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[02:16:25] TViernion: Anyone in here maybe able to help me look into an issue? this is the log. I'm getting a NameError: uninitialized constant ActionDispatch::ParamsParser and im wondering if anyone has seen it before.
[02:29:07] TViernion: anyone seen a LoadError: cannot load such file -- mimemagi when running bundle exec rake redmine:plugins:migrate RAILS_ENV=production?
[06:51:52] TViernion: not for ruby damasta
[06:52:10] TViernion: anyone able to help with a passenger starting ruby issue? lol
[19:12:51] TViernion: has anyone runto the "Child already added" issue?
[19:20:54] TViernion: when running migrate the following error is
[19:21:45] TViernion: and no one is there.. thats why im asking in here didn't know if anyone here has ever seen that
[19:22:52] TViernion: That is not an apples to apples comparison
[19:23:14] TViernion: both applications run on RoR, hince coming into the RoR main chat to ask if anyone has seen it in any other isntances.
[23:18:57] TViernion: im running ruby 2.2.2p95 .. how do i add a path for shared librarys to ruby?
[23:19:06] TViernion: would ruby -i /path/to/library work?
[23:19:14] TViernion: ruby -I even.
[23:38:09] TViernion: I have added a path to $LOAD_PATH through irb, but when i exit it doesn't save my changes. Where am i being stupid?
[23:40:19] TViernion: i'm needing to include an additional path when passenger starts a ruby app... it's missing and i'm having a hell of a time figuring this out.
[23:41:57] TViernion: tobiasvL so do i need to go to the directy whre the ruby app is located and run irb there?


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[17:27:47] TViernion: afternoon everyone. I'm trying to install gem rmagick and it fails with "Can't find MagickWand.h.
[17:28:30] TViernion: The install did say it detect a partiol ImageMagick installation ... version 6.7.8
[17:32:59] TViernion: i though i followed these: for the binarys
[17:35:38] TViernion: here is the error log
[17:35:58] TViernion: didn't know about gist... appologies
[17:37:23] TViernion: yeah.. i am trying to get redmine going ... and this is the first time i've eveery played with ror
[17:41:24] TViernion: yeah.. this morning has definitely been a FML kinda day.
[17:43:46] TViernion: i have the source for Imagemagick-7.0.7-8
[17:44:27] TViernion: so I just did a yum remove ImageMagick and wiped it.. maybe tri the gem install again now?
[17:45:51] TViernion: now it's detecting the 7.0.7 but it's still saying magicwand.h not found.
[17:47:14] TViernion: RickHull, now i did just try image_science and it seems ti have installed 3 gems
[17:47:20] TViernion: what would be the best way to verify that it did install it?
[17:56:38] TViernion: anyone know the current mysql gem? i'm getting an error with 2.9.1 "undefined reference to 'rb_thread_start_timer'
[18:04:25] TViernion:
[18:04:30] TViernion: heres the error that i'm getting
[18:06:25] TViernion: i'm running gem 2.6.14
[18:09:57] TViernion: heres a question ... do i need the mysql and mysql2 gems both?
[18:10:54] TViernion: also RickHull image_science doesn't build ... fuuuun
[18:12:16] TViernion:
[18:43:32] TViernion: RickHull, i don't know what happened.. but i did a yum install Imagemagick-devel and imageMagick and it freakin worked.. lol
[18:44:23] TViernion: now onward and upwards
[18:49:15] TViernion: Rickhull well shiiit... now i'm getting a failed to load command rake .. Name Error: uninitialized constant rake... and it's asking "did you mean? RBConfig" where would i change that
[18:51:32] TViernion: rickhull
[18:53:06] TViernion: shouldn't it be RbConfig?
[18:53:10] TViernion: well that'as what it's saying
[18:54:55] TViernion: i've followed these instructions (i'm down to "Generate the Session Store"
[18:55:27] TViernion: the only portion that i thinki missed now that i think about it is "add the bundler Boot and preinitialiizer code" i need to go back and figure that out.
[23:20:35] TViernion: guys.. i've installed redmin and i think it should work, plus i ahve all the right ports assigned, and i've run "rails s -p 8080" from within the directory where redmine is located... where could i possibly be going wrong?
[23:20:44] TViernion: this is rails 4.2.4 nd ruby 2.2.2
[23:25:29] TViernion: Ahhh... thanks Rickhull
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