i can't understand it well . how logically a number convert to a string
[17:16:47] SumoBoy: so a string object in not only contain 0-9 just numbers ?
[17:17:34] SumoBoy: sorry i mean a string is not only contain a characters it's also contains a numbers ?
[17:22:15] SumoBoy: apeiros_ :llol right i'm a beginner i don't now whice encoding
[17:22:52] SumoBoy: which encoding? sorry
[17:25:42] SumoBoy: thank you guys
[22:26:26] SumoBoy: Strings, are sequences of characters. so (characters) contains numbers ? or just letters ?
[22:34:08] SumoBoy: for example very simple code clear that (20)outputs as a word or phrase not a number is that right ?